Noxus is home to Reckoners warriors who take on one another. There, strength is tested, and blood is shed. Draven is the greatest of them all. He is a former soldier and believes that the people are grateful for his exceptional skills with spinning axes. League of Legends. Draven is obsessed with the beauty of his own perfection and vows defeat to those who oppose it. He will make sure his name is well-known throughout the empire during his lifetime.

It is vital to read: Ague of Legends


Who is DRAVEN?

Draven doesn’t believe winning a fight is enough. He desired more fame and recognition. His ability to be dramatic was not well-recognized. Insatiable for attention, his executions of prisoners became a spectacle. He made the seemingly mundane executions into a bloody spectacle and gained the fame he desired.

One poor prisoner fled for his life, shocking all those who saw his first execution. Draven used his perfect knife to bring down the man just as he attempted to flee Draven’s gaze. Soon after, all executions under Draven’s command became a trial in which Noxian prisoners are forced to outrun Draven if they want to survive.

Draven refused the Noxian executioners’ dark uniforms. He opted for bright clothes and signature acts that made him stand out. Draven was often seen by the crowds and news about his performances spread quickly. Draven gained popularity and his ego grew. He was the center of attention. His ambitions eventually exceeded the praise of Noxus. He said that his greatest acts should be shown for the benefit all people.

DRAVEN’s skills & abilities

League of Draven Draven is loved and admired by his fans. He also attracts attention when they give him a Spinning Axe. It is Draven’s ability to kill a monster, minion, or tower. Killing opponent champions gives Draven the gold bonus depending on how much adoration he’s got.

Spinning Axe Draven’s next attack does an increased amount of physical damage. His Spinning Axe bounces high into the air and strikes the enemy. Draven will be able to throw another Spinning Axe attack if he captures it. Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at a time.

Blood Rush: Draven has the ability to increase Draven’s speed and attack. The movement speed bonus drops rapidly over the duration of the spell. A Spinning Axe is able to refresh the Cooldown of Blood Rush.

Keep your distance: Draven throws knives straight-line to inflict physical damage on all his enemies, and knocks them aside.

Whirling Death Draven can also throw large axes that cause severe injury to its enemies. If Whirling Death hits an enemy, it will slow down and then reverse direction to Draven. It can also do additional damage as it moves. Draven may also activate this ability earlier in order to reverse the effects. Each enemy that is hit causes damage to fall off.

Draven Playing

Draven is a brawler and can excel in smaller fights. Draven’s power and skills are centered around the juggling of his Spinning Axes. His steep learning curve is limiting his potential. He can become dominant and difficult to handle when he snowballs.

Draven relies on aggression, but don’t overdo it – being too aggressive will make you more vulnerable to enemy ganks and roams. This is what makes Draven one of the most valuable champions.

TIPS and Tricks

  • Despite Draven’s power, teamwork is necessary to secure his skills and abilities. You can’t engage without the support of your group.
  • It is essential not to lose Draven’s axes, or else he cannot fight at his best.
  • Spinning Axe can be used to prevent tunnel vision during striking or juggling. You should always take a look at your map once in a while. 
  • Be sure to have the Spinning Axe in your possession before you can play Draven. He won’t be able to perform well without his best weapon.

Overall, Draven is an ‘attack damage’ champion. His strength is in increasing your game’s attack damage. All of Draven’s skills and abilities have AD scaling, which means the more AD items you purchase, the more damage your abilities will have.

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