The assassinate group is League of Legends Mobile champions, also known as mobile champions, are mobile champions that can eliminate key targets or any enemy unit with a high damage output. They are also able to defeat enemy teams in five-vs. four situations. Evelynn, one of the most mysterious assassins.

Evelynn, a sadistic demi-god, can be seen in the jungle, and is easily spotted by enemy units. Outside of combat, she roams in her shadow form. This allows her to sneak up quickly on enemies. 

Evelynn is quick to eliminate enemy forces using her combo attack. Once she has reached her foes, her execution-like final strike allows her to take out their last attack. As Evelynn subjects her enemies to torment while gratifying herself with their pain—she has grown to despise the feeble lives of humans, leaving her hungry Learn more.


Who is Evelynn?

Evelynn doesn’t live in complete isolation. human, Her family history is not known. Many believe that she is from Shadow Isle. She was born as a tiny wisp from shadow. Existing. Evelynn has however become a skilled huntress after suffering for centuries from the pains of many Runeterra animals.

Many shadows experienced pain and anguish as a result of the war in Runeterra. In just weeks, the demon had the “perfect physique for a human female” and was able enamor victims to obtain sustenance. Evelynn is passionate about the pain she inflicts upon her victims. But sometimes, she longs for more.

Now, the cunning demon yearns for the day she can plunge the world into utter chaos—helping her return to an existence filled with pure and rapturous ecstasy.

Evelynn’s talents and abilities

Evelynn is a swift and deadly demon and one the most dangerous assassins of Runeterra. She can quickly emerge from the shadows and stalks prey patiently, waiting for just the right moment. Although Evelynn is not human, she is a League of Legends champion.

Let’s take a closer glance at Evelynn’s skills and talents:

Demon Shade Evelynn will receive Demon Shade after being out of combat for 4 seconds. Evelynn is now able to stealthe. Demon Shade activates Evelynn’s power to regenerate some of her health. If Evelynn takes damage or attacks enemy troops, Evelynn will be visible. This ability has a cooldown.

You hate Spike Hate Spike allows Evelynn launch a projectile into the target direction, inflicting decent magic damage to the first enemy hit. Hate Spike is a powerful weapon that can be used against monsters. It will return 50% of your Q Cooldown.

Evelynn will send a series of deadly spikes to the target location. They deal moderate damage to enemies. After your first cast, you can recast Hate Spike three times.

Allure: Evelynn has the ability to curse enemy monsters and enemies for five seconds using this skill. Evelynn’s next attack will reduce the curse-afflicted targets’ speed by 65%. Evelynn attracts cursed targets that last at least 2.5 seconds. The magic resistance of champions can be reduced by using allure.

Whiplash: Whiplash, an active attack that Evelynn uses to sprint to a target then whip it with her lashers. This deal moderate magic damage and has on-hit effects. You can amp up this ability and make it more powerful when you get Demon Shade—dealing more bonus damage to the targets. 

Empowered Whiplash Evelynn will sprint towards her enemy target and deal 75-175 magic to any of the people she meets. Empowered whiplash’s on-hit effects are only available to her target. Evelynn is awarded a 30% bonus speed of movement for every 2 seconds.

Last Caress Evelynn is rendered invisible by the Last Caress skill. After inflicting severe damage on all enemies within its capability area, Evelynn blinks to return 700 units. Enemy units often take more damage when they have less than 30% max health.


Evelynn, a cunning demi-god, can be a moderately difficult champion due to her role in assassin. Afar—making her weak against one-on-one champion battles. Evelynn is however a skilled demon with many tricks.

These tips will help you make Evelynn work for your team so they can win.

  • Before approaching a lane, make sure you’re invisible to avoid getting spotted by wards—and it’s best to change forms when you’re in your jungle. 
  • You should avoid fighting enemies if your level isn’t six. Evelynn can’t be powerful if Evelynn hasn’t got her Ultimate R or invisibility. 
  • Evelynn stealthed should be alerted to when Evelynn may be nearby or being detected. These champions will be able to see your glowing eye. 
  • Evelynn’s Ultimate R makes it harder to kill enemy troops, so avoid risky decisions. 
  • Evelynn is Far The level six power spike is much more important for them than the other junglers. It’s therefore a good idea that you focus on farming. 
  • When you’re low on health, wait for the passive health generation provided by Demon Shade to heal you before using any potions as the skill works best on low levels—but it can also heal you to nearly complete health on high levels. 
  • You should not run after enemy minions if you can’t line up a shot. 
  • Hate Spike can inflict moderate injury on targets marked with the skill. This is your primary tool to quickly clear jungle camps. 
  • Allure is able to do huge damage after Evelynn has marked the monsters for 2.5 seconds. Allure is a great way to charm the main enemy monster. 
  • Evelynn’s Whiplash is most effective when used in full range. This will allow you to hit all targets, potentially scoring points. It is also useful when clearing camps such as Raptors and Krugs. While it can be useful in team fights it is not capable of working in its empowered version.

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