Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends. He is a Pirate themed champion that deals high damage and has great initiation potential. He is able to scale well in the mid to late game and can be devastating in teamfights.

This article will go over Gangplank’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses:


Gangplank is one of the most popular League of Legends champions. He is an attack-oriented melee champion hailing from Bilgewater in Runeterra, a world full of incredible magic and mystery. His iconic parrot Pericles often accompanies him in battle, raining down a barrage of cursed cannonballs on Gangplank’s enemies.

Gangplank has an aggressive playstyle, making use of his incredible mobility to get close to his opponents and damage them with his devastating melee attacks. He is also known for his powerful passive ability Grog-Soaked Blade. This passive increases the damage he deals over time, allowing him to make the most out of each auto-attack he lands on an enemy champion. This makes Gangplank one of the best early laning champions in League Of Legends, as he can easily push minions to gain control the map from his strong poke abilities such as Parrrley!

Gangplank truly shines in team fights however; his ultimate ability Cannon Barrage allows him to call down a barrage of cannons from the sky onto all enemies around him, dealing tremendous damage and providing much needed crowd control for his team. With strong vision control from Parrrley! combined with global presence from Cannon Barrage, Gangplank can be an unstoppable force if properly executed.


Gangplank is a demanding captain who runs the ports of Bilgewater. Once, he was an ambitious, yet shameless man who would do anything for power and riches. He betrayed everyone and fought countless battles on the open sea before he became the most feared pirate of the distant seas.

Wherever his ship sails, stories of unimaginable terror soon follow – including tales of Gangplank’s brutality and skill in battle.

Now that power has gone to Gangplank’s head, and he makes a cruel game out of his piracy – offering both merchant ships and rival gangs to join him in fighting for fame and fortune over the treacherous waters of Bilgewater.

For better or worse, Gangplank is infamous throughout Runeterra’s oceans, becoming more famous than possibly any legal figurehead remaining in those waters. However, while those who hear tales are fearful but understanding when it comes to other legendary pirates such as Graves or Shen Preyor Khan, Gangplank is seen as being different from all other lawless captains – in that, no matter how successful his actions are or how many souls he cleaves from life in combat with his gun-sword “Parrrley“, there can be no sense of justice about it; for he does not fight for justice or equity on behalf of others but rather ambangs himself to whatever allegiances can bring him more rewards (and their hypocrisy) nevermind whatsoever consequences may come from it.


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Pros and Cons

Gangplank is a famous champion in League of Legends. He is a champion who is known to be a very versatile champion who is able to fit into a variety of different team compositions and strategies. While Gangplank is a great champion, there are some pros and cons to playing him.

Let’s get into the details and discuss the pros and cons of Gangplank so that you can decide if he’s the right champion for you and your team:


Gangplank is a champion that possesses a kit geared towards top lane play in League of Legends. He can be a particularly deadly bruiser in teamfights and skirmishes, as he has powerful crowd control effects and late-game scaling potential. This guide will explore the unique benefits that Gangplank brings to the game and discuss best strategies for leveraging his abilities in competitive play.


  • Powerful Crowd Control – Gangplank’s kit contains an array of cc abilities including an AoE slow, slow on basic attacks, silence, stun, fear and additional slows with his ultimate.
  • High Damage Output – Gangplank’s Parrrley (Q) allows him to attack from range while dealing high levels of damage thanks to its innate scaling with attack damage.
  • Versatile Support Champion – With the use of Remove Scurvy (W), Gangplank can provide vital peel for himself and allies due to its innate healing component. Additionally, Cannon Barrage (R) can be used for both zoning purposes as well as providing cover fire for engaging teamfights or retreats from enemies.
  • High Level Mobility – The combination of Raise Morale (E) passive AD buff and Trailblazer with its innate movement speed grants Gangplank incredibly high levels of mobility on Summoners Rift which is great for closing gaps or making quick escapes from danger behind enemy lines.


As with any champions in League of Legends, Gangplank has several drawbacks that can affect his performance. Some of the major weaknesses to keep in mind revolve around his lack of reliable crowd control, subpar waveclear, and susceptibility to strong single-target magical damage.

Gangplank’s CC abilities are limited and unreliable due to their short-duration stuns and melee range. His waveclear also tends to be quite weak when compared to other top laners due to his passive barrels not dealing loads of AoE damage and attack speed reduction. Lastly, Gangplank is susceptible to getting bursted down by mages due to a lack of consistent defensive stats and ability scaling.

This makes it hard for Gangplank players to remain durable in the laning phase against multiple magical damage threats like Cassiopeia or Vladimir. In addition, magic users with unusually high mobility like Syndra often prove troublesome for Gatorkartso as they can quickly jump onto him with their crowd control setup as soon as he shows himself during minion waves or engages on a target.

Builds and Strategies

When it comes to playing the champion Gangplank in League of Legends (LoL), understanding the best builds and strategies can be the difference between success and failure. Different builds and strategies can be used to make the most of Gangplank’s unique skills, allowing you to take your game to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the builds and strategies you should consider when playing Gangplank in LoL:

Item Builds

Gangplank is a champion that takes advantage of all the rewards that come from building up huge amounts of gold. While his early game presence can be a bit weak, his late game potential far exceeds that of many other champions. Knowing which items to build on Gangplank and in what order can make a massive difference in your performance.

When considering item builds for Gangplank, it is important to consider both offense and defense. Depending on the situation, he should pick items to fit both roles. A typical Gangplank build would include a mix of damage, survivability, cooldowns and utility.

  • Damage options: Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Rapid Firecannon or Statikk Shiv depending on your team comp and enemy team comp.
  • Survivability options: Lord Dominik’s Regards or Dead Man’s Plate.
  • Cooldowns: Zeke’s Harbinger or Shurelya’s Reverie to increase his ability to lay down high impact ultimates.
  • Defensive options: Warmog’s Armor or Frozen Heart set up around a pair of Ninja Tabi’s for early game toughness.
  • Utility items: Mercurial Scimitar for clearing crowd control for an easier escape or Guardian Angel for an extra revive after death in tense late game fights.

No matter what item builds you choose for Gangplank, it’s important to stay flexible in order to appropriately adapt your inventory according the current state of the game. If your team composition is light on crowd control debuffs then adjust accordingly; if enemies have started building armor stack up some penetration if you need it; if you’re coming out ahead try building towards higher damage carry type plays instead. Build towards whatever will provide optimal value given the situation at hand and use Gangplank’s high real count cost (often 12k gold) when evaluating whether or not an item purchase is sensible – when it comes down it items are just another way to increase his already powerful offensive output while also bolstering his mysterious stat sheet into something truly impressive!

Skill Builds

Gangplank is a flexible champion with numerous choices of skill builds. When deciding on a build for Gangplank, one should first consider their team composition and the enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, focus on specific points of the game to create a suitable build.

One common choice for Gangplank is an AD-oriented build that focuses on maximizing damage output using Parrrley, Raise Morale, and Cannon Barrage abilities. This build works well for mid-to-late game matchups such as team fights or pushing down towers. To use this build successfully, level up Parrrley first followed by Raise Morale and Cannon Barrage as they become available. This way your auto attacks become much more powerful as well as increases gangplank mobility when combined with Raise Morale and global damage with Cannon Barrage.

Another option is to focus on sustainability which requires maxing out Remove Scurvy at levels 1, 5, 9, 13 etc., followed by Parrrley then Raise Moral at levels 4/8/12/16 respectively until Cannon Barrage is leveled up last around level 18. This mantra of sustainability can be used in almost any matchup by allowing Gangplank to keep himself healthy while dishing out damage from afar through remove scurvy’s healing capabilities and parrley’s range attacks.

Players can even opt for an AP hybrid build combining levels of both AD and AP effects onto Gangplank’s moveset transforming him into an incredibly versatile champion that can be tailored to any situation depending taste or circumstance while having both close range attack chains complemented by mid range poke to boot in order to secure multiple targets safely no mater what stage they are playing at within the game while remaining constantly aware of incoming threats via superior intel collection capabilities provided by his spin enchantment being applied regularly enough due to it being built off cooldown reduction acquisition rather then levels altogether allowing the player higher proficiency in deploying strategies suited for the match instantly without hardly ever worrying about peaking or getting beaten back in combat due to lack of presence when needed most during crucial stages like teamfights or base protection protection resulting from superior awareness .

Lane Strategies

Champion Lane Strategies are important for mastering Gangplank and any other champion you will use in League of Legends. When it comes to Lane Strategies, the most important factor is knowing what to do when. Lane strategies can differ for each champion and making sure you nail down a good strategy that fits both your playstyle as well as your team’s needs will help ensure victory.

When it comes to Gangplank and lane strategies, it’s important to be able to choose the best option for your team no matter what situation arises. Although some general strategies can be applied across all games, certain situations merit special consideration.

In order to best utilize Gangplank’s abilities, it’s important to understand how he should perform in different lanes depending on the foe he is facing off against. All lanes favor some type of stance that works best. This includes:

  • Top lane where Gangplank should focus on being aggressive early and often.
  • Mid lane where Gangplank should stay safe while farming.
  • Jungle where he can use his mobility and build awareness of enemy movements throughout the game.
  • Supports located bot lane who should be careful considering their lack of escape means any fights must be fought carefully but efficiently in order to succeed.

No matter which lane the player takes with their gang plank they must always keep track of their opponents and develop an advantageous plan of attack with their team mates in mind in order to maximize not just potential kills or objectives but also roaming opportunities throughout different sections in the game which could bring huge advantages such as better buy items or counter ganking enemies who are attempting similar pushes across that side of map instead!

Tips and Tricks

Gangplank is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. As a Pirate Captain, he can easily tank, deal tons of damage and help out his team in team fights. He is a very well rounded champion, and if you are new to the game, Gangplank is a great choice.

In this section, we will discuss some tips and tricks to master Gangplank and help you reach your full potential.

Early Game

Early game is an important and often decisive factor in any match. Getting the correct items and finding the right playstyle that fits your champion is key to setting yourself up for a successful game.

Gangplank is a great early game champion that can roam around and gank laning enemies with his ultimate, Cannon Barrage. He also has strong waveclear with his Parrrley to clear minion waves quickly as well as bullying potential if built correctly. Gangplank excels in the Top lane but can also be used in other roles such as Jungle or Mid lane, depending on the situation.

When playing Gangplank, it is important to take advantage of all his abilities and items. Start off with a Doran’s Blade and some Health Potions for increased sustain throughout your laning phase. Once you have some gold to spare, start buying or upgrading your core item build for optimal damage output. Core items include Trinity Force, Guardian Angel, Sunfire Cape and Blade of the Ruined King which will provide you with essential stats for an aggressive Gangplank playstyle. Importantly too, maximize your ultimate by getting two extra points in it (E) at levels 1/4/7/10/13/15/18 so you can pick off more enemies with it while the cooldown refreshes faster.

It’s also worth considering buying Sightstone early on after core items are completed since it grants vision control around objectives or turning a fight into your favor with solo-kills or team fighting objectives. Finally remember to use Cannon Barrage whenever possible since it has great map presence of zoning off spaces which is a useful tool when looking for objective control and engages on enemies—be sure not to waste all of your mana!

Mid Game

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Late Game

Gangplank is an incredibly strong late game champion, you can easily pick up kills in team fights and skirmishes. However, it’s important to correctly balance between farming and fighting. Farm as much as possible throughout the map while also looking out for objectives like dragging or large skirmishes where your W and R can be put to use.

Gangplank’s damage output relies heavily on his items and crit chance. Prioritize getting Items that respond to your Crit chance such as Phantom Dancer, Blade of The Ruined King, and Statikk Shiv even earlier than normally advised due to this synergy providing a significant power spike in teamfights by dealing massive AoE damage from the passive of these items combined with Gangplank’s Barrels and his ult.

Manage your buffs well:

  • Make sure to prioritize buying Elixir of Wrath over other elixirs when available, utilize the buff well in order to snowball into further leads while diving turrets or fighting neutral monsters like Baron Nashor or Elder Drake; Etc….
  • Furthermore, Gangplank’s natural tankiness allows him to survive in extended fights if he has built some resistances making him one of the most formidable late game champions in LoL due to his versatility.


Gangplank is a unique champion in League of Legends. His kit allows for a versatile playstyle with the ability to play both the top lane or the bottom lane. His ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game and allows for some great teamfighting potential. Overall, Gangplank is an incredibly strong champion and is a great pick for players looking for an aggressive playstyle.


Gangplank is a formidable champion in the League of Legends universe. He has a powerful basic attack and can heal allies as well as damage enemies. His ultimate, Ragnarok, is especially devastating, dealing significant damage to all enemies in his vicinity – regardless of whether they’re minions or champions. To top it off his passive Grants of Numeria makes him especially hardy, allowing him to regenerate health while attacking.

Gangplank’s skills are designed to give him both offense and defense capabilities. He has an array of crowd control moves to keep enemies busy while he lands the finishing blows with his Parrrley ability or global nuke courtesy of Cannon Barrage. His Cutlass and Powder Keg are also excellent tools for taking out groups. All these abilities should be used in combination for ultimate effect on the battlefield:

  • Split enemy teams apart with Powder Kegs and then swoop in for the kill with your Cutlass.
  • Pepper enemy champions with Parrrley from afar.
  • Decimate large crowds with Cannon Barrage.

With Gangplank, you have the versatility to make aggressive plays either offensively or defensively.

Final Thoughts

Gangplank is a powerful and versatile champion, highly capable of dominating in different roles and strategies. His main strength lies in his flexibility: he can be played as a tank, a support, or an assassin. Gangplank’s abilities allow him to excel as an overall teamfighter and ganker, while he can be used to push towers and siege objectives with ease. His kit also includes powerful crowd control abilities which help him set up his team composition effectively during team fights.

In conclusion, Gangplank is an excellent champion with great potential to carry games at any point of the game—from laning phase all the way until end-game. However no matter how well he performs during matches, success still relies on proper team build composition choices and timing as well as understanding how to use Gangplank’s kit properly for each situation for maximum effect. With that being said, Gangplank is definitely worth picking up if you are looking for a reliable top-level pick or pocket picked who can help you carry your team from start to finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Gangplank?

A: Gangplank is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends. He is a pirate-themed champion known for his strong presence in team fights and his ability to control the game with his ultimate. He is a powerful champion that is often used in the top lane and mid lane.

Q: What abilities does Gangplank have?

A: Gangplank has a variety of abilities that make him a strong champion. His passive, Grog-Soaked Blade, causes his basic attacks to deal additional damage over time. His Q ability, Parrrley, allows him to fire a bullet at a target, dealing physical damage and granting him bonus gold if it kills the target. His W ability, Raise Morale, gives him bonus attack speed and movement speed. His E ability, Powder Keg, allows him to place a keg on the ground that can be detonated to deal AoE damage. His ultimate, Cannon Barrage, calls down a barrage of cannon fire onto an area of the map, dealing damage and slowing enemies.

Q: What items should I build on Gangplank?

A: The core items that Gangplank should build are Infinity Edge, Trinity Force, and Blade of the Ruined King. These items synergize well with Gangplank’s kit and provide him with a lot of damage and utility. Other items to consider are Dead Man’s Plate, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and Guardian Angel. These items provide Gangplank with additional survivability, damage, and flexibility.