Range champions are well-known for their incredible magic damage skills. Because of their incredible defense and damage, melee champions excel at 1v1 situations. Gragas is a champion which combines the strengths from both classes.

The large-eyed, gruff Gragas is a formidable brewmaster. He is determined to find the perfect beer that will satisfy his hunger for adventure and great beer.

Gragas comes from a mysterious place. He is seeking rare ingredients in Freljord, unblemished landfills.

Gragas, often intoxicated and impulsive, has become well-known for the brawls he starts—usually ending in all-night parties and expensive property damage.

Gragas isn’t giving up his quest for the perfect pint, despite all the destruction it causes.


Who are GRAGAS, and how do they work?

Gragas is a famous brewmaster, fighter and drinker. His insatiable thirst for potent ale led him to the adventure of his lifetime.

The unpredictable, chaotic carouser is unpredictable. He is a keg-loving, unpredictable carouser who loves to take down his enemies as much as he loves to drink. Although Gragas loves to drink, he cannot seem to reach the level of intoxication.

This discovery led to the creation the ultimate ale by the great master brewer. Freljord was created by Gragas’s research.

After discovering an innovative shard, Gragas set out to build civilization. He was able to meet two tribes during Freljord, and they discussed joining forces with Ashe.

Ashe was eager to join this alliance, but others opposed him. The brawl ensued when Gragas used Body Slamming to break through their hearts. As he proposed, Gragas would like to share a drink with a friend after the fight.

They became more and more enthralled by Gragas’s latest brew as their tempers became smothered in suds.

Gragas won the battle and was hailed as a hero by the tribes. He had not yet created the perfect pint. Gragas returns from Runeterra to find the ingredients that will make Runeterra the perfect pint.

GRAGAS’s Skills & Abilities

Gragas, one of the few Melee mages remaining in the game. League of Legends downloadThe, boasting mobility, CC damage, self healing and Tankiness. Prior to his rework, Gragas was a single mid-lane champion. Now, however, Gragas can play at any lane.

With his spells, Gragas can inflict AoE damage. This makes him an excellent jungler. However, he excels in top or mid lanes.

Here are some details about the skills and abilities of Gragas:

  • Happy Hour

This passive skill allows Gragas, when he casts an opportunity, to heal his own self for 8% of maximum healing.

  • Barrel Roll

Rolling a cask toward a target area activates Gragas. This will allow you to see the area, as well as ferment for up to two seconds. While active, the cask will roll. This can increase its damage by up 150% and have a slow effect.

After the cask is fully traveled, you can recast Barrel Roll. The barrel will detonate, dealing magic damage to all enemies nearby. The barrel can also slow down minions’ movement speeds by as much as 30%

  • Drunken Rage

Drunken Rage gives Gragas the ability to channel for 0.75 seconds, then consume his brew. You will also receive 2.5 seconds of damage reduction.

After Gragas completes the channeling, his next fundamental assault will occur within 5 seconds. It will have a non-cancelable woundup. He will also be able to gain 50 bonus range. Drunken Rage can inflict bonus damage to nearby enemies or units.

  • Body Slam

Gragas charges in front of enemy units and causes magical damage. They are stunned for a split second after the attack.

When Gragas hits an opponent with a successful hit the Cooldown for his Body Slam is reduced to 3 seconds. During Body Slam you can use Barrel Roll or Explosive Cask.

  • Explosive Cask 

Gragas activation causes a cask of water to be hurled at a target location in 0.55 seconds and explodes upon impact. This attack inflicts magical damage on all enemy units located at the target location.

This attack can also be used to knock out up to 900 enemies.


Gragas is a decent champion with great potential. He is well balanced. He can do a lot and can even sustain himself in a jungle environment. He is difficult to master.

Here are some tips for making Gragas a breeze.

  • Drunken Rage may be used to mitigate damage when you feel it is imminent. 
  • To eliminate enemy units faster, use Explosive Cask. 
  • Combine Body Slam with Explosive Kask to ensure that your team gets killed. 
  • To avoid creeps or stuns from all directions, you can use Gragas’s E to flash directly into your target. 
  • During the animation Body Slam, you can make the ultimate of Gragas. This will reduce the delay to 0.25 seconds. 
  • Gragas’ passive skills are a great complement to all his abilities, enhancing them all. 
  • The Body Slam can stop knockback from his ultimate attacks and allow you seperate key targets with other enemy units or allied units. 
  • You can use Gragas’s ultimate terrain attack to seperate targets without hitting the barrel. 
  • Gragas can leave a Q on the ground. This allows you increase your ultimate’s attack and knock out enemies with these Qs. 
  • Gragas can be used to reduce damage for 2.5 second after an auto attack. 
  • Keep Gragas healthy by using Gragas’s W to jump into fights, or clear your jungle. 
  • Domination is the best rune Gragas has, since he loves to slay opponents. This grant him bonus damage. 
  • Depending on their length, Gragas may be able to get a lot more AP from the Gathering Storm Rune. 
  • You will want to run as fast and efficiently as possible in order to have more impact while playing as Gragas. The Celerity rune can help you achieve this.

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