BelVeth LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


BelVeth is one of the most popular champions in the League of Legends universe. He is a ranged assassin who specializes in dealing large amounts of burst damage to enemies. He is a highly mobile champion due to his ability to quickly traverse the battlefield. As a result of this, he can reposition himself to escape danger or get in a better position to unleash his full damaging potential.

Let’s learn more about what makes BelVeth such an effective champion:

Overview of BelVeth

BelVeth is an electric Malphite-inspired champion who attacks with a combination of powerful basic attacks and electric bursts, making them an excellent close-to-mid range fighter.

BelVeth uses their electric power to create shields and disable enemies, while also gaining increased armor when damaged. They also rely on their strong attack power to make up for lower health bars, which can decrease quickly if they get caught in a corner or hit multiple times by opponents.

BelVeth excels in mid lane combat due to their bursty nature and static charges that provide crowd control and ranged abilities. When playing BelVeth players need to focus on keeping the enemy away using hard CC or poking from a distance with non-targeted spells. As the game progresses, it’s important for players to build items that provide burst damage, physical damage reduction, and resistances against counters such as crowd control or magical damage. Lastly, BelVeth works best in team fights with both stationary targets and melee engagement strategies that make use of their strong diving potential:

BelVeth’s Abilities

BelVeth is an adept mage that excels in single combat, with a great focus on utilization of combination spells to annihilate enemies from range. He has 3 main abilities that aid him in this manner; Burning Agony, Flux and Roaring Maelstrom.

Burning Agony is a single target area of effect skill. When activated it has the potential of damages up to 3 enemies within range by dealing magic damage to each target every second, whilst also reducing their movement speed. This ability can be used as an initiating tool into a fight as any enemy caught within its maw will be slowed significantly and be opened up for your allies to capitalize on.

Flux is BelVeth’s mobility service, allowing him to arcingly propel himself over long distances through terrains and obstacles at increased movement speeds; however doing so expends mana greatly until his cooldown replenishes itself after 4 seconds out of combat. This ability allows BelVeth much freedom when he needs it most; either when chasing down stragglers or needing to make a hasty escape from a skirmish gone wrong.

Roaring Maelstrom is BelVeth’s primary nuke, lobbing multiple energy balls upon the designated location which then splinters apart upon impact dealt in an instantaneous burst spread among multiple targets around the epicenter per projectile shot off – its usability relies much on proper positioning as certain terrain types such as walls can obstruct this spell’s efficiency.

Strengths and Weaknesses

BelVeth is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and as such, they have a fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing which of these are will help you become a better player in the game.

Let’s first discuss BelVeth’s strengths and what makes them such a formidable champion. We will then take a look at their weaknesses and how to best exploit them.


BelVeth is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends. He boasts a relatively high base attack damage, making him a formidable physical fighter that can easily dish out big bursts of damage to his opponents. His passive ability, “Berserker Rage”, grants him additional attack speed and movement speed when below 50% health allowing him to quickly close in on enemies and deliver devastating blows.

BelVeth’s ultimate ability “Rend” boasts one of the highest base damages in The game as well as true damage over time making him one of the premier dueling champions. This strength alone makes him invaluable for teamfights where he can quickly demolish his opponents and turn the tide for his allies.

In addition, BelVeth has a unique passive ability called “Relentless Bloodlust” which allows him to heal for large portions of life with each basic attack or spell casted making it easier for him to survive longer fights without having to back off from battle and fall behind on gold/experience gain.


Like any other champion, BelVeth has a number of weaknesses that can be exploited by enemies. His main weaknesses are his low base attack damage, lack of sustained damage, and limited mobility.

BelVeth relies heavily on his abilities as most of his short-range impact comes from them; unfortunately, his cooldowns are rather long and must be managed properly in order to make the most of his kit. Additionally, no matter how well he is played, BelVeth does not have enough active abilities to keep up sustained damage over longer periods without assistance from auto attacks or other sources.

In addition to having limited sustained damage potential and long cooldowns, BelVeth is a very immobile champion; he relies on using terrain and or crowd control to travel around quickly while in lane but struggles to navigate choke points or extended sieges without help from allies. This makes it incredibly difficult for him to duel or disrupt enemies as they can easily move away from him before he can reach them.

Though there are items that increase BelVeth’s mobility (such as Quicksilver Sash) they cannot completely fix this issue because even if given the opportunity, he’s still limited by his relatively low base attack damage for duels. Therefore unless he teams up with another strong dueling champion (or gains tremendous amounts of attack speed via other items/abilities), it will generally be hard for BelVeth to finish off enemies in extended duels or fights even if given the chance.

Strategies and Tips

BelVeth is a popular League of Legends champion that has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to their powerful abilities and playstyle. Knowing how to play BelVeth correctly is essential to being successful in the game.

This section will discuss various strategies and tips to help you get the most out of your BelVeth games. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, understanding how to play BelVeth correctly can make all the difference in a match:

  • Strategy 1
  • Strategy 2
  • Strategy 3
  • Tip 1
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  • Tip 3

Early Game Strategies

One of the key tenets of success when playing BelVeth is getting an early game edge and snowballing it into late game domination. To do this, several strategies should be taken into consideration.

  • Farming – killing the creeps killed by enemies or those found in jungle camps. Minions are vital because they provide gold and experience, so get them as soon as possible for a passive income and faster leveling.
  • Lane control – by getting the lane pushed up, you can get your tower first, denying your opponent a significant gold lead. This means that it’s important to practice last-hitting minions, so as to not give your enemy an advantage in that regard.
  • Roaming – often times you can find laners on their own side who have low health or low mana – make sure to capitalize on these situations if you have the opportunity to do so. Be aware of the enemy Jungler’s movements too; if they’re looking for ganks it might be best not to roam at all costs! Be sure to keep track of map vision with trinkets so you can stay ahead of any potential enemy movements.
  • Ambushing objectives – such as dragons or Rift Herald when possible! When used right these strategies will help ensure victory in team fights and consistently win game for you and your team!

Mid Game Strategies

Like all champions, BelVeth has certain playstyles that work better and inherently worse depending on where you find yourself in the game. In mid-game, BelVeth is an excellent split pusher and objective taker. She offers early game pressure with her strong laning capabilities but can also transition into a great roaming assassin with some mid-game items.

When playing BelVeth during this stage of the game, it’s important to remember that your main goal is to snowball your lane advantage into a bigger advantage in the rest of the game. Look for isolated lanes where you can quickly take objectives or push out minion waves without any resistance from enemy champions – this will open up new opportunities for you as well as give your team breathing room in other lanes. You should also look for opportunities to take advantageous fights with her strong damage and crowd control kit. Taking dragon or Baron are also decisions you should consider if your team composition is ready for such an endeavor!

In the mid-game, BelVeth shines when she’s able to move around the map quickly and secure objectives or find kills against unsuspecting enemies. Try to work together with teammates by having each member reserve one area of importance so that if any danger arises it can be quickly addressed before it spirals into something much worse. At all times, be on alert for split pushers who might be trying to take advantage of your team’s weaker position – recognizing their presence is key to avoiding disadvantageous fights in the late game!

Late Game Strategies

Once the game reaches the late stages, high-impact plays become more important. Different champions bring different kinds of impact to the teamfight, such as Bel’s crowd control and burst damage.

Before engaging in a teamfight, decide whether you are going first or need to wait for reinforcements. When deciding who will be engaging first, pick offensive champions who can dish out quick and sustained amounts of damage that are complemented by BelVeth’s huge range ultimate. Remember to position yourself in a safe spot so you can reposition and throw out your ultimate at peak efficiency.

In a group fight situation it is important for BelVeth to focus on hitting enemy carries and clean up any survivors with their ultimate if necessary. Maintain an optimal level of aggression utilizing your long range abilities such as Node Fang allowing you to stay far away from damage while dealing significant amounts of it yourself! Move around the backline if you can avoid being close to the fight in order to prevent incoming CC disabling you temporarily or worse – bursting you down. Use Blink Fireball skillfully; as many players won’t expect your rapid burst rotation that they may have time to barely react! Stay strong against enemy carries until they’re fallen; only then should go clean up whatever stragglers exist left on the battlefield – gaining an easy win!

Item Builds

Item builds are important to consider when playing BelVeth in League of Legends. There are a few key items to keep in mind when creating your item builds that will help you maximize your impact on the game. Different item builds can be used depending on your playstyle and the strategy of your team.

Let’s explore these item builds and what makes them effective in more detail:

Core Items

Core items form the foundation of any build and are necessary for a character to perform well in most situations. They are selected by considering a hero’s primary attributes, abilities, and game strategy. A core item is usually an expensive item that provides great utility and builds up the character’s overall statistics. The selection of the core items should be based on what adds the most value to your team composition and will vary depending on circumstances such as which heroes are on your team, who you’re up against, and other elements that can affect the course of battle.

When selecting core items, it is important to focus on those items that have good stats as well as additional effects or active abilities that provide some additional benefit. Here is a list of common core Item builds:

  • Blade Mail: Grants increased armor, damage reflection and attack speed.
  • Drums of Endurance: Grants increased attack speed and movement speed.
  • Blink Dagger: Grants increased range, maneuverability, survivability.
  • Mikael’s Crucible: Grants increased mana regeneration.
  • Vladmir’s Offering: Grants lifesteal, damage aura and health regeneration.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter/ Shard of Aghanim: Provides additional stat bonuses.
  • Bloodstone: Grant regen shaman ability recharge rate increase.

Optional Items

When choosing optional items for BelVeth, you should consider what sort of build best suits your team and enemy comp. There are a variety of offensive, defensive and hybrid options that can be tailored to each unique situation.

Offensive Items: If both teams are similarly matched in terms of power, you may opt for items that increase your stats (attack damage, ability power, health). Some examples are: Blade of the Ruined King, Trinity Force and Ravenous Hydra.

Defensive Items: It’s important to build appropriately when against an enemy composition that is relatively tanky. In this scenario you should base your item choices around having more protective tools such as Iceborn Gauntlet, Sterak’s Gage and Randuin’s Omen. These options provide significant defensive benefits alongside their more standard ability/power bonuses.

Hybrid Items: In order to balance both offensive and defensive choices there exist items that provide equal statistical benefits with some degree of protecting qualities. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter enhances BelVeth’s damage output while building health in a way that gives her a powerful survivability edge. Another example is Wit’s End which grants a healthy amount of attack speed but also provides magic resistance to shield BelVeth from incoming magical damage sources as well.

No matter which items you choose keep in mind the importance of versatility at all levels; adapt your setup so it complements the changing needs of each match-up without neglecting one element or the other – offense or defense!


To conclude, BelVeth is an incredibly powerful champion in the game of League of Legends. Her unique kit allows her to play a variety of roles and make an impact in any team composition. She is a great pick for both solo queue and team play, as she can quickly adapt to different situations.

Her ultimate ability is especially useful in team fights, allowing her to provide an enormous amount of crowd control while her other abilities can disrupt the enemy team’s positioning to give your team the edge.

Summary of BelVeth

BelVeth is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. He is a powerful burst mage with excellent mobility, CC, and damage capabilities. He also has a unique passive that grants him bonus stats while near enemy champions. His ultimate “Umbra Pulse” is an AoE spell that can deal huge damage and CC in teamfights.

BelVeth’s kit has remained relatively unchanged since his introduction to the game, as his strengths lie in his reliable poke and quick burst damage rather than complex combos or playstyle. This makes him a consistent pick in any team composition and allows players to learn him quickly. He is able to deal tons of AoE damage to locked down targets between his initial poke and ultimate detonation, making him a great pick for any team’s frontline mage position. His one weakness? Though he is very mobile between fighting potential targets, he lacks crowd-control immunity himself, so it is important to position yourself well against enemies looking to take advantage of this shortcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is BelVeth’s role in League of Legends?

A1: BelVeth is a tanky fighter champion in League of Legends. He excels at soaking up damage and initiating fights for his team.

Q2: What kind of abilities does BelVeth have?

A2: BelVeth has a variety of abilities that allow him to be a powerful tank. His passive, Unbridled Rage, grants bonus damage to nearby enemies. He also has a powerful crowd control ability, Roar of the North, which silences enemies and knocks them back. Finally, his ultimate, Entangling Claws, gives BelVeth a shield and stuns enemies in range.

Q3: What is the best way to play BelVeth?

A3: BelVeth is best played as a frontline tank that initiates fights and disrupts the enemy team. He should focus on getting in the middle of team fights and using his crowd control to disrupt the enemy team. He should also build tanky items that will allow him to stay in the fight longer.