Esports Pro – League of LegendsOne race, the Yordle races, is a mammalian bipedal race. They are quite common in Runeterra. Gnar is the one Yordle which stands out from all others.

Gnar, a primeval Yordle is known for his cheeky antics which quickly turn into outrage. He can transform into a massive beast that is determined to destroy. He is a champion who can transform to defeat his foes.

Gnar was kept in True Ice for many thousands and years. The curious creature finally broke free. Now, Gnar explores the world while still delighted by danger—flinging what he can at his enemies.

Gnar always takes his boomerang everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter what Gnar finds, it doesn’t matter how sweet or shinty. But his joy when he captures his boomerang, is unparalleled.

Gnar is now a hunter. Gnar follows wild animals, even mortal tribes who once foraged together.


What are the responsibilities of GNAR?

Before the ice, Frejlord was a land of wonder and beauty. This is true if Gnar could see the entire world.

Gnar is a young Yordle who is full of energy. He lived once in open space with the northern tribes and his kind. His footprints would not have been as large as those you’d leave in the snow, but his temperament was comparable to larger beasts.

Gnar enjoyed collecting bird remains and rocks. However, Gnar’s most prized treasure was the jawbone of a drüvaskm. He lived this way for a while with fellow druvaskms.

Gnar had to be put to bed, however. Long time. Gnar awoke to discover everyone had disappeared and that the land was also completely different.

Gnar now explores the world with his boomerang by his side.

Skills and capabilities of the GNAR

Gnar, a doubleheaded Yordle, excels at team fights in both Mega forms and when he is confronting his enemies in Mega form. Gnar is a transformation champion, so he has many skills and abilities.

Let’s take a closer look at Gnar, and his unique skills.

Rage Gene

Mini Gnar: Mini Gnar forms of Gnar allow for increased movement speed, attack speed, range and attack speed. Mini Gnar can generate between 4 to 11 Rage in 2 seconds after receiving damage.

Gnar’s casting ability will transform him into Mega Gnar for 15 seconds when reaching max Rage. Gnar will transform into his Mini form following the duration and depending on his health.

Mega Gnar: Gnar in Mega Form will have additional abilities. Gnar will have Mini Gnar’s ability cooldowns. Gnar will be able to become Mega, but he will not have the Mini Gnar buffs. He will however have more base AD, health, and magic resistance.

Boomerang Throw: Gnar activates and sends a boomerang in a targeted direction. Any enemy forces within its path will be subject to severe physical damage. It slows them for 2 seconds.

Once you have hit an enemy champion, or reached maximum range, the boomerang will come back to you in a straight line. It will inflict 50% of your next targets with 50% damage.

Boomerang Throw only allows one hit per enemy unit. Boomerang Throw can be used for catching enemy units, and refunds up to 40% after their maximum cooldown.

Hyper: Gnar uses a stack Hyper to attack and deal basic abilities. It can be used in either of its two forms for 3.5 seconds. You can stack it up to three times, with the duration refreshing after each use.

Gnar will apply three stacks of magic to target targets to deal bonus damage. Gnar will also get bonus movement speed

Gnar will also get an additional bonus speed when he leaves his Mega form.

Hop: Gnar activates and jumps to the target area. Gnar also gains an additional six second attack time in either form. If it hits a unit, Gnar can bounce 500 more units in the same direction.

Gnar will also do additional damage to enemies if they land on it. This will slow down enemies by as much as 80% for 0.5 second.


Mini Gnar: In this mode, GNAR works passively. This speeds up Hyper’s bonus movement speed.

Mega Gnar: Mega Gnar mode allows Gnar to use his arms to strike a target area. This can knock back up to 590 enemy units, and deal physical damage. It can also slow down enemies up to 45%.

Mega Gnar terrain is a magnet for enemies that collide. These enemies receive 50% bonus damage and are stunned rather than slowed.


Gnar is an adaptable champion that can be added to any team. Gnar is a transformative champ that can deal damage and poke, CC, as well as sustain mobility and mobility. Gnar can play at a distance, making him one of the most trusted players in top-lane.

Gnar is a transforming champion that makes it difficult to learn. He has many passives and no point & click abilities.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you to get used to Gnar’s complicated gameplay.

  • Gnar’s Rage management is essential. Time your transformations to get the most out of both. 
  • Position Gnar near wells was used to lure enemy units into being stunned. 
  • Mini Gnar’s easy-to-use interface is quick and simple. Squishy Mega Gnar deals significant, sustained damage. Mega Gnar on the other side is durable and slow with high burst. 
  • Boomerang Throw instantly regenerates 25% when used against enemy champs. Basic attack can be done at 50% 
  • Gnar’s bonus Rage Generator counts as an on-hit effect. It is usually activated by Runaan’s Hurricane or Guinsoo’s Rageblade. 
  • Gnar’s basic attack or Boomerang Throw can be used to defeat enemy minions and monsters. They can generate 12.5% Rage in a short time.
  • Mega Gnar’s health is not affected by Grievous Wounds. 
  • Gnar is a good player at level 1 “harass.” Use Q to defeat enemy champions for the best results. 
  • Gnar is better than many champions when it comes trading and dueling at level 2. You can play safe against champions such as Lee sin and Pantheon. 
  • Gnar’s split push is good, but his team fight makes it better. If you are in solo Q and your team is behind, then create damage to split.
  • You can do the most damage with your hop, no matter who you are fighting.

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