Evelynn LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Evelynn is an assassin champion in the popular online game League of Legends (LoL). She is a powerful and versatile character that can be used in a number of different ways. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Evelynn champion in LoL and explain her strengths, weaknesses, and key abilities.

We’ll also look at how to best use her in team fights and other strategies that can help win the game:


Evelynn is a demon hunter hailing from the Shadow Isles, a place that is known to be home to various dark spirits and creatures. It was revealed that Evelynn was once a human called Evi, who made a deal with the deity of the Shadow Isles and became a fearsome huntress. Evi left her past life behind to become one of Runeterra’s greatest champions, making use of powerful spells and abilities to capture hers prey.

Apart from her regular powers, she has also gained two special abilities – Dark Frenzy and Demon Shade – which enable her to move faster and more powerfully through the battlefield. All in all, these powers make Evelynn an extremely formidable opponent. She can surprise enemies with sudden bursts of speed, cover large distances quickly or hide in the darkness where no enemy can find her. As if that weren’t enough, Evelynn also has access to powerful abyssal magic which gives her tremendous offensive capabilities.


Evelynn, the Widowmaker, is a fierce champion who can use her abilities to dish out tons of damage to enemies in League of Legends. Evelynn is a unique champion with a unique set of abilities that help her dominate her opponents.

Her first ability, Hate Spike, allows Evelynn to shoot two missiles towards her opponents, dealing physical damage and growing stronger with each consecutive hit. Her next ability is Allure which allows Evelynn to charm enemies and she can easily get through an enemy’s defensive line. Her third ability Dark Frenzy grants her bonus movement speed for a brief period of time, enabling her to quickly reach targets or escape from danger. Her ultimate ability Last Caress deals physical damage to the nearest enemy champion which can weaken their health and put them in an unfavorable position for team fights.

These four powerful abilities make Evelynn very hard for enemies to take down. She is also especially effective when played in ganks or skirmishes as she has great Movement Speed bonuses from both Dark Frenzy as well as its accompanying passive as well as great burst damage potential from Hate Spike and Last Caress combined with Allure’s stunning potential. She is not only one of the best champions at assassination but she is also very good at crowd control with combo’s such as Allure into Last Caress along with plenty other possibilities depending on how you want to play Evelynn!

In-Game Stats

When it comes to playing as Evelynn in League of Legends (LoL), her stats are going to drastically change the outcome of your game. You will have to decide which items to prioritize in order to have maximum flexibility in your strategy. Evelynn’s base stats include attack damage, armor, attack speed, health, and mana.

Let’s take a closer look at these stats and see how they can help you in the game:


Evelynn’s health sustain is the key to her in-game success. At level one, she has 511 Health (+80 per level) and 198 Armor (+1.75 per level). As a jungler, Evelynn excels in jungling camps due to this sustain which also helps her stay alive in team fights and ganks.

She has access to several abilities that either decrease damage taken or increase healing/regeneration, making her tough to take down. She also has a unique Passive called Hexe’s Vengeance which gives her increased spellvamp when she hits an enemy champion with a spell. This allows for sustained damage over time with repeated spells which can be incredibly powerful for longer fights or chasing down fleeing enemies.

Attack Damage

Attack Damage (AD) is a type of in-game statistic in League of Legends which determines how much damage Evelynn can do with basic attacks. Attack damage is affected by factors such as per-level scaling, equipment and item bonuses, champion abilities, and more. On the champion page for Evelynn in particular, the stat will be listed as ‘Base AD’.

This number can increase due to growth stats, level scaling bonuses or buffs from items or abilities. For this specific case with Evelynn, her Base AD at level 1 is 54. This means that when she attacks an enemy player or tower without any item or ability modifications, her attacks will deal 54 points of damage each hit. Her attack damage increases by 3 each character level up to a maximum of 120 at level 18. As mentioned earlier though this maximum AD can also be increased if Ultimate Abilities are unlocked and/or if certain items are included in her build path.

Having greater attack damage allows Evelynn to hit harder during combat but also opens up new combo opportunities since powerful spells like Agony’s Embrace deal bonus on-hit damage based on the target’s current health. Therefore it may be beneficial for players who enjoy playing their chosen champion aggressively to focus on acquisition of in game stats such as Attack Damage through itemization analysis strategies and team compositions!

Attack Speed

Evelynn’s attack speed is pretty good, at 0.667 / sec (based off of level 1). This means that with the right items, you can significantly increase your damage output during the laning phase.

Attack speed increases Evelynn’s auto-attack damage significantly, as it allows her to land more attacks during a short period of time. Furthermore, attack speed also enhances abilities like Hate Spike and Umbra Blades because they scale with attack damage and are augmented every time Evelynn auto attacks.

The key here is to use attack speed optimally to maximize her potential in team fights and skirmishes. Items such as Serrated Dirk and Stattik Shiv provide great boosts to both critical chance and attack speed, allowing Evelynn to take down enemies quickly.


Armor is an important stat when it comes to playing as Evelynn, especially when playing in the jungle. It determines how much physical damage she can take before she is defeated. With her base armor of 18 (+3 per level), Evelynn’s armor grows stronger as she levels up in game.

Items should be chosen conservatively when it comes to bonus stats for armor and a steady supply of this stat should be prioritized, since Armor items can quickly get expensive in cost. There are certain runes you can use that will give you some bonus armor, such as the Courage rune which grants +9 bonus armor right away, or the Resistance rune which gives +2 bonus armor per level-up.

Other artifacts such as Statikk Shiv which grants +10% attack speed, +25% critical strike chance and +8 bonus armor are strong choices for this champion because of their efficiency at both cost and stats.

Magic Resistance

The base Magic Resistance of Evelynn is 5. Magic Resistance gains per level are 0.5, so at level 18 she has 25 magic resistance total. When paired with proper scaling, items, runes and masteries in a match, this gives her character the ability to negate portions of the enemy’s magical damage capabilities.

Magic Resist is often key in dealing with magic damage from abilities such as Crowd Control (CC) abilities and Damage Over Time (DoT) spells that do not scale with attack damage alone. Additionally, it can help reduce the effects of AoE spells such as Karthus’ Requiem or Brand’s Pillar of Flame.

More effective items for increasing Evelynn’s Magic Resistance include Abyssal Scepter, Rod of Ages and Banshee’s Veil which make her a more difficult target for Attack Damage champions in team fights or when team objectives are contested. It is never a bad idea to try and build some form of Magic Resistance into any build on Evelynn in order to increase survivability overall.

Pros & Cons

Evelynn is a powerful champion in League of Legends with a variety of abilities that can be used to great effect. She is able to go invisible when moving in brushes and has access to abilities that do a lot of AoE damage. However, there are some drawbacks to playing this champion as well. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of playing Evelynn in LoL.


Evelynn is a stealth assassin champion in the game League of Legends who specializes in surprise attacks and swift escapes. She is a mobile champion gathered with skills that allow her to move around quickly and easily, giving her a huge consecutive advantage over other mid-lane champions. Here are a few of her strengths:

  • Spike Damage: Evelynn has incredibly high burst damage, which can deal massive damage quickly and almost unexpectedly. Her passive and ultimate make it easy for her to get into the middle of enemy teams and take out enemies before they know she is even there.
  • Extreme Mobility: Using Evelynn’s abilities, she can leap into teamfights at unanticipated moments and dart away just as quickly as she showed up. This helps her stay ahead of enemies while leaving them guessing where she may have gone.
  • Flexibility: She can build attack speed or AP, enabling her to be extremely versatile depending on how you choose to play your champion for the best possible result in any match.


Evelynn is vulnerable to having her movements tracked with true sight or wards, making it dangerous for her to roam alone. Her lack of ranged abilities makes it hard for her to stay at a safe distance and engage on her own terms. Although she has some in-built defensive capabilities, she is relatively squishy and can be taken down by powerful area-of-effect spells or cc when caught off guard.

Evelynn also suffers from an inability to counter jungle, as her spread-out kit does not offer much offense against camps. Finally, she can land in overextended positions and be punished for both bad positioning and decision making if her team does not back her up quickly enough.


When it comes to the builds for Evelyn, there are many possibilities that players can choose from. There are four main builds that are favored by players and each of them is geared towards a specific playstyle. The four builds are:

  1. The assassin build
  2. The bruiser build
  3. The tank build
  4. The poke build

Each of these builds have their own set of pros and cons that players must consider when deciding on their build. Let’s take a look in-depth at each of these builds.

Ability Order

When building a team in most MOBA games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm, selecting the right ability order is a critical factor in maximizing your character’s success. Every hero and champion has different starting abilities, passive bonuses and (usually) three ultimate abilities available at different levels throughout the game.

Before you begin the game you’ll want to map out which abilities to take when they become available. While this will heavily depend on your individual style, there are some aspects that are generally accepted by most players:

  1. Level 1: Most players suggest taking either one point in a basic damage boosting ability or gaining immunity with an escape ability.
  2. Level 2: Take another point in an existing skill or pick up an item-activatable spell like Amplify Damage.
  3. Level 3: Select an AoE clearing spell for maximum wave clear power or take an item-activatable spell like Haste to increase movement speed. You may sometimes want to hold off on taking any additional spells at this stage if it is better for your build overall.
  4. Level 4/5/6/7: Invest points into ultimate level for optimum power spikes – It’s important to think about combos when deciding which ultimate to take at each level since there can be synergy between different ones from different classes and characters.

Recommended Items

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The best Runes for Evelynn each game can greatly vary depending on your team composition and how the enemy team is built. As most Evelynn players prefer to play with the Domination Keystone, there are a few different paths you can take with regard to your other Runes. However, below is a standard build optimized for getting the most out of Evelynn’s kit in lane:

  • Domination: Electrocute
  • Precision: Triumph/Legend: Alacrity
  • Sorcery: Manaflow Band / Nullifying Orb
  • Resolve: Bone Plating / Revitalize
  • Inspiration: Ultimatum / Time Warp Tonic

With this rune page, you will have incredibly strong early game pressure due to Electrocute – this together with your W gives you an incredible burst potential that can easily secure kills in lane. Triumph increases your combat efficiency against enemies and Legend Alacrity will give you extra attack speed which is huge with Ravenous Hydra or Blade of the Ruined King. Finally, Manaflow Band allows you to sustain yourself better as it refills your mana every time you hit an enemy champion.

Tips & Tricks

Playing as Evelynn in League of Legends can be a challenging task. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can master this champion and dominate the game.

In this article, we’ll discuss the skills and strategies that will help you gain the upper hand, when playing as Evelynn. We’ll look at the:

  • Most effective combos
  • Tips on how to counter her
  • Strategies on how to dominate the game with her.


Positioning is one of the most important things to master when playing Evelynn. Since she has no escape ability, proper positioning is essential not only to survive, but to deal maximum damage. When it comes to laning or fighting in team fights, understanding where you should be and when should be a considerate thought process with every move you make.

In lane, it is important to stay away from your enemy’s turret and create angles that you can use for easier gank attempts for yourself or for your jungler. It’s also a good idea to stay slightly more towards the side of their turret line so that if the enemy engages on you, you have an easy escape route back towards the safety of your own turret.

When it comes to team fights, try and search for weaker targets lurking near or near the backline before engaging – do not get caught too far up team fighting as Evelynn is extremely squishy and can easily get bursted down with little time spent focusing on her. Her key target focus would most likely be ranged carries such as Vayne or MF – easily identifiable by their position away from the front-line in team fights. Make sure to pay extra attention on not getting focused by squishy champions like Zed or LeBlanc that excel at taking down enemies before they can even react – once isolated they are an easy mark with no offensive power left in their kit against her crowd control.


Timing is one of the most important things to keep in mind when playing Evelynn. As an assassin, she is great at eliminating objectives such as Baron, Dragon and Rift Herald quickly. To do so, it’s important to have the tools necessary to be successful.

  • Know when key objectives become available – Timers are very handy for this. Knowing when these objectives spawn gives Evelynn’s team a huge power play.
  • Knowing where your opponents are and capitalizing on their mistakes is also key – use wards! Wards aren’t only useful during the laning phase but throughout the course of the game. Make sure to use them liberally once you reach mid-game or late-game stages since they can be used to track down enemies and take control of key objectives early on in fights.

In-lane is also a crucial time for Evelynn; her kit allows her to get advantageous trades off if timed correctly. Her Passive: Agony’s Embrace deals bonus magic damage after 3 hits; coupled with Q: Hate Spike she can deal a lot of damage instantly without her opponents realizing it until its too late! Work with your team’s rhythm; pick up on patterns and time your Q Hate Spikes so that you get maximum value out of them!


When playing as Evelynn, it is important to remember that she is an aggressive champion by nature. In order to maximize your effectiveness in the game, you will want to ensure that your team is communicating and coordinating well in order to set up plays and combinations with her unique abilities.

With Evelynn’s ultimate, Agony’s Embrace, she can deal large amounts of area damage to enemy champions very quickly. To take advantage of this powerful disruption tool, it can be beneficial for your team organize who on your team will initiate the fight as well as setting up other members for a successful follow-up.

Evelynn also has remarkable mobility with her passive movement speed increase and her blink ability – Shadow Walk. If a teammate spots an isolated enemy champion from far away and uses Shadow Walk quickly enough you can use this ability in combination with the rest of your kit to pull off impressive ganks when far away from your teammates. When ganking or initiating fights always make sure you have line of sight on nearby teammates before clicking away with Shadow Walk or Agony’s Embrace so they can join you in the fray quickly and efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Evelynn’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Evelynn is a mobile assassin in League of Legends who excels at taking down individual targets while remaining difficult to pin down. She is best played in the jungle, where she can exploit her mobility and burst damage to close in on enemies and finish them off quickly.

Q2: What are Evelynn’s strengths and weaknesses?

A2: Evelynn’s strengths are her mobility and burst damage, which make her great at taking down individual targets. Her weaknesses are her lack of sustained damage and her vulnerability to crowd control abilities. She is also very susceptible to being ganked by enemy junglers.

Q3: What kind of playstyle should I use with Evelynn?

A3: When playing as Evelynn, you should focus on ambushing enemies and relying on your burst damage to take them down quickly. You should also take advantage of your mobility to avoid enemy crowd control abilities and ganks from enemy junglers. Finally, you should look for opportunities to split push and quickly take down individual targets.