KaiSa LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Kai’Sa is a champion in the MOBA game League of Legends (LoL). Kai’Sa is an assassin-mage hybrid champion that is able to use both physical and magical abilities. She is classified as a burst damage dealer and often plays from the back lines, using her superior mobility to surprise and outplay the enemy.

In this guide, we will go over the details of what makes Kai’Sa an asset to any team and an overall strong champion.

Overview of KaiSa

Kai’Sa is a marksman champion who plays in the bot lane. She is a dangerous, high-damage champion who can easily outplay unsuspecting opponents. Her playstyle is designed to be most effective when played in the late game, where she can use her offensive and defensive capabilities to rack up kills and typically win team fights.

Kai’Sa’s passive allows her to quickly get items as she gains permanent attack speed from kills and assists. This makes her an excellent fighter during all stages of the game, but particularly in the later stages of a match where she is best able to make use of her powerful ultimate.

She has all types of CC including Crowd Control Immune, which gives her added survivability against enemy cc abilities and allows for more aggressive plays during teamfights. Kai’Sa also has a unique ability called ‘Living Weapon’ which changes the target location and damage of her abilities as she levels up, allowing for more creative plays with each level up.

Overall, Kai’Sa is an interesting champion that offers plenty of options and strategies for players looking for something new in their bot lane compositions!


KaiSa is an AD Carry with a unique skillset of abilities. Her kit is comprised of a mix of ranged and melee abilities, allowing her to turn on her opponents with a burst of damage.

Her Passive, Living Weapon, grants her bonus stats when she levels up and an additional attack speed. Her Q, Icathian Rain, launches at a target area a barrage of missiles that detonate on impact, dealing damage to enemies in the area. Along with her E, Supercharge, and her W, Killer Instinct, KaiSa has a powerful set of abilities that can quickly reposition her or deal burst damage.

Let’s take a closer look at KaiSa’s abilities:

Passive: Second Skin

Kai’Sa’s passive, Second Skin, grants her a unique interaction with basic attacks. Every third basic attack that she lands on an enemy champion or monster applies a stack of Plasma, dealing additional magic damage.

Stacks of Plasma will last for 4 seconds and can apply to any target that has been hit by the same auto-attack chain.

Kai’Sa’s passive also grants her bonus attack speed when she hits an enemy champion with a fully stacked Plasma proc. This bonus movement speed stacks additively with other movement speed effects, and is only active while Kai’Sa is near the target of the fully stacked Plasma proc.

As long as she maintains her stacks of Plasma, Kai’Sa will benefit from an additional 30%-50% bonus moving speed (based on level). This bonus movement speed only applies when you are in contact with the target hit by your fully stacked Plasma proc; meaning if they get too far away or if you move away from them before your stacks expire (4 seconds), then you will no longer receive this bonus movement speed effect. Additionally, each time you auto-attack after reaching full stacks (3 attacks), your stacks will reset and allow for more potential increased mobility opportunities throughout fights.

Q: Icathian Rain

KaiSa’s Q, “Icathian Rain,” is a barrage of missiles shot at enemies within an area, dealing magic damage and applying two stacks of KaiSa’s basic attack passive. This ability is best used when either clearing waves or engaging in combat with enemies. Simply select the area you want to fire it off and watch as the missiles fly off in quick succession, dealing damage and applying KaiSa’s passive to each enemy hit.

By utilizing this ability correctly and cheaply, both early game wave-clear as well as mid-late game team fighting are heavily bolstered by its use. Another key factor to remember with Icathian Rain is that due to its rapid-fire nature, quickly tapping it multiple times on a target will result in significantly more damage per cast than holding down the ability for its full duration; allowing an incredibly fast burst of damage to be unleashed upon an enemy before they even have time to react!

W: Void Seeker

KaiSa’s W ability, called Void Seeker, is a powerful long-range skill shot which deals sizeable AOE damage. This ability is fired out in a line, and upon striking an enemy champion or reaching the end of its range, it will become a massive blast zone with significant damage.

KaiSa can then dash back to this area for added effects as long as she is still within the blast radius. Void Seeker will mark all enemies it hits with her passive so that her next auto attack will be empowered and deal extra damage. The increased speed of her movement while dashing also makes it easier to catch up to fleeing enemies or escape trouble situations.

Finally, this is an incredibly versatile ability that allows KaiSa to easily harass and clear minion waves while also giving her immense burst potential when used collaboratively with her other abilities.

E: Supercharge

Kai’Sa’s E is called Supercharge. This ability requires two spells to be cast in close proximity, after which Kai’Sa will be granted a shield, movement speed boost and a stacking attack speed bonus.

Supercharge’s shield lasts 3 seconds, has a base amount of 50 and scales with Ability Power. The movement speed boost last 1 second and provides Kai’Sa with 80 % increased Movement Speed, allowing her to reposition quickly or chase down enemy champions. The attack speed bonus is also active for 1 second and provides 30/45/60/75/90% extra Attack Speed while also lasting an additional 3 seconds at max rank. As this bonus stacks up to 8 times with each subsequent spell hit, it can be used as an effective way to harass the enemy team or clear waves quickly during laning phase.

Finally, Supercharge’s cooldown is quite short compared to other abilities of its type – at 4 seconds for all ranks this makes for great uptime on both defensive and offensive plays.

R: Killer Instinct

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Strengths and Weaknesses

KaiSa is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends and can be used in many different team compositions. Her abilities are very powerful and she can do a lot of damage in team fights. However, she also has some weaknesses that should be taken into consideration before picking her. Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of KaiSa in more detail.


When played correctly, KaiSa can be an incredible asset to any team composition as she is an expert marksman and deals an immense amount of damage. Her passive, Icathian Rain, allows her to shoot extra missiles at low-health enemies and finish them off even when they attempt to retreat from battle.

Furthermore, KaiSa’s Q, Plasma Shotguns allows her to gain a significant attack speed boost for a short period of time which serves to empower her during crucial moments of team fights. In addition, KaiSa’s ultimate ability Quantum Sniper gives her the ability for her next attack to deal incredibly large amounts of damage and pierce through enemies creating chaos during team fight engagements.

Finally, by using Void Seeker (E), KaiSa moves at insane speeds through the rift and dodges skill shots as she zig zags across the battlefield making her a difficult target for enemy champions to take down in battle.


KaiSa is vulnerable to enemy poke, crowd control and hard engages. When playing as KaiSa, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and not overextend in fear of missing out on potential damage. The success of her kit heavily depends on her positioning and the ability to take advantage of openings while remaining safe from enemy aggression.

She is weak against lane bullies such as Fiora, Camille and Darius who can easily outplay her in trades. While KaiSa is an invasive marksman in the mid-game, she struggles to get away from sticky situations due to her lack of multi-dimensional escapes. Late game teamfighting can become difficult for her if she fails to make the necessary plays through the early/mid stages.

Additionally, KaiSa has no viable options for anti-heal or magical damage reduction due to a lack of defensive abilities or built-in counter items – making her particularly vulnerable against mages or healers such as Lulu or Soraka.

Tips and Tricks

KaiSa is a powerful, relentless hunter, able to see her prey from across the map and unleash a shockwave of power onto her opponents. While mastering the nuances of playing KaiSa may take some time, some key tips and tricks can help you get the most out of her kit.

In this section, we’ll explore some of the best tips and tricks to help you dominate with the hunter of the Void:


Positioning is the most important aspect when playing KaiSa in League of Legends. When it comes to CS (creep score) positioning, or pushing tactics, KaiSa’s optimal position is always behind the monster’s backline but within her attack range. This allows her to get maximum damage and CS but also keep an eye on your opponents in case they attempt any aggressive plays.

When it comes to team fights or skirmishes, there are several tips for getting into a favorable position for KaiSa:

  • Stay close enough to engage and escape quickly. KaiSa’s kit gives her great mobility, so make use of that to get in and out efficiently.
  • Don’t move too far away from the action; remain somewhat engaged with your team while still maintaining a safe distance that ensures you don’t get caught up by enemy crowd control spells.
  • Attack from unexpected angles – surprise your opponents by entering fights from different directions.
  • Get into a good position before using E (Void Seeker). After using Void Seeker, you’ll be stationary for 1.5 seconds as you charge your next attack – so try not to get caught off-guard during this time!


Kai’Sa is a powerful champion with an array of deadly combos that can easily catch her enemies off guard. Her abilities all have different ranges, ability types and durations – this makes it possible to engage her enemies with various methods. Here are some of the most effective combos to use when playing Kai’Sa.

Basic Combos:

  1. Q + W: This is the most basic combo for Kai’Sa and is great for harassing enemies in lane. Q fires off a missile at a target, while W shields her and slows down nearby enemies allowing her to deal additional damage upon impact.
  2. W + E: Another basic but effective combo, this will grant you a shield plus bonus attack speed for 8 seconds alowing you to chase-down your opponents faster or gain an edge in team fights.
  3. Devourer’s Bite + Supercharge (R): This combo will maximize your damage output by using Devourer’s Bite on multiple targets before using Supercharge to dash towards them in order to finish them off with one devastating blow.

Advanced Combos:

  • Passive + Q: Kai’Sa’s passive grants Attack Speed upon hitting marked targets with your Q ability, which is great for taking out groups of foes in team fights or chasing down single targets more quickly.
  • E + W+ R: This combo takes full advantage of Kai’Sa’s kit – it allows you to use E proactivley and then quickly follow up with W and R in order to dash towards your enemies dealing massive amounts of damage while also shielding yourself from incoming attacks.
  • Ultimate Combo (Ultimate Upgraded): The ultimate upgraded version increases the range at which Supercharge can be used providing it even more potential in team fights or duels as well as allowing you reach retreating enemmies more easily than ever before enabling you secure kills even at long-range!

Team Synergy

While KaiSa is a formidable solo carry, she shines in team fight scenarios when she can make use of her special abilities and advanced positioning. It is important to know who works best with KaiSa to maximize her strengths.

First and foremost, a support character or tank should always be in the same lane as KaiSa. Supports are ideal as they allow KaiSa to get closer to the action while they shield her, while tanks can endure damage that would otherwise target KaiSa. An effective support will often heal or shield their marksman when needed, extending their survivability in fights and allowing their friend to do more damage for a longer period of time.

KaiSa is fond of champions with stuns that help keep opponents in range for her abilities like Blitzcrank, Janna or Alistar. Her ultimate Void Seeker does great damage if not interrupted by enemy spells and requires an enemy champion nearby so a great pick would be Vayne or Leblanc – both snare champions who can keep an enemy locked down long enough for your teammates to help finish them off. Finally, Ivern’s root ability is perfect for keeping enemies close so you can hit them with auto-attacks during fights while Heimerdinger droids and turrets create distractions that pull enemies away from strategic areas longer than other characters could manage on their own.


Kai’Sa is a powerful champion who has a great kit that can be used in many creative ways to maximize her potential. The synergy between her Passive and Ultimate allows her to become a force to be reckoned with late game, while the combination of her Attack Speed, Magic Resist, and Damage can provide invaluable utility at all stages of the match. With such a versatile champion and playstyle, Kai’Sa is sure to remain relevant for many years to come.

No matter what role you are playing or where you want to use Kai’Sa in your lineup, it is important for you to understand how strong she can be in any given situation. By understanding how each part of her kit works and how best to utilize them in battle, you can maximize your performance with Kai’Sa and make sure that she plays an essential part in every game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is KaiSa’s role in League of Legends?

A1: KaiSa is a Marksman Champion in League of Legends, meaning she is an auto-attack range Champion who specializes in dealing damage from a distance.

Q2: What abilities does KaiSa have?

A2: KaiSa’s abilities include Living Weapon, which gives her a passive attack speed bonus; Supercharge, which increases her attack speed and movement speed; Pierce, which allows her basic attacks to pass through enemies; and Killer Instinct, which grants her a shield and increased attack speed.

Q3: What items are best for KaiSa?

A3: KaiSa benefits from items that increase her attack speed and damage, such as Blade of the Ruined King, Rapid Firecannon, and Bloodthirster. She also benefits from defensive items such as Guardian Angel and Banshee’s Veil.