Braum LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Braum is an incredibly powerful champion in the multiplayer game League of Legends. He is a tank character with an array of defensive abilities that make him a strong asset to any team. His health pool, crowd-control capabilities, and shield are all incredibly useful in various situations. His passive is an incredibly useful tool and allows him to be a very powerful initiator.

Let’s take a deeper look at Braum’s abilities and what makes him such a popular pick:

History of Braum

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Abilities and Skills

Braum is a unique champion from League of Legends. He is capable of great feats with his abilities and skills on the battlefield, making him one of the most well-rounded champions on the battlefield.

Braum’s passive ability, Stand Behind Me, gives an armor and magic resist boost to Braum and nearby allies. This can be useful in team fights to reduce damage taken. His Q ability, Winter’s Bite, allows Braum to throw an icy projectile at an enemy champion, slowing them down and dealing damage over time. His W ability, Unbreakable, launches a shield in a straight line that absorbs incoming damage and returning some of the damage it has absorbed upon disintegrating. His E ability is called Concussive Blows which continuously strikes all enemies around him which knocks up any enemy he hits outside the range of his shield for 1 second. Finally his R ability is Glacial Fissure which deals AOE damage around him after channeling for 1 second. This can be used to both engage or disengage from battles depending on how it is used.

All in all Braum is a powerful tank champion who can both absorb incoming damage as well as deal out significant amounts of AOE damage with just one cooldown! He also has synergy with other champions due to his passive ability granting defensive stats to nearby allies making him a great support in team fights!

Playing as Braum

Playing as Braum can be a great experience if you know how to use his abilities. The key to playing Braum is understanding his unique kit and how to use it to maximize your potential.

His passive, Concussive Blows, is a powerful tool that can help you control the field of battle and pressure enemies. His Unbreakable, an ability that reduces all incoming damage, can be used to protect allies or simply buy yourself some breathing room.

Let’s take a closer look at Braum and how you can use his skills to your advantage:

What roles does Braum play?

As a support role, Braum is well-suited for the bottom lane with ADC or mid lane with Mage. With his ability to provide added armor, crowd control and area of effect protection to your team with his Unbreakable and Stand Behind Me abilities, he creates an invaluable layer of defense for the team. When playing as Braum, you should remain close to your selected allies and use Frozen Heart to weaken enemy damage from a distance. With his passive Winter’s Bite, it is easy to harass close range attackers during lanes.

In addition to providing defensive support abilities, Braum can also grant allies nice bonuses in both offense and defense using his Glacial Fissure ability. An offensive attack in a straight line, Glacial Fissure slows down opponents around it while dealing damage at the same time. This provides excellent protection against ganks which adds even more versatility to Braum’s kit.

Lastly you have his ultimate ability – Unstoppable Onslaught; an area of effect dash which roots any enemies below a certain health percentage into place creating yet another opening for allied assassins such as Rengar or Kha’zix.

Tips for playing as Braum

Braum is a popular tank champion in League of Legends. He can be used in the bottom lane as a support or jungle. While he is mainly thought of as a supportive tank, Braum also has strong dueling potential thanks to his strong crowd control and armor. When playing as Braum, it is important to understand how to maximize his potential. Here are some key tips that will help you play on-point with this powerful champion.

  1. Make sure your laning partner has CC: Braum excels when paired with champions that can dish out strong crowd control and follow up on Braum’s own CC unleash by Ready Poised Cutlass from his E – Concussive Blows or Stun from R – Glacial Fissure abilities so that he can lock down an enemy for long time, also providing safety for himself and his allies if needed.
  2. Know when to engage: A key part of playing Braum is knowing when to commit and when to backoff and peel for teammates if needed. His engages need to be appropriately timed so that he can get the most out of them, he will primarily be looking for tanks or other squishy targets like carries or supports which can easily be disabled by him so they’re not able to cause too much trouble., especially in engaging teamfights where he would be looking mostly at disrupting the enemy backline while providing safety for himself and composition through using helps from Frozen Heart armor bonus reduction aura, Unbreakable shield’s main tankiness shield (his Passives) & R – Glacial Fissure ability used specially at safest angles means wide walls & narrow corridors so enemies don’t get behind him without risk of being stunned (root) on wall build-up effect followed by slow & dmg ticks so they won’t have chance…and much more!
  3. Prioritize items wisely: Getting the right items as well as timing them correctly are very important for maximizing your performance on Braum. Building Frozen Heart should generally become your priority item due its unique debuffing aura reducing enemy team attack speed which will make enemies unable or less likely practically able try pressure you or deal with reverse damage against you plus included armor stat gives extra security against physical dmg like auto attacks from ADCs plus some added mana regen & cooldown reduction stats included inside of item making it even stronger choice vs non-mage setups.. generally recommended even first buy optional on 5th place spot after gp10 gold item(to fasten up early levels gold income), boots(for mobility/safety against ganks/engage+kite potential…etc.), max tier (Mythic) upgrades usually vary based on situation wether its big focus priority by whole team/opposite team onto single target(most likely typical bot duo lane carries -cause bruam is rarely played solo bot lane due more standard meta picks…) Inside said case go literally full defensive items build-up order ensuring teammates safety & cc takes fully precedence at start while gradually working out tower dives into mid game lategame respectively always having eye out watching all channeled situations down in bottom(bot) line scenarios current respective matchups when needed prioritizing full help engagement at any cost!

Countering Braum

Braum is a very versatile support champion in the game of League of Legends. He has plenty of tools to protect allies through crowd control, shielding, and even healing. But at the same time, Braum can be a tough opponent to fight against.

In this article, we will look at how to counter Braum by analyzing his weaknesses, strengths, and strategies:

What champions are good counters to Braum?

Braum is a powerful support champion in League of Legends who is often played as the initiator and frontliner of a team fight. As a result, uncovering the best counter to Braum can be essential to winning games. The most common champions who function as strong counters to Braum are as follows:

  • Malzahar: Malzahar’s silence and wave clear ultimate make him a formidable opponent for Braum. If you can consistently land your silence then it’s hard for Braum to initiate fights or peel for his allies.
  • Fiora: Fiora is an excellent pick against a highly engaged Braum because her kit forces him away from his allies unless he wants to die quickly. Her mobility makes it difficult for him to predict where she will go next and keep up with her, allowing her freedom of movement when engaging in team fights.
  • Yasuo: Yasuo excels at poke damage and dueling which synergizes very well with his tornado/ultimate combination against a target that has no escape abilities like Braum does. Additionally, his passive shield protection combo will help Yasuo stay more resilient against any physical damage that comes his way while assassinating the enemy backline members with ease.
  • Aatrox: Aatrox functions as an extended kind of bruiser that has enough tankiness to survive while dealing plenty of sustained damage, which makes him exceptionally effective against squishier targets like braum when paired with an ally or two nearby. His heal helps keep Aatrox alive long enough so he can pressure braums backline threats without ever having to get close himself if necessary.

Tips for countering Braum

Braum has a lot of unique abilities and playstyles that can make him difficult to counter. He is a tanky champion with decent crowd control, so he can be a headache when facing against a formidable Braum player. Here are some tips that may help you when trying to counter Braum in the League of Legends:

  1. Look for opportunities for all-ins: Ideally, in order to best counter Braum, you would want to look for all-in trades whenever possible. The more damage you can put on him during an all-in trade, the easier it will be for you win out and take down his health pool.
  2. Play around his passive: Braum is equipped with an incredibly powerful passive ability, Concussive Blows, which applies stacks of Vulnerability on champions he auto attacks or lands abilities on. Keep this in mind when attempting to engage him in combat as it will reduce your defenses’ effectiveness significantly if it procs during your engagement attempt.
  3. Watch out for his ultimate: Braum’s Unbreakable ability is extremely powerful and can be used to great effect by a skilled player against opponents who don’t know what they are doing. This ability gives Braum an incredibly large shield and allows his team to follow up with sustained crowd control against multiple champions at once if used correctly. To avoid these scenarios try your best to stay spread out and predict when he will use his ultimate before initiating any engagements onto Braum or his team mates.


Building your champion correctly is key in League of Legends, and it’s no different with Braum. Braum has many viable build options depending on your playstyle and the meta of your current game.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the most effective builds for Braum and how to make the most of his skills and abilities.

Recommended items for Braum

Items for League of Legends champion Braum depend on the team composition, skill level of the user, and the flow of gameplay. Generally, Braum is best played in a tanky role to ensure maximum crowd control while providing sturdy defense. Early game purchases that are recommended include Ancient Coin, Relics Shield, Heart of Gold, Sorcerers Shoes, and Dead Mans Plate.

For subsequent items to build on core tankiness and durability, Guardian’s Angel is advised against heavy damage synergy teams consisting of high burst damage champions due to its ability to revive Braum upon death once every five minutes. Thornmail provides great armor for teamfights and works synergistically with Mordekaiser; Randuin’s Omen and Randuin’s Omen can be used if tasked with crowd control duties such as locking down enemy carries. Adaptive Helm is also an excellent item for teams attempting to protect their carries from high incoming damage from enemy teams.

Finally, Banshee’s Veil may be utilized when attempting to cripple enemy champions with heavier hitting abilities or ultimates such as Rumble’s ultimate ability ‘The Equalizer’. An item which acts similarly but emphasizes on crowd control effort is Iceborn Gauntlet; its passive can slow enemies within a certain range near Braum each time a basic ability is dealt out by him.

For late game optional items that may offer additional utility in terms of teamfighting effectiveness involve items such as Locket of the Iron Solari and Aegis Of The Legion; Both these items offer increased survivability in teamfights with Locket granting Health Regen while Aegis increases Armor/Magic Resist values which are beneficial depending on what type of comp your team runs.

Recommended runes for Braum

The runes for Braum are usually based on providing a combination of defensive stats and cooldown reduction. A standard setup for Braum would consist of Resolve as the primary tree, taking Only Demacia, Iron Skin and Conditioning.

For secondary runes you can take either Inspiration or Domination depending on which perks you think offer more benefit:

  • Resolve:
    • Only Demacia: +9+ Armored and +9 Adaptive Force
    • Iron Skin: +4% of your Maximum HP Shielded
    • Conditioning: After 8 mins gain 40 armor and 40 mr
  • Inspiration:
    • Unsealed Spellbook: Exchange Summoner spells more often; at 10 minutes CDR cuts the summons times in half
    • Perfect Timing: Once every 4 mins Stop time & gain a free stopwatch
    • Cosmic Insight: CDR increased by 5% & Gain ability haste also increase vision range
  • Domination:
    • Taste Of Blood: Recover Health by damaging enemy champions with abilities / auto attacks (min 10 dmg)
    • Eyeball Collection: Gain adaptive damage when collecting eyeballs that fall after killing specific units (minimum 2 eyeballs)
    • Ravenous Hunter: omnivore restores a resource each takedown (health & mana)


In conclusion, Braum is an incredibly versatile champion and is an excellent choice for a support role in League of Legends. His combination of crowd control, defensive capabilities, and ability to contribute to teamfights makes him a highly valuable team member.

Braum is adept in both the lane and the jungle, and with the right composition and strategy, he can be a formidable foe. He is also an excellent pick for players of all skill levels, so you should definitely give him a try.

Summary of Braum’s strengths and weaknesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Braum’s role in League of Legends?

A: Braum is a tank champion in League of Legends. He is best known for his crowd control abilities, which allow him to protect his allies and disrupt enemies.

Q: What abilities does Braum have?

A: Braum has four abilities: Winter’s Bite, Stand Behind Me, Unbreakable, and Glacial Fissure. Winter’s Bite is an auto-attack reset which also slows enemies. Stand Behind Me is a shield which can be used to protect allies from damage. Unbreakable is a defensive spell which reduces damage from enemy attacks. Glacial Fissure is an area of effect attack which deals damage and stuns enemies in the area.

Q: What items should I get for Braum?

A: Items that are good for Braum include Guardian Angel, Spirit Visage, Dead Man’s Plate, Randuin’s Omen, and Adaptive Helm. These items provide additional defenses and health to help Braum stay alive in team fights.