Ashe LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Ashe, the Frost Archer, is one of the most popular champions in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. She is an AD Carry that is known for her range, her high damage output, and her ability to kite enemies. She’s a champion that is suited to both beginners and veterans alike.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Ashe and exploring what she brings to the table.

Overview of Ashe

Ashe is a versatile champion of League of Legends game played by many players. Her physical strength and agility make her a fearsome enemy in the fields of justice as she pummels enemies with snowballs of pure damage. With her bow and arrow, she can quickly take out an individual enemy before switching to crowd-control tactics. An experienced Ashe main can control the battlefield with ease, setting up devastating kills or helping allies to split-push with great effectiveness.

Ashe is prone to initiate combat and prefers close-range encounters with her opponents rather than depending on her auto attack range alone. She has incredibly strong burst damage and crowd control, making her invaluable in 1v1 scenarios and teamfights alike. Ashe’s ult “Enchanted Crystal Arrow” gives her amazing zoning potential as it can be used to snipe an enemy, reposition an ally in a fight, or halve the size of team fights in strange locations.

It is also important to note that Ashe works best when given support, especially by champions that provide peel or tackle through things such as shields and taunts.

Unique Abilities

Ashe, The Frost Archer, is a marksman champion in the online game League of Legends. She is considered one of the most powerful champions in the game and is frequently picked by players. Ashe’s unique abilities enable her to become more than just a ranged damage-dealing character – she can freeze her enemies with her special arrows, slow them and do massive amounts of damage to enemies.

Ashe’s basic attack is called “Volley” which allows her to shoot multiple arrows at once in a cone shape with an area-effect blast at the end. This attack deals physical damage to all enemies it passes through. Her unique ability, Ranger’s Focus, gives her bonus attack speed and increased movement speed while active; during this time she can fire an ice arrow that slows all enemies hit by it, freezing them outright when they fall below a certain health threshold. This ability makes Ashe very powerful against immobile targets and can be used to lock down enemy champions during team fights. That being said, it requires good positioning and timing for maximum effectiveness – if leashed, Ranger’s Focus will no longer be usable for a short period of time, making retreating difficult for Ashe if she becomes outnumbered or finds herself out of position.

In addition to these abilities, Ashe has access to Hawkshot which grants vision over an area near where it is used – this allows her team valuable insight into enemy movements while gathering information on objectives or playing mind games with opposing players in lanes/team fights. Finally, Frost Shot gives additional damage bonus & slows whenever Ashe uses basic attacks or Volleys; this bonus increases when Ranger’s Focus is activated and helps her maintain lane presence throughout all stages of the game as well as solidify duels against other champions such as ADC champions like Vayne or Kog’Maw.


Ashe is the bold and battle hardened leader of the Avarosan tribe, an independent nation of fierce warriors. She is known for her courage, strength and competitive spirit, and is the champion of justice in the Freljord.

Ashe longs to return her people to the days of glory before the harsh conditions of the Freljord began to weaken them, and her relentless and unyielding determination has earned her the respect of many.

Let’s take a look at Ashe’s story and understand why she is a defender of justice in the Freljord.

Background Story

Ashe is the direct descendant of Avarosa – one of the three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of Freljord. Ashe mirrors her ancestor, who defied convention to unite her people under one banner. She seeks to reunite the disparate factions of Freljord using diplomacy and understanding.

Despite her noble intentions, Ashe is a brutal leader; forcing others to share in her vision and meting out harsh punishments for those who fail her or refuse her rule.

Ashe’s true strength lies in her ranged projectile weapons; taking advantage of the terrain surrounding her nearly as much as any weapon she wields. On open terrain with level sight she can unleash devastating volleys to outlast and overpower opponents with superior range. On rugged terrain where thicker hilly ground impede observation, Ashe can use line-of-sight traps and ambushes to gain superior positions that maximize terrain advantages.


Ashe is a Marksman champion from Runeterra who employs the power of bow and arrow to take down her enemies. Her passive gives her an additional attack speed boost when she critically strikes – this means that she has a higher chance of dealing more damage to her opponents quickly.

Her Q ability is called Ranger’s Focus, which gives Ashe an attack speed boost for a few seconds on activation, allowing her for some lengthy burst combos. Her W is called Volley, which shoots several arrows in a line, damaging the minions and champions that are hit by it. Her E ability is called Hawkshot which grants Ashe vision of an area where she can scout out enemy champions in preparation for battle. Lastly, Ashley’s Ultimate, called Enchanted Crystal Arrow shoots out an icy projectile that freezes the target in place until Ashe or one of her teammates takes them down. This allows Ashe to escape tricky situations or set up kills easily.

Because of these characteristics and abilities, Ashe has become one of the most popular and versatile Champions in League of Legends history – perfect for those who want to carry their team’s victory with sheer skillful precision.


Ashe is a powerful ranged marksman/mage champion that is great for gamers who want to play an aggressive playstyle. With her passive ability, Focus, her slow-firing bow and her ultimate Super shot, Ashe is a formidable foe. She has the ability to control her positioning in the battlefield and create a variety of strategies for herself. Her unique moves, such as the Volley attack, Frost Shot, and Hawkshot can be used to make her very difficult to fight against.

Let’s look a bit closer at Ashe’s gameplay:

Roles and Strategies

Ashe is an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) ranged champion with high utility and mobility. She excels at sieging and disrupting enemies, as well as creating escapes for her teammates. Her kit includes long-range control abilities, giving her strong lane presence while allowing her to keep allies safe during teamfights.

Ashe fits best into team compositions that have a core carry and/or jungler, such as Vayne or Lee Sin, as well as a tank like Nautilus or Maokai for initiation. Her versatility allows her to play both aggressive and defensive strategies depending on the game state.

When playing Ashe in lane, it’s important to stay aware of your positioning in relation to enemy champions. Aim to stay just outside of their range, making sure you are far enough away from their escape routes so that they can’t easily engage you without risk of being punished by your support or yourself.

In teamfights, Ashe is best used as an initiating ADC where she can effectively use her ultimate, Crystallized Shield (R), to set up plays and shut down targets that are out of position or attempt to dive low health targets in a chaotic fight situation. She should also pay attention when allies cast abilities that grant bonus range, such as Fervor of Battle (passive), allowing her to attack additional enemies away from the fight while still dealing full damage with Riftshooters’s Precision (W).

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ashe is a ranged Attack Damage Carry who specializes in dealing sustained damage. Her kit is well-rounded, allowing her to engage fights, kite and clear waves. Her primary strengths lie in her ability to rapidly fire arrows aggressive at enemies while having the mobility to stay out of harm’s way with Frost Shot and Hawkshot.

Her kit also contains crowd control and self-peel in the form of Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow. These tools make it easy for Ashe to pick off opponents while mitigating damage against herself. That said, this kit makes Ashe incredibly versatile in teamfights and as a midgame duelist.

On the other hand, Ashe is quite vulnerable without an ally or itemized defense stats like armor or magic resistance. She does not have any dash abilities to dodge targetted spells or sizable gap closers like dashes or leaps which can be very punishing in teamfights if she’s unable to escape with her skills alone. On top of all these factors, she has low mobility which makes it difficult for her to reposition quickly in stages where positioning matters most such as skirmishes, duels and initiations.


Ashe is an incredibly versatile champion, and her skins reflect that in their designs and colors. She has a total of 14 skins available for players to choose from – from her classic skin with an icy blue and white aesthetic, to her Pulsefire skin, which is a bright and vibrant yellow and orange. You’ll be sure to find a skin that appeals to your style.

Let’s take a look at all the options Ashe has to offer:

Classic Skins

Classic skins are the original term for skins in gaming, most often referring to computer game skins. They are created using graphical graphics editors and can be used as an enhancement, replacement or modification of the default game skin. The main goal of classic skins is to change the overall appearance of a game while retaining its original functions.

Classic skins can include single-colour changes and palette swaps, character meshes and textures, scenery objects and more. Depending on the complexity of a skin, custom animations may also be included to further alter the appearance of a character or object in-game. Skins are usually distributed online for free by either third-party sites dedicated specifically to that purpose or within communities related to the game in question.

The popularity of custom game skinning peaked in 2011 before providing way for newer technologies such as 3D modding with tools like Blender or Maya which allowed users an even greater level customization than before. Although not as popular today, many classic skins remain available for download through various platforms and websites.

Special Skins

One of the best ways to personalize your League of Legends experience and stand out on the battlefield is by obtaining rare skins. Skins come in multiple categories, each with their own characteristics. Special skins, however, are unique and often limited edition ones that tend to be highly sought after by gamers and Ashe players alike.

Below are some special skins that have been released for Ashe:

  • Freljord Ashe – This skin captures the icy beauty of the Freljord region with frost-colored armor and a wolf companion by Ashe’s side.
  • Amethyst Ashe – Give your Ashe a magical makeover with this skin featuring an ornate shortbow and deep purple armor.
  • Heartseeker Ashe – Celebrate Valentine’s Day with style in Heartseeker’s signature pink armor, cape and bow. This skin also features a special VFX for her ult that might surprise enemies!
  • Woad Scout Quinn – Quinn’s bodyguard gets the Woad treatment in this joint release that has both champion dressed up to represent their respective clans. Pick this one up if you want to add a bit of extra flair while exploring Runeterra with your allies!
  • Warring Kingdoms Katarina – During Lunar Revels, honorable warriors from all across Valoran compete as teams in an ancient battle ritual! Suit up your favorite Shuriman warrior in Warring Kingdoms Katarina’s colorful purple and gold armor for a bold look on the Fields of Justice!

Prestige Skins

Prestige skins are a special variety of skins that add an element of personal flair and distinction to any game of League of Legends. They come in limited quantities, making them highly sought-after by players. These skins are generally more expensive than standard skins, as they often feature custom character models, new animation sequences and other enhancements.

In addition to this, Prestige skins also include their own unique icon graphics, loading screen borders and in-game environment art. The Prestige Skins have been released since the early days of League of Legends and have since become extremely popular with players because of their distinct aesthetics and limited availability. Some Prestige Skins also include additional bonuses such as:

  • In-game emotes
  • Access to exclusive activities


Ashe is an incredibly powerful champion in the world of League of Legends. She has many strengths that make her a formidable foe in the game. She can be used to great effect in both the top lane and bottom lane roles. Furthermore, Ashe’s ultimate ability can be used to devastating effect in team fights.

While she can be difficult to master due to her complexity, mastering Ashe will greatly improve the play of any summoner. All in all, Ashe is a champion well worth learning to play.


In conclusion, Ashe is a highly adaptable damage dealer with the ability to put on immense amounts of pressure from ranged positions. She makes an especially formidable opponent when played with her ultimate ability, which provides tremendous amounts of area control. Her kit of tools also features an easily activated slow and a viable escape tool, allowing her to survive difficult situations; making Ashe one of the strongest picks in both professional and solo queue play.

Whether you’re playing for fun or for professional League of Legends tournamentsAshe is undoubtedly one of the best character choices you can make.

Final Thoughts

Ashe is the timeless Warrior of the Freljord who excels in dealing sustained damage with her auto-attacks and Frost Shots. With proper positioning, she can easily pick off enemies with her Ultimate and make life miserable for anyone who gets too close to her.

Despite how easy it may look, Ashe isn’t a champion you can just pick up and master right away. It’s going to take some practice to get the hang of proper attack timing and positioning. If you commit to becoming an Ashe expert, though, the effort will be more than worth your while on the Rift.

Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ashe’s role in League of Legends?

A: Ashe is a ranged AD Carry in League of Legends, meaning she is a damage-focused champion who usually plays in the bottom lane. Her role is to acquire gold and experience from minions and champions, while also dealing damage to enemy champions.

Q: What are Ashe’s main abilities?

A: Ashe’s main abilities are her passive “Focus”, her Q “Ranger’s Focus”, her W “Volley”, her E “Hawkshot”, and her ultimate “Enchanted Crystal Arrow”. Focus gives her increased attack speed when she hasn’t taken damage for a few seconds. Ranger’s Focus allows her to fire a powerful single shot with bonus damage and slow. Volley fires a volley of arrows in a wide cone, dealing damage and slowing enemies. Hawkshot grants Ashe bonus gold when she kills an enemy with it. Finally, Enchanted Crystal Arrow fires a long-range arrow that stuns the first enemy hit.

Q: How do I play Ashe in League of Legends?

A: When playing Ashe in League of Legends, it is important to remember to last hit minions to gain gold and experience, while also harassing enemy champions with your abilities. Focus on positioning yourself safely while also in range to be able to deal damage. Utilize your ultimate to initiate fights or to set up kills for your team.