Elise LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Elise is a popular summoner in League of Legends (LoL). She is a versatile champion who can be played in either mid, jungle, or top lane. With her spider form, she has a lot of flexibility in her kit and can be an asset to every team. She can bring a lot of utility to fights and can help her team win the match.

In this article, we will explore Elise’s skillset and strategies to become an elite player with this champion.


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Elise is a versatile mage/assassin champion in League of Legends. Her kit contains a mix of damage, crowd control, and utility. Though possessing many different spells, all of Elise’s abilities use her mana as the resource manage.

Human Form:

  • Neurotoxin (Q): Elise doses her target with Neurotoxin, dealing magic damage over four seconds (damage increases with each tick). After a brief pause, she will deal additional damage based on the target’s missing health.
  • Volatile Spiderling (W): Elise spawns spiderlings from the target location dealing AoE damage to enemies within their range.
  • Cocoon (E): Elise fires off a cocoon at an enemy champion stunning them for one second.

Spider Form:

  • Skittering Frenzy (Q): Elise consumes her spiderlings granting her attack speed bonuses for four seconds and restoring mana. Reactivating this ability causes Elsie to lunge at an enemy unit dealing magic damage to all targets around it and healing based on the damage dealt.
  • Rappel (W): Elsie scuttles up to the nearest wall or terrrain, becoming untargetable whie in this state lasting up to 4 seconds before she activates Skittering Frenzy which ends rappell early. During Rappell she gains bonus armor and magic resist stun reduction bonuses lasting four seconds after it ends.
  • Spider Form Abilities: All of Elsie’s abilities and auto attacks deal bonus magic damage for 3 sseconds for each spiderling present upon casting allowing her to clear minion waves quickly or dishes out extra burst from extended trades. This bonus also applies on takedowns so having extra spiders when taking down an objective is optimal.


Elise is a powerful and versatile champion in the popular game League of Legends. She has a wide range of tools available to her to control the battlefield and outplay her opponents. Her primary strength lies in her ability to burst down opponents with her powerful combo. Her versatility also allows her to adapt to different team compositions and strategies.

Let’s explore the strengths of Elise in detail.

High Damage Output

Elise can deal a high amount of damage to opponnents, with her Spider Form able to stack up huge damage on single-targets and her Human Form outputting massive amounts of area of effect (AoE) burst damage.

Her Q ability, Venomous Bite/Volatile Spiderling, also allows her to open up with a great amount of burst potential and pick up early kills on squishy enemies.

Elise is considered Skillshot dependent since most of her abilities require you explicitly target opponents for them to land successfully. Nevertheless, landing those abilities requires skill and practice – so if you’re looking for a champion that won’t let you down when the enemy oppose your skillshots, Elise is the champion for you!

Great Mobility

Elise is a champion with great mobility, allowing her to move around quickly and make surprising plays. Her “Spider Form” ability allows her to jump across walls and catch opponents off-guard. She can also climb walls and escape sticky situations with ease.

Elise’s ultimate, “Rappel”, has further increased her mobility potential as she can now fly high above the field of battle and traverse terrain quickly, setting up for ambushes or surprise attacks. Furthermore, when she is in Spider Form, Elise’s movement speed pairs well with other items such as boots of mobility; making her even more elusive.

Careful positioning and frequent rotations are key to success when playing as Elise – never stay in one spot too long or you might find yourself in the midst of an enemy team without any means of escape!

Versatile Kit

Elise has a versatile kit filled with crowd control, ranged damage, and a core that emphasizes mobility. She is able to harass opponents in lane using her Cocoon and Rappel abilities. In teamfights, Elise excels at lock-down and kiting enemies with her stuns and ultimate. Elise comes equipped with a unique spider transformation active that gives her an additional set of abilities while in human form.

Elise has become one of the strongest mid laners in League of Legends since the start of season 8. Her kit allows her to secure objectives while trading effectively against other mid lane champions due to crowd control, burst fluctuations, and mobility buffs that comes with the spider form active. She can also provide pressure in teamfights by providing vision control due to her Spiderlings offering an extra layer of zone control along with damage increase per spider during Leaping Strike’s range extension it can provide great engage for team compositions.

Elise’s overall flexibility makes her incredibly strong in various composition styles regardless; she will always be a core pick for any team composition if desired so due to the shear level of utility she provides from harass or engage options from both forms or smart zoning throughout fights providing bonus dps for teammates it’s no wonder she is such demand pick for pro play stages this season!


While Elise is a powerful champion, she does have certain weaknesses that players must be aware of in order to play her effectively. To begin with, because of her high mobility, she can often be too aggressive which can leave her vulnerable to counterattacks. Additionally, she is very reliant on her spiderlings, so if the enemy team is able to eliminate them, she is at a considerable disadvantage.


Elise is a fairly squishy champion in the current meta, she does not have much health, making it easy for an enemy champion to burst her down if she is not careful. This makes positioning and knowing when to fight extremely important.

She does have a few tools that can help her survive an unexpected encounter but are mostly situational. Her stun can be used to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard and buy Elise some valuable time but it does require some skill and timing for it activate properly. She also has access to two defensive dashes that she can use to quickly reposition or escape from a fight, however they are sometimes not as effective due to their short range.

Be very careful engaging on Elise or in an extended fight with her as she is generally outclassed by other champions due to her fragility.

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Low Survivability

Elise is a fragile champion that has low survivability due to her lack of defensive abilities. She’s not designed to withstand focused fire or constant damage over time, and she doesn’t have tools or options beyond flash or summoner spell MR/armor boosts that can help her increase her survivability.

Elise cannot take prolonged engagements and should actively look for ways to poke the enemy with short harass before disengaging. As such, itemizing for defense is usually not an effective use of gold – health potions are often more useful than going full tank in most cases.

Tips & Tricks

Elise is a powerful mid-range mage in League of Legends. If you are looking to dominate the battlefield with her, then you have come to the right place. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of playing Elise in League of Legends.

Knowing the best time to engage and retreat, her abilities and her item build are essential in order to play Elise effectively:

Use E to escape

Using Elise’s E ability, Rappel, is a great way to escape dangerous situations. Rappel has two charges, and it allows Elise to instantly leave combat. When used on an enemy champion within range, Elise will climb onto their head and then ascend into the air. This can give her enough time to reposition around fights or run away and heal up. When used on terrain, she will hop across walls or up onto a ledge, allowing her to create some distance from her enemies in order to set up her next attack.

Use W to maximize damage

Elise’s W is arguably one of the most efficient abilities in League of Legend. When used strategically and effectively, it can increase your damage output by a huge leap.

Start by understanding how to use the Human Form and Spider Form abilities together to maximize your damage output: When you activate W in human form, after a brief delay you should transform into spider form. This will deal moderate magic damage plus additional damage per hit if enemies are damaged by your other spells prior to transformation. After this, you should then use your spider form basic attack in combination with your melee attack for even more damage. As an additional bonus, activating W in human form grants extra physical and magical penetration depending on its rank, making it more effective at damaging enemies who have built up resistances during the battle.

Remember that this mechanic is available not just on Elise but on many other champions as well so don’t forget to use it in other situations! To really get the most out of your W usage and maximize Elise’s potential as a champion, consider competing builds and masteries that allow for further burts of damage or greater spell-casting potential when using her Human-Spider combo movesets.

Use Q to poke

Elise’s Human Form Q, “Neurotoxin,” is her best poking ability. When playing Elise, it’s important to use Neurotoxin regularly to whittle enemies’ health bars down while they’re trying to farm. If enemies are too close to their tower, try using Volatile Spiderling W instead of Neurotoxin so you don’t have to get too close. Don’t be afraid to use your ultimate R as a poke when you’re in Human Form – its range is quite long and it deals decent damage.

Once Elise hits level 6 and unlocks her Spider Form transformation, she has access to Skittering Frenzy E for even more ranged harass. This ability quickly fires off five spiderlings from her body that deal damage with each hit. Try and aim this in a straight line or bounce it off walls so all the spiderlings hit for the full amount of damage (a technique referred to as “maxing”). Always remember that your spiders can only hit an enemy champion once per cast – meaning if you want them all to connect for max damage, you’ll have to wait for your targets’ minions and other pets or monsters on the map move out of the way!


Elise is a powerful assassin champion in League of Legends who focuses on utilizing her quick burst of damage to quickly eliminate enemies. There are many different builds you can use on Elise, and it’s important to understand which builds work best depending on your team comp and the enemies you are facing.

Let’s go over some of the most popular builds for Elise and their pros and cons:

Bruiser Build

A Bruiser build for Elise is designed to make her a hard-hitting tanky champion who can withstand sustained damage and output it confidently as well. To maximize her potential in this role, most of her items should be dedicated towards increasing durability and sticking power while applying a few effective offensive options.

The core items will involve health, armor, and magic resistance items such as Randuin’s Omen, Ninja Tabi and Abyssal Mask. Together these will provide an abundance of protection when Elise is frequently attacked in team fights.

Offensively, Eclipse combined with lethality (Night Harvester or Duskblade of Draktharr) can help accelerate the physical damage output from Elise considerably So she can pick off opponents easier with her skillset.

Lastly, to ensure that she has enough sustainability in between fights, Hextech Gunblade will provide a helpful additional source of damage with its on-hit shred alongside its active spell vamp effect allowing Elise to regenerate even more health during skirmishes.

Assassin Build

The assassin build is one of the most popular builds for Elise because of her strong burst damage and burst mobility. When building this way, you should aim to equip your Elise with items that will give her a unique combination of attack speed, ability power, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.

Items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap (which gives Elise lots of Ability Power), Nashor’s Tooth (which grants cooldown reduction), Mercurial Scimitar or Maw of Malmortius (for extra survivability against burst damage) can be beneficial in an assassin build. You will also want to include Stinger or Lich Bane in order to get massive attack speed and movement speed bonuses.

In terms of summoner spells, Flash is good for getting out of sticky situations, while Ignite is great at adding extra damage capabilities when using your ultimate ability on enemies who are low on health.

Summoner spells like Barrier or Heal can also be chosen depending on the situation; they can be helpful if you feel like you need some extra defense against enemy assassins or burst damage champions. The key takeaway here is that it’s important to find a balance between offense and defense when playing Elise in an assassin role.

Mage Build

Mage builds for Elise focus heavily on Ability Power, Magic Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction. Where Elise excels is her ability to not only poke from a safe distance, but also the ability to quickly close the gap to secure kills with her Spider Form abilities. Her E ability – Rappel – is a key skill that can be used both offensively and defensively, making it important to master this ability in order to become successful with playing Elise.

For a successful Mage build, Item choices should generally focus on items such as Luden’s Echo and Rabadon’s Deathcap, as these increase Ability Power and Magic Penetration respectively. Building an additional item such as Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil can also add another layer of protection against incoming damage while also scaling better than anthe other defense related items such as Thornmail or Guardian Angel.

It’s important to prioritize Runes accordingly to ensure maximum benefit depending on the current game situation. Choosing Scorch for the Keystone Mastery increases tick damage output when attacking champions below 35% health; this makes picking off squishy targets much more consistent when paired with Elise’s E ability Rappel allowing for easy escapes after landing kills. Additionally runes like Manaflow Band paired with Kleptomancy are especially excellent if extra mana management is needed throughout a game allowing for stronger laning phases leading up to the late game push.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Elise’s role in League of Legends?

A: Elise is a mid-lane mage champion in League of Legends. She is capable of dealing high amounts of damage in a short period of time and her ultimate is great for setting up teamfights.

Q: What abilities does Elise have?

A: Elise has five abilities: Venomous Bite, Cocoon, Rappel, Skittering Frenzy, and Spider Form. Venomous Bite deals magic damage and Cocoon stuns an enemy. Rappel allows Elise to jump to a nearby wall and Skittering Frenzy gives her bonus movement speed. Spider Form is her ultimate ability, which grants Elise bonus damage and a spider form with extra abilities.

Q: How do I play Elise effectively?

A: Elise is a very versatile champion and can be played both offensively and defensively. For offensive play, try to use Venomous Bite and Cocoon to set up kills. For defensive play, use Rappel to escape dangerous situations. Also, make sure to use Skittering Frenzy to close gaps or to escape enemies. Lastly, use Spider Form wisely as it can turn fights around.