Jax, known as the Grandmaster At Arms, was a mysterious warrior and mercenary who is famous for his outlandish fighting skills and biting humor.

Before he joined the League, the lone warrior was one of the best soldiers-for hire. He is the last known weapon grasper in Icathia.

Jax lost his homeland to its hubris and unleashed the Void. He pledged to preserve what little of Kohari he could.

As magic continues to rise on the planet, the Void presents a major problem. Jax wanders Valoran looking for strong, reliable allies to help him fight.


Who’s JAX?

Jax, Runeterra’s most powerful weapons grasp, is the only survivor of The Kohari. They are champions who have sworn to protect Icathia. However, the Void was able to find a solution for Jax’s hometown and left him, without using any objective or dwelling.

Jax collected the “final gentle Icathia”, a symbol of his hope to defeat whatever was left of his valuables. Jax refused to be stripped of his unique weapon and continued fighting undeterred using a brass lamp from the bottom as his weapon.

Jax now travels the globe looking for warriors who are able to face the darkness that is approaching by his aspect.

As magic rises across Runeterra however, he wields Icathia the last gentle, testing all warriors to ensure that they are strong enough for the coming darkness.

JAX’s abilities and skills

Jax is unmatched in his expertise and unique armament. He is the last recognized weapons grasp of Icathia. He is often a fan favorite and one of the strongest champions in the sport.

Let’s have a closer look at Runeterra’s most powerful weapon grasp skills and expertise:

Relentless Assault Jax’s passive ability Relentless Assault gives him the ability to stack up to 8 instances. This stack can be refreshed on subsequent assaults.

Every stack Jax builds grants him anywhere between 3.5% to 11% bonus assault speed. Each 0.25 second, stacks will be deducted one after another.

Leap strike: Jax will sprint to the goal location if he is prompted by Leap Strike. Jax will deal bonus bodily injury to enemy champions, monsters, or minions if they are in range upon their arrival.

Empower: Jax will use his Leap Strike attack on enemies within 10 seconds to inflict bonus magical harm when activated. You will still get a 50 bonus if you use Empower to make a fundamental attack.

Empower can also reset Jax’s “fundamental assault timer.”

Counter-Strike: Jax will enter Evasion whenever Counter-Strike is activated. It’s a defensive stance which causes Jax to suffer a non-turret fundamental attack in opposition to him for two seconds.

25% reduced damage can be taken by Jax from enemy champions’ space of impact skills. This ability can be recast in a matter of seconds or you can anticipate how long it will take to recast.

Jax will cause bodily harm and stun to any enemies that you recast Counter-Strike. For every assault avoided, the damage will increase by 20% and even reach 100%.

Grandmaster’s May Passive: Jax can stack for 2 seconds and hit an enemy every time. You can stack up to two instances of the fundamental assault and refresh the length of each subsequent attack.

When you have two stacks, Jax will use his subsequent fundamental attacks on-hit to devour them, inflicting bonus magic damage.

Lively: When activated Grandmaster’s May grants Jax bonus armor and magical resistance for 8 seconds.


Jax is, without doubt, one of the best duelists in the world. League of Legends His highly efficient equipment. He is a fighter champion and often occupies Prime Lane. He is a great choice amongst the melee champions.

Here are some ideas and techniques that will help you quickly grasp Jax’s playstyle:

  • Jax’s Leap Strike should be used to obtain allied items. You can also use wards to plan your escape.
  • Jax, a fighter, greatly benefits from gadgets with Assault Harm and Means Energy.
  • Mix Leap Strike with Empower for final hits and quick hit-and run bursts.
  • You should ensure you max out Leap Strike before you view cell enemy items. For each scenario, however, it is best that you max out Empower.
  • Maximizing Empower first is the best option, as it will increase Jax’s damage and decrease its cooldown. This makes Jax more powerful in prolonged 1v1 fights.
  • Empower can’t be used to effect constructions. However, Jax may activate it to trigger Jax’s auto-attack reset and Sheen proc.
  • Because Counter-Strike final is a utility spell, it is smart to max it. It also has low base damage.
  • Counter-Strike is able to block minion attacks, allowing the champion to walk as much as his opponent while hitting them with a fully charged Counter-Strike.
  • Only activate Counter-Strike when enemy items are near sufficient and you’re sure they won’t escape.
  • If you are able to follow the instructions correctly, Jax can be used to stun many enemies who use Counter-Strike along with Leap Strike.
  • Jax might be able to use his Counter-Strike ability together with Requiem to reduce damage from enemy champions. This can come in handy during skirmishes or workforce fights.
  • To protect Jax from injury, use the Grandmaster’s May energetic impact.
  • To inflict a great deal of damage, you should make two major assaults on enemy minions.
  • If you want to gain invulnerability and AD/AP buffs, be sure to arrive earlier than Grandmaster’s May active impact.
  • Collect stacks of Jax’s passive before you can prevent with an enemy force to receive bonus assault pace.
  • Empower grants 50 range. It also resets the fundamental attack timer.
  • Counter-Strike lets you dodge on-hit skills, Gangplank’s Q. and Ezreal’s Q.
  • Due to Grandmaster’s May passive, each third auto-attack Jax makes will deal bonus magic harm to enemy items.

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