Jarvan IV LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Jarvan IV is a powerful champion in League of Legends, known for his prowess in battle and his ability to take on various roles. He is a tanky-bruiser that can support or carry the team with his crowd control and burst damage.

Jarvan IV is a great pick in the current meta and his versatile kit makes him a viable pick in almost any situation. Let’s take a look into the details of Jarvan IV and what makes him such a powerful champion.

Champion’s background

Jarvan IV is a champion from the popular game League of Legends (LoL) released in February 2011 and currently part of the game’s rotating free-to-play champion pool. He takes on the role of a melee fighter, originally classified in the game as an “Electrified Juggernaut” based on his powerful electric attacks. Jarvan IV is one of few characters in the game who represent Demacian royalty, having both royal blood from nobility and combat prowess from being trained in his country’s military.

In terms of power level and difficulty, Jarvan IV is at an average level which makes him suitable for newer players and veterans alike. His passive ability gives him access to types of armor depending on what abilities he uses and how he moves around or attacks other champions or structures.

His abilities include:

  • First Ability: Allows him to deal increasing damage over time thanks to stacking bleed effects.
  • Second Ability: Gives him cover against projectiles like arrows.
  • Third Ability: Gives him increased mobility with dashes that can leap over walls.
  • Fourth Ability: Lets him proactively trap opponents inside with walls created by pillars planted into enemy terrain.

Jarvan IV’s playstyle requires strategic thinking as it revolves around predicting opponent movements within an arena created by his own abilities, making him a dangerously unpredictable yet rewarding champion to learn and play as if you are up for the challenge.

Champion’s abilities

Jarvan possesses five abilities which provide him with a set of tools that are great at initiating fights, disrupting enemies, and setting up ganks. Each of his abilities are listed below, with an explanation for each one:

  • Dragon Strike: Jarvan slams the ground with his lance, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. Enemies hit by the center will be knocked up for a short duration.
  • Martial Cadence: Jarvan passively gains attack speed after he attacks enemy units and champions. This attack speed scales with level.
  • Demacian Standard: Jarvan throws a Demacian flag to the target area, granting vision and Damage Reduction to all allied champions in it’s vicinity. Additionally, when used near terrain Jarvan will leap towards it, knocking up all enemies within range while dealing physical damage upon landing.
  • Golden Aegis: Jarvan surrounds himself in a shield which blocks incoming damage for a short duration before expiring. Activating this ability again within the duration splits the shield around friendly units close by protecting them as well. Reactivating this ability also reduces all incoming crowd control effects on allies including himself if they are caught inside it’s area of effect.
  • Cataclysm: Jarvan merges an area around him trapping everyone in it including himself creating an impenetrable wall preventing anyone from leaving or entering its boundary untill it expires or is destroyed later by his standard attack.


Jarvan IV is one of the most unique and powerful champions in League of Legends. He has an array of powerful abilities that can be used in a variety of different ways, making him a versatile champion. From his innate passive which grants him bonus movement speed and extra damage to his ultimate which can trap enemies in an impenetrable cage, Jarvan IV has many strengths that make him a formidable opponent.

Let’s take a closer look at all of his strengths:

High damage output

Jarvan IV has one of the highest damage outputs of all champions in the League of Legends. His abilities are designed to let him lay down huge amounts of damage in an array of ways. The combination of his passive strength and his ultimate ability allow him to unleash devastating attacks on enemy champions.

  • Dragon Strike (Q) is a powerful cone that deals physical damage
  • Demacian Standard (E) can slow and cause a large amount area-of-effect physical damage.
  • Cataclysm (ultimate ability) forces enemies into melee range with Jarvan IV thus amplifying the total amount of potential damage available to him against foes for a short period of time.

Overall, Jarvan IV has one of the highest potential burst damage capabilities in League of Legends and must be treated with caution even by veteran players when encountered on the battlefield.

Good mobility

Jarvan IV is famous for his mobility and good positioning. He has two innate abilities related to movement: his Q (Demacian Standard), and his E (Dragon Strike). His Q allows him to dash forward, dealing damage to enemies in a target line while providing him a shield. His E allows him to use dragons might to jump over walls, giving him extra maneuverability and surprise attacks. With both his innate abilities, Jarvan IV can quickly engage or disengage from fights depending on the situation.

His W (Golden Aegis) also offers some help with mobility by distracting enemy champions for a brief period of time or knocking them up if the ability is fully charged. Combined with items such as Trinity Force, Mercury Treads, and Sterak’s Gage which allow Jarvan to swap between offense and defense while increasing his attack speed and survivability – Jarvan boasts resilience above all else when it comes to mobility.

Excellent crowd control

Jarvan IV is a champion in League of Legends who excels at crowd control and huge burst damage. His kit is designed to deal plenty of damage, while also possessing sustained utility in the form of shield stacking, hard crowd control ability, great skirmishing and a teamfight ult that can lock down enemy carry quickly.

Jarvan’s kit provides excellent sustainability when used correctly. His Q creates a shielding effect for the user, provides waveclear and serves as an important tool for escaping danger. Jarvan’s W allows him to toggle armor and magic resist no matter where he is, so even when playing from behind, he still has access to defenses that can help him withstand longer trades and survive fights while also supplementing his team’s dominance in other portions of the map.

Meanwhile, Jarvan’s E adds quite a bit of crowd control with its knock-up effect combined with his ultimate allowing him to create zone-based teamfights or heavily punish enemies who are just out of position. His ultimate can be point-and-click activated, making it an extremely versatile ability that can help initiate or end fights depending on the situation at hand.


Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia, is a top-tier champion in League of Legends. He is a great pick for tanks and fighters who can initiate team fights in the jungle. However, just like any other champion, Jarvan IV also has weaknesses that need to be addressed. These weaknesses can be used against him in team fights and in the laning phase.

Let’s take a look at what these weaknesses are and how they can be exploited:

Weak against tanky champions

Jarvan IV is considered a weak pick against tanky champions in League of Legends. His relatively low base health and armor make it difficult for him to survive in team fights if he finds himself caught out of position. Moreover, most of the burst damage available to him comes from physical attacks, which can easily be mitigated by tanks with defensive items and high resistance or armor stats.

Additionally, he does not have much crowd control which makes it hard for him to gain crowd control in teamfights thus making it difficult for his team to follow up with successful damage or CC after he engages on a target. He is also prone to being kited when fighting against champions such as Ahri or Vayne who specialize in kiting enemies away from their own team. All these weaknesses make Jarvan IV a weak pick against tanky champions in League of Legends.

Low survivability

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Poor laning phase

Jarvan IV has poor laning phase. His strengths lie in the jungle, where he can use his ultimate ability to quickly cover ground and surprise enemies. He fares well against duelists, as he can outmaneuver them and use Environmental Destruction to force them into disadvantageous positions. While he does well against most other champions in laning phase, Jarvan’s passive is relatively weak and his early-game damage output is low, which makes it difficult for him to keep up with most laners in 1v1 matchups. His lack of hard crowd control also renders him unable to properly engage or disengage from team fights in the later stages of the game.


When playing Jarvan IV in LoL, it’s important to develop a strategy that works for your play style. Jarvan IV is a tanky champion who is capable of quickly initiating fights which can turn the tide of a match. To maximize Jarvan’s potential, it’s important to understand how to properly utilize his abilities, which can be the key to success in any given match.

Let’s dive into some strategies to make the most of Jarvan IV’s potential:

Early game

The early game is a pivotal part of any successful strategy and can define the course of the rest of the game. While there are various goals you can pursue in the early stages, some of the most successful strategies involve map control, pressure on resources, and taking advantage of windows of opportunity.

Map control refers to gaining vision and pushing forward onto enemy territory without overextending yourself. This will give you an advantage when it comes to knowing where your enemies are, when and how they might attack, and removing wards that allow them vision and knowledge of your plans. It can also be used to gain extra benefits in resources such as gold or experience points or to create opportunities for objectives such as towers or dragons.

Pressure on resources means focusing on taking down lanes quickly and efficiently by following tactics such as killing minions fast to starve enemies of gold or attacking towers directly in order to reduce enemy defenses. This will also allow you develop a lead over your opponents economically and eventually becoming powerful enough to take on larger objectives with higher risk/reward ratios late in the game.

Finally, using windows of opportunity by spotting any misplays from your enemies should be taken advantage of in order secure kills before these opponents can react. At higher levels though, those windows are harder to spot but maintaining map awareness will help with this – so always watch out for opportunities! Understanding how different team compositions manifest themselves early game is also critical for success no matter which side you’re playing on – so practice this often!

Mid game

Mid-game is a critical stage in any strategy game. It is the point where your basic plans are put into action and where any modifications to those plans are made to address external conditions that you hadn’t anticipated. Successful mid-game strategies should be flexible enough to accommodate these changes and get players back on track for a victory.

One of the most important aspects of a successful mid-game plan is having an idea of what your enemy might do or have available. This will require information gathering, such as checking economic locations like mining operations and developing a good understanding of the status quo of the game, as well as understanding what resources could be used for future actions. Additionally, it’s important to understand your enemy’s current strategies so that you can anticipate their moves and identify opportunities or weaknesses in their play.

Mid-game strategies also involve recognizing when you have an advantage or disadvantage in manpower or resource availability and how those elements will affect game dynamics. Understanding the battlefield, scouting out alternate paths, making the most efficient use of your forces, and constructing effective bases should all be taken into account when mapping out potential paths forward that could lead to victory. Anything that gives your side an edge over the opposition should be seriously considered during this stage of the game as every bit counts towards success!

Late game

Successful late game strategies often involve decreasing the number of threats to your economy and military strength, while trying to maximize the amount of resources you’re able to gather each turn.

This means building up defensive structures; walls, towers and heavy armor can help protect your bases from attacks coming in from multiple directions. In addition, it’s important to try and gain control of choke points like rivers or mountain passes this way your forces can better defend those areas.

Finally, if you have access to resources other than conventional military forces – such as air strikes or special powers – be sure to use them judiciously. When executed correctly, these tactics will go a long way toward securing victory in the late game.

Tips & Tricks

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia is a champion in League of Legends. He is an all-round tank, capable of getting in and out of fights quickly.

In this section we’ll be covering the tips and tricks to playing him properly and how he should be used in order to maximize his potential. We’ll look at how to:

  • Choose the right items to build
  • Recognize patterns in the game
  • Position yourself to get the most out of your team

Use your E to initiate fights

Using your E, Dragon Strike, to initiate fights is a great way to assert dominance in team fights. This ability is essential for winning team fights as it can root multiple enemies in one go. However, it is important to remember that it has a long cooldown and should only be used when the situation allows for it.

It’s also good practice to use this ability to push back or initiate tower dives as too often players are caught out and can be punished for being overly aggressive. Don’t forget about using your E for clearing minion waves too – this can help you keep control of your lane and give you extra gold and XP from minions hit.

Use your Q to escape

Jarvan IV is a tank and fighter champion in LoL. He excels at team fighting, initiation, and chasing opponents. As with any LoL champion, understanding how to use your abilities and when to use them is key to unlocking Jarvan’s full potential.

Jarvan IV has an ability known as Demacian Standard. By using this ability, Jarvan throws a standard at a location which gives him bonus attack speed and armor for 8 seconds. Afterward, Jarvan can choose one of two paths – Cataclysm or Dragon Strike – that affect the placement of the standard. Cataclysm entraps enemies inside whereas Dragon Strike grants Jarvan increased movement speed when he passes through it. Both will damage all enemies inside the area of effect (AOE).

Furthermore, Jarvan’s Q – Dragon Strike – can be used both offensively and defensively depending on situation. If used offensively it will knock up those who are standing in its path for 1 second dealing a small amount of damage along with some decent AOE follow-up from Demacian Standard (if its already planted prior to using Q). However if used defensively it can be used as an escape because if casts over terrain it will pull Jarvan into its position; this same escape can also be done with his ultimate ability – Cataclysm.

Use your ultimate to set up team fights

In team fights, your ultimate ability can be used to give your team the upper hand. When an enemy has already used their main crowd control move, or when more enemies are grouped up together, this is a good time to use an ultimate ability. With proper timing and positioning, an ultimate can immediately turn the tide of battle by stunning enemies, enabling allies to jump in and deal tremendous damage.

Pay attention to how many enemies need to be in a crowd control effect for your allies to join in with their own abilities. In addition, put yourself in a position where you’ll be able to help your allies while they’re dealing with the enemy team as by using heals or shields. Lastly, remember that some ultimates have healing or shielding effects; maximize those benefits when possible by using them on teammates who are going all-in for the fight.

Using these tips will ensure that your ultimate helps turn team fights into victory for your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jarvan IV’s specialty in League of Legends?

A: Jarvan IV is a tanky bruiser type of champion in League of Legends. He excels in initiating fights and providing ample crowd control while being able to survive and stay in the fight. He is also a great split-pusher.

Q: What abilities does Jarvan IV have?

A: Jarvan IV has primarily three abilities. His passive is Martial Cadence. His first ability is Dragon Strike, his second ability is Golden Aegis, and his third ability is Demacian Standard. His ultimate ability is Cataclysm.

Q: How best can Jarvan IV be played?

A: Jarvan IV is best played as a tanky bruiser. He can be played in the top lane as well as the jungle. He excels at initiating fights and providing crowd control, so he is best played as an aggressive front-liner and teamfighter.