In LOLSpecialists are champions that do not fit into the “neat box” of class and subclass specifications. Fiddlesticks are an exception to this category.

Fiddlesticks, a sentient scarecrow with a ghastly appearance, loves to stalk its foes using a scissor, and prey on the unwary.

It’s an abomination  that was once a lonely man, and now stalks the darkness. He was accused of causing famine and was sent to prison by the village.

A group of crows took the remains of the deceased man and raised him from the dead.

Fiddlesticks delights in terrorizing his victims, and then killing them with help from his savage Crows.


Fiddlesticks: What are they?

Fiddlesticks was an ancient primordial entity that existed long before the rise of civilization. It created its own body from random materials and made strange shapes that no one could understand.

Fiddlesticks is a form of pure emotional instinct, derived from inexplicable negative energies all around. It lurks in the shadows of society and feeds off terrorized victims.

Fiddlesticks wield a sharp, scythe-wielding scythe that inflicts fear upon its victims. It causes death and disfigurement in the minds of those who survive, rendering them ineligible for the remainder of their lives.

It is supported by a brutal murder of Crows that terrorizes its victims and takes their lives.

Talents and skills of fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks’ new kit is impressive and true. Its passive, which gave it extra movement speed when it wasn’t moving, will now become active and replace the trinket.

Here are some details on Fiddlesticks’ unique skills.

Scarecrow Effigy Fiddlesticks open the game with a Scarecrow Effigy. This skill is permanent and occupies the trinket slot. If it remains still for more than 2 seconds, it can pretend that it is an “Effigy”.

If it doesn’t move or act on its orders, it will make a scarecrow-like appearance and spread its arm to expose the lantern.

Harmless Scarecrow Place an Effigy and Fiddlesticks will attain level 6 or higher. This will activate a demonic eyespot in the area. This ability allows enemy troops to be obscured for six second.

Harmless scarecrows are also able to disable enemy wards and stealth traps.

  • Terrific

Passive: Fiddlesticks should be out of combat for at least 2.5 seconds. It must be visible to the enemy for 2.5 seconds before its next destructive ability can cause all targets to flee.

Targets who have been granted the fear status will be placed under a similar cooling down to Terrify’s where they cannot be “feared” again.

Active: Fiddlesticks will roar at enemies and inflict magical damage while making them run for a time. This damage threshold is 500 and will only be applicable to minions and monsters.

Terrify can be used to target targets that have a cooldown of at least twice its maximum damage and minimum threshold. Fiddlesticks can’t be used against Minions. They will fear.

Bountiful Harvest: Fiddlesticks can create a tether to nearby enemy units during casting time. This channel can last up to 2 seconds. Fiddlesticks are seen stealing souls from tethered foes during the period.

Fiddlesticks channeling takes place and tethered enemies troops are displayed. They will receive magic damages every 0.25 seconds. The last tick will inflict more magic damage. Minions now have 50% less damage than the attack.

For a fraction of the pre-mitigation damage that is dealt during Bountiful Harvest, fiddlesticks are able to heal themselves. Minions are only affected by 15% of the damage.

Before the attack ends, all targets must be destroyed or able break the tethers. Fiddlesticks will refund approximately 60% of the cooldown remaining if you don’t interrupt their channel.

Reap: Fiddlesticks will slash a target location using its scythe—inflicting damage to nearby enemy units while slowing them down for 1.5 seconds.

Crowstorm: This active attack by Fiddlesticks channel lasts for 1.5 seconds. Once the attack is completed, it will blink at its target. It will then blink at the target location once it is complete. During the attack, many crows will fly around it for 5 seconds and inflict magic damage every 0.25 second on nearby enemy units.


Fiddlesticks is an A-tier pick for the League of Legends Jungle role and has a high win ratio of over 52%. She is also a grand champion. However, this scarecrow is not easy to use.

Here are some tips for making Fiddlesticks simple:

  • Dark Wind can be used for minions. Draining minions will enable you to drain all your health.
  • Fiddlesticks can be fragile if they are used as an AP. You can balance offense with defense by using runes and masteries.
  • Fiddlesticks, a versatile champion, can travel on multiple lanes. Jungle is the most popular.
  • Terrify Before Crowstorm or Drain is used to inflict maximum damages.
  • Combining Terrify and Drain makes Fiddlesticks one the most powerful level 1 through 3 “Gankers.”
  • Fiddlesticks can now gank at Level 2, after they have taken blue to level up Terrify.
  • Fiddlesticks Jungle support can be great so there’s no need for a leash. This allows co-workers to walk straight to their farms.
  • Crowstorm can be used by Fiddlesticks for increased ganking potential. This will enable you to create high-damage surprise Ganks.
  • Fiddlesticks is a good player in Jungle, but also makes a great mid-lane player. This will enable your Jungler or Jungler to choose a tanker.
  • Mid-lane Fiddlesticks should not be used unless Dark Wind is maxed out.
  • Other than Terrify, Fiddlesticks aren’t very practical. To compensate, you’ll need support items such as Mikael’s Crucible.

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