Gnar LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Introduction to Gnar

Gnar is a unique champion in League of Legends that can be played in the toplane or in the jungle. His main ability is his transformation from a mini-gnar to a mega-gnar. His mini-gnar form gives him the ability to roam around the map and harass opponents, while his mega-gnar form enables him to be a powerful team fighter.

Let’s take a closer look at this champion and all that he can offer:


Gnar is a champion in the game League of Legends. He was released on October 29, 2014 as part of the “Fury of the North” update. Gnar is a melee fighter who alternates between his two forms: Mega Gnar and Mini Gnar.

In Mini Gnar form, he fights with melee attacks, has increased mobility, and can temporarily stun enemies with his boomerang throw. When he reaches maximum fury, he transforms into Mega Gnar and gains greater health regeneration, increased defensive abilities and damaging AoE abilities that can knock opponents into the air and havoc entire teams if used correctly.

Gnar’s ability kit allows him to be played in various ways – tanky or damage-focused; aggressive or defensive; in the jungle or on one of the side lanes depending on which build is chosen. His unique playstyle requires some practice to learn how to implement it optimally and maximize its effectiveness – making it a great pick for intermediate players wanting to step up their game further.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Gnar is a turret-style automated grinding and polishing machine that is designed to optimize the mechanical properties of EPx material. This can include grinding for the removal of burrs or final lapping for the sought-after mirror finish. The machine is fast, efficient, and self-automated which helps to keep costs down.

Gnar’s greatest strength lies in its ability to produce consistent quality finishes in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take with manual methods. It also eliminates potential human errors from entry-level production tasks and helps reduce costs associated with manual labor work. Additionally, gnar tightens up tolerance requirements through its precise lapping process which ensures tolerances are met faster and at uniform quality throughout production batches.

On the other hand, Gnar comes with some technical limitations in comparison to other available solutions. Its turret-style design can make adjustments difficult when trying to grind at different pressures due to odd shape features and materials with varying hardnesses. Additionally, some operators have noted that discerning grinders may have trouble achieving their desired visual outcome without manual intervention as wind up offsetting effects result in slight differences between each piece machined by Gnar.

Gnar’s Skills

Gnar is one of the most popular League of Legends champions, and with good reason. His skillset is full of utility and crowd control that can turn the tide of battle. This section will take an in-depth look at all of Gnar’s skills, from his passive ability to his ultimate. Let’s get started!

Boomerang Throw

Gnar’s first skill, Boomerang Throw, is a linear skillshot ability with a long range and visually stunning animation. As a ranged champion, Gnar fires a boomerang that travels in the target direction and then returns to him after it hits the target. Opponents struck by the boomerang on its way out or on its return are dealt physical damage equal to Gnar’s Attack Damage plus bonus damage based on his Ability power.

The boomerang cannot make any additional targets upon its return journey unless it has been enhanced with Hyper or has gone over walls. Enemies who are struck by this skill could also be knocked back away from Gnar depending on their current health levels. Boomerang Throw can be fired at an accelerated rate as long as it is not used again before the boomerang returns to Gnar.


Hyper is Gnar’s passive ability and it grants him bonus attack range based on the size of his form. In Mini Gnar form, he gains 50 attack range while in Mega Gnar form he gets 125 attack range. Additionally, when playing in Mini Gnar form, his beefed-up version is always indicated to him with an indicator on the edge of the visual boundary of the map.

Gnar’s Hyper ability also gives him a passive fury tracker which increases with each basic attack he makes or after receiving damage from enemy champions and monsters. After reaching maximum fury, he transforms into Mega Gnar form for a short duration and gains increased armor and magic resist, increased health regeneration and increased crowd control duration reduction. In this mega state, all basic attacks become enhanced with effects like root or knock back depending on which ability was used as last before entering Mega Gnartform. Finally, Hyper also provides a damage reduction buff when taking persistent damage for a short period of time.


Gnar’s “Hop” is a passive ability. This ability allows Gnar to leap to an area with a maximum distance of 675 units, dealing 75-800 physical damage and slowing all enemies it comes across by 20% for 1 second. The damage inflicted scales with Gnar’s total Attack Damage. This is what makes Gnar such a powerful champ and one of the best top laner or jungler in League of Legends.

With the help of “Hop”, he can easily jump over walls or escape from sticky situations without any loss of speed or mobility. It is also worth mentioning that this ability has two charges, making it even more useful in case you accidentally misused your first charge and need the second one immediately after.


Wallop is a targeted ability Gnar uses to manipulate melee combat. When activated, Gnar swings his arms forward and deals physical damage to all enemies in front of him within 375 units for a maximum of 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+0.6 Bonus Attack Damage). Enemies who take the full damage from Wallop are briefly Stunned for one second, after which it takes 0.25 seconds to recover from the Stun.

In addition to dealing physical damage, Wallop also increases the Attack Speed of Gnar by 50% for 5 seconds after it is used and resets its cooldown if any enemy Champion was hit by its area of effect. This effectively gives Gnar an enormous boost in attack speed when he activates Wallop, enabling him to chain powerful auto attacks that can quickly decimate groups of enemies or burn down structures in lane with ease.

Gnar’s Items

When playing as Gnar in League of Legends, there are certain items you can use that will give you an edge in the game. These items will help you to stay alive longer, increase your damage output, and give you better mobility. Knowing what items to purchase and when to purchase them can be a great asset for playing Gnar.

Here, we will go over what items should be prioritized for Gnar to make sure you are playing optimally:

Core Items

Gnar is a melee fighter that relies on his auto attacks to deal damage. When playing Gnar, building items that increase survivability and damage are important for success. The core items for Gnar are Boots of Swiftness, Kraken Slayer, Maw of Malmortius, Death’s Dance and Trinity Force.

  • Boots of Swiftness provide a movement speed increase which will help Gnar move around more freely during fights.
  • Kraken Slayer gives a climb in attack damage as well as helping against inhibitors and turrets.
  • Maw of Malmortius provides increased health and magic resist as well attacking enemies who damage the user with it’s life steal passive.
  • Trinity Force increases attack speed and gives Gnar an additional burst of attack speed if he hasn’t attacked in some time.

All five of these items give Gnar tremendous sustain and survivability during fights as well as helping him cause havoc while pushing objectives or getting back to lane after being killed by opponents.

Situational Items

When building items for League of Legends champion Gnar, you should assess the enemy team composition and ask what their highest source of damage is. From there, it’s time to select the best combo of items that will even out your stats, increase survivability and give Gnar the tools to transform into Mega Gnar.

Regarding situational items, it’s important to determine which key abilities could be hindered by protective gear or lack of attack damage/attack speed increases. Make sure your build responds accordingly (for example, if you spot a lot of magic damage, consider buying a Banshee’s Veil). Here’s a breakdown of some recommended builds for specific situations:

  • Rod Of Ages: This item gives Gnar health points and mana regeneration plus ability power for improved healing and damages boosts. It also grants him additional tankiness in both forms.
  • Warmog’s Armor: A beefy tank item that greatly increases Gnar’s health points which is inevitable against heavy AD-compositions as most fights tend to last longer when AD is involved.
  • Cloth Armor: Cloth armor offers more resistances than more expensive defensive items and helps counter early game enemy attacks; this can help secure quick pushed lanes or assist in taking down powerhouses like Tryndamere quickly without risking death when stacked with other defensive gear.
  • Spirit Visage: A great item against AP champions as it boosts MR while providing useful health points regeneration and cooldown reduction benefits a lot when building tanky setups*.
  • Thornmail: If someone on the enemy team has an overbearing amount of attack speed (i.e Master Yi or Varus), building this can allow for serious harassment played with greater confidence knowing there are no easily accessible sources of burst damage coming from afar or close up skirmishes due to its armor bonus reflecting some of their damage back at them.

Gnar’s Strategies

Gnar is an intimidating champion of League of Legends with an exciting set of abilities and an often overlooked playstyle. His kit reflects a unique blend of playstyles and can be used in both a defensive and offensive manner.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the core strategies, comboing, and tips and tricks for using this champion effectively:

Early Game

At the early game, Gnar’s primary objective is usually to farm safely by using his passive kite-esque style of play. To do this, Gnar players should remember two main points: range and position.

As Gnar typically possesses the longest autoattack range of most Top Lane champions at melee range (125) and his Boomerang Throw can extend his reach to 450, Gnar should always try to stay as far away from enemy champions as he can while being close enough to deal damage and stack his Hyper (W) for increased move speed. Since it is also a crucial part of his kit, he should try not to use Hop (E) until a direct fight starts or for objective control such as Dragon/Baron fights. Additionally, position plays an important part in Gnar’s performance and making sure that flanking enemies are out of session will help him avoid being overwhelmed during fights.

Furthermore, engaging in combat is more often beneficial for Gnar rather than running away since ignoring minions while running away decreases the Kinetic Flow (Q) stacks which are essential during early game trading; however, HP stacking is not recommended unless you are sure that you can get out without taking any serious damage or death since HP gain opportunities rarely present themselves at this stage of the game.

Mid Game

Mid game is the time of transition in League of Legends (LoL) and is where you should strive to secure your own advantage before attempting a team fight. When playing Gnar, mid game is your opportunity to dominate the lane and make use of his innate split-push potential.

Gnar can be incredibly powerful during the mid game, but he must remain wary of enemy ganks. To ensure his dominance in his lane, Gnar should take advantage of Maw’s cooldown reduction and passively farm minions. As always with top lane champions, watch for opportunities to freeze waves at or near your tower for added safety.

When it is safe to do so, Gnar can begin pushing the minion waves into enemy territory and create pressure on their tower or inhibitors. Try to remain relatively safe while doing this by using your ultimate Hop as often as possible while keeping an eye on all sides of the map for incoming enemies.

Your minions’ movement can also give away your presence if they are pushed too far back into enemy territory without backup – consider this risk when finding advantageous positions on the map and make sure that you always have an escape route available before heading too far out! Utilize vision control through wards or friendly jungle camps around Baron Nashor or Dragon so that you can play more aggressively without unnecessarily putting yourself in danger.

Late Game

In team fights, Gnar is expected to stay back and zone enemies off the battle while peeling for his allies. Using Hyper and Hop to jump over walls or build is especially useful in this case. You can also use Crunch to knock enemies up, giving time for your team to re-position or focus down an enemy champion.

When trying to split push, be sure to stay alert for incoming ganks. Hyper allows you Gnar an escape tool across walls; however, it’s best used with Baron/Dragon buffs, such as Elder Dragon buff or Baron buff where its cooldown isn’t as noticeable and you can easily much further distances in an instant. Make sure to periodically check teamfights so that you don’t get caught out of position by enemy roams. Playing on Mega Gnar form keeps Gnar safe since he has extra incoming damage reduction which is always good when trading against opponents in lane.

Tips and Tricks

Gnar is a champion that is both unique and powerful in the world of League of Legends. If played correctly, he can be a great asset to his team.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you maximize the potential of this champion. Whether you’re new to playing Gnar or an experienced player, these tips can help you take your play to the next level:


Positioning is an important aspect of Gnar’s playstyle, as he needs to be able to be in the right position so he can properly use his abilities. When playing as Gnar, it’s important to choose a positioning that can help you both offensively and defensively. It’s also important to pay attention to the enemy’s movements, as it can make all the difference between success and failure.

When playing offense, it’s beneficial for Gnar to get close enough within range of his abilities without getting too close for comfort. Utilizing terrain is key, as certain walls provide protection against ranged damage and make it easier for Gnar to engage with his basic attacks. It’s also important when playing offense that you watch out for incoming crowd control effects like stun or slow, as they can easily stop your plans in their tracks.

On defense, it is good practice not to overextend too far away from your team after trading blows with the enemy champions or minions; doing so leaves you at risk of being focused by multiple enemies at once. When you are in a defensive position, focus on avoiding taking unnecessary damage while trading back with your opponents if possible – otherwise look for ways out if being chased into unfavorable situations such as:

  • Overextending into enemy lines or turrets without backup from ally champions
  • Near a wall or other form of terrain barriers

Timing Your Abilities

Timing your abilities is key when playing Gnar, as his kit reflects an emphasis on mobility and positioning. During laning phase, try to hit your opponents with Boomerang Throw (Q) and use your transformation Rush (W) only for escapes or for the extra burst of damage. Although Gnar’s ultimate, Hyper (R), does a lot of burst damage, you should use it mainly for escaping once it’s off cooldown, as it has a long cooldown after activation. Utilize the dash from Hop (E), as its low cooldown allows you to engage/disengage quickly while also closing the gap between you and your opponent.

When splitting with teammates or engaging in teamfights, timing Gnar’s abilities can be crucial in deciding who will win the fight. If possible, try to save Mega form until the enemy team is already engaged in a fight with your allies so they all take demobilizing crowd control effects from an AoE stun like GNAR! Here are some tips and tricks to help you time your skills when engaging:

  • Try to land Boomerang Throw right before or right after an ally initiates a teamfight. This will slow down whatever target you choose and ensure that they don’t get away
  • When using Mini form’s Hop ability during engagement, try using it just before Megform ‘s GNAR! ultimate comes out – this will make sure that enemies are within range of the stunned area
  • Make sure that Mega form’s Rage Gene is active so that as soon as GNAR! turns back into Mini Form he will take minimal damage

Working with Your Teammates

The way you play Gnar can depend heavily on your current team composition, so it’s important to understand how best to work together with them. As a note, this section assumes you’re playing in a competitive setting.

When it comes to working with your teammates, communication is key. Make sure to coordinate strategies with your team and come up with set plans of action so that everyone knows what they need to be doing. Your team should also work together to get the most out of their skills and summoner spells— make sure everyone is using the optimal ones for the situation and needs of your team at any particular moment.

In regards to laning, understanding how best your champion interacts with theirs is important for success. Speed up the process by familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the champions in each lane and how they match up against yours – assess which champions are easier or harder for you individually, as well as which combinations provide advantages or disadvantages for both sides. Additionally, learning how best to harass as a group can be very powerful when coordinated – certain ranges need to be respected at all times while seeking opportunities where you can all capitalize on mistakes or displacement from your opponents. Lastly, attempt avoiding overextending when possible by utilizing proper wave control tactics – this will give you more opportunities both in terms of harassment efforts and helping reduce the chances of being ganked by junglers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the role of Gnar in League of Legends?

A1: Gnar is a tanky fighter champion who excels in melee combat and crowd control. He specializes in dealing heavy damage in short bursts, while also providing plenty of protection for his team.

Q2: What abilities does Gnar have?

A2: Gnar has a variety of abilities, including his passive Rage Gene, which gives him bonus attack speed and movement speed when he’s in his Mega Gnar form. His other abilities include Boomerang Throw, Hyper, Wallop, Hop, Crunch, and GNAR!

Q3: What is the best way to play Gnar in League of Legends?

A3: The best way to play Gnar in League of Legends is to focus on using his crowd control abilities to secure kills and disrupt the enemy team. He is also extremely powerful when it comes to pushing lanes, so make sure to take advantage of that.