Jax LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Overview of Jax

Jax is a powerful champion in the popular game League of Legends. He excels at melee combat and is a great choice for dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time. He has a unique set of abilities that make him extremely versatile, and his strength lies in his ability to manipulate fights in his favor.

Let’s take a closer look at this powerful champion.

Lore and Background

Jax is a champion in Riot Games’ popular multplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends. He is one of the original 40 champions released at the start of the game, and he’s remained a fan favorite due to his flashy playstyle and user-friendly midlane dominance.

Player lore suggests that Jax was born in Ionia, where he was trained as an orphaned child by martial arts masters at the Coronan dojo. He became so proficient with his staff that he gained international fame as a master martial artist and fought in tournaments all over Valoran. However, Jax soon grew bored with civilized competition and began to seek dangerous opponents outside of arranged matches.

After many years wandering the world looking for strong opponents to test his might against, Jax finally found what he wanted when he encountered “The God-Willow” in an old Ionian forest. Believing it to be a powerful being from beyond this world, Jax challenged it to single combat. After defeating it single-handedly with only his staff, Jax realized that it wasn’t actually a god but just an especially powerful spirit powered by magical artifacts within its chambers. Seeing this as an opportunity for new knowledge and strength above what any human could provide him, Jax decided to take on the mantle of The God-Willow’s legacy and has since donned its armor ever since!


Jax retains energy when attacking with his signature weapon, the lamp post. His basic attacks shave off a percentage of his enemies’ health bars. He can holster it at any time to gain defensive bonuses from his stored energy.

His passive, “Relentless Assault,” grants him additional attack speed every third hit against an enemy champion and lengthens the duration of stuns based on the number of stacks he has.

His Q ability, “Leap Strike,” allows Jax to leap toward a nearby target before dealing a powerful blow in an area around him. The damage is increased for each stack he has of Relentless Assault.

His W ability is called “Empower,” which temporarily increases the damage dealt by his next two basic strikes. He can also activate this ability to increase the range and knockback distance of Leap Strike.

Jax’s E ability is called “Counter Strike,” which causes him to dodge all incoming basic attacks for two seconds and immediately hit back with increased damage for each attack that was dodged for up to four attacks when fully charged.

And finally, Jax’s ultimate is called “Grandmaster’s Might,” which grants Jax massive attack speed and lifesteal while also deflecting any magic damage during its duration.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Jax is an immensely powerful champion in League of Legends, known for his huge damage outputs with adaptable skill sets. He is capable of bursting down targets with short burst windows and playing a lane-dominant skirmisher to stay ahead of opponents. His ability to solo carry games and carry the game for your team on almost any situation can make him one of the highest win rate champions at all ranks.


  • High damage output with burst capabilities
  • Can become an unstoppable force late game
  • Adaptability through speccing different builds
  • Can solo carry team fights or lane skirmishes


  • Squishy early levels which makes himself liable to ganks
  • Inability to disengage or reposition himself in fights efficiently
  • Has mana problems if he decides not to build specific items

Jax’s Place in the Meta

Jax is one of the most popular champions in the League of Legends meta. He is known for his great versatility and damage output, making him a very powerful pick for any team composition. He can be used in both Solo Queue and Flex Queue, meaning he is viable in both solo lanes and team fights. His kit is also well-suited for both aggressive and defensive playstyles, making him a great choice for all kinds of players.

Let’s take a look at why Jax is such a popular pick in the current meta:

Popular Builds

Jax is a powerful champion in League of Legends and has a variety of viable builds that optimize his unique mechanics. Depending on the role, situation and what type of content you want to play with Jax, there are different build paths worth considering. Here we will outline some of the most popular build paths for Jax containing his core items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade, Liandry’s Torment, Zeke’s Convergence and Trinity Force/Blade of the Ruined King.

The most popular builds leverage Jax’s ability to both deal significant burst damage from an auto-attack and initiate powerful all-in fights with his Ultimate ability. This frequently results in full damage builds which focus on Cooldown Reduction (CDR) items for the fearsome Toplane duelist. This includes Goredrinker, Duskblade of Draktharr among others which increase burst potential when paired with Rageblade and Accelerated Movement Speed via Boots or Enchantments.

In addition to full-damage builds, Tank/Bruiser builds are also viable in certain matchups which contain anti-healing elements like Locket of Iron Solari combined with Guardian Angel for additional survivability. This build serves as the ganker or outplay reliant option when it comes to Jax which relies heavily on maxing Counter Strike before building tankier.

The third popular path is Mage/APburst focused mixture between Liandry’s Torment and Rabadon’s Deathcap as well as hextech gun blade and Liandrys Torment together give great amounts of AP scaling for Jax that lets him dominate teamfights.

Common Counters

When considering viable counters to Jax we need to take into account the champion’s unique kit. Jax is a melee bruiser with a fantastic ability to engage and retreat. He has a start of the fight damage that can match some of the best assassins in the game, making him exceptionally strong against many champions in the top lane. To counter Jax you need a champion with enough range, CC, and possibly sustain to counterplay his immense damage output.

Some common champions which are often used as counters against Jax include:

  • Garen: Garen’s scissor spin(R) gives him an escape from close range engagements as well as long-range poke which can be tough for any melee champion to handle.
  • Poppy: Poppy has significant crowd control (CC) for team fights or small skirmishes, she can also poke opponents from afar so that maximal damages on Jax are avoided.
  • Vayne: Vayne has great gap closing capabilities with her tumble, this allows her to stay a safe distance away from all of Jax’s abilities even when he manages to get close due to his mobility.
  • Kled: Kled’s Q “Rolling Gauge” is much more durable than other forms of CC allowing him an easier time when chasing after Jax during escape attempts while also providing more consistent damage output since it cannot be broken by any means other than its own cooldown duration or death depending on total kills stacked up prior during that Kled game play session.

Best Team Compositions

When you are looking to form the best team composition for when playing Jax, there are several key factors to consider. First, it is important to think about the needs of your team in terms of what roles will be most beneficial for success. You will want to ensure that your team has a solid frontline with tanks and supports that can protect Jax as he engages in fights. You will also want members who can provide crowd control and vision control.

Furthermore, if possible, you should complement Jax with a marksman or an assassin/mage that can provide sustained damage throughout the course of engagements. This will make it easier for Jax to use his improved base stats and adaptive strike damage more effectively against opponents. Careful positioning is key with this champion because once he starts fighting enemies, it becomes hard to retreat due to his lack of escape tools.

When executed at peak efficiency, Jax’s ability kit allows him to go toe-to-toe with any enemy he faces while providing reliable crowd control capabilities as well.

Playing as Jax

If you’re looking for a strong champion that can defend and attack, then Jax is the perfect choice for you. Playing as Jax in a game of League of Legends can offer you a lot of advantages. With his fast attacks and high-damage output, Jax can quickly take out enemies and push through team fights with ease.

But playing as Jax is not just about dealing as much damage as possible. It’s also about being aware of your surroundings and making sure you’re always making the right decisions. Let’s take a closer look at this champion and go over all the things you need to know when playing as Jax.

Early Game Tips

Playing as Jax in the early game can be challenging due to the squishiness of his character. As a fighter, he lacks the durability of a tank, while still having good offensive abilities which can make him an effective damage dealer.

For players who want to make the most out of Jax’s potential, it is important to prioritize and customize your build for early game strength. Consider using items that give Jax bonus ability power as well as defensive items like Guardian Angel, Deadman’s Plate or Thornmail that will provide some extra protection and survivability.

To leverage Jax’s skillset, it is important to remember not to take too many risks during laning phase and focus instead on farming with basic attacks while occasionally harassing enemies with auto-attack/Q combo and dodging enemy spells or engaging only when there is a good chance for success. When entering a teamfight a couple of levels ahead of other champions should give you an advantage and allowing you to deal necessary damage without taking too much risk.

While playing try to last hit minions for gold but if push comes to shove feel free to jump in for CS (creep score) opportunities – because of his passive – Graceful Strike – sieging turrets will be much easier, so remember always try siege as much as possible when presented chance. Also space yourself accordingly from fights making sure you are not vulnerable in case crowd control gets thrown your way. And remember – don’t forget your ultimate ability; use it on group fights especially – its potency should not be underestimated!

Mid and Late Game Tips

Mid to Late Game Practical Tips – Jax is one of the best champions to have late-game. With his strong burst damage, gap-closer potential and tankiness, he has almost all the tools to be an amazing late-game character.

When you reach mid-to-late game stages as Jax, your goal should be to win team fights:

  1. Whenever you enter a team fight, use your Leap Strike (E) to get closer to the fight and cc or damage the biggest threats in the enemy team first with your Counter Strike (Q). This will help your team focus down those targets quickly and allow you to fully utilize Jax’s combo for maximum damage output.
  2. Always prioritize buying health/mana items like Warmog’s Armor, Frozen Mallet, Spirit Visage and Athene’s Unholy Grail because it will not only increase your survivability but also benefit from full build 3rd item being Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Trinity Force OR Icebourne Gauntlet depending on what enemy team composition is.
  3. Use your Relentless Assault (R) wisely by saving its usage primarily for enemy champions that are allowing Jax’s kit full impact such as tanky leaders like Nautilus or Maokai as they are either difficult to kill or cannot be focused down quickly without Relentless Assault active.
  4. Lastly always remember that in higher elo playstyle always requires specific teamwork over individual prowess so do always keep an eye on map movements while laning & playing in general & focus on objectives rather than kills whenever possible since objectives give gold & xp which can decide games if done correctly.

Tips for Using Jax’s Abilities

Knowing how to use Jax’s abilities correctly is certainly the key to playing him well. Below are some tips that will help you get a more complete understanding of the champion.

  • Leap Strike is an excellent gap-closer and should be used in almost all situations when you have an open target and need an opportunity to engage. You can also use it in combination with Empowered Strikes for some burst damage, or as an escape tool.
  • Empowered Strike is a potent source of damage and crowd control when used properly. It should be used frequently, preferably as a follow-up after Leap Strike for maximum effect. This ability can also deliver some much-needed burst damage in fight situations and can easily take out fleeing opponents with low health.
  • Counter Strike is Jax’s signature move, and one of the reasons why he’s so good at initiations teamfights – it can stun multiple enemies and give your team adequate space to reposition or deal massive damage out of harm’s way! Try using Counterstrike whenever enemies are grouped together – especially if they’re trying to initiate on your backline – for maximum effectiveness.
  • Grandmaster’s Might gives Jax some much-needed survivability, as well as increased attack speed which makes him even better at taking down entire teams quickly! Make sure to cast Grandmaster’s Might right before leaping into a teamfight, so you receive the full benefit of its passive bonus while protecting yourself from harm’s way!

Playing Against Jax

Jax is an incredibly powerful champion in the online video game League of Legends (LoL). He has a strong mix of attack damage, health and mobility which allow him to easily take down opponents. When playing against him, it’s important to understand his weaknesses as well as your own strengths.

In this article, we’ll look at some tips to help you beat Jax in LoL:

Early Game Tips

Jax is a late-game powerhouse but needs to set up the right items before they can reach full potential. An effective early game in League of Legends requires understanding the champion you’re playing and figuring out how best to lane against them.

Jax is a bruiser with limited early game damage, but his stun on auto attacks make him a formidable opponent when it comes to skirmishes and trading. Here are some tips for playing against Jax during the early game:

  • Lane cautiously – be aware that Jax can trade effectively at levels 1-3 with a couple of auto attacks and the counterstrike passive from his E ability ready. Try not to get too close to Jax or overextend into enemy territory, as this could be dangerous for your champion.
  • Utilize poke championsAhri, Lux and other champions with long range abilities do well against bruisers like Jax early on, so focus on poking him from afar or minimising his farm while laning.
  • Buy an Oracles Lens – Against stealth champions like Shaco it’s important to have vision of them all throughout this game stages. Purchasing an Oracles Lens will help keep you safe from gank attempts by exposing invisible threats in your lane before they become deadly!
  • Consider crowd control items – If you notice that Jax is building attack speed quickly and opting for more lifesteal items than armor/magic resist then try picking up an item like Seeker’s Armguard or Zhonya’s Hourglass which give crowd control options as well as increase your survivability in teamfights later on down the line!

Mid and Late Game Tips

In the mid and late game, Jax is most reliant on his combo of Leap Strike, Counter Strike and Grandmaster’s Might to achieve success. When playing against Jax, it’s important to have some strategies in place to counter this powerful combo.

One way to fight against a Jax that is trying to make use of his passive is by playing instant gap closers such as Flash or Dash champions like Xin Zhao or Yasuo. This can put you in a favorable position as you can jump into their faces as soon as they activate their passive.

You can also employ zoning techniques and wave clear abilities in order to keep them at bay. Zoning allows you to push your advantage early game, while clearing waves quickly can prevent them from stacking up their stun duration with their auto-attacks. AOE abilities such as those used by Ahri or Morgana are particularly useful for waveclear during the laning phase when Jax dives onto your back line.

Finally, consider counter building with more defensive items such as Maw of Malmortius or Guardian Angel on champions like Vayne or Sivir who have reliable escape tools and laning potential. These items help mitigate incoming damage from Jax’s burst combo and keep your champion alive for late game scenarios where he may be able to outplay you through wise use of crowd control effects.

Tips for Countering Jax’s Abilities

Jax is a powerful champion capable of dishing out and taking damage. Best known for his crowd control abilities, Jax can crush entire teamfights if left unchecked. In order to successfully counter this champion, try following these tips:

  1. Take Advantage of Jax’s Cooldown Times: Jax has relatively low cooldown times on his abilities compared to other champions. This means it is crucial to trade blows with him when he isn’t able to cast his spells quickly enough. Be sure to take advantage of this opening by harassing him the moment he casts an ability and then retreating before he can launch a counterattack.
  2. Outlast His Exhaustion Periods: Despite having short cooldowns, Jax is also prone to exhaustion due to the lack of mana resources in League of Legends. If you are able to wait out the periods between Jax’s abilities and exhaust him over time, you will be in a better position to not only win trades but also all-out battles.
  3. Look for Opportunities When Counter-Striking: Often times when trading blows with Jax, he will position himself in a way that allows for counter-strikes after executing an attack move or ability. If you have ranged damage or mobility options that allow for a quick getaway after landing successful shots, try using them as much as possible during fights against him—just make sure your team isn’t overextended!
  4. Dodge His Leap Attack (Counter Strike): One of Jax’s more dangerous abilities is Counter Strike; it allows him to leap into the middle of a fight and cause devastating amounts of damage if left unchecked. As such, it is important to stay away from any areas where he could potentially land his leap attack if given the chance—keep in mind that Flash may be used to cover greater distances if necessary!

By following these simple steps and remaining patient while playing against this powerful champion, you should be able to outplay him and come out victorious every time!


Jax is an incredibly powerful champion in the world of League of Legends. He is incredibly versatile, able to function as an assassin, a tank, an off-tank, and even as a support. He can take on any role and excel at it. His kit features a variety of cc and damage tools, which give him great tools for team fights and skirmishes alike. He is a solid choice of champion in almost any team comp and can be played in any role you desire.

In conclusion, Jax is a fantastic champion with a kit that provides a great deal of flexibility and utility, all of which make him a great option to consider when looking for your next champion.

Summary of Jax

Jax is a powerful fighter-assassin champion who excels in suppressive burst damage, making him an ideal pick for the mid lane. Like many assassins, Jax is best used to take out specific targets with quick spell combos and fast ambush engagements.

His E ability, Counter Strike, gives him a reliable gap closer and allows him to punish over-aggressive opponents. His Passive gives Jax bonus attack speed after every third strike, which increases in power each time he attacks or is attacked by his opponents. His Ultimate ability gives Jax increased evasion and attack damage as well as bonus on-hit effects like stuns and slows.

In conclusion, Jax requires careful positioning, planful build paths, and savvy maneuvering to achieve victory when playing with or against him. When mastered though, he can be an invaluable asset to any team composition aiming to dominate the mid lane in League of Legends!

Final Thoughts

Jax is a powerhouse in the League of Legends and one of the game’s most celebrated champions. With an aptitude for juking, playing defensive, and dealing huge amounts of damage in short bursts, Jax is a formidable opponent to anyone who dares cross him. His kit allows for plenty of flexibility and customization when it comes to builds, making him attractive for both solo play and team composition. As long as players commit themselves to mastering his core mechanics, Jax can be utilized effectively in all stages of the game.

His ability to take over the laning phase with impeccable last-hitting capabilities make him an excellent laner whether he’s sitting top-lane or mid-lane. His combination of speed and power gives junglers plenty of options when fighting against enemies in their jungle allowing them to easily pick up on kills around the map. Finally his late-game presence alone requires teams to bring several tanks or other champions with crowd control capabilities to stop him from fulling decimating their backline carries – if this doesn’t happen he’ll be free to wreak havoc across their entire squad which further strengthens his status as a top tier champion in League of Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Jax’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Jax is a fighter champion in League of Legends, and he is often played in the top lane. Jax excels in 1v1 fights and team fights, and his abilities make him extremely versatile.

Q2: What are Jax’s abilities?

A2: Jax has a variety of abilities, but his most notable are Leap Strike, Empower, Counter Strike, and Grandmaster’s Might. Leap Strike allows Jax to jump to an enemy and deal damage, Empower enhances his next basic attack, Counter Strike stuns enemies for a short duration, and Grandmaster’s Might gives him bonus attack speed and damage.

Q3: What items should I buy for Jax?

A3: The best items for Jax would depend on the situation, but usually it is recommended to buy Trinity Force, Sterak’s Gage, Guardian Angel, and Blade of the Ruined King. These items will give Jax the stats and survivability he needs to be an effective fighter in the game.