Galio, the silent guardian for Demacia’s gleaming capital, is also known to be the stone giant that watches over its residents.

This champion was built by Durand as a bulwark Against enemy mages, often standing motionless for decades until a powerful magic force stirs him to life—Again.

Once activated, Galio spends most of his time in Demacia enjoying the thrills and the honor of protecting the citizens.

However, his triumphs are often bittersweet because the magic he destroyed makes it impossible to forget. Very His reanimation is his source and every victory makes him dormant. 

Galio, now waiting to be reborn and serve his country and bring honor back to Demacia. True purpose.


Who and what is GALIO?

Durand, a famous sculptor, designed Galio. Durand wanted to make a patricide shield for the military. This is his greatest accomplishment.

Galio’s winged statue was an instant success, despite the fact that few expected it to be so. It is essential As a symbol and protector of Valoran, his contribution to the defense of Demacia was significant.

Galio is able to speak and move completely by himself because of the ability that absorbed magic grants him. He tirelessly fought to protect the Demacians from every attack.

Once he defeats his opponents, Galio is made an immobile golem and watches over Demacia.

Galio was still mobile but had his consciousness. He was able to feel the desire to fight again. The statue was gratefully received by his supporters across Demacia, who often offered him gifts.

Galio was shocked to discover that Demacia’s people had died after one year. Galio realized the Demacia population required his protection.

Galio used fight but now he is passionate about people. Galio hopes to receive infinite magic that will allow him to never go to sleep.

Only then will he be able to serve his purpose—standing and fighting as Demacia’s protector to the end of time.

GALIO’s skills & abilities

Galio, a mid-lane champion is Super His increased gank pressure and wave clearing make him strong. He also has an effective ultimate that provides roaming pressure. He’s also very durable, making him an excellent mid-lane or tank player.

Here’s a closer look at Galio and his skills.

  • Colossal Smash

This passive skill allows Galio slowly to increase his damage with each basic attack.

It can be used to attack enemies critically and deal bonus 75% AD bonus magic damage. 

  • Winds of War

Galio produces windblasts with a maximum of 250 units per side. They travel outward before reaching their target direction. This skill deals magic damage any enemy units who pass through.

The tornado’s windblasts, which last 2 seconds each, will collide and move forward to try to inflict additional magic damage on any enemies in the vicinity. This happens approximately every 0.5 seconds.

  • Shield of Durand

Passive: When Galio doesn’t take damage for 12 seconds he’ll gain an Anti-Magic Bulwark—a shield that absorbs magic damage.

Active: Galio can charge for up to 3 seconds. He will slow down to 15% and gain damage reduction and magic. Charging will strengthen Shield of Durand’s damage and radius for 2 seconds.

You can recast Shield Of Durand at any time during that period. Galio may initiate the recast when he finishes charging, or is interrupted.

Galio will refresh your damage reduction for 2 seconds after you cast Shield of Durand. While taunting champions nearby, he will also deal magic injury to them.

  • Justice Punch

Galio can use Justice Punch for a reverse move. Then, he sprints towards the target area and collides with an opponent champion. Galio will inflict additional magic damage on all enemies who cross his path.

  • Hero’s Entry

Galio can use this attack to locate the target allied champions when he casts as his landing spot. This active attack also resets Shield of Durand’s passive magic shield, which grants it to all allied champions within 5 seconds.

Galio channeled Hero’s Entry in 1.25 seconds. This gives Galio crowd control immunity, and makes him immune to being targeted.

After the immunity expires Galio will inflict magical damage on all enemies within range. It knocks them down 100 units in 0.75 seconds. 


Galio is a popular choice for mid-lane. LOL Downloads This is a solid choice. This is a solid pick, but he can be a difficult champion to play in.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you master Galio’s playstyle in no matter how fast it takes.

  • Winds of War or Colossal Smash can help you clear minion waves quickly and with very little AP. 
  • Colossal Smash can be used to activate it multiple times. 
  • Colossal Smash can also cause additional damage to buildings. 
  • Galio’s Winds of War are capable of taking down your opponents before they get all in. 
  • Position Galio, Wind of War, can strike enemies with the first gusts or tornado. 
  • Galio’s Shield of Durand is capable of holding down enemies and stopping them from evading Winds of War. 
  • Galio has no passive defense against damage by magic. Therefore, the passive shield from Shield Of Durand must be maintained.
  • Use the Shield of Durand to stop your enemies running away from you or peeling them. 
  • Crowd Control is a way to detect an enemy approaching. You can charge the Shield Of Durand until Galio unlocks all of his other abilities. 
  • Flash and Shield of Durand can be used simultaneously to capture enemy forces. 
  • Galio’s Shield of Durand is a great way to protect yourself from the damage of monsters, including epic ones. 
  • Galio’s most popular rune is Aftershocks. It gives him bulk and allows him the ability to trade or join in team fights seamlessly. 
  • If you’re looking to maximize Galio’s damage, using Electrocute is an excellent choice as it makes his “all-ins” stronger—inflicting pure damage. 
  • Summon Aery is Galio’s perfect runninge. It perfectly balances his offense & defense.

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