Jhin LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Jhin is a fantastic marksman in League of Legends. He has an incredibly high damage output, as well as intelligent CC options for his kit that make him deadly at almost any rank. His versatility and ability to outplay his opponents make him a great pick for almost any team composition.

In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the champion Jhin, from his abilities and strategies to his best items and matchups.

Overview of Jhin

Jhin is a character from the popular online game, League of Legends (LoL). He is a marksman and is renowned for his skill at taking enemies down with precision. When playing Jhin it’s important to keep in mind that he has very high damage output, but low mobility and sustainability. In order to win games with Jhin, you must be able to position yourself well while using your powerful spells and crowd control effects to outplay your opponents.

Jhin is a powerful champion that can utilize both offensive and defensive play styles. He has access to four shots with his passive ability Whisper; use these shots wisely in order to maximize your damage output during team fights. His ultimate, Curtain Call, gives him an AOE slow effect around him which can drastically alter the course of any fight if used correctly. With such a wide range of abilities, Jhin players must carefully consider each move they make as even small mistakes could cost them the game.

Pros and Cons

Before jumping into the game as Jhin, it’s important to know about Jhin’s pros and cons. As a Marksman, Jhin is known for his long-range poke, damage potential and cooldown reduction. His ability to deal high single target damage allows him to efficiently pick off targets in team fights, positioning himself safely and waiting for the right moment to fire off his fourth shot.

While Jhin has great range and can deal heavy amounts of damage in one burst, he lacks mobility which can put him in danger during team fights. His abilities rely on his attack speed which makes them all less effective than those of other marksmen champions who increase their movement speed with their abilities.

Whether you are playing as or against Jhin it is imperative to remember his strengths and weaknesses when planning ahead determining your next move within a game:

  • Strengths: long-range poke, damage potential and cooldown reduction.
  • Weaknesses: lacks mobility, abilities rely on attack speed.


Jhin is a versatile marksman and has a unique set of abilities. His passive ability grants him bonus attack damage when attacking with his basic attacks. His W ability, Deadly Flourish, is a powerful long range skill shot that roots enemies hit and can be used to setup combos. His E ability is Captive Audience, which causes grenades to explode around him in an area damaging nearby enemies. Additionally, his ultimate, Curtain Call, fires a volley of bullets in a line after a set-up time, dealing significant damage to enemies in its path.

Passive: Whisper

Jhin’s Passive, Whisper, is what allows him to remain competitively viable in the current meta and establishes him as a unique marksman available on the Summoner’s Rift. Every fourth attack against an enemy champion or monster, Jhin spawns five blooming bullets that will spread out and fire at the nearest enemy within range. Each of these bullets also deal a percentage of Jhin’s attack damage as bonus physical damage. The number of bullets generated increases with each Hiten Style stack. The movement speed of each bullet is governed by how close or far Jhin is from his target and deals 50% damage to minions and monsters.

In addition to this mechanic, with every fourth Critical Strike from Jhin, he activates some powerful effects which spring into action when he decides to reload his gun Magpie Trap–decimating enemies caught in its path by granting them an unpleasant experience for four seconds. During this period, however, Jhin cannot move nor attack but can still cast his abilities as normal including Curtain Call (Ultimate).

Q: Dancing Grenade

Jhin’s Q, Dancing Grenade, is an incredible ability that boasts mobility and damage at the same time. This ability is a deal-4-damage projectile that deals increased damage and bounces off enemies, walls and Jhin himself up to 4 times. Every fourth shot is more powerful and refunds the mana cost of the ability when it kills a target. Additionally, it also briefly slows enemies hit by it and provides Jhin with movement speed as long as he remains within its range.

Properly used, this not only makes Jhin incredibly mobile but also deals massive amounts of poke damage without even having to step close to his opponents.

W: Deadly Flourish

Jhin’s W ability is known as “Deadly Flourish”. When used, Deadly Flourish sends out a long-range skill shot that deals physical damage and Root any enemy hit. After the primary target is struck, all enemies along a line will be damaged, with root duration decreasing per hit.

This ability can give Jhin a great advantage when trying to engage or disengage from team fights. It also can be used to initiate onto any enemies juking through trees or walls as you’ll see later in this guide.

E: Captive Audience

Jhin’s fourth and final ability is Captive Audience, which is a long-range fire projectile. Jhin’s gun fires four shots, each dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits. After Jhin fires an additional shot and reaches maximum ammunition, the four prior casts will be chained together with chains dealing magic damage and applying a brief slow to any enemies hit by them.

As well as enabling Jhin to shoot something from a rather long range, this ability gives him great mobility when shooting from side-to-side in a fight, in addition to some healthy crowd control.

R: Curtain Call

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Jhin is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and some of his power lies in the items that he can choose from. He has a variety of items available to him, and depending on the playstyle of the player, different items may be needed.

Let’s look at the items available to Jhin, and what they offer him:

Starting Items

While build paths can vary depending on the situation you’re in, there are some great core items that will increase Jhin’s odds of success. When starting out, there are two basic builds worth considering: a critical strike damage-oriented build and a tanky build.

  • Critical Strike Damage: Iceborn Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, Berserker Greaves
  • Tanky Build: Rod of Ages, Thornmail, Mercury’s Treads

Although these differ in their objectives (the damage build your ultimate goal being to deal out as much damage as possible while the tanky build focuses on survivability and crowd control) they both work well for Jhin and will give you an edge against opponents. Furthermore, some classic items such as Trinity Force or Guinsoo’s Rageblade are viable options to put into either of these builds if you find them useful in certain matchups.

Core Items

Core items are the backbone of any champion build in League of Legends and Jhin is no exception. Depending on the situation in a game, players can adjust their Jhin builds to fit their current needs. These core items provide useful stats that help define the identity of a champion—in this case, that of a deliberate burst assassin who deals powerful damage before anyone has time to react.

The utility provided by each item is important and should not be underestimated when considering what should be in a Jhin’s core build. When choosing your specific items, you may want to consider both which type of stats they give—Health, Ability Power or Attack Damage—as well as the passive/active effects they bring with them.

Core Items:

  • Infinity Edge: Provides substantial attack damage and critical chance along with a unique passive that strengthens critical attacks for even more burst potential for Jhin’s fourth shot.
  • Luden’s Echo: Gives both Ability Power and Movement Speed stats that amplify Jhin’s burst potential through increased burst damage from his passive as well as more options for engaging targets and retreating from fights.
  • Abyssal Mask: Provides health and ability power stats which increases survivability against magic based champions. The unique aura provides extra Magic Resistance to surrounding allies making it an invaluable asset during team fights when paired with Jhin’s crowd control ability, Curtain Call.
  • Boots of Swiftness: Gives extra movement speed making it easier for Jhin to maneuver around the enemy team and position himself better during duels or team fights without putting himself at risk by overextending his position on the map.

Situational Items

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Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to master Jhin, then you’ve come to the right place. This section will cover some useful tips and tricks to help you become the best Jhin player you can be. We will cover his abilities, his combinations, his build and items, and much more. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to take your Jhin game to the next level.


Positioning is one of the most important aspects to consider when playing Jhin. Keeping yourself out of harm’s way, while still being able to deal meaningful damage, is crucial for success. Taking advantage of vision on the map can be beneficial for tracking down enemies and kiting them away with your CC. Being able to identify what kinds of fights you can and cannot win with Jhin should become second nature.

Positioning in teamfights is also very important as you will often find yourself in a risky position if you aren’t careful. Make sure that you are not overcommitting and dying easily, while not falling too far behind either. It would be helpful to practice these scenarios during practice games or in custom games. Knowing when to engage and disengage is the key to success when playing Jhin!

Using Your Ultimate

Jhin’s ultimate ability, Curtain Call, deals damage based on his attack damage, bonus attack speed and range. He can use this ability to place traps across the map which will slow or stun enemies near it. To fully utilize Curtain Call, try to predict where enemy champions are going to move and aim your skills correctly. Be sure to time your usage correctly as the effect of each cast may vary depending on the situation and position of your enemy champions.

Another trick you can use is taking advantage of the range on Curtain Call by placing them in corners or walls where enemies have difficulty escaping from it even if they anticipate its attack. This gives you more range advantage over them and can lead to an easier victory through well placed traps.

Using your ultimate for wave clear isn’t a bad idea either since it does a considerable amount of damage when charged up with attack speed. Wave clearing with Jhin’s ult allows him to quickly push lanes allowing him rotate to other objectives making efficient use of its global range capabilities while maintaining waveclear potential in other lanes simultaneously. He can use this between team fights while his allies gain cooldowns and summoner spells are recharged before engaging again once ready as well as:

  • using it at certain points/objectives across the map while larger teamfights start erupting elsewhere
  • trying to snag that Ace when pushing down a turret with your team!

Combining Abilities

Using Jhin’s abilities together can create many surprising and powerful combos. When it is best to use multiple abilities or how to achieve the greatest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time depends on the situation. Knowing how these abilities interact can improve play and help you recognize these moments when they happen.

To dish out maximum impact, it is important to understand which ability should be used first. Jhin’s main source of damage comes from his ultimate, so it should be held onto until an ideal target appears or there are multiple champions grouped up in a team fight. Before deploying his ultimate, Jhin should focus on droping foes with his Deadly Flourish and Captive Audience combo; this sequence of abilities allows you to easily root multiple targets and quickly burst them down without taking any risks. As soon as Captive Audience is placed itself on the ground or an enemy champion becomes rooted, Jhin’s fourth shot from Dusk till Dawn should get off immediately for maximum damage output since the reload speed increases after using empowered attacks like this one.

Another great combination of spells happens with Curtain Call and Dance Of Death; this pairing allows you to take out minions waves with ease while maintaining your distance! All that needs to be done is standing back far enough so that auto-attacks are just out of reach, then shoot a few rounds of his gun before resetting its cooldown by deploying Curtain Call right away followed by Dance Of Death which gives Jhin increased movement speed to get back easily after neutralizing a huge creep wave.

Overall, becoming efficient with combining Jhin’s skills will greatly improve your gameplay! By mastering both longer and shorter combos along with proper positioning and timing, any team playing a game with Jhin in it definitely has an advantage!

Taking Objectives

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Jhin is a fascinating marksman with a unique playstyle. His ability to have a map-wide presence without risking exposure and his disturbingly powerful glass cannon build path make him quite unpredictable to play against. He’s incredibly versatile, too, being able to be played as either an all-in marksman or an utility mage.

While he may not be the top pick in the current meta, Jhin can still be an incredibly powerful choice if used correctly. And when you do get your hands on him, expect an intense and exciting experience that you’ll never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Jhin in League of Legends?

A1: Jhin is a marksman champion in League of Legends. He wields a powerful magical rifle and uses traps and traps to gain the upper hand in fights.

Q2: What abilities does Jhin have?

A2: Jhin has four abilities: Dancing Grenade, Deadly Flourish, Captive Audience, and Curtain Call. Dancing Grenade is a skill shot that deals damage and briefly slows enemies. Deadly Flourish is a long-range attack that roots an enemy and deals bonus damage if the enemy is already marked. Captive Audience is a trap that deals damage to enemies and marks them. Finally, Curtain Call is a powerful attack that deals a large amount of damage.

Q3: What are some of Jhin’s strengths?

A3: Jhin is a powerful marksman with great range and burst damage. His traps and long-range attacks give him an advantage in team fights and skirmishes. He can also be a powerful duelist thanks to his high damage output.