Fiora is a champion of the top lane that can inflict a lot damage if it’s used properly. Fiora, also called the Grand Duelist, is a champion that can outplay and counter all champions.

Fiora is one of the most dangerous duelists in Valoran because of her swift movements and ability inflict fatal damage. Fiora is equally well-known for her intelligence, strength, and legendary blue-steel-rapier speed.

Fiora was conceived in House Laurent, the Demacia kingdom. She quickly overtook her father and seized control of the family, causing scandal that almost cost them their reputation.

Fiora is working hard to restore her family’s honor and get them back to Demacia.


What is FIORA and who are they?

Fiora, one Valoran’s most fearsome duelists is well-known because of her intelligent and curt demeanour.

She was the daughter of the Laurent family from Demacia kingdom. Fiora sought perfection in all things and refused to accept insults to her honour or the family’s. 

Fiora was a rebellious girl who defied all expectations. She made her brother teach her secretly how to use the Rapier.

As she grew up and several political issues of being a noble have started to taint her family’s name, Fiora took over her family’s household—just right before a scandal nearly destroyed them.

Although House Laurent’s reputation is tarnished now, the Grand Duelist remains determined to restore honor to her family.

Fiora is now planning to bring her family back home to Demacia, where she belongs. Her way.

FIORA Skills and Abilities

Fiora is a formidable champion and one of the top players in Top Lane gaming. Although she is easy to use, her skills can be quite impressive. To make the most out of her playstyle, it takes some thought.

Fiora can be described simply as attacking enemy forces at strategic locations and positioning them. You’ll be able to sweep up multiple enemies at lightning speed if you succeed.

Here are some details on Fiora’s skills and abilities.

  • Duelist Dance

Duelist’s dance is Fiora’s passive or innate attack. It allows Fiora to identify enemy champions near her and creates an arch around them.

Vitals can take up to 15 seconds to locate enemy troops. It takes them 0.5 seconds to do so. Fiora will find the new Vital when at least one Vital is activated or when timeout expires.

It can also heal Fiora.

  • Lunge 

Lunge allows Fiora run in the direction of the target and then to stab an enemy unit near her. If you hit an enemy, this skill will reduce by 60%.

This skill inflicts physical damage while applying on-hit effects and prioritizing Vitals — and enemy champions.

  • Riposte

Fiora can use this skill in order to position her blade so that it strikes a target in any direction she chooses. Nonturret immunity, crowd control, and debuff immunity are also possible. Fiora is unable to move during this time.

Fiora will move her blade forward after the poise and inflict magic damage to enemies in a straightline. 

This attack will paralyze the first enemy champion hit with this attack for 1.5 seconds. If Fiora does not have an immobilizing effect, Riposte may stun Fiora.

  • Bladework 

Bladework is an active attack that gives Fiora two of her basic attacks in 14 seconds. It also offers a bonus 175 attack range, as well as a speed boost of 50%.

Fiora cannot use its first basic attack to slow targets down for 30 seconds. It can however, in critical strike. The second attack is guaranteed to cause severe damage. 

This skill resets Fiora’s Auto-Attack Timer.

  • Grand Challenge

Passive: Grand Challenge grants Duelist’s Dance an extra boost in its movement speed when Fiora comes within range of a target enemy.

Active: Fiora activates the ability for an 8 second challenge to an enemy champion. It will highlight their Vitals and create a circle around them. Duelist’s Dance is not able to identify new Vitals.

Fiora can create a Victory Zone when she hits at least one Vital, or all Vitals. Depending on how many Vitals Fiora has managed, all Allies champions can be healed up to 2 to 5 Seconds.


Fiora is one of the most easy champions. download of League of Legends To use. Her play style requires more macro understanding and execution. To win, you must work with your team. 

These tricks and tips will make Fiora an enjoyable game. pro:

  • Fiora is a trader because of her Duelist Dance. This boost can also be used to strike Vitals, which will not hurt. 
  • Fiora is able to easily defeat enemy units and take on the Grand Challenge. She can also recover if she succeeds. 
  • If Fiora gets too close to an enemy champion, vitals are lost.
  • You can use Fiora’s Riposte mid-lunge, allowing her to block the effects of counter-stuns—immobilizing abilities like Jinx’s Flame Chompers.
  • If you are able to move away from Fiora enough, Vitals can appear in favorable places. 
  • Vitals will appear when Fiora is hiding in the bush.  
  • Any ability that stops Fiora from moving is called an immobilizing effect. Bard’s Tempered Fate and other skills can stun it. 
  • Bladework can be used by Fiora to push the turrets faster. It resets her auto attack. 
  • Fiora’s Riposte can cause Vitals to become disabled if it strikes them, even those who were identified in Grand Challenge. 
  • Fiora could benefit from the All-In and Conqueror runes. In 1v1 situations, however, the Triumph rune may be of help. 
  • To boost Fiora’s Grand Challenge movement speed, the Nimbus Cloak Rune can be used in winning lanes.

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