Katarina LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Katarina is a League of Legends champion, who is beloved by players for her unique abilities and fast-paced gameplay. She has featured as a playable champion in all game modes from the game’s release in 2009 and has a cult following.

This section will introduce the character, her abilities and her playstyles, and will provide useful tips for mastering her kit. Read on to learn all you need to know about Katarina.

Overview of Katarina

Katarina is a powerful and dangerous champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. This champion was released as part of Riot Games’ “Duelists” line of playable characters, and she has become a fan-favorite for her ability to control the mid lane and her overall effectiveness in team fights. Even though Katarina can be difficult to master, she can be incredibly rewarding for those players who put in the effort to understand her skillset.

Katarina is a melee-based assassin, meaning she thrives in close-quarters combat and is often found going head-on with enemies rather than taking a defensive posture. She has four main abilities: Bouncing Blades, Shunpo, Killer Instincts, and Death Lotus. Her passive ability gives her bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy champions or towers that are within range while also granting bonus damage on every third attack against any exterior target. Her active abilities allow Katarina to quickly reposition herself across the map while dealing significant damage bursts with each cast. With careful use of these abilities, Katarina can burst down enemies quickly or tactically reposition her team’s position within a given fight.

Katarina also has several item builds that can help enhance her playstyle depending on if you prefer a more tanky frontline role or a more aggressive glass cannon type build capable of dealing large amounts of continuous damage from range to opponents unfortunate enough to come into contact with this duelist.

Katarina’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Katarina is a powerful Assassin mage in Legends of Runeterra with an impressively wide kit of spells and abilities. Her primary strength lies in the fact that her basic attack does not scale with her Attack Damage, making her effective at dealing damage regardless of how much Attack Damage she has. Additionally, Katarina excels in team fights due to her punishing ultimate ability, which allows her to jump around the battlefield and deal burst damage to multiple enemies.

However, Katarina has some notable weaknesses. Firstly, she is fairly reliant on surviving long enough to activate her ultimate, which can be difficult in extended trades or if focused down quickly by the enemy team. Additionally, many of Katarina’s abilities require precise positioning for maximum effectiveness. For example, Shunpo requires that Katarina be very close to an enemy champion for it to be successful and have a great impact on the outcome of team fights and skirmishes. Lastly, Katarina does not have any crowd control abilities (e.g., stuns or slows) so she often struggles against tanks that are capable of soaking up all the damage she can produce without taking significant punishment themselves.


Katarina is a League of Legends (LoL) champion with a huge range of abilities that make her a formidable opponent. Her abilities are varied, ranging from a damaging ultimate, to a movement-based dash, to crowd control and damage-over-time effects.

Let’s take a closer look at these abilities and how they can be used to gain an advantage in your favorite game:

Bouncing Blades

Bouncing Blades is one of Katarina’s signature abilities. It is a linear skillshot which means you ‘shoot’ a dagger in the chosen direction, that bounces off all targets it hits, dealing magic damage, resetting Katarina’s auto attack timer, and applying Grievous Wounds for a small duration. The ability deals more damage if there are multiple targets it will bounce onto. The initial hit and mark don’t consume any time from debuff so if you aim it properly, then use Shumpo afterwords you will get the full duration of mark hitting with 2 weapons simultaneously and dealing additional damage. Its max range is 900 units.


Shunpo is a Japanese martial arts technique which enables the user to move at extremely high speeds. This is typically accomplished by focusing chakra and utilizing it to propel oneself in short bursts of speed. In terms of shonen manga and anime, shunpo has become a more generalized term for any character’s ability to move at superhuman speeds.

Shunpo has become a staple ability in shonen manga and anime series, with other names and variations popping up throughout the mediums. In Bleach, the technique is known as “Flash Steps“, while in Naruto it is known as “Body Flicker Technique“. Although these techniques are different techniques, they all share some similar defining characteristics.

The defining characteristics of shunpo are:

  • Explosive speed; users of shunpo are capable of moving faster than the average human eye can see or track.
  • Little energy is required to perform; utilizing chakra or ki allows users to perform the technique without tiring themselves out quickly while also granting them enhanced agility and mobility when moving around quickly.
  • Users of shunpo can move from one spot to another in an instant, allowing them to dodge virtually any attack if used properly.


Katarina demonstrated herself to be a champion prepared for any opponent, capable of changing her strategy depending on who she is facing. In terms of abilities, Katarina has an impressive kit.

She has a number of offensive abilities, such as ‘Bouncing Blade’ which deals damage and slows down enemies, and ‘Killer Instincts’, which gives her an increased attack speed and increased movement speed for a few seconds. Her ultimate ability ‘Death Lotus’ does immense damage in an area around her—but can leave her vulnerable if used too early.

Katarina also possesses defensive abilities like ‘Shunpo’, which allows her to move quickly from one enemy target to another without taking much damage in the process—a useful ability when maneuvering around team fights. Aside from that, Katarina’s passive ability grants her additional agility and damage when she attacks closely to other enemies, making this champion even more unpredictable during encounters with multiple opponents.

Killer Instincts

Katarina has a unique set of abilities that allow her to ethically and skillfully eliminate her opponents in any fight. Her deadly combination of damage and crowd control set her apart from the other champions, who rely on brute force or tactical finesse to take down the enemy.

Katarina’s passive ability is Voracity. With it, she can quickly switch between her abilities, taking advantage of an opponent’s weakness for maximum damage output. When an enemy dies, Katarina gains 50% reduced cooldown on all of her spells, allowing for a massive amount of pressure when playing aggressively.

Her first ability, Bouncing Blades, is a skillshot that fires knives in an arc in front of Katarina that deal physical damage and applies grievous wounds on any enemies hit by two daggers. The second ability she has is Shunpo – a blink-like mobility tool allowing her to jump to an enemy or an ally’s location within range and dealing magic damage upon arrival.

Her third ability is Killer Instincts which empowers all basic attacks with bonus magic damage and grants Katarina a shield absorbing incoming damage up to percent maximum health depending on the level casted. This allows Katarina to play quite safely while rapidly building kill potential over time as she finishes off weakened targets with extreme ease.

Finally, Death Lotus is Katarina’s ultimate which deals very high physical damage up close applying grievous wounds effect if more than one enemy is in range as well as colossal range allowing for safe escapes with minimal consequences when timed correctly.

Tips and Strategies

Katarina is a powerful champion in League of Legends and is a great choice for anyone looking to climb the ranks. She is a versatile fighter and can fit into many different team compositions. To get the most out of this champion, you should follow some specific tips and strategies.

In this section, we’ll cover the best tips and strategies for playing Katarina:

Early Game

In the early game phase of a strategy match, you should focus on building up a strong economy, keeping your tech trees up to date, and attempting to overwhelm the enemy with more resources. By building an economy that is good at producing resources, you will be able to quickly increase the number of units that you can produce and begin expanding your territory.

You should also try to quickly develop tech trees in order to gain access to specific technologies that may give you an advantage over your opponents. Upgrading your military forces will help as well if you plan on engaging in combat with other players.

Building defenses around important locations or expansion points can help protect areas and hinder enemy advances, while beacons or watchtowers can provide useful information concerning the movements of enemies.

As the game progresses, different strategies may become more viable depending on the situation at hand:

  • Building up a strong economy.
  • Keeping tech trees up to date.
  • Attempting to overwhelm the enemy with more resources.
  • Developing tech trees to gain access to specific technologies.
  • Upgrading military forces.
  • Building defenses around important locations or expansion points.
  • Using beacons or watchtowers to monitor enemy movements.

Mid Game

The middle game phase is where your strategy can start to take shape, and victory may appear to be within reach. Here are some important tips for managing the mid game in chess:

  1. Control the center of the board. The center provides more mobility for both players and creates a great natural anchor from which to stage all future attacks and/or castle, depending on your end goal.
  2. Develop your pieces intentionally. Meaningful development involves making moves that can help control pieces of the board while safely protecting them from attack. It’s very easy to make a move that looks like development but actually weakens other parts of your position, leading to potential pitfalls planned by an opponent.
  3. Understand mobile threats: bishops and knights are excellent pieces that can inflict damage quickly but don’t over-extend them too far as they get pulled away from their fallback squares very easily in this stage of the game when other pieces are still being developed simultaneously. It’s often wise for a player to keep at least one bishop on its original square until it has been fully evaluated alongside other pieces on the board in order to accurately identify its offensive/defensive capabilities on both sides of the board using its colours of attack/defence respectively.
  4. Take advantages such as pins, forks or backrank mating threats seriously and do not waste time so you have time pressure on your opponent before these possibilities become real threats! Pins are more powerful than forks because they put an attacking piece permanently out of action by assessing it if removed, whereas a fork can lose momentum if too much time has passed without taking advantage of it meaninglessly (overlooking or underestimating).

Late Game

Late-game is where Katarina can really excel at outplaying her opponents. If your team has made it this far with you, then chances are you’ve done something right. Don’t let your guard slip now – continue to pay attention to enemy movements, watch for great opportunities and juke intelligently. When it comes time to team fight, unless you have a significant advantage in items and levels, it is usually safest to target carries who are isolated and out of position or prioritize objectives such as taking down towers or pushing inhibitors and Nexus turrets. Make sure to focus on what matters most in the moment – winning fights and objectives are key to victory during late-game scenarios.

Katarina’s ultimate ability can usually be used as a great finisher in team fights, but don’t hesitate when it comes time to pop her Shunpo (E) spell. This ability allows her great mobility and burst damage which can help win fights especially when coordinated well with your teammates – keep close tabs on your position so that you can find yourself inside the heat of the battle for maximum effectiveness.

Katarina benefits from a variety of item builds during the late game; try out different combinations to find what works best for you based on the composition of enemies and allies on your team. Items such as Bramblevest, Abyssal Mask, Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel are all excellent choices for Katarina at this stage in the game since they will give her incredibly powerful damage ramping potential alongside some survivability against heroes with high burst potential or tankiness. Readygange can also be used against opponents with high crowd control abilities who would otherwise easily shut down Katarina’s abilities if left unchecked. Furthermore, always consider buying wards which will help affords vision around contested areas – make sure not to underestimate how important map control is in competitive play!


Items play a very important role in Katarina’s kit on League of Legends. Knowing what items to get, when to get them, and how to itemize can make or break the game for Katarina. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look into the best items for Katarina and why they make her so strong. We’ll also look into when to prioritize certain items, and how to make sure your itemization is on point.

Recommended Items

When playing as Katarina, gathering the best items for your rank and playstyle is key to playing her to her full potential. Depending on your progression as a player and the way you want to play, there are several different recommended items that can greatly increase your success in battle.

For offense, there are five core items that can provide huge boosts of power. For example, a Deathblade will increase attack damage and critical strike chance while providing a unique passive that grants even more attack damage if the bearer slays their champion or epic monster targets. Other core offensive items include an Infinity Edge, a Ravenous Hydra, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and an Ardent Censer. All of these items offer unique benefits such as increased attack speed or cooldown reduction which makes them great choices when building Katarina offensively.

On the defensive side of things, three core items stand out among others. Armor penetration should be acquired from an armor penetration item such as Last Whisper to give you an edge against enemy tanks and fighters regardless of their armor level. Magic resistance should be acquired from either Banshee’s Veil or Guardian Angel since those two provide both armor and magic resistance at once. Finally, health is best obtained from a Warmog’s Armor for maximum health stacking with its passive regeneration effect for greater survival rate in battle scenarios.

In addition to these recommended offensive and defensive items, every item contains bonus effects that can be tailored according to different builds further specialized on maximizing Katarina’s prowess within specific game elements such as team fighting or laning phases, so make sure you are mindful of what additional bonuses you add via itemization whenever shopping around!

Situational Items

Situational items are items that may be beneficial to Katarina but depend on the situation of the match you find yourself in. These items can help address specific challenges that Katarina encounters in certain scenarios, such as an enemy team composition with plenty of crowd control (CC) or at least one major source of magic damage.

As with any item choice, you need to assess the specifics of your matchup and decide which situational item works best. Examples of situational items include:

  • Mercury’s Treads: Merc Treads provide additional Tenacity and Magic Resistance, making them ideal against teams with multiple sources of CC and magic damage (or when playing quickly against certain champions).
  • Banshee’s Veil: This powerful defensive item is great for many champions, and gives a combined bonus of health, mana, ability power and magic resistance. It also provides a unique shield which blocks one spell cast at you every 45 seconds; great for enemies that rely heavily on abilities like Veigar or Ahri!
  • Spirit Visage: This item comes with quite an impressive bonus, giving Katarina a rather large health pool as well as bonus Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction. Furthermore it also provides additional Magic Resistance making it great if the enemy team consists out mostly magic damage dealers.


One of the most important aspects of successfully playing any League of Legends champion is knowing their counters. Knowing your opponent’s weakness can make all the difference between a win and a loss. In this article, we’ll look at Katarina’s counters and how they can be used to your advantage.


Counters are champion statistics that determine who you’ll be facing off against in a League of Legends match. In general, counters are determined by champion popularity, so popular champions will have more counters than unpopular ones. Counters also take into account each specific champion’s statistics, such as win rates, pick rates in different roles, and abilities. All of these factors help to determine which champions are the hardest to counter and which might have a slight advantage over another champion in terms of playability.

When it comes to Katarina, she is considered to be the strongest assassin in the game. Her mobility and high damage output make her very difficult for enemy champions to keep up with and her abilities let her easily dodge enemy attacks while dealing heavy damage. As such, Katarina has some of the best counters among all Champions due to her unique ability kit and playstyle – here’s who you should watch out for when playing against Katarina:

Hard Counters:

  • Diana – Diana has a lot of CC ability poke damage & burst damage combined making it challenging for Katarina players looking to take objectives or roam around the map.
  • Ahri – Ahri has strong mid game potential combined with reliable poke & escape making it difficult for most Champions but especially Katarina when looking to get aggressive or coming out ahead in a prolonged fight.
  • Yasuo – Yasuo is known as one of the best duelists ever released by Riot Games due to his Wind Wall ability granting both lane control & attack protection from your opponent’s auto attacks. His tornado also allows him great area control when playing against Katarina allowing him enough time needed for combos & jumpbacks (if well timed).

Soft Counters:

  • Ezreal – While Ezreal lacks crowd control he still has enough range & kiting power which can be used effectively on mid lane matchups versus assassins like Katarina especially because his E can be used both offensively & defensively while providing an amazing health shield easily avoiding most counterplay initiated by enemies trying to get aggressive during laning phase.
  • Twisted Fate – Twisted Fate’s kit allows certain setups when up against assassins like Katarina that enable him both safe farming & strong disengage potential due his gold card + stun combo together with wild cards granting great wave clear enabling him pushing or roaming around effortlessly while keeping siege pressure simultaneously making it problematic for most champions during mid game stages of LoL matches.


When constructing your build on Katarina, it can be beneficial to include both offensive and defensive items. For offense, Infinity Edge, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Triumpfant Mourneblade and other crit chance items are great choices since they synergize with her passive. Defensive items such as Dead Man’s Plate, Thormail and Zz’Rot Portal can provide important utility or survivability and should be chosen based on the overall composition of the enemy team.

To complete a balanced build, Summoner’s Rift staples also remain essential. Teleport Boots of Lucidity grant more ocean control while Spellthief Edge provides some extra mana sustain for her spell-heavy kit. Time your Items carefully as some cooldowns are reduced when certain thresholds are met! Experiment with different combinations for Katarina to find a build that works best for you!


Katarina is an extremely mobile, devastatingly strong assassin with a unique kit that makes her a great choice for mid lane. She’s one of the best ganking champions in LoL, and her ult can easily turn the tide of battles or help secure objectives like Baron or Dragon. Although she can be quite squishy and vulnerable in certain matchups, her skillset is still one of the strongest and most well-balanced assassins in LoL.

Overall, Katarina can solo carry games due to her:

  • Massive burst damage from Shunpo.
  • A strong lane presence with Sinister Steel and Killer Instincts.
  • Sustain through Voracity.
  • More crowd control in Death Lotus.
  • Mobility from Shunpo.

With the correct item build and the knowledge to use it effectively, Katarina will quickly make an impact on any team she plays for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Katarina’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Katarina is a mobile assassin champion, who excels in taking down single targets quickly with her powerful burst damage and mobility. She is a great pick for those looking for a champion that can quickly get in and out of fights.

Q2: What is Katarina’s play style?

A2: Katarina is a high-skill champion that requires quick decision-making, good positioning, and excellent timing. She is best played as an assassin, utilizing her quick movement speed and damage to quickly take out enemy targets.

Q3: What abilities does Katarina have?

A3: Katarina has six abilities: Bouncing Blades, Sinister Steel, Shunpo, Death Lotus, Killer Instincts, and Voracity. Bouncing Blades is her main damage ability, Sinister Steel deals area-of-effect damage, Shunpo allows Katarina to teleport to a location, Death Lotus is a powerful ultimate, Killer Instincts allows Katarina to gain attack speed and cooldown reduction, and Voracity grants her bonus gold when she kills an enemy champion.