Juggernauts, melee fighters, relentlessly march down opposition forces, and decimate anyone foolish enough not to face them. Garen is a Juggernaut champion in League of Legends.

Garen is a noble, proud warrior from Demacia. He is a member of the Dauntless Vanguard. His enemies respect him and he is a well-known figure in Demacia’s kingdom.

Garen is part of the prestigious Crownguard family. He was assigned to defend Demacia’s ideals, heritage and heritage. Protection of his family’s honor, fighting for what is right

Garen, wearing magic-resistant armor, and holding a powerful sword, swears to fight all enemies of Demacia.

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Who is GAREN, and what are their responsibilities?

Garen is one of the most popular and powerful warriors in Demacia. He was born to the noble Crownguard family with his younger sibling Lux.

He knew from an early age that he would be required to defend Demacia throughout his life. Garen worked hard and quit the Crownguard when he was 12 years old to join the military.

Garen spent his nights and days as a squire, studying and training. He put in a lot of effort to make his body and brain a weapon of Demacian Steel.

Jarvan IV was his trainer and he met Garen during training. They fell in love. After many years of training Garen was accepted into the “Shieldwall”, and made a warrior for Demacia.

Garen was known for his skill and courage, and earned the reputation of being a powerful warrior on the battlefield. Garen was accompanied by his family, and his friend, the prince. He took his oaths before the throne.

Garen stands now in defense of Demacia, and all its foes. Garen is also a symbol for the noblest ideals that were the foundation of the kingdom.

GAREN’s Skills & Abilities

Garen is one of the top-lane champions. LOL. He is capable of dealing high damage and has good sustain. He is one of the most powerful tanks in the game.

Garen’s zero cost spells and foundation of regeneration allow players to be aggressive. This is why he has been called the most fearsome warrior among Demacia’s fighting elite.

These are Garen’s unique skills and talents:

Perseverance: With this passive skill, Garen can restore his health every 5 seconds. Garen can lose Perseverance up to 8 seconds after being hit by epic monsters or champions.

Decisive Strike When activated, Decisive Strike grants Garen the ability remove any slow effects and gain 30% speed for a few seconds.

Garen’s next attack occurs within 4.5 seconds of activating Decisive Strike. It is a “noncancelable windup” that lunges at the target, dealing bonus physical damage.

A decisive strike will also be used for 1.5 seconds to silence enemy units, and reset Garen’s primary attack timer.

Courage Passive: Garen is awarded 0.25 bonus armor and magic resistance for every enemy unit that he defeats. For 120 unit kills, you can earn up to 30 bonus resists.

Active: Garen can reduce incoming damages by 30% when “Courage” is activated for a few second. Garen also receives a shield that lasts 0.75 seconds, and an increase of 60% in his tenacity.

Judgment: Garen’s ghosting ability activates and he spins around his body seven times in 3 seconds. He will lose the ability to make basic attacks if he is judged.

Garen can gain an aura through Judgment that can inflict physical damage on all enemies units. Every 25% bonus attack speed from mythic passives and upgrades, as well stats for items, increases Garen’s number of spins.

Garen who hits enemy champions six or more times will reduce their armor by 25%, for six seconds. The 7th hit refreshes the duration of the armor reduction—and you can recast Judgment after 1 second.

Recast: Recasting Judgment will make Garen end Judgment earlier, reducing its cooldown. Judgment can cause critical bonus damage to enemy units.

Non-epic creatures also suffer from increased damage by Judgment by 50%

Demacian Justice: This active attack is where Garen calls upon the might of Demacia onto his target—inflicting “true” damage based on the target’s missing health. Demacian Justice activates, but the target is only revealed for 1 second. 


Garen’s kit may be simple but can be challenging to master. He is a slow player and can cause late-game damage. Garen is a top-lane champion in this game.

These tips and tricks will assist you in mastering Garen.

  • Garen’s Perseverance ability is greatly increased if he doesn’t take more than a few seconds of damage. 
  • Garen can inflict maximum damage when Judgment strikes only one target. 
  • Trinity Force can give Garen an extra burst that will allow him capture enemy towers quicker. 
  • You can use Decisive strike to harass your lane opponent early. 
  • Garen’s persistence passive can heal any minion you take. If Decisive strike is activated, don’t hesitate to attack your foes. 
  • As soon as you get access to “Courage,” focus on securing enemy unit skills to gain bonus armor and magic resistance—fast. 
  • Activating Decisive strike will allow you to dodge skill shots. Garen will see a 30% improvement in his movement speed when he activates Decisive strikes.

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