Assassins in League of Legends They are well-known for being fast and able to deal high-damage. Fizz is a powerful and unusual champion in this class.

Fizz is an amphibian Yordle found among the Bilgewater reefs. This Yordle, which is a mystic race spirit and assumes the appearance of mammalian bipeds.

Fizz returns the pirates’ tithes. However, even the saltiest sailors know better than to cross Fizz—for tales of those who underestimated him have vanished.

Frizz is skilled at controlling deep-seated beasts, and finds pleasure in challenging friends as well as foes.


Who are ELISE and what responsibilities do they have?

Elise is a powerful mage fighter who relies on the abilities of spiders. Elise, a powerful mage fighter, is also known as the Spider Queen.

Elise is a brilliant champion, as she can transform quickly to use her pets to kill or disarm enemies. Elise uses spiders’ abilities to launch surprise attacks against enemies in order to increase her stats.

Elise, a member the House Kythera uses beauty and elegance for the conquering of the weak-minded. She plays a significant role in politics. Her husband couldn’t take it any more and she was poisoned. Elise survived and killed her husband. After her lover’s death, she became her mistress. Elise was approached by a pale woman at a social gathering. She taught her the secrets to society. Elise wanted to restore and maintain her beauty, so she offered to murder innocent women.

Elise had a conversation with the pale woman. They signed a contract of mutualism and each set their own goals. Elise was able to keep her beauty and didn’t need to worry anymore about her appearance.

Skills and talents of ELISE

Fizz excels at mid-lane play and is more skilled than immobile mage. Fizz is a fan favourite. Fizz can cause moderate-to-great damage if used correctly.

Let’s take a closer glance at Fizz, his unique skills and personality.

  • Nimble Fighter

Fizz is permanently ghosted, taking 4 to 14 less physical damage from basic attacks—before armor is calculated.

  • Urchin Strike

Fizz activates and sends 550 units towards the enemy unit. It also deals 100% AD physical damage and additional magic damage. 

Fizz can be used for inflicting physical damage to on-hit effects such as passive or active Seastone Trident Seastone Trident.

  • Seastone Trident

Passive: On impact, Fizz will instantly destroy enemy units. Those who are affected by Chum the Water take 3 seconds of magic damage.

Active: Seastone Trident activates Fizz’s next attack base, which will give him an additional bonus of 50 range. It also resets his auto attack timer.

His empowered basic attack also can inflict bonus magic damage. The damage will triple if the target remains marked for less that 30 seconds.

  • Playful / Trickster

Only one cast Fizz can be activated only once. Once activated, it will reach the target area, where enemies cannot target, for 0.75 second.

After a short pause, he’ll complete his vault. Then, he’ll splash down onto the ground below. This will deal magic damage and slow down nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

Double Cast If the spell is activated once more, Fizz will do two quick dashes after Fizz has dismounted and remounted his trident.

He will also deal magic damage to enemies within a radius of his landing area, but less frequently. He also applies slow.

  • Chum the Waters

Fizz activates by throwing lures in a straight line at sharks to draw them. After two seconds, they will emerge to inflict miraculous damage. It will knock down any enemies it comes across and slow them down by 1.5 seconds.

Fizz’s lure must travel further during its initial flight to attract the shark. This will increase both the shark’s slow time and its knockback distance.

  • Guppy will be attracted to lures that are less than 455 mi from their initial flight. It’ll cause a 40% slow eruption radius, 150 units of knockback and a 200-mile radius.
  • Megalodon can be attracted if the lure travels between 455,910 and 460. It reduces enemy units by 60%, and increases the eruption radius to 320
  • Gigalodon can be attracted by more than 950. It slows enemies down by as much as 80%, increases eruption radius at about 450 units and gives 350 knockback.

Enemy champions will be able to intercept Fizz’s lure while it is flying and it binds them. They will be summoned by the shark. The lure’s holder will be slowed down for 1 Second.


Fizz is simple to use, but it can be hard to master his combos. Fizz’s style of play is very easy to learn and you will quickly win many games.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make Fizz’s playing more enjoyable.

  • Fizz can pass through enemy and ally units. Find a way to get through them and then use Seastone Trident/Seastone Trident to inflict maximum damages. 
  • You can use Chum the Waters directly at enemies or an area where you predict they’re going—disgruntling enemy forces. 
  • For high burst threat enemy teams, Zhonya’s Hourglass or Hextech Protobelt 01 are great options to boost Fizz’s spells.
  • Fizz’s spells are heavily dependent on both his auto-attacks and on-hit effects. It is a good idea to use Sheen Items as well as Hextech Resvolver to get the best results. 
  • Fizz can “kill the pressure” between levels 2 and 3. Engage can bring about an early flash, if it is done before your enemy.
  • Avoid using Trickster/Playful early in the game. It is expensive and can only be used once per lanes before you have to replenish your mana. 
  • Fizz can use Urchin Strike on minions to make it easier for enemy forces to reach him. This allows him to be more playful and trickster while avoiding skill shots or ganks. 
  • A complete Fizz combo is very dangerous. If Chum the Waters is unavailable, it’s best to not engage with a “laning opponent”. 
  • Before using Fizz’s full combo, reduce the enemy’s number trades. This will ensure that direct hits are possible. 
  • Use Q at level 3 to dominate trades that include damage.
  • Once you reach level 6, pull Fizz’s Giant Fish Ultimate to do massive damage. This attack is great for roaming or ganking in the top lane. 
  • Fizz guarantees a kill using Ignite, Chum waters, and spell rotation at level 6. 

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