Fighters and Brisers in League of Legends Diverse group of combatants with short ranges, who are skilled in dealing with and surviving major damage. Hecarim is an example.

He is an S-Tier champion which many consider to the best option for Jungle gameplay. Hecarim was an important knight who fought to protect the Blessed Isles.

The Black Mist’s destructive energies and corruptive energies, The Black Mist, saw the Blessed Isles fall to its grasp.

Hecarim, his cavalry and mounteds, patrols the Shadow Isles every second of eternity.


You might be wondering who hecarim is.

Hecarim can also be called Shadow of War. It is the spectral combination man-beast.

Hecarim is a combination of man and beast. Hecarim was once an honorable knight who served in the Blessed Isles. Hecarim was cursed to ride with the souls of living people down for eternity after the holy land fell into ruin.

The Ruination decimated the pride and glory of the knight, his cavalry and even his mounts.

Hecarim will be leading his Devastating charge wherever Black Misti is in Runeterra.

HECARIM’s Skills & Abilities

Hecarim, also known as a “diving fighter”, becomes more powerful the faster that he moves. Hecarim is a skilled diver who can dive into enemy units and cause chaos, as well as blowing up back-liners.

Here is a closer look of Hecarim’s unique combination skills and talents, which makes him a grand champion:

Warpath: This passive skill allows Hecarim to gradually increase bonus attack damage equal or greater than 12% to 25% depending on the champion’s bonus movement speed.

Rampage: Rampage is Hecarim’s method of cutting off his glaive, inflicting destruction on nearby enemy units. Only 60% of the damage is done to enemy minions.

Hecarim can gain an 8-second buff when you can damage one enemy units with Rampage. This buff stacks for up to two and is renewable for additional damaging hits.

Rampage will give you a buff which can increase your skill’s damage by 5%, while also reducing the base cooling down by one second. The maximum damage that the buff can do is a 10% reduction or increase in damage within two seconds.

Spirit of Dread This skill activates in Hecarim, allowing him to surround himself with the Spirit of Dread and deal magic damage per second to any nearby enemy unit for 4 seconds.

Hecarim will immediately heal 30% of all damage done to enemy units, no matter where they are located. It will be capped with enemy minions and monsters.

Devastating Charge: During active attacks, Hecarim becomes ghosted. Hecarim gets a 25% to 65% bonus movement speed for four second depending on how active he has been.

The champion’s next attack is enhanced and will have a non-cancelable winup. It will also be eligible for a bonus range of 50 to 250 depending on how far Hecarim has traveled. He will be able sprint towards a target area.

Hecarim’s dash can knock back 250-450 units, stun enemies and even kill them if they are close to Hecarim. These effects vary depending on how far you travel, however they all end the ability.

Devastating Charge resets Hecarim’s primary attack timingr, and can critically strike AD bonus physical damage. Devastating Charge is also able to pause while Onslaught of Shadows is in effect.

Onslaught of Shadows: Hecarim activates by summoning psychic riders. They will then sprint to their target location, gaining displacement immunity. Hecarim will use them to deal mild magic damage and reveal any enemies in their path within 2.5 seconds.

Hecarim will cause enemies within a radius of Hecarim’s Stop to flee. This is dependent on how far you have traveled. The speed at which enemies are slowed will decrease to 99% over the course of the duration.

The slow effect’s strength can’t be reduced and is based on how far the affected enemy units are from the champion—meaning Onslaught of Shadows won’t slow enemies from a close range.

Finally, regardless of Hecarim’s location, the wave of spectral riding-spectrals continues to travel throughout Onslaught of Shadows.


Hecarim is an S-Tier selection to the Jungle role of League of Legends. Hecarim is a popular champion for Jungling. He is a strong champion with high base damage and solid defense stats.

Because of these, Hecarim works best when played off-tank. He is difficult to use, especially if you aren’t familiar with the Jungler role.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you master Hecarim’s winning style of play:

  • If you want to ensure Hecarim survival at its best, cast Spirit of Dread when fighting large groups. 
  • Hecarim is a formidable defensive player with decent base damage. They have AD rations, which allows you to not need to purchase any additional items. raw AD. 
  • Hecarim is also a tank. It can also reduce his damage potential. 
  • Hecarim can be best used in “Jungle” because of his ganking abilities, which increase once he has Onslaught Shadows. 
  • This champion absorbs mana QuickIt is important to get the blue tan as soon as you can. 
  • Hecarim can be difficult to gank due to his skills with the devastating charge and shadows. These skills should not be misused. 
  • To increase your mana, use Hecarim. 
  • Hecarim is one the few bruisers that will not give up late game regardless of whether or not he is in the jungle. 
  • Devastating Charge may do more damage depending on how far Hecarim has travelled. Summoner spells, Onslaught of Shadows, and Summoner spells can maximize this damage. 
  • Hecarim can summon the Spirit of Dread to recover his health from nearby enemy units that have been damaged. This is even after they are injured by allies.
  • Smite can also be used with Spirit of Dread in Jungling As Hecarim for small bursts of health. 
  • Hecarim with fast movement speed will decrease his damage output. This can be overcome by Cleanse, or Tenacity.
  • The Devastating Charge can be applied on-hit damage to cause destruction of enemy turrets. Combine Trinity Force with Sheen for maximum damage.

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