Elise, a beautiful, deadly predator lives in a palace. She was once a mistress but was made a monster by the spider god. To keep her mesmerizing appearance and eternal youth, she kills innocent women and people who can’t resist the seductions she made.

There are many myths and stories about the Spider Queen. Her beauty was used by the Spider Queen to gain power and trick people. She married her husband, and she became the mistress of a powerful clan.


What are the responsibilities and who is ELISE?

Elise is a mage warrior who relies on spiders’ abilities. Elise, also known as Spider Queen, is a mage fighter who relies on the abilities of spiders.

Elise is a brilliant champion, as she can transform quickly to use her pets to kill or disarm enemies. Elise can use the spider abilities to surprise enemies and increase her stats.

Elise is a member of the House Kythera. She uses beauty and elegance to defeat the weak-minded. She plays a significant role in politics. After her husband became too ill to continue, she was poisoned. Elise survived and killed her husband. Later, she became a mistress and took power from her lover. Elise was approached during a gathering by a pale woman who taught her the secrets and values of society. Elise desired her beauty restored and maintained so she agreed to kill innocent women in exchange.

Elise met the pale woman, and they signed an agreement for mutualism. Elise didn’t have to worry about her appearance and was still beautiful.

Talents and skills of ELISE

Elise is a champion in LOL She has many tricks up her sleeve. She can become an insect, take down her opponent or even become a spider. Her passive abilities allow her to regenerate her health.

Elise has two unique talents. One is offensive, and one is protective. One example is her ability to regenerate. She is able to summon spiders and manage their abilities.

Let’s examine her unique talents.

Elise, a great mage. Elise is an amazing addition to our team. Her intelligence and sharp wit make Elise a strong leader. She is able to heal herself and can even fire toxins at her enemies.

Spider Queen Elise is also known to be the Spider Queen. Elise can transform into a Spider Queen by gaining the ability to possess a dormant Spiderling. She will be able to store her human form, deal magic damage, and even become a Spider Queen. She can heal herself, and summon her pets to attack.

Neurotoxins. It may be one of Elise’s surprise attacks. This allows her send toxins to the base target.

Volatile Spiderling Elise can summon units that are hidden in their aura and difficult to find. One example is the venom-gorged Spider. It crawls to the target, providing navigation for tactical attacks. If it comes across one, it will attack them.

Human Form/Spider form. This ability enhances the Spider’s Queen ability, which is one of its passive tricks. Elise transforms into a spider and her speed of movement is increased. This can also increase her damage potential. Elise is able to unleash her spiderlings. Elise can also change into her human form to increase her attack range and set her spiderlings free.

Pets. It is one of Elise’s cunning abilities. She can summon and control any animal that is willing to attack her. They will attack their latest targets and inflict injury. Once Elise transforms into herself, she begins to restore her health. Pets can also give a fatal bite to an enemy, sending them racing towards their target.

Venomous Bite Elise has the ability to use her fangs and bite her enemy. Her target should have less health to be more effective.

TIPS and Tricks

Elise is a champion that can either make or break teams. Elise has many options to help your team win.

  1. If you are looking to take out your enemies, the spider form is a good option. Neurotoxins can be launched using the Human form. This will do more damage to health opponents. 
  2. Spiderlings can attack their enemies with Venomous bite when Elise becomes Spider. It’s a great way Spiderlings inflict greater damage.
  3. Elise Spider form abilities are free and don’t require any mana. You can still damage magically and attack, but you won’t lose any mana. 

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