Kai’Sai (the daughter of the Void) is a Marksman or Murderer class champion. She’s one of the most difficult to grasp in League of Legends.

She can inflict severe injury by diving into the back of her foe, and she/he is able to fire at long ranges without any points and turn into invisible.

Kai’Sa was able to outlive the Void’s predators and became one. She was left stranded for many years without hope of rescue. However, she persevered through all her hardships with dedication and skin that was highly effective from a residing Void creature.

Now, Kai’Sa emerges as an apex hunter, torn between her two worlds—the one which birthed her and made her.


Who’s Kai’Sa?

Kai’Sa was taken by the Void as a child, but she survived by her dedication and strength. Her life experiences have made her a deadly hunter.

Kai’Sa, for some, was a harbinger of an unimaginable future. Kai’Sa, despite her fears, fought her way through the Void. She went from being frightened to a fearless survivor.

For almost a decade, Kai’Sa lived between two worlds to maintain them aside—the Void’s Starvation to devour the scattered villages of Shurima and all of Runeterra. Kai’Sa will prevent that from happening.

Kai’Sa is well aware that she has killed 1000’s Void-constructs. However, most people she protects see her as a monster.

Nevertheless, Kai’Sa paid no heed as now—she had greater than hope—she had a plan.

Combat laborious, keep alive, and discover a approach again, not as Kaisa—however Kai’Sa.

Kai’Sa’s skills and expertise

Kai’Sa deems you a menace, which is a false label You can also removed from the enemy, searching down foes and diving into hazard to defeat her enemies—rising as the only survivor.

Let’s take a closer look at Kai’Sa’s unique set of skills and expertise:

Second Pores, skin Kai’Sa’s secondary assault can deal an additional 4-10 magic injuries by using the passive Second Pores and Skin.

Passive (Caustic Wounds). Kai’Sa’s primary attack and Void Seeker are Kai’Sa’s allies’ immobilizing results. Polymorphs, which can mark enemy objects with plasma stacks for up to 4 seconds, are Kai’Sa’s best.

Kai’Sa’s attack and Void Seeker toward enemy items with 4 plasma ruptures them, consuming them to inflict an additional 15% of the goal’s lacking good health bonus magic injury.

Dwelling Weapon Kai’Sa will improve her skills if she can effectively gain a set of stats from stat development and gadgets. Each way is tied to one stat from gadgets.

However, the increase is not valid if the stat requirements are not met.

Icathian Rain: When casting Icathian Rain, Kai’Sa will launch a swarm of six missiles evenly distributed amongst close by seen enemy items, every one hitting their goal—dealing bodily injury.

Icathian rain causes double injury to enemies minions with less than 35% health. Enemy monsters suffer 25% injury from missiles that are more than their first.

Weapon for the Home: To improve, you will need to sustain 66-100 assault injuries from gadgets. Icathian Tain launches 12 missiles to replace 6.

This means can only be activated if there is an enemy near Kai’Sa

Void Seeker: When activated, Kai’Sa will fireplace a void blast in a goal location, granting her sight of the environment because it travels additional—stopping on the first enemy contact.

Void Seeker provides magic injury to enemies by hitting them, revealing them for four seconds while making use of two plasma stacks.

Dwelling Weapon It requires 100 means energy to level it up. Void Seeker has three plasma options. It can replace the cooldown by applying 3 plasma, and refunding around 70% if it hits enemy champions.

SuperCharge: Kai’Sa is charged for SuperCharge’s entire time. She’s allowed to drive, but Kai’Sa won’t be allowed to travel. Kai’Sa will be ghosted, and she’ll get bonus motion speed, around 0% to 100% while SuperCharge remains in place.

Kai’Sa will be able to charge up SuperCharge and gain bonus assault pace. This will reduce her primary assault’s windup percentage to 6.44% in just 4 seconds. Each primary assault reduces this cooldown time by 0.5 seconds.

Dwelling Weapon This will require 70% to 100% assault speed from gadgets and upgrades, where SuperCharge grants Kai’Sa invisible for 0.5 seconds.

Killer Intuition: Killer Intuition activates and Kai’Sa can immediately defend herself for 2 seconds while swiftly sprinting to a goal line close to a visual enemy champion that is affected by her Plasma stacks.

Killer Intuition’s defense length resets once Kai’Sa’s sprint ends. It could also reset Kai’Sa’s “primary assault timer.”

Kai’Sa’s other skills can also be solidified when Killer Intuition’s in effect.


Kai’Sa is one of the most dangerous marksmen in the sport. You may want to maximize Kai’Sa’s Assault Harm.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you become more profitable as a Kai’Sa in League of Legends. LOL Esports Pro here):

  • Remember that Kai’Sa’s Killer Intuition can be used to re-engage you if your enemy retreats with stacks upon stacks of plasma.
  • Second Pores and skin are only able to work with bonus stats from Champion Ranges/Objects, and not runes.
  • You should use Icathian Rain whereas beneath Supercharge windup to fireplace rockets throughout Supercharge’s disarm interval.
  • Void Seeker takes a significant amount of time for enemy items that are to flee or dodge from Void Seeker, so you can use it to gank.
  • Void Seeker’s range is more extensive than Killer Intuition so you can use it while you are planning on diving into enemy territory.
  • Kai’Sa’s Void Seeker inflicts extra injury based mainly on the number of plasma stacks on enemy objects, making it an amazing “finisher”.
  • Kai’Sa is unable to interact when Supercharge is in its preliminary disable interval.
  • Avoid using Killer Intuition to interact constantly with enemy items. Repositioning Kai’Sa can put him on a young side of the battle.
  • Kai’Sa should use Killer Intuition just like Vi’s final.
  • Killer Intuition should be used in a duel for you to outlive and avoid any incoming injury.
  • Kai’Sa’s attacks with the Press the Assault vulnerability are more powerful than those with the Second Pores or skin’s severe injury.
  • Fleet Footwork, a wonderful merchandise that can be combined with Hybrid/AP builds for Kai’Sa allows Kai’Sa to heal and do critical injury while remaining passive.
  • Kai’Sa’s means upgrade could be made faster by Kai’Sa’s participation in the Future’s Market

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