Hecarim LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Hecarim is a champion from League of Legends that is capable of dealing heavy damage to enemies and providing a massive amount of support for teammates. The champion has a great kit that offers a wide range of abilities and strategies that can be used to great effect in team fights.

In this article, we will be exploring all aspects of Hecarim from his origin story to his kit. We will look at his strengths and weaknesses, discuss his overall playstyle and potential strategies, and lastly provide some general tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Hecarim games.

Overview of Hecarim

Hecarim is a champion in League of Legends that belongs to the champion class of fighter. He is a fierce warrior whose battle tactics consist of charging recklessly into enemy lines and slicing into enemies with his large blade. Hecarim is known for his tremendous speed, robust damage potential, and impressive survivability; so much that he has acquired the title of the “King of Champions”.

Hecarim’s design focuses heavily on mobility and aggression which gives him a plethora of options in battle as he weighs whether to play defensively or make big plays. His base stats are effective for long-range skirmishes as well as aggressive close combat. However, Hecarim is not without weaknesses; may it be CCs, burst damage, or CC immunity oriented champions can all punish reckless players looking for easy kills.

To bring out the best from this champion requires a prudent approach from the player, not just in lane but also in knowing when it’s time to back off and look for another opportunity if things start to go downhill too quickly. Hecarim’s kit describes him being mostly offensive ability-wise but still having some preferences when it comes to defensive abilities to maximize his survival capabilities on enemy lines and provide some sustain relief during tough times.

History of Hecarim

Hecarim is a champion in the popular game League of Legends. Introduced in February 2012, Hecarim is a melee fighter and tanky bruiser who focuses on mobility and heavy damage to his enemies. His story dates back to the ancient Ruined Kingdom, which had been destroyed by the dark forces that Hecarim was sent to protect against.

In pursuit of this goal, he rode out from his eerie domain and sought vengeance upon anyone who dared to challenge him. Taking up an axe forged from Valoran’s darkest original stone, Hecarim struck through enemies with enormous force and overwhelming power. In time, his movement has become less of a march for destruction and more a march for justice, as Hecarim now leads battles against any whom attempt to harm innocent souls — no matter their origin or intent.

Hecarim is infamous for his ability to balance offense and defense, allowing him to be at the forefront of skirmishes while still remaining at a safe distance using crowd control abilities such as Devastating Charge and Warpaths. With dashing maneuvers such as Onslaught of Shadows and Spirits of Dread, he can quickly reposition himself in teamfights while dishing out tremendous damage either through normal attacks or chilling spells like Spirit Of Dread or Paranoia; all while granting temporary invulnerability using his ultimate Onslaught of Shadows allowing him enough time to retreat safely after single-handedly taking on opponents with ease!


Hecarim is a powerful champion in League of Legends. His kit is designed to help him move quickly around the map and engage enemies with his abilities. Hecarim’s abilities focus on mobility, allowing him to dash around the map and engage enemies from different angles. His abilities also help him to survive longer in fights.

Let’s take a closer look at Hecarim’s abilities and how they can be used in game:

Hecarim’s Passive Ability

Hecarim’s passive ability is Warpath, which grants him bonus attack damage and ability power based on his bonus movement speed. Additionally, Hecarim gains increased armor and magic resistance for a short duration every time he casts a spell or damages an enemy champion with a basic attack. Warpath is a great tool for helping Hecarim survive lane fights and jungle skirmishes, allowing him to get more out of the extra movement speed granted by his kit.

Hecarim also has an innate passive ability known as Spirit of dread, which deals damage in a small area around him while Hecarim is alive and helps him sustain in the jungle. The Spirit of dread’s damage increases with Hecarim’s level. This passive helps Hecarim clear camps faster and can be useful in teamfights when used properly due to its decent base-damage output early on.

Hecarim’s Q Ability

Hecarim’s Q ability is called Rampage and it puts Hecarim in a ghostly state for 4 seconds where he deals, not just magic damage to enemies in a straight line, but also physical damage. The physical damage scales with how much health already Hecarim has making him an ideal champion at dealing the most damage late-game. When Rampage is active Hecarim also gains movement speed and if he lands Champion, Monster or Minion kills while in this state, the duration is extended by 0.5 seconds per target.

If all four hits land on different Champions, it will also go on cooldown 25% faster. This makes Hecarim one of the more powerful characters late-game when he can fully take advantage of his abilities.

Hecarim’s W Ability

Hecarim’s W ability, or Warpath, gives the champion a burst of movement speed, empowering him to sprint at lightning speed. Upon activation, Hecarim gains 30/35/40/45/50% of his total movement speed for 3 seconds. Additionally, Hecarim’s next basic attack within 6 seconds deals bonus physical damage equal to 25% of his attack damage and slows the target enemies by 50%. This bonus physical damage and slow effect stacks for each attack on the same target.

Hecarim’s W is most useful when chasing enemies who are fleeing from combat. It is also very effective at giving him an edge in skirmishes when there is no clear retreat path available.

Hecarim’s E Ability

Hecarim’s E ability is called Devastating Charge and it enables him to move at a very high speed, dealing physical damage to any champions or monsters he passes through. This charge does bonus damage when hitting multiple targets and can also be used to quickly escape from dangerous situations.

Hecarim can also use Devastating Charge to jump over thin walls, making him an incredibly versatile champion in the right hands. In addition, Hecarim’s Devastating Charge allows him to move quickly on the map as he can traverse terrain that would otherwise slow down other champions, making his ganks particularly effective.

By utilizing this ability efficiently, Hecarim players will be able to capitalize on their champion’s mobility and burst damage capabilities.

Hecarim’s R Ability

Hecarim’s R ability is Onslaught of Shadows. This ability sends out a wave of spooky spectral riders that damage anything in their path when Hecarim activates it. Hecarim will also gain a burst of movement speed allowing him to quickly reposition himself on the battlefield.

Onslaught of Shadows deals magic damage and will slow any enemy champion hit by it for 2 seconds. Enemies also take additional damage if they remain within the area affected by this ability, up to a maximum of 50% bonus damage. The total duration of Onslaught of Shadows is 12 seconds and radius increases over duration. Hecarim can dismount from the spectral riders at any time and continue moving in a different direction while they run their course; this makes this ability incredibly versatile as it allows him to quickly:

  • Jump into fights
  • Escape ganks before the enemies can react.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Hecarim, the Shadow of War, is a fearsome champion in the League of Legends. His immense speed and damage output make him a force to be reckoned with in the mid to late stages of the game. Hecarim’s dash can dish out huge amounts of damage, but he has some weaknesses as well. We’ll be looking at both the strengths and weaknesses of Hecarim in this article.


Hecarim is a champion with both well-rounded abilities and high amounts of mobility, making him one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. His abilities make him a formidable opponent in both tanking and damage dealing roles due to his innate capacity for damage mitigation and crowd control potential.

In combat, Hecarim is capable of really effective burst damage by combining his Q ability, Rampage, with his W ability, Devastating Charge, he can zone out opposing champions or quickly burst them down before they have time to react. He also has the useful E ability, Spirit of Dread which enables him to heal himself while damaging enemies that are nearby. His ultimate R ability Onslaught of Shadows gives him a huge amount of wave clear potential which works wonders strategically in teamfights or when pushing lanes.

He also boasts exceptional mobility that makes him a deadly ganker as well as an evasive tank. His passive Warpath scales off movement speed bonuses which turns him into a mobile menace when coupled with Devastating Charge. When used in combination with Flash or other movement speed skills such as Ghost or Dash Hecarim can close in on opponents from miles away across the Rift!


When it comes to weaknesses, it’s important to keep in mind that we all have them and acknowledging your own will help you become better equipped to manage them. Working on improving your weaknesses is especially beneficial when it comes to increasing knowledge, building self-confidence and providing a sense of accomplishment.

Identifying and understanding your weaknesses can be difficult, but it is important to gain an understanding of the areas you need improvement. Consider the following when trying to identify your personal weaknesses:

  • Reasoning skills
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  • Communication
  • Organization/Time Management
  • Leadership ability
  • Accuracy/Attention To Detail
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Once you understand the areas that you need improvement in, it’s important to start working towards addressing them. Consider making some goals for yourself and create a plan for how you can work on improving those weaknesses. You could use the S.M.A.R.T system (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) or any other goal setting strategies that may be better suited for your situation.

Working on improving these weaknesses involves reflecting upon yourself and turning mistakes into learning experiences as well as recognizing strengths in order to use them efficiently while working on any given task or problem at hand.

Tips and Tricks

Hecarim is a powerful champion in the game of League of Legends (LoL). His abilities give him great recovery, mobility, and wave-clearing potential.

In this section, we’ll cover effective tips and tricks for playing this champion. We’ll cover Hecarim’s playstyle, his best item builds, and ways to maximize your performance while playing him. Once you get familiar with this champion, you’ll be able to dominate the battlefield with ease!

Early Game

In this section, we’ll be discussing the importance of positioning, decision-making and champion matchups in the early game when playing Hecarim. It’s important to stay on your toes and pay attention to your surroundings in order to have an edge over your opponents.

Positioning is vital for Hecarim as it allows him to move swiftly and effectively into his enemies’ spots, making it important to play carefully around your lane opponent at all phases of the game. By standing between the minions and towers, you ensure that there is a lower risk of being ganked or poked by your opponent.

Correct decision-making can further enhance Hecarim’s capabilities in game as it allows him to better prepare for possible scenarios and outplay his enemies. As such, it is paramount that you know when you should be pushing forward with an attack or backing off in order to avoid drawn-out battles that could result in potential deaths and tower losses. Pay attention how much mana you spend on abilities during each fight too – conserving it during skirmishes will allow you more freedom when pushing objectives or trading with your opponent down the lane.

Lastly, choosing matchups wisely is also very important. By understanding who are your stronger or weaker opponents give you an advantage as knowing who needs to be outplayed gives players smarter strategies in team fights or even allowing champions like Hecarim more freedom to roam the entire map for a map pressure advantage over the enemy team.

Mid Game

The middle game is often the longest and most important stage of the game. During this time, players need to quickly identify and achieve their goals while using all they have learned in the opening and preparing for the endgame. Here are some tips and tricks that can help one excel during the mid game:

  1. Get a feel of the board – taking some time to analyze your position, your opponent’s position, plans, strengths and weaknesses will help in developing an effective plan for future actions.
  2. Stay focused on your objectives – There can be a lot of piece movement throughout this stage but it should not distract from your goals or lose you your advantage.
  3. Play proactively rather than reactively – Thinking ahead gives you extra steps to exploit every opportunity that comes up so as to put further pressure on your opponent by countering his/her plans before it happens. Also keep an eye out for weaknesses in ground not yet covered by any piece of yours or your opponent’s pieces.
  4. Opportunities exist – All games contain pieces which may be weak but do not forget about strong positions too – use those strong points to create powerful moves, e.g pinning pieces can effectively constrain an enemy king’s movement with little risk because if done well it won’t give away any material advantages or data to the other side either!
  5. Stay two steps ahead- Take stock of what has happened up until now but always play in anticipation of what might happen next – constantly check yourself against best plays made by gurus so that you don’t fall prey to wrong moves later down the road!

Late Game

Reaching the later stages of a videogame can be exciting and daunting all at once. To make sure you come out on top and defeat your opponents, there are some key strategies to focus on.

Late game strategies are often used to manage resources more effectively, such as resources like health, magic, or energy. As the game progresses and levels become more difficult, resource management becomes essential. Conserve your resources as long as possible – use them strategically and make sure you have them for when you need them.

It’s also important to prioritize threats – figure out what the most dangerous aspects of late-game play are so that you can focus on eliminating them quickly and efficiently. Make sure your team is well-coordinated and working together – a well-positioned team with clear communication can make all the difference. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of special perks or upgrades that may help you in the late game. These bonuses can give you an added edge in battle!


Hecarim is an excellent champion to pick up – especially if your team needs a strong bruiser with great movement speed and decent damage output. Not only is he able to close in on enemies quickly, but he is also able to create a unique battlefield dynamic due to his powerful crowd control abilities. Hecarim can be played as a jungler, top-laner or mid-laner depending on your team’s composition and enemy team’s lineup.

Overall, Hecarim is a great champion to pick up and play if you need someone who can provide a lot of crowd control in team fights while also sustaining himself by dealing auto attacks during the fight! He may not be the best choice in some match ups – due to his lack of reliable ranged poke – but should always be considered as part of any LoL composite composition. With the right setup, Hecarim can carry games for teams who want both physical damage and plenty of CCs in their lineups!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Hecarim’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Hecarim is a bruiser-style champion in League of Legends, meaning he is a melee fighter who can deal a lot of damage and tank some damage as well. He is an effective jungler due to his strong ganking and natural crowd control.

Q2: What are Hecarim’s abilities?

A2: Hecarim’s abilities consist of a passive called Warpath, which gives him bonus attack damage and movement speed when he is near enemy units; Rampage, which is a close range dash attack; Devastating Charge, which is a long range dash attack; Onslaught of Shadows, which is an area of effect attack; and Onslaught of Shadows, which is an area of effect attack.

Q3: What are Hecarim’s strengths and weaknesses?

A3: Hecarim’s strengths include his high damage output, crowd control, and mobility. His weaknesses include his lack of sustain and the fact that he is vulnerable to getting kited by ranged champions.