Draven LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Draven LoL is one of the most popular champions in the game. He is a marksman, and is a great pick for players who are looking for a powerful hero to play. He has strong crowd control abilities, and he can deal a lot of damage with his spells.

In this article, we will be exploring the abilities and playstyle of Draven LoL. We will look at how to get the most out of this champion, and how you can best dominate your opponents.

Overview of Draven

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Lore and Background

Draven is one of the most popular champions in the online game League of Legends (LoL). He is a marksman, meaning he specializes in dealing large amounts of damage from a distance. Originally from Noxus, Draven was a renowned gladiator and showman who reveled in the adulation of the crowd and the fame it brought him. He was eventually betrayed by a former ally and now seeks revenge while enjoying the spoils of his victories in the League.

Let’s dive into the background and lore surrounding Draven:

History of Draven

Draven is a highly popular champions from Riot Games’ popular multiplayer game League of Legends. He was introduced in the game in August 2011, and has since become one of the game’s most recognizable characters. His lore chronicles his life as a former nobleman-turned-inventor in Noxus and tells the story of how he abandoned his family to pursue his dreams of creating machines to bring glory to Noxus.

Much like many other champions, Draven had humble beginnings and spent his early years as a street performer performing dangerous tricks with twin blades. One day, while practicing with his blades near a fountain, Draven noticed that he could use the blades’ reflections off the water’s surface to perform dazzling tricks. His performance eventually caught the attention of Noxian aristocrats who offered him a chance to showcase himself at their gatherings, where he quickly gained fame as an innovative master swordsman and showman.

His success allowed him to gain access to even greater resources and soon he began inventing powerful war machines, such as tanks and cannons, to be used in battle by the ambitious Noxian military forces. However, his invention ultimately failed – resulting in much destruction – which led him down a path of self-destruction and despondency as he felt guilty for what had happened due to his inventions. He was eventually rescued by two Gilnean sisters who helped him regain control of himself by offering words of encouragement and wisdom before taking off again on an exile from society until League Of Legends embraced him.

Characteristics of Draven

Draven is an attack damage carry (ADC) champion and one of the marksmen—a class of ranged champions whose main purpose is to do significant sustained damage in battle. He has a simple but effective kit, highlighted by his Spinning Axe–empowered auto attacks, which cause him to move faster and deal increased damage if they strike enemies on their return.

Draven is a powerful champion armed with a strong basic attack that rewards well-timed reactions and expert positioning. He favors using his axe attacks when dealing damage, and should aim to finish off enemies at close range before reloading his axes from afar — much like an expert marksman taking down his target with a launcher before establishing another position for cover. Draven’s abilities serve to set up advantageous fights near his allies; he can slow down targets using Stand Aside or stay close to nearby enemies using Whirling Death. Additionally, Draven can enhance his basic auto attacks with Blood Rush, making them more devastating in lane or teamfights. Playing as Draven requires precision and analytical abilities, as well as good map awareness for proper positioning at all times.


Draven is a Marksman Champion in League of Legends. He is a powerful duelist and is renowned for his ability to deal large amounts of damage. He is also known for his signature weapon, the Spinning Axe.

His abilities allow him to dish out massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. Let’s take a look at some of his abilities:

Passive Ability

Draven’s passive ability is “League of Draven“. Every time Draven catches an axe or kills a minion or champion, he gains one stack of “Adoration.” At maximum stacks (9), his next auto-attack against an enemy champion will award him bonus gold. The amount of gold awarded is determined by the level of Draven and the current number of stacks.

Besides the gold reward, Draven will gain 50% movement speed for 1.5 seconds, allowing him to catch additional axes in pursuit or retreat from a fight faster. This passive presents an opportunity for Draven to gain large amounts of farm and extra income throughout the game if he can maintain it.

Q Ability

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W Ability

The W ability of the champion Draven is called Spinning Axe. This is a skillshot, which means it can be aimed and thrown. When Draven throws an axe, it will deal physical damage to the first enemy unit it hits. Despite only one axe being thrown, if two enemies are standing side by side, they can both take damage from the same axe.

Prior to throwing an axe, Draven gains a damage stacking buff and movement speed buff for a short amount of time. Re-catching an axe (without hitting something) resets these bonuses so using Spinning Axe in quick succession becomes very important for Draven’s combos.

This ability also has a passive effect that causes any enemy killed by Draven to drop two spinning axes instead of one. This “Axe Collection” encourages longer battles since each axe gives more bonuses to throw consecutive ones at enemies or towers for increased damage output and wave clearing speed.

E Ability

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Tips and Tricks

Draven is one of the most powerful marksmen champions in League of Legends. He has a unique playstyle and is quite difficult to master. If played correctly, Draven can be a powerful tool for crushing enemy teams.

In this section, we will provide some tips and tricks on how to play Draven and maximize its potential.

Best Items for Draven

Draven is a champion who excels at aggression and prefers high-damage outputs early on. He has high attack speed with moderate crowd control and extreme amounts of damage. To get the most out of Draven and turn him into an unstoppable force, you’ll want to purchase items that enhance his attack speed and provide armor penetration to deal the highest amount of physical damage possible. Additionally, having mobility items like Boots of Mobility can be extremely helpful in allowing Draven to quickly close the space gap between him and his opponents in order to maximize auto-attack damage or land Axes by chasing down enemies or repositioning quickly.

Some core items for Draven are:

  • Rapier
  • Guardian Angel
  • Mercurial Scimitar
  • Boots of Swiftness
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Frozen Mallet

These items all increase movement speed, attack speed, and/or armor penetration – all integral parts to enhancing Draven’s kit. Additionally these items give him more survivability to stick around in team fights where he will be hitting multiple targets with his high strength attacks. With these core items finished off with better situational ones like mortal reminder or thornmail depending on enemy team comps one can truly become strong enough for many games with few mistakes in itemization across many different situations unique per game.

Best Combos for Draven

If you prefer playing Draven in the bot lane, it is best to mid and max your E and W first. With your E power spike, you will be able to outduel most opponents. Excelling in 1v1s is a critical factor for becoming a better Draven player. If the enemy has strong wave clear champions like Xerath and Twisted Fate, however, then it would be wise to switch up your builds and emphasize on maxing out Q first as it will improve your wave clear significantly.

The best combos as a Draven main would have to include his Q(Spinning Axe), his W(Blood Rush), and his R(Stand Aside). Utilizing these three abilities together allows for great burst damage if you can land your Qs along with burst speed from Blood Rush buffed auto-attacks followed by an all or nothing Stand Aside mixed with the W buff for longer range gank potentials or team fights.

Try not to forget that Draven also offers some incredibly good fight control as well through his E (Whirling Death). When combined with Slows/Stuns from supports like Malzahar or Pyke, you gain excellent fight control over enemies if you can use Whirling Death’s slow plus basic attack cancellations that maximize its slow duration. If the enemy decides not to fall back after those abilities are used through appropriate positioning of yourself and support, the rest of the team should have no issue killing them off entirely.

Best Teammates for Draven

Draven, the Glorious Executioner, is a Marksman with high DPS and strong teamfight presence. He can be played with traditional marksmans known as ‘bottom lane’ or in a mid-lane for extra burst potential. Draven is highly driven by sheer damage and can benefit greatly from certain teammates who both disrupt enemies and buff Draven’s own stats.

Some of the best partners to pair up with Draven are Alistar, Thresh, and Sona. These heavy crowd-control supports can lock down your targets while ensuring that they won’t run away from your Axe Spins! Alistar and Thresh have great AOE stuns that ensure that all the enemies are in place for you by smashing them together or pulling them in close range to Draven’s position. Sona’s ultimate lets her unleash a wave that knocks up anyone caught in its range while simultaneously buffing allies in attack speed. Put together, these supreme partners will bring out the real potential of Draven by distracting enemies long enough for him to take action with his powerful spells!

In addition to supports, there are also few assassins champions normally played in mid-lane or jungle who work exceptionally well alongside Draven. Zed offers great lead-in potential by generating an advantage over enemy mid laners before his arrival; followed up by his ultimate which decimates enemies if timed correctly. Ekko’s utility comes from both his CC abilities like stuns and slows as well as empowering ult which builds on their teamfight power and allows allies heavier access into fights without compromising too much survivability. Finally Kha’Zix fits perfectly into any composition due to His vast scaling power. He can not only assassinate foes but also has some right clicks locked down so that he might create more space for your teamfights later on keeping opponents at bay until you start shredding them apart!

With all of these factors considered, you have an unstoppable duo capable of destroying anyone who dares challenge them!


In conclusion, Draven is a strong, viable champion when it comes to playing the game of League of Legends. His skillset provides utility in all stages of the game, making him an ideal choice when playing the game. If you want to make an impact on the game, Draven is a great choice.

With his ability to take down towers and stay ahead in team fights, he can definitely help your team win the game.

Summary of Draven

Draven is an ADC who excels at overpowering enemies through a mix of devastating abilities and lethality. He is best paired with champions whose spell kit allows for easy combo setting up or zoning. Thanks to his passive, Draven is one of the best split-pushers in the game and excels at dominating lane phase. His innate survivability means he needs little to no health items in order for him to remain safe during teamfights. As a result, Draven can deal tremendous amounts of damage – provided his team properly sets him up for it.

All in all, Draven’s kit perfectly blends aggression with defense; allowing players to safely take fights without putting themselves in danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Draven’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Draven is an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champion in League of Legends. He is a strong physical damage dealer who excels in taking out enemies quickly in team fights.

Q2: What abilities does Draven have?

A2: Draven has 4 abilities: Spinning Axe, Blood Rush, Stand Aside, and Whirling Death. Spinning Axe increases his attack speed and damage, Blood Rush increases his movement speed, Stand Aside knocks enemies away from him, and Whirling Death deals damage to enemies in a line.

Q3: What is Draven’s ultimate ability?

A3: Draven’s ultimate ability is called “Whirling Death”. It deals a large amount of physical damage in a line, with increased damage the farther away the target is.