Aurelion Sol

In League of LegendsThe whole of the mages are one. Liga of their own, consisting of champions who possess great reach and ability-based damages alongside crowd control—destroying enemies with all these strengths in tandem from a distance. Aurelion Sol, also known as the Star Forger, is one of the most elite celestial Dragons.

Aurelion sol was able, through his own inventions, to lighten the darkening of the vast celestial world. The Aspects of Targon tricked the dragon into sharing the secrets of his sun.

He is responsible for creating endless stars and constellations, such as the Runeterras Sun or the Great Beyond. However, he is also subject to the Aspects of Targon. 

Aurelion Sol plots for the day he can take revenge upon them and all Runeterra—all to regain his freedom in the stars.


Who is Aurelion Sol?

Aurelion Sol, all-powerful celestial being is an ancient creature that walked the earth before Runeterra introduced the mortal races. Aurelion Sol was born in the first breath. He and others like him walked through the vastness of a celestial world ruled over celestial Dragons.

Celestial dragons like Aurelion Sol can live for a very long time and are considered immortal. These heavenly beings have been called the “The Most Blessed”. originators of the Dragon species, existing since the beginning of creation—boasting powerful abilities beyond their terrestrial kin.

Aurelion Sol can shape the universe many different ways, including by creating new stars. This celestial dragon has the ability to create stars. This powerful creature was tricked into serving only the Aspects of Tagon.

Runeterra was saved by the immortal god-warriors who granted him his power. Now, with a heavy desire to get back his mastery of the cosmos, Aurelion Sol aims to drag the very stars he created from the sky, soar high—and regain his freedom.

Aurelion Sol’s talents and abilities

Aurelion Sol is a zone control mage with the potential to be one of League of Legends most powerful roaming champions. He has many potential uses, including his impressive abilities and ability cause havoc.

Let’s take a closer look at Aurelion and his unique skills.

  • Center of the Universe

This passive attack is when Aurelion has three stars orbiting about his body. They deal magic damage to any enemy he hits. From levels 1-18, three stars circle the celestial beast and inflict 12 to 120 injuries. This magic damage swiftly executes minions below 25 health—all while applying spell effects to every enemy they strike.

  • Starsurge

Aurelion Sol ignites a new star’s core. After reactivation or when it travels above the celestial Dragon’s maximum orbital damage, it explodes. It inflicts 70-230 magic damage on nearby enemies and can amaze them up to 0.55-0.75 second. After traveling for 5 seconds, the speed at which it attacks is 2.2 to 3.0 seconds.

Aurelion Sol gets a 20% bonus speed when travelling with Starsurge. The Starsurge will be kept by the celestial Dragon and grown so that it can stun and cause more damage when it explodes.

If Aurelion Sol can be launched faster than a missile, then the missile will be more powerful enough to sustain the champion.

  • Celestial Expansion

Celestial Explosion, an active attack from Aurelion Sol, increases star damage by up to 40% and rotates stars at a slow but steady decrementing speed. Aurelion Sol pulls back his cosmos once the attack is reactivated. This happens after about three seconds. He will get a 40% bonus on his movement speeds and slowly decay for about 1.5 seconds. 

  • Comet of Legend

Aurelion sol makes it fly long distances with the help of his orbiting stars. The player must click the button to move Aurelion sol. Aurelion sol can see through walls as he navigates the Comet of Legend. 

  • Voice of Light

Aurelion Sol inhales pure Starfire. This inhales 150 to 350 magic damage and slows down the speed for struck enemies by 40%- 60% for two seconds. Aurelion Sol’s outer circle can knock down nearby enemies with a blast of The Voice of Light.

AURELION SOL’s Tips & Tricks

As we can see in Aurelion Sol’s Abilities, this champion is a great choice for many situations. This champion is great for clearing lanes, team fights and late-game battles. Even though the mage class is difficult to master there are many tips and tricks you can use to win with this celestial Dragon.

  • Aurelion Sol’s Comet of Legend flight gives you the chance to increase Starsurge to incredible levels. This will allow you to do greater damage. 
  • Save Voice of Light to protect yourself against melee champions if you are forced to. Aurelion Sol does not excel in physical attacks. 
  • If you aren’t fighting melee opponents, Voice of Light slow effects can be used for long-distance fights. 
  • Remember that Comet of Legend enables Aurelion Sol to move faster around the map—take advantage of this by placing pressure on other lanes. 
  • Comet of Legend can be ended by taking Turret or champion damage. 
  • If your opponent suddenly leaps on you, use the Voice of Light and knock them back using your Celestial Expansion. This will make them vulnerable again. If Rylai purchased Rylai’s Crystal Scepter prior, it will slow them down.
  • Starsurge can grow as it travels farther. You can take advantage of this opportunity to increase your stun zone whenever possible. 
  • Starsurge has no minimum delay for casting. Aurelion sol must be at least 50m from the core to recast the ability quicker. Flash can be used together with Starsurge in order to instantly activate Starsurge. 
  • When playing Aurelion Sol your early game isn’t strong and it’s better to roam bot/top than just sit in your lane getting punished for staying, make sure to roam and get yourself and your teammates ahead
  • Your E, Comet of Legend allows you to turn faster that your enemies. It can be used to quickly move or to follow up on roams.
  • Your E, the Comet of Legends, will leave an orb of lights that indicates your landing spot. Consider where you would like it to be.

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