Fizz LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Fizz is an exciting champion to have in your arsenal and to master in League of Legends. He is a mobile melee assassin with high burst damage and many ways to outplay his opponents. Fizz excels both in team fights and as a skirmisher, making him a versatile champion who can fit into any lineup.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Fizz’s abilities, item builds, skill combos, and more:

Background of Fizz

Fizz is a versatile and flexible champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. He is one of the few remaining original champions in the game, making him an important part of League’s lore and history.

Fizz is an amphibious yordle from the sunken city of Bilgewater. He was just a street rat who found his way into the subterranean caves by accident, eventually stumbling upon what he thought was magical powers beyond explanation. Fizz soon found himself embroiled in a conflict between the city’s godlike figure, The Tempest, and Ahri, one of Legue’s newest champions who served as leader of Bilgewater’s outcasts.

By mastering his abilities to amazing levels and using his skillful and creative play, Fizz was able to save Bilgewater from destruction at her hands – a feat that gained him fame and glory among its citizens. His playful attitude makes him an easy-going yet reliable ally on Summoner’s Rift – known to jump into battle at any moment no matter how dangerous it may be!

Fizz’s Abilities

Fizz is an agile champion to master with a unique set of offensive and defensive abilities. He has the power of an assassin with the durability of a tank. Fizz’s primary source of damage comes from his Trident and W combo, which allows him to utilize quick disengages as well as poke enemies from afar.

For offensive play, Fizz can use Playful/Trickster alongside Seastone Trident for fast damage. He can also make use of Nimble Fighter and Urchin Strike to quickly close the gap between him and a target. Defensively, Fizz has access to Chum the Waters for crowd control, allowing him to disrupt team fights or stop an enemy escape in its tracks.

Featuring powerful crowd control in the form of Plague Urchin and Chum the Waters, amazing damage output with Seawraiths’ Grasp + Playful/Trickster combo, versatile offense with Nimble Fighter and Uppercut, as well as great sustain through Eulogy of the Isles, Fizz is definitely one of League’s most exciting champions to play!


Fizz is a champion in the popular videogame League of Legends, known for his versatility and ability to quickly outplay opponents with his mobility and damage output. His well-rounded kit makes him a great choice for both experienced and new players alike.

In this article, we’ll discuss why Fizz is such a great champion and explore his various strengths that make him so powerful in the game:

High Mobility

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High Burst Damage

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High burst damage doesn’t just help with mobs of enemies – single targets can be dispatched quickly if they fail to anticipate where they’ll be hit next. Overall, having high burst damage is an extremely useful tool in many contexts facilitating instant kills or opening up opportunities for escape, making it a greatly sought-after boon in any firefight.

High Sustainability

Fizz’s high sustainability makes him an ideal champion, especially on the top lane. His passive ability gives him a health boost every 8 seconds. In addition to this, he has an ability that rapidly heals him with every attack. This provides Fizz with great survivability in the early and mid game, allowing him to farm and slowly but steadily gain a lead over his opponents.

Furthermore, his ultimate has some exceptional effects that make it a very powerful ability: it grants invisibility and bonuses to increases movement speed and attack damage which allow Fizz to dive in to fight against multiple enemies or flee using tricky movements if needed. On top of this, Fizz gains alarming amounts of health from killing enemies which coupled with his already high damage output make him extremely useful in both fast-paced skirmishes and long drawn-out team fights.


Fizz is a powerful champion in League of Legends, but as with every champion, he has some weaknesses. These weaknesses can be exploited by opponents, so it is important to understand what they are in order to use Fizz to his fullest potential. This article will go in depth into the weaknesses of Fizz and ways to avoid them.

Low Health Pool

Fizz has a notably low health pool, which makes him vulnerable to aggressive champions. His low health limits his ability to engage in direct combat, as the additional damage could be potentially lethal for him. He is able to make up for this through careful usage of his playmaking tools, such as Chum the Waters and Playful/Trickster, but he relies heavily on his team and support items in order to keep himself topped off.

While Fizz can be quite slippery due to these abilities, players should be diligent in picking their fights properly and taking care not to overextend themselves in order to make sure they are at optimum health while engaging their opponents.

Prone to Crowd Control

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Easily Shut Down

Despite its powerful CC, Fizz is vulnerable to having his combos shut down by crowd control. His reliance on his basic abilities to hit and stick to a target make him easily shut down when he has no way of escaping; for instance, getting kited by an enemy or getting caught in an area of effect stun.

Additionally, though his ultimate gives him a powerful escape tool, it’s still possible for enemies to disrupt it if they time their Crowd Control correctly. Fizz also has weak early game laning, as he relies heavily on ability-based harassment and doesn’t have the best waveclear – making him vulnerable to being pushed in and denied farm.

As such, you should focus on managing your lane carefully during the early game and looking for opportunities to harass your opponents while avoiding being punished in return.

Recommended Items

Choosing the best items for your Fizz champion is essential to excel in the game. Fizz is a tricky fighter with lots of mobility and damage potential. Therefore, it’s important to equip him with items that will allow him to become even more powerful.

In this article, we’ll look at the recommended items for Fizz and explain why they are the best choice for him.

Core Items

The key to correctly building Fizz is understanding when it is the appropriate time for different items. Core items for Fizz allow the champion to scale into late game and maximize his utility; however, situational items should always be built in order to find an edge against the enemy team. The situation in which you are playing and your opponents will determine what core and/or situational items are needed.

Core Items:

  • Berserker Greaves: Gives CDR, AS, and MS; consider Mercury’s Treads against high CC teams.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: Great mix of damage stats with a passive that allows him to chase down low HP enemies.
  • Ludens Echo: A great way to deal more damage with your abilities while adding movement speed to escape sticky situations.
  • Infinity Edge: Great item if you plan on dealing most of your damage through auto attacking allowing you to skyrocket your DPS.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: To maximize Ap scaling from all sources effectively providing insane burst potential from Fizz’s kit.

Situational Items

Situational items in Fizz require some specific utilizing to get the most efficiency out of them, so it’s important to understand when they should be bought and how you would use them in a game. Situational items provide some of the highest amounts of power on Fizz, as his playstyle heavily favors taking advantage of unexpected areas while making up for specific weaknesses.

The two core situational items for Fizz are Liandry’s Torment and Hextech Gunblade. Liandry’s Torment grants bonus damage to champions with an item active effect and bonus magic penetration, as well as dealing bonus true damage for an extended period when the champion is below half health—a situation which Fizz plays into quite often in team fights. Hextech Gunblade provides additional burst damage along with more utility and sustain if Fizz can land successful Chum The Waters.

Other situational items that can prove useful on Fizz include:

  • Abyssal Mask
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Void Staff

Counter Items

Counter items are an important part of Fizz’s kit, as they are with any champion. They provide unique bonuses to help improve survivability and offensive power. It is important to consider which counter items you purchase for Fizz, as they can make or break your fights.

Core items: Boots of Swiftness and Bramble Vest are must-have on Fizz. Boots of Swiftness give him great defensive stats, while Bramble Vest offers a lot of tanky stats and reduced incoming damage from all sources. Both of these items are recommended as they will help provide Fizz with the most safety while he engages in fights.

Spellshield Items: Locket of Iron Solari and Spirit Visage will help protect Fizz from magic and crowd control effects that could otherwise disable him or cut off his ability to use his ultimate. The added health regeneration provided by Spirit Visage will also give him extra sustain in lane fights and teamfights alike.

Offensive Items:

  • Phage is an amazing item for ensuring that opponents cannot easily escape from the grasp of Fizz’s ultimate ability, sharkslayer slash.
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade provides great attack speed bonuses along with a substantial amount other stats enabling him to understand high burst damage immediately after using it.
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade confers a nice attack speed bonus, which can be extremely useful when fighting enemy champions or objectives like dragons or baron nashor.
  • Trinity Force offers beneficial all round hero stats in addition to providing two slow effects when auto attacking; this is especially nifty if you find yourself needing a quick escape tactic or chasing enemy champions down.

Tips for Playing Fizz

Fizz is one of the most complex and interesting champions in League of Legends. As a champion, Fizz is capable of dealing out immense burst damage and has a variety of tricks up his sleeve. With the right strategy, Fizz can be a powerful force on the battlefield.

In this article, we will go over some key tips for playing Fizz and make sure you can get the most out of this champion:


Positioning is essential in playing Fizz effectively. When confronting an enemy, it is important to know their range and select the best spot for a successful hit. Fizz is a champion with great mobility, so use this to your advantage; always be looking for opportunities to surprise your enemy. Make sure to position yourself in an area where you can easily dodge any potential damage from ability effects or auto-attacks.

Fizz does well when positioned behind minions due to his E, Playful / Trickster, allowing him to jump over walls or escape from tight situations unscathed. When engaging an enemy, always try and make sure that you are safely positioned but still within striking distance. In addition, use wards strategically – this will always give you the upper hand regarding knowing what your opponent is up to.

Furthermore, Fizz also has AoE damage abilities which can be used as area control tools when countering fights or taking objective control on certain parts of the map such as dragon or baron objectives in the late game phase. Keep up your positioning and play smart so you can decisively win team fights with ease when playing Fizz!


Timing is an essential aspect of a successful game of Fizz. Knowing when to call Fizz and pay a person out, when to collect a fee for not calling Fizz, and when to call for another card are all important aspects that can make or break your winnings.

Timing can also be used to your advantage in building your hand. In general, it’s best to be patient, especially if you have low-to-mid ranked cards in your hand. Being too aggressive with calling for extra cards can often backfire, especially if others have higher ranked cards waiting on the table. It’s also important to take into account the number of other players already at the table – adding more cards could give an opponent a better draw.

By carefully observing other players’ betting patterns and playing strategically within the scope of the rulesets, timing can help you execute successful plays that twist the odds in your favor over time. That said, don’t forget that Fizz is still very much a game of luck – even if you play skillfully within the ruleset – so it helps to chose your battles wisely and remain aware of how lucky (or unlucky) each bet might be in order to achieve success!


Having the right mindset is of utmost importance when playing Fizz. Taking on this champion requires a strong mentality and complete confidence in your skills as a player. You will need to be able to correctly assess the current situation of the game, identify objectives that should be accomplished, and adjust your strategy accordingly. You must overcome any hesitation or doubts you may have while still staying flexible enough to adapt to different conditions.

Fizz is a highly mobile champion with great area control and good damage output in team fights. As Fizz, you should focus on out-playing opponents by timing your attacks, predicting their movements, and capitalizing on different opportunities presented by the game. Remember that careful planning is just as important as quick reaction; try not to get too frustrated if things don’t go according to plan – instead try to figure out where things went wrong and strive for better outcomes in the next fight or objective.

Most importantly, practice self-control – never overreach or take unnecessary risks – they can set you back significantly with little gains in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Fizz?

A1: Fizz is a champion in the popular game League of Legends. He is a versatile assassin, able to outplay his opponent with a combination of mobility, damage, and crowd control.

Q2: What abilities does Fizz have?

A2: Fizz’s abilities include Urchin Strike, Seastone Trident, Playful/Trickster, Chum the Waters, and his ultimate, Sharknado.

Q3: How effective is Fizz in the game?

A3: Fizz is a very effective champion, especially when played by an experienced player. He is able to outplay his opponents, dealing high damage and providing crowd control. Fizz is also capable of quickly maneuvering around the map, making him a great choice for any team composition.