Garen is a champion from the popular multiplayer game League of Legends (LoL). He is an incredibly strong champion, with a strong focus on physical damage and tankiness. He has been a staple in the meta for many years and is a great pick for any player looking to get into the game with a reliable, powerful champion.

Let’s dive into all the details of Garen and see why he is so popular in the LoL universe.

Garen’s Lore

Garen is a heroic warrior, sworn to the Demacian Empire. He is a paragon of Demacian ideology, revering the glorious history of his nation while seeking to protect it from any and all threats. Fiercely protective of his homeland and its ideals, Garen fights so that future generations may enjoy the same freedom that he experienced in his youth. Though he has questioned these beliefs for some time, Garen remains determined to serve as its stalwart champion and focus on protecting his nation’s people from harm.

Garen’s story begins more than 20 years prior to the current in-game timeline. Despite being born into a powerful family within Demacia, he was disowned by them for pursuing what they viewed as an unconventional career path – serving as a soldier within The League’s military forces until honorably discharged after nearly 15 years of service.

During his time in The League – almost assuredly decades before settling near Valoran City – Garen studied extensively in pursuit of becoming an exemplary swordsman and leader on the battlefield; although initially seen by many as being merely average at sword play and students of warfare theory alike, well-regarded colleagues tutored him dutifully during this period towards gaining their level of proficiency with such (whether through paid teachings or through personal dedication):

  • Sword play
  • Warfare theory

Garen’s Stats

Garen is a unique and powerful champion in League of Legends. His base stats include 583.8 health, 59 armor, and 33 magic resist at level 1. In addition to these base stats, Garen has special abilities that grant him additional protection and damage.

At level 18, Garen’s main stat line totals 1,791 health, 187 armor, 82 magic resist and 164 bonus attack damage. This formidable set of bonus stats is supplemented by his abilities that can provide heavy crowd control effects or protect from incoming damage with a powerful shield.

Garen’s passive ability Courage gives him increased resistances whenever he remains in combat for an extended period of time. This passive scales in effectiveness as you level up and increases Garen’s already impressive defensive stats even further.

Furthermore, with the right build choices and Runes-Masteries setup Garen can choose to further increase his defensive capabilities or become an explosive offensive juggernaut capable of taking down enemy champions quickly. With the right items on hand Garen provides an incredibly strong presence in games whether it be on the solo lane or in team fights mid-game late game situations.


Garen is a powerful and very versatile champion in League of Legends. His abilities set him apart and make him one of the most popular characters in the game. He has a wide range of abilities that help him in different scenarios, from crowd control to damage dealing.

Let’s unpack his abilities and see what makes him so powerful in the game:

Decisive Strike

Decisive Strike is a highly sought-after ability in combat, as it is the ability to make swift and informed decisions during a fight and take appropriate action. In order to enjoy the benefits of this powerful ability, it is important to have all of one’s senses tuned in to their opponent and surroundings at all times. This means constantly evaluating the situation and anticipating what may happen next.

By maintaining an accurate assessment of the field, one can then assess when to make the best decision for a successful outcome. Furthermore, by having an understanding of one’s own strengths, weaknesses and abilities as well as those of one’s opponents, Decisive Strike can be used as a form of strategy or planning as opposed to simply reacting on emotion or instinct in battle. When paired with responsive movements, timing and skillful use of weapons or abilities in battle situations, Decisive Strike is a valuable skill that can give combatants an edge over their opponents.


Courage is the ability to face fear, pain, danger and uncertainty while remaining strong and steadfast. It often requires overcoming internal conflicts or doubts in order to do the right thing or act in a beneficial way. Courage can be physical or mental, moral or spiritual. It is an attribute that each individual develops over time with practice and experience that is then applied to their everyday lives.

There are many ways an individual can learn how to be courageous:

  • Learning about heroes who have displayed courageous acts throughout history can serve as inspiration for developing this skill.
  • Practicing facing fears and challenges without being overwhelmed by them also helps build courage by allowing individuals to recognize their own strength in the face of daunting situations.
  • A willingness to take risks, even when failure might be a possibility, also fosters courage by teaching individuals how to deal with those risks knowing fully that they may not always have successful outcomes.
  • Lastly, seeking out positive relationships with those who will provide encouragement and understanding is often essential for developing courage within oneself.


Judgment is Garen’s signature ability which gains him back to back power slams and maximum splash damage, while also slowing the target. It grants Garen a large attack damage bonus as long as he continually uses the skill.

This ability is commonly used by Garen players in team fights and to pick off isolated enemies. The bonus attack speed granted by Judgment allows Garen to rapidly whittle away his enemy’s health, while allowing him more mobility for positioning and disengage options.

Judgment also has an additional bonus, referred to as ‘righteous fury’ which boosts Garen’s Armor Piercing Damage bonus from 5% per hit up to 20% for every 3rd hit of Judgment for a total of 40%. This fits perfectly with Garen’s playstyle of continuously dealing quick bursts of damage over time.

Demacian Justice

Demacian justice is an idealistic concept based on the law of the city-state of Demacia. According to Demacian regulations, all citizens are expected to abide by a code of conduct and any who break the laws face punishment in accordance with the severity of their transgression.

At its core, Demacian justice is founded on a belief in personal responsibility and unconditional loyalty to one’s fellow citizens. Under the ideology, citizens are expected to obey the laws and protect their allies at virtually all costs. When conflicts arise between competing interests, political or military leaders expect their citizens to show restraint and avoid escalating tensions unnecessarily.

The enforcement of Demacian justice is entrusted to several different agencies such as the Grand Magisterium and Judge’s Court, both of which investigate possible violations with relentless enthusiasm. Citizens may also be disciplined through public trials where juries comprised of ordinary citizens determine an individual’s fate. The severity of punishments range from verbal warnings or fines to life sentences in prison, depending on the crime committed. Furthermore, Demacia’s internal security forces ensure that any attempted civil unrest is quickly quelled with force if necessary.

When seeking justice in a dispute or conflict within Demacia’s borders individuals can approach Crownguards for help and protection; these warriors serve as enforcers of the court’s edicts while also acting as a symbol of unity between regions under one ruler. To pass judgement or sentencing they may use combined wisdom from past generations coupled with modern-day utility making them well rounded and prepared for any task set before them by their sworn duty as custodians of justice in Demacia.

Regardless what direction chosen by authorities it must be done fairly and lawfully regardless even when someone does not believe it was fair because justice should be impartial for everyone no matter what stature!


Garen is a popular champion in the game League of Legends, and provide a great balanced playstyle for players. His kit is versatile and provides a lot of options for players to build depending on their preference and team comp. Whether you are looking to play a tanky Garen or a full damage Garen, the options are there.

Let’s look at the different builds you can use with Garen:

Tank Garen

Tank Garen is one of the most popular builds for the champion Garen in League of Legends. The basis of this build is to provide additional health and defensive stats, allowing players to take more physical damage while dishing out a lot of damage themselves.

The build starts with choosing the right combination of runes and masteries that support tank playstyle. These runes can include flat armor and magic resist, flat health, armor/magic penetration, cooldown reduction and attack speed; for masteries, players should focus on points that produce extra health and defensive bonuses.

When it comes to items, Tank Garen builds typically prioritize purchasing items such as Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart. All three items provide a significant amount of armor while Sunfire Cape gives additional splash damage via its passive effect; Spirit Visage increases healing received from ability usage while Frozen Heart reduces nearby enemy champion’s attack speed.

For the last two slots in the build, these can be tailored based on preference but generally players will pick up a Guardian Angel or Randuin’s Omen for even more protection against enemy attacks or an attack speed item such as Blade of the Ruined King if they want to increase their auto attack damage during teamfights.

Damage Garen

The Damage Garen build focuses on dealing as much damage as possible and utilizing Garen’s unique survivability offered by his improved passive and ultimate. By building high DPS items, players are able to utilize Garen’s naturally tanky nature to stay alive and outplay enemies.

The main goal is to be extra beefy while still maximizing the amount of damage you deal, allowing you to survive longer fights while dealing massive amounts of damage. This build utilizes a combination of attack speed, critical strike chance and critical damage to maximize your DPS output. For runes, it is recommended that you use Attack Speed Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resistance Glyphs, and Attack Damage Quintessences—in addition to whatever Summoner Spells are most useful in any given match.

To maximize your damage output with this build it is important that you begin with Doran’s Blade for sustain in lane, then rush Trinity Force for additional attack speed and movement speed for better kiting potential. Infinity Edge will follow for the serious spike in damage thanks to its amazing critical strike bonuses; followed by Blade of the Ruined King for more attack speed and life steal; Last Whisper enhances your auto attacks even further; Guardians Angel can offer a helpful second wind if you find yourself in dangerous situations or at low health; Finally finish off with a Death’s Dance to fuel your sustained DPS potential even more – or alternatively Duskblade Of Draktharr if facing mixed compositions.

Hybrid Garen

One of Garen’s most popular and effective builds is the hybrid build, which makes use of both attack damage (AD) and ability power (AP) items. This build gains maximum benefits from Garen’s passive and his ultimate ability, Demacian Justice, making it an excellent choice for players looking for a well-rounded champion.

Hybrid Garen can provide tremendous amounts of burst damage, with his Decisive Strike amplifying his abilities whenever he lands an attack on an enemy. With this in mind, the following items are recommended: Berserker’s Greaves or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, a Sword of the Divine or Giant Slayer or Death’s Dance, Infinity Edge or Duskblade of Draktharr and Guardian Angel or Hextech Gunblade. To top off that hybrid build, add Rabadon’s Deathcap to double your AP damage and Ravenous Hydra to heal even more when attacking turrets.

Other useful items to consider if you want to fully maximize your offensive potential include Last Whisper for blasting down armor tanks; Blade of The Ruined King for additional AD + AD/lifesateal; Wit’s End to proc off every autoattack; Guinsoo’s Rageblade adding more burst potential from AP-autoattacks; Frozen Mallet locking down enemies easier by slowing them down with every basic attack; and Black Clever reducing enemy magic resistance. Players could also use Spirit Visage which is geared towards survivability instead of offense.

All these builds together make Hybrid Garen a powerhouse that excels at early game split pushing from level 6 onwards by taking objectives around the map while maintaining a constant threat to any target near him.

Tips and Tricks

Garen is one of the most popular League of Legends champions. He is one of the most versatile fighters, able to adapt to various situations and shift between playstyles. To get the most out of this champion, it’s important to understand the tips and tricks available to maximize your potential with Garen.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best tips and tricks for playing Garen in League of Legends:

Use Decisive Strike to initiate fights

In order to make the most effective use of Decisive Strike, it is important to consider the position of your target and your own team. You should attempt to move into a position that puts you in optimal range for using Decisive Strike, as too much distance will reduce its effectiveness. If possible, move your target away from their allies so you are able to initiate combat on more favorable terms.

Once you have found the right spot to launch your attack, assess the area around you and identify any threats that could be disrupted by Decisive Strike. For instance, an enemy hero could already be in a vulnerable position or an ally responsible for crowd control such as Ana might need some help. After identifying threats in the area, think of how you can use Decisive Strike to create favorable engagements for your team.

For example, if an ally hero is being pursued by two enemy heroes and they appear vulnerable to being rooted by Decisive Strike, consider using it on the closest enemy hero and assessing their momentum before deciding whether or not to pursue them further. On the other hand, if there are multiple enemies grouped together in one location and priority targets present themselves due to vulnerability or importance in teamfights, then initiating with Decisive Strike can help your team gain a foothold during a fight quickly.

Decisive Strike is an invaluable tool for initiating fights or taking out dangerous enemies at timely moments during battle – use it wisely!

Use Courage to gain extra armor and MR

Using summoner spells such as Courage of the Colossus can be a powerful way to increase your armor and magic resistance. This spell is great for solo laners or junglers who are in need of some defensive stats, as it also grants bonus attack damage. When activated, it gives you bonus armor and magic resist for up to 5 seconds, depending on the level of the spell (level two gives a maximum of +50 at 7-second duration while level five can give a maximum of +118 and 12-second duration).

The spell also grants you 3000 (+111 per level) health when used, which can be crucial in early game skirmishes or team fights. Courage of the Colossus does not have a cooldown but instead has an 80 second timer before it can be used again after being consumed. So make sure you use it appropriately when playing League of Legends!

Use Judgment to quickly clear minion waves

Judgment is Garen’s main source of waveclear, which allows him to quickly clear minion waves and push them towards the enemy champions. It also grants increased movement speed, allowing Garen to move between lanes quickly. When pushing a minion wave, try to line up Garen’s auto attacks in a way that takes out whole waves in one go – meaning all of the minions will be killed with one auto attack – making use of Judgment’s passive and consecutive hits.

Judgment also serves as an important tool for engaging team fights or catching a fleeing enemy champion. When using Judgment to get close to enemies, keep in mind that its damage is greatest when holding down the ability key while continuously spinning in circles: Aiming it at a single target never yields as much damage as performing a few full rotations on them before releasing the key. Additionally, remember that Judgment can be used while Garen has lost his movement speed bonus (usually due to crowd control), allowing you to make plays even while slowed or stunned by enemies.


Garen is a powerful champion in League of Legends, with a great variety of abilities and play styles that can be used by both experienced and new players. He is a champion with high defensive stats and can be used to be tanky in a teamfight or can be used to dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Garen can be used in many different ways, making him a great and versatile champion for any team.

This article will provide a comprehensive summary of Garen’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as provide strategies on how to best utilize Garen in both solo and team fight scenarios:

  • Abilities
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Strategies for solo fights
  • Strategies for team fights

Garen is a powerful champion with great crowd control and damage output

A formidable champion, Garen is one of the most popular picks on the Rift. With his fearsome crowd control abilities, damage output and near invincibility with his ultimate, he can especially be something one of fear in teamfights. If properly kited or left unchecked, he can easily be life-taking in short fights, completely destroying enemies.

When it comes to engaging fights Garen will greatly benefit from engaging when some powerspikes have completed such as Infinity Edge or Trinity Force. He will outdamage any other champion in a straight fight but his kit does need a bit of help from itemisation for that to happen. Utilising skills such as Courage and Demacian Justice can help secure kills and large amounts of damage will quickly reduce enemy health bars.

In conclusion Garen is a powerful champion that when used correctly has great potential to be life-taking even in solo queues. Empowered by proper itemising, his crowd control and damaging abilities should never be underestimated making him an ideal bruiser pick within League of Legends!

He is a great pick for solo queue and team fights

Garen is an exceptional champion for both solo-queue play and team compositions. He is excellent at initiating team fights, provides strong crowd control and can create multi-man plays that rarely go against him. His passive regenerates health and makes it almost impossible to escape from his fights. When played well, Garen can seize a game by himself with the capability of scaling into late game scenarios.

The main strategy of Garen is to start the fight with ample crowd control, utilization of his passive, and momentum by quickly charging in and dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies inside the teamfight. He proves himself very capable in one vs one skirmishes with his ultimate that grants bonus armor, magic resist as well as bonus movement speed along with healing himself based on damage dealt.

His major weakness lies in his long cooldowns which can be exploited due to careful play from his opponents. Furthermore, if Garen casts a full combo onto an immobile enemy he usually is left unable to finish the target off because of long cooldowns & no chasing potential which should be kept in mind while playing him against opponents such as Tristana or Ezreal that have better chase potential than him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Garen’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Garen is a tanky top laner in League of Legends. He is usually played as an initiator and team fighter, using his powerful crowd control abilities to set up fights for his team.

Q2: What are Garen’s Strengths?

A2: Garen is a very strong tanky champion with good crowd control and damage. His passive ability, Perseverance, gives him good sustain in lane, and his Courage ability grants him bonus armor and magic resist. His ultimate, Demacian Justice, is an incredibly powerful ability that can turn fights in his team’s favor.

Q3: What items is Garen best suited for?

A3: Garen is best suited for tanky items that provide him with sustain and damage. Items such as Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, and Guardian Angel are great choices for Garen. He can also benefit from items such as Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King to increase his damage output.