Download League of Legends hereMarksman classes are skilled at dealing with sustained and reliable damage. It is done by using basic attacks and avoiding danger. Ezreal, also known as the “Prodigy Explorer”, can be an example of such a champion.

Ezreal has a legacy that includes the mage class. This allows him to cast his skill and deal high magic damage. If combined, Significance damage with long-range and precision—you get a formidable champion.

He is one the few marksmen who can use a powerful tool that helps players focus on particular targets. He is also one of the most beloved and enjoyable champions to play. 

Ezreal is a daring adventurer who explores the universe. His He has learned ancient curses, searched for lost catacombs, and overcome seemingly impossible odds without any problems. He’s known to improvise his way out of anything—his courage and bravado know no bounds.

Ezreal gets called many names, and though the mysteries behind this wanderer are yet to be solved, one thing is for sure—whenever he’s around, trouble isn’t too far behind.


Who is Ezreal?

Ezreal was brought up in Piltover, an area of high wealth. Ezreal was known as a curious child. His parents were famous archaeologists and weren’t home most of the time—leading Ezreal to let his imagination run Wild.

Ezreal enjoyed hearing stories about high adventure from his parents. He also shared their passion for finding the right places on each map. Ezreal heard about his trip from his father and his parents upon their return to their home.

But one expedition got Ezreal’s attention the most—and that’s his parents’ plans to look for the lost tomb of Ne’Zuk, a Shuriman tyrant said to be able to jump from one place to another.

Ezreal grew older, and his parents visited him more often. They did not return to Ezreal until one year later. His uncle then broke down and admitted that his parents had likely passed away.

Ezreal however refused to accept the invitation and instead chose to pursue his parents. During his search, he found the tomb of Ne’Zuk. He discovered a gauntlet that hummed to his heartbeat, and realized it was the powerful weapon that would make himself a god-warrior.

Ezreal was able return to Piltover and gained new power. He also found adventure using his gauntlet.

He wanted to be the “greatest adventurer” of the world, and he did. He was certain that his parents would return.

Talents and skills of ANIVIA

Ezreal, an adventurous explorer and confident leader who can navigate through any kind of difficulty, travels Runeterra daily looking for new adventures. Ezreal has a magical gauntlet made from ancient Shurima.

He begs for his destiny by travelling to dangerous and unknown locations, daring to unravel the most mysterious mysteries of the world, and fighting all manners of creatures on the way.

Here’s a glimpse at Ezreal’s unique skills.

  • Rising Spell Force

When Ezreal attacks enemy units using his abilities, it’ll provide him a stack of Rising Spell Force—where each one will grant him 10% bonus attack speed, which can stack up to five times.

  • Mystic Shot

Ezreal can fire projectiles in the direction of target units and inflict physical damage. This is known as the Mystic Shot. Ezreal can also use Mystic Shot for life-stealing and other effects like on-hit, attack, or both.

By hitting enemies with Mystic Shots, Ezreal can reduce his ability cooldowns.

  • Essence Flux

Ezreal launches an orblike projectile that latches onto certain enemies, monsters, or structures for four seconds. Ezreal’s W can also be used to strike an enemy while stun. This allows him more magic damage.

Essence flux can also be refunded for its mana costs, which restores up to 60 mana. This will increase the amount of time it can be used.

  • Arcane Shift

Arcane Shift is an active attack that allows Ezreal to focus his eyes on a target and simultaneously fire a homing beam if energy at nearby enemies. It causes magic damage and briefly displays their location. Arcane Shift prioritizes targets marked by Ezreal’s “W”

  • Trueshot Barrage

Trueshot Barrage is an active attack where Ezreal launches projectiles in a specific direction and inflicts damage on enemy forces as they pass. It can also reveal the exact location where it flew through.


Ezreal is an enduring fan favorite. Ezreal has been a top ADC for League of Legends over the years. Ezreal is not considered a weak champion, despite occasional falling out of meta.

Ezreal boasts a solid 51% win ratio and an ELO that’s platinum. Strong Ezreal may have the same effect on weaker player as an ADC.

Here are tips and tricks to help you polish your Ezreal gameplay and bring your team to victory—every time.

  • Ezreal can help build your “Tears of the Goddess”, by using his ability as much as possible. If you complete this item quickly, you have a greater chance of winning. 
  • If an enemy has core abilities on cooldown, Ezreal should not use Ezreals E aggressively. 
  • You can use Ezreal’s W on enemy towers to demolish them faster and collect more gold from the tower plates. Next, follow up with an auto attack. 
  • For more precise hits, you can use Ezreal’s Arcane Shift. 
  • Trueshot barrage is a powerful weapon which can kill more enemies minion waves or monsters 
  • As it increases Ezreal’s DPS, auto-attack between every Mystic shot you make. 
  • Trueshot Barrage can help you make waves. 
  • Azreal can use Essence Flux to increase attack speeds and Sheen. 
  • Because of its high AP scaling Essence Flux can be used for Azreal’s primary source of damage. 
  • Ezreal can use a variety of runes, so Kleptomancy would be a good choice. During the “Laning”, he receives power spikes.
  • Kleptomancy is an option that Conqueror has in certain situations.

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