Illaoi LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Illaoi is one of the most dangerous champions in the world of League of Legends. As a tentacle goddess, she wields an immense power that can easily turn the tides of any fight. With her ability to summon and control ethereal entities, she can quickly take down even the toughest opponents.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Illaoi’s abilities, her playstyle, her strengths and weaknesses, and more:

What is Illaoi?

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, is a unique melee fighter and a well-rounded champion of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends (LoL). She is a surprisingly versatile champion whose abilities allow her to take on different roles.

Illaoi’s kit is focused around her tentacles and she has many abilities that leverage their strength. She has powerful AoE damage, CC, slows and healing, which give her utility in both teamfights and skirmishes. Her passive and ultimate also act as important defensive tools that allow her to survive in the fray.

Her playstyle involves:

  • Striking enemies with Tentacle Smash while weaving in auto attacks.
  • Maximizing your tentacle spawns by using Test of Spirit on top of enemies for additional tentacle spawn points.
  • Using Harsh Lesson to lay down areas where you can bait out enemies for easy pickings.

Why Is She Popular?

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess of the League of Legends, is a champion that is quickly gaining popularity. Her combat prowess, high-pressure laning phase, and diverse spread of item builds have players scrambling to master this dynamic fighter.

From top to bottom lane capabilities to splash art worthy of empowering suits, Illaoi’s design is pushing her into ‘S’ tier of play for professional and casual teams alike. Thanks to an engaging kit and her ability to pick off targets in a teamfight like no other champion can, Illaoi emerges as a looming threat from an enormous distance.

With the perfect combination of power-spikes throughout the game, Illaoi stuns opponents into submission when they least expect it. A masterful catcher in duels or teamfights with Trample heavily punishing retreats gives her opponents very little safe spaces compared to most champions. The identity of this one-woman army echoes through every combat scenario and onto every battleground she steps upon. It is no wonder why she remains popular among the masses – fearless in any fight with unstoppable potential!


Illaoi is a champion in the popular game League of Legends. She is a strong and powerful warrior who is focused on her righteous task of purging the unworthy. Her unique abilities make her a powerful fighter who can take on opponents head-on.

Let’s take a look at some of Illaoi’s abilities and how they can help you win in the game:

Passive: Prophet of an Elder God

When Illaoi lands a tentacle slam on an enemy champion, the tentacle will stay on the ground at that location. Tentacles will spawn periodically from Illaoi’s base and randomly between her, her targets and the core. Tentacles from these sources will attempt to attach to nearby enemy champions (or Illaoi herself) via a contextual windup. If an enemy champion is hit by the tentacle, it gains 2 stacks per second for 1-2 seconds buff (max 5-10 stacks). Tentacles cannot happen twice in quick succession with any single enemy champion.

The Prophet of an Elder God passive applies only to Illaoi herself. Whenever she damages an enemy champion with one of her abilities, she immediately gains a stack of Vengeful Tentacles which grants her bonus resistances, vision radius increase and movement speed while damaging enemies who remain within its range. This effect lasts for 8 seconds and can stack up to 10 times before resetting back to 0 when there are no longer enemies near the tentacles (or when Illaoi moves away). This grants her bonus physical damage reduction while also increasing her vision range and movement speed which allows Illaoi consecutive fights against multiple opponents without having to retreat as much as other champions would need or want in similar circumstances.

Q: Tentacle Smash

Q: Tentacle Smash is Illaoi’s primary source of damage, a single-target ability that launches a tentacle in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit. The tentacle will also knock back Illaoi and any enemies it passes through. When an enemy champion is hit by Tentacle Smash, Illaoi gains a Tentacle Esports Pro.

If she hits her target five times in succession with Tentacles from Tentacle Smash, she will gain the Reckoning buff and be able to cast the empowered R: Test of Spirit ability for two seconds. This buff increases attack speed and movement speed for each Unit under its effect before dissipating after four seconds. This makes it essential for Illaoi players to properly time their tentacle smashes to make use of the empowered R ability.

W: Harsh Lesson

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E: Test of Spirit

Illaoi’s E ability is Test of Spirit. When activated, Illaoi will send out a tentacle spirit at the selected target location that slowly follows the target enemy. If the enemy champion comes within range, she will attach to them and bind them for three seconds. During this time, Illaoi does 20% bonus damage to her target. This is especially useful in team fights when enemies are all clumped together.

The spirit can also reveal stealthed enemies and if it successfully hits an enemy champion it will spawn a Tentacle Trap on their location which can be used by Illaoi to deal more damage or escape ganks. Additionally, Tentacles spawned from Test of Spirit last forever while auto attacking an enemy until safely removed by Illaoi or another allied champion’s auto attack.

R: Leap of Faith

Illaoi’s R, Leap of Faith is a channeled ability which damages and briefly stuns all enemies in the target area. During its channel, Illaoi cannot cast any other abilities or basic attacks, but is immune to knockbacks. The cooldown of 15/13/11 seconds starts after the casting is completed or cancelled.

Leap of Faith can be used to initiate fights or escape from them and is best used against groups of multiple targets since it does area damage and stuns upon impact. It can be cancelled early if an enemy uses dash abilities like Flash, Valkyrie, or The Culling to dodge the spell, as well as when Illaoi takes damage while channeling it. This allows her to cancel it in order to save herself from crowd control effects. The intimidating presence of this spell makes it a useful tool for zoning enemies away from objectives too.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Illaoi is one of the strongest and most unique champions in the world of League of Legends. She is a powerful tank fighter who packs a powerful punch. Her strengths lie in her versatile abilities, her high survivability, and her ability to control the battlefield through area of effect abilities.

However, she has some weaknesses as well, and these will be explored in this article, so you can be sure to make the most of Illaoi’s power.


Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, is a formidable adversary in League of Legends. The champion is best suited for the top lane and boasts amazing crowd control capabilities as well as sustained damage output and strong sustain. Her diverse skill set allows her to engage and disengage with relative ease, which can be especially helpful when she needs to reduce incoming damage from an enemy teamfight.

Illaoi’s greatest strengths lie in her ability to dish out consistent damage with her Tentacles of Nagakabouros, which can also be used to knock up enemies or root them in place. Her Q spell—Harsh Lesson—empowers Illaoi’s next basic attack or tentacle strike to deal bonus damage along with her passive that grants bonus physical damage on hit. This combination is perfect for both nearly taking down enemy champions and pushing minions faster than opponents can react.

Additionally, Illaoi has powerful crowd control options in the form of her E (Test of Spirit) and R (Leap of Faith). The former allows Illaoa to pull enemies away from their allies while slowing them greatly, making it difficult for them to retreat back into safety. The latter gives Illaoi a much needed escape tool when she finds herself cornered without any way out. Overall, Illaoa provides exceptional utility for a top lane champion by providing not only reliable laning pressure but also crucial battlefield presence throughout teamfights.


Illaoi‘s biggest issue is her lack of mobility as she only has one movement ability, which is a slowing dash. She also lacks reliable waveclear and sustained crowd control abilities such dealing with splitpushers and teamfighting late game. Her constant voodoo stacking puts her in a vulnerable position during the laning phase and resolving the stacks requires dishing out damage.

Furthermore, she has a considerable reliance on farming for gold to build up an effective itemization. Her role and playstyle are quite unique due to her tentacle-based kit which can leave Illaoi with small windows of opportunity to participate in fights or stay safe during the laning phase if played poorly. Thus, timing champions who have powerful gap closers and CC abilities are particularly difficult matchups for her.

Tips & Tricks

One of the best ways to succeed in the popular MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL) is to master the various champions. Illaoi is one of the best champions in the game, so it’s important that players know her abilities and how to use them effectively.

In this article, we’ll cover all the tips and tricks you need to know about playing as Illaoi. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to perform outstandingly as Illaoi in the game. Let’s get started.

Use Tentacle Smash to zone opponents

Illaoi’s Tentacle Smash (Q) should be used as an agile zoning tool as it can be cast from a distance. When aiming this spell, it is important to consider the curved shape of the tentacles and position them in order to stretch out an area for your team to traverse. This can help the team avoid taking damage or traps while allowing Illaoi to remain safe. In order to make use of Tentacle Smash, Illaoi should pay attention to their own positioning relative to their targets and use short dashes when needed.

Tentacle Smash is also very useful when it comes to laning like offering skillshot opportunities or disengaging unfavorable situations. The pull generated by this ability can help Illaoi disengage quickly, while going forward into a fight and supplying heavy poke with a single strike.

Tentacle Smash has useful applications in team fights too; when used correctly, it can create openings for your allies inviting them for engage opportunities or putting enemies in vulnerable positions and close range for them so you can capitalize on those moments even more efficiently.

Additionally, using multiple Tentacles through precise timing allows Illaoi players to briefly stun multiple targets from relatively safe ranges this way immobilizing opponents giving her teammates time during chaotic team fights.

Use Test of Spirit to initiate teamfights

Using Illaoi’s Test of Spirit ability properly during teamfights is key to success. When used as an initiator, this ability will place a Tentacle on your opponent and cause it to take damage over 6 seconds. The Tentacle will also paralyze nearby enemies. This gives you the perfect opportunity to follow up with your other abilities. Throw down your ult, Harsh Lesson, and start layering tentacles on others while they can’t move or react!

But be mindful of where you place the Tentacles – too close and they can easily reach their destination on their own. It’s best to spread them out and aim in between enemies so they take longer to reach them and give you time to cast more spells.

Test of Spirit has a relatively low cooldown so make sure you are using it when it’s available during teamfights – it’s an invaluable way of initiating engage while dishing out plenty of AOE damage as well!

Use Leap of Faith to escape or chase down enemies

Leap of Faith (R) is one of Illaoi’s main methods of escape and pursuing. This offers great utility since you can cast it over walls or towards foes trying to run: the cooldown is short enough where if you didn’t make the kill or escape, it’s often up again in seconds for a second opportunity.

When using Leap of Faith to escape, it’s a good idea to watch what side your enemies are trying to outposition you at – either the left or the right – before casting. If they’re not forcing hard onto one side, then Leap away from them in any random direction and use Tentacle Smash or Harsh Lesson as they follow.

Alternatively, when looking at using Leap of Faith offensively, try your best to juke opponents out via positioning by leaping towards one side and executing Tentacle Smash while they’re still predicting your path. You can also use Riftwalk (Z) as an additional tool for surprise escapes or chases; however, do bear in mind that this ability costs your overall mana pool if used repeatedly.


Illaoi is a powerful and unique champion in League of Legends that offers unique abilities and playstyles. She is a melee Fighter-Tank who is great at initiating fights and absorbing damage with her large health pool. She can also use her tentacles to push enemies around the map, making her a great roamer. Her ultimate has tons of utility, allowing her to easily get an objective or two to give her team a lead.

Let’s take a closer look at Illaoi’s abilities and style of play:

Overview of Illaoi

Illaoi, The Kraken Priestess, is a champion from League of Legends. She is a character who can naturally disrupt enemy backlines due to her long-ranged engage, minion-based sustain, and most famously her Tentacles of Doom.

Known for having strong natural dueling capabilities and a tendency to counter ranged champions in the top lane; Illaoi prizes lane presence and threatening advancing enemies. Her kit includes many unique abilities that make her adept at combat.

Her passive, Prophet of an Elder God allows Illaoi to deal extra true damage when she attacks with two tentacles present around her target. Her Q ability Harsh Lessons is a three-strike attack which allows Illaoi to target enemies while they are defending themselves from minions or monsters. Furthermore, illusions created by certain opponents can be targeted by this ability as it has no maximum range.

Additionally, with her W ability Twin Grail she can apply a healing over time effect for three seconds on nearby allies throughout various moments within the game such as team fights or skirmishes. The tentacles from this ability also slow down opponents that walk near it aiding in movement control throughout the map. Finally her E ability Leap of Faith gives Illaoi much needed mobility within fights by pulling her towards targets that she strikes with Harsh Lessons energizing them instead of damaging them. Combined with ultimates such as hers sending all present tentacles forward at enemy positions; every piece of her kit works towards disrupting enemy formations making Illaoi a hard enemy to contain in any situation!

How to Play Illaoi

Illaoi is a melee fighter who excels at pushing her enemies around, as she can force them out or into unfavorable positioning with extended trades. Her Tentacle Slam can be used to zone opponents, while Call of the Beast gives her a form of mobility. In addition, Test of Spirit allows her to decisively separate low health targets from their team and set up wombo combos or secure kills in team fights.

When playing Illaoi it is important to remember to always use Test of Spirit on targets that are attempting to escape or when you spot an opportunity for a wombo combo. Force opponents in the direction where your teammates are positioned and use your basic abilities efficiently in order to land as many Tentacle Slams as possible during extended trades.

When playing against Illaoi, it is important to stay spread out and avoid clumping up which will make it easier for her tentacles to land hits on multiple targets at once. Try also laning against an Illaoi who has just used Test of Spirit; without the ability she will have limited options for zoning you out or engaging on your team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Illaoi’s role in League of Legends?

A: Illaoi is a champion in the role of fighter and top lane champion in League of Legends.

Q: What are Illaoi’s abilities?

A: Illaoi has four abilities: Tentacle Smash, Harsh Lesson, Test of Spirit and Leap of Faith. Tentacle Smash is a single target physical damage ability, Harsh Lesson is a passive ability that gives Illaoi bonus attack damage when she hits enemy champions with Tentacle Smash, Test of Spirit is a single target ability that deals damage and marks the target, and Leap of Faith is a dash ability that allows Illaoi to jump to a nearby location.

Q: What is Illaoi’s playstyle?

A: Illaoi is a champion that excels at dueling and trading. She has strong waveclear and can quickly push lanes to gain an advantage. She can also use her Test of Spirit ability to set up ganks and her Leap of Faith to quickly close gaps and engage on opponents.