Graves, also known as Malcolm Graves, is a mercenary from Bilgewater. Graves is also a gambler, as well as a criminal.

Graves is wanted in nearly all the cities and entire empires he has visited. Graves is well-known for his violent temper, but he also has a strong sense criminal honor.

Twisted Fate was his partner-in-crime, and he was betrayed by them after years of working together. Graves eventually forgave his former partner.

Graves decided to reconcile to Twisted Fate to allow them to prosper in the chaos of Bilgewater’s criminal underground.


Who are GRAVES and why?

Malcolm Graves is an internationally recognized mercenary, gambler, and thief. Many cities and empires have called him “the wanted man”.

Graves was raised in the alleys of Bilgewater’s ports, where he quickly learned how to survive—by stealing mostly. He’s improved over the years.

Graves met Twisted Fate, who was a talented trickster and became a good friend over the years. They are a formidable team because of their unique talents.

But luck ran out, and during a heist gone wrong, Twisted Fate betrayed and abandoned his partner—imprisoning Graves in the infamous prison known as the Locker.

Graves finally found freedom after crawling to it, and began following his ex partner. Graves is a man whose treachery brought him a decade of unimaginable suffering.

During his slow climb up to the top, Graves & Twisted Fate were able to repay him. They decided to keep climbing.

Both men are now trying to make their fortunes with their cleverly devised tricks, heists, and violence.

GAREN’s Skills & Abilities

Graves boasts high health, top speed, massive late-game damage, and jungle—skirmishing with his passive armor. Graves is a great scaling Jungler because of his base stat buffers.

Let’s look at Grave’s unique abilities and skills.

New Destiny Double Barrel Graves will use Double Barrel to consume two rounds of ammunition. Graves will reload after exhausting all bullets in a matter of seconds.

12 Gauge: Graves can use four pellets to damage one cone. Its basic attack deals 70%-100% AD of physical damage. For each subsequent pellet, it can inflict maximum 200% AD bodily injury.

Buckshot: To smash into enemy structures or units, the attack will use pellets. For each round, enemy forces will be affected by the on-hit effects.

End of the line This ability is where Graves will fire one round in a target location, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit by it—leaving a powder trail behind.

After colliding with terrain for 0.25 seconds, End of the Line will explode. If it explodes, it will cause additional damage to enemy troops.

Smoke Screen: Smoke Screen is activated and Graves have the ability to fire a smoke bomb in a particular direction. Smoke Screen reduces enemy movement by 50% and deals magical damage to all enemies in the vicinity.

Smoke Screen canisters emit four second smoke clouds. It is very difficult to see enemy units, even if they are in the immediate vicinity. The enemy can also slow down at a rate of 0.25 seconds, and reduce their sight radius.

Quick Draw: Active: Graves can sprint in any direction and reset the primary attack timingr. Graves will then reload one shot to gain True Grit, for a limited time. Graves can stack True Grit eight times.

Quickdraw’s cooldown for enemies that are hit by a pellet is also decreased by 0.5 seconds.

True Grit Graves bonus armor can be granted to those with enough True Grit stacks. True Grit can also be extended by casting Quickdraw and out-attacks against non-minions.

Collateral Damage: Graves activates collateral damage, which causes Graves to fire explosive shells at a target. This attack causes physical damage to all enemies hit and also recoils in the opposite direction.

Collateral Damage occurs when a champion from an enemy team crosses its “end” range. A shell will explode, causing an additional 80% bonus.


Graves is one of the most difficult champions in League of Legends This was made possible by his “shotgun mechanic”. His auto-attacks remind me of shotsguns.

Graves is a complex, but powerful, man with many interesting mechanics.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you to get used to Grave’s complicated playstyle.

  • Combining Death’s Dance & Phantom Dancer can make graves less resilient, making them a formidable duelist. 
  • Smokescreen can be used to escape from or make a killing. 
  • Quickdraw allows for maximum range; Buckshot inflicts maximum damage. 
  • Kiting is vital as Graves have the ability to repress jungle crawls and minions while “Jungling”.
  • Graves’s ultimate can do even more damage in its first hit. 
  • Graves excels in auto-attacks. They inflict more damage than any enemy unit, including towers. 
  • Graves that run in the direction of enemy units may be equipped with more armor and magic resistance. 
  • Combining Fleet Footwork and Shield Bow can give Graves greater healing potential. 
  • Triumph allows Graves who has been wounded by enemy units to regain some HP, and keeps him alive. 
  • Graves’s primary source of damage is his auto-attacks. The Legend Alacrity Runninge makes this an excellent choice. This increases Graves’ attack speed, and allows Graves to perform more auto-attacks. 
  • Use the Last Stand rune to increase your HP so graves can do more damage 
  • Graves can get additional AD from the Eyeball Collection rune to kill and assist. This gives you more chances to get guaranteed kills. 
  • End of the Line should be used against jungle monsters and enemy units to do more damage. 
  • Graves’s End of the Line ability, a potent wave-clear tool, is one of his most powerful. 
  • Graves End of the Line can be used to create a powerful combo that leaves the casters with no health. Smoke Screen is an effective way to eliminate them. You can also use auto attack to eliminate melee minions.
  • Grave’s Smoke Screen can be used to avoid “choke points”.

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