The assassinate group is leagueoflegends He is responsible to infiltrate enemy lines and take down targets that are easily vulnerable fast, without being noticed. Ekko is a champion, who can manipulate time and is agile.

Ekko is a streetwise prodigy hailing from Zaun. He has an extraordinary talent. He can control the clock and kill his enemies. He uses his ultimate invention—his weapon, the “Zero Drive.” He looks for the right timing by looking for opportunities in real life.

Genius boy has destroyed all history and his friends are now at risk. Despite all these dangers, he protects, defends, and saves his friends.

Through the distortion of time, Ekko makes impossible possible.


Who and why is EKKO?

Ekko can use his Zero Drive to control time. Ekko can use his Zero Drive to direct damage and create tactical strategies to immobilize or do magic damage. He can also manipulate his environment to track and prepare for attacks.

Ekko is a tactical leader because he assesses the situation before making a decision to launch an attack. Ekko was once a victim of oppression, but he tried to gain a fresh perspective that would help him improve and grow. He is an innovator and seeks out strong friends. Viktor and other respected scientists were drawn to Ekko’s talents and abilities. Ekko is a firm believer in autonomy and will not join anyone’s plans.

Ekko was a god because of his ability to manipulate the clock. Ekko’s Zero Drive, a time-warping device that allows him to protect his friends, was a key part of his success. The only thing that limits him from controlling time is his body—and to deal with this, he trained well to minimize his level of exhaustion.

Ekko is an assassin. He hides in the wilderness and ambushes champions who reach his traps. He can launch basic attacks and has a range of Melee. His ability to control the time makes him useful and helps minimize damage.

EKKO’s Skills & Abilities

Ekko is a champion who has many tricks up his sleeve. Ekko is a champion who can make the most of his time and adjust his attack or defend himself. Ekko can also make an image that disrupts his enemies’ movements.

Ekko has the ability to slow down and chase time. This is one of his greatest abilities. Ekko can also heal himself using a spell that can control time and protect him.

Let’s take a closer look at his talents and abilities.

Resonance with Z Drive. This is Ekko’s most powerful attack and can do great damage. The basic attacks can be used to inflict severe damage once you’ve applied Resonance. Ekko may pair up with a champion and use his innate ability to steal time and increase speed to maximize bonus movement.

Timewinder. Ekko is able to throw temporal grenades at his target. These grenades can slow down enemies and cause magic damage. Once the grenade reaches a champion, it slows down and spreads to cause an aura of temporal illness. The grenade will return to Ekko at high speed, causing damage to its enemies along the way.

Phase Drive. Ekko can use Phase Drive to break through the enemy’s frontline. This allows Ekko to launch basic attacks and gain a bonus range. With this ability, he can simultaneously use all of the powers and dash. 

Parallel Convergence. Ekko can control time and eliminate enemy tactics. It increases Ekko’s passive damage to enemies including monsters and minions. Parallel Convergence activates a afterimage that directs it towards its target. Ekko has vision of the afterimage’s area. This slows down any enemies. Ekko is granted a shield as he enters the afterimage. All enemies are stunned when he enters the afterimage.

Chronobreak. Ekko can reveal time-delayed afterimages of future attacks and prepares. Ekko can travel in time with Chronobreak. As he casts the time, Ekko is unable to control his attacks and will not be affected by any displacements. He will be able run fast and fully recover. He will be able to run fast and heal himself.


Ekko can cause damage at both close range and far distances. Ekko can cast timeshadows to make the situation work in his favor. After you have learned the abilities and how they work, you will have lots of fun playing Ekko.

  1. You can combine your abilities. To start, Parallel Convergence can also be used. A Phase Dive can then be used for stun manipulation. It is important to make combinations in order to increase your damage. Timewinder is a way to disarm an enemy group. It slows down their movement and stops them from fleeing.
  2. You can use Convergence or Phase Dive to create a shield against enemy attack. It helps you warm up before you can launch your main attacks.
  3. Chronobreak makes it possible to teleport. It allows you to return back to your original position or base. This is especially helpful if you want to support your teammates.
  4. You can use the time winder to harass other champions. It damages and manipulates enemy champions. Once you have established the target, it is impossible for minions to block it. 
  5. Combine Phase Dive + Timewinder to get a faster offense. You can appear behind the victims to start the slaughter and get a bonus speed move.
  6. Parallel Convergence can be a great way for you to escape difficulties. A shield is also included to help you escape. The shield can be used to protect you if your health is poor.

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