Overview of Kayle

Kayle is one of the most popular champions in the popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL). She is an angelic warrior who can bring justice and retribution with her powerful ranged attacks, crowd control abilities, and her ultimate ability.

This guide will provide an overview of Kayle, her abilities, and how to play her in order to be successful in the game.

History and Lore

The badass champion of League of Legends, Kayle, has a very interesting backstory. She’s a peerless warrior and a paladin that fights for justice. Her story dates all the way back to when she was born.

According to the lore of the game, Kayle is descended from two powerful families and is related to both an angel and a demon. When she was born, her mother died in childbirth and her father was forced to raise her alone. He wanted desperately for his daughter to follow in his footsteps and become a great protector, just like him.

At age nine, after discovering her unique abilities and feeling something call out from within herself, Kayle ventured into the desert wastes in search of understanding what she had been given these powers for. After two years of searching for answers in solitude and meditating under the stars – Kayle came across an ancient temple that seemed empty but held something deep within its halls – The Demon Prince Mordekaiser! Despite risking all kinds of terrors while attempting to battle against him – somehow miraculously making it through with her life intact – Kayle emerged victorious with a newfound sense that perhaps not only could she protect those she loves but also serve justice where it is due on the fields of battle from then on.

Since then she has made it her mission to hunt down evil wherever it exists, entrusting only her closest allies—like Morgana—to join her in this noble quest towards justice and truth throughout Runeterra!

Abilities and Playstyle

Kayle is a playable character in League of Legends, a popular video game. She is an Offense oriented champion, wielding both ranged and melee attacks. As an Elo champion, she relies heavily on positioning and timing her attacks.

Her first ability, Holy Fervor scales off Ability Power (AP). It causes physical damage to enemies near Kayle, increasing the damage the more targets Kayle hits with her attacks. Additionally, it provides bonus attack speed and reduces the enemy’s armor and magic resistances.

Her second ability is Righteous Fury which gives her weapon longer range and deals additional damage to enemies who are struck by it as well as nearby enemies. This also marks enemy champions so that Kayle has increased attack speed when attacking them.

Her third ability Reckoning allows Kayle to deal huge bursts of magic damage to enemies within range and further reduce their armor and magic resistances for greater effectiveness against tanks or foes who have built those type of defenses up using items or buffs. When used properly in conjunction with one another these abilities can decimate even the strongest of foes in seconds!

When playing as Kayle it is important to pay attention to your positioning, timing your abilities correctly, understanding when you need to go all-in or back off based on your opponent’s playstyle as well as be mindful of when fights turn in your favor so that you can capitalize on those moments with quick action!

Kayle’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Kayle is a popular champion in League of Legends and is played in the mid lane, top lane and the support role. Kayle has the unique ability to switch between a ranged form and a melee form. This makes her a very versatile champion who can adapt to a variety of situations in the game.

Let’s take a look at both her strengths and weaknesses to understand why she is such a popular choice.


Kayle is a powerful champion with an impressive versatility that allows her to excel in many different team compositions. Her kit contains both long range and short-range damage, making her a formidable opponent. Kayle’s ultimate ability provides protection for herself and teammates, or can be used offensively to it great effect. She is also adept at controlling the flow of battle by reducing enemies’ mobility while augmenting her own.


  • High damage output: capable of dealing sustained damage over time as well as bursty single target damage
  • Great mobility: has a solid movement speed built in with weapons that allow her to quickly reposition and attack from various angles
  • Versatile toolkit: possesses strong defensive capabilities while still possessing offensive potential to burst down targets
  • Ultimate ability: unique among league champions, the ultimate can be used offensively or defensively depending on the situation of the battle
  • Crowd control abilities: that are right click activated so players can continuously move and maneuver while still controlling the enemy team


Kayle has several notable weaknesses that players should be aware of before picking her for matches.

  • Firstly, Kayle’s damage output is low, even with strong gear. This means that she will struggle against enemies who have higher damages at all stages of the game and particularly during mid to late game team fights.
  • Kayle is also extremely item dependent, meaning she needs to build up significant amounts of gold in order to perform better than her opponents. As such, she relies heavily on good teammates who can help set up kills and engagements for her.
  • She also has trouble against champions who have mobility and crowd control abilities such as Vi or Jarvan IV, as they allow enemies to easily kite her or disrupt her ultimates in team fights.
  • Finally, due to Kayle’s counter-attack build, she is vulnerable against characters with large amounts of damage that can burst her down quickly such as Ziggs or Jinx.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Kayle

Playing Kayle successfully requires practice, knowledge, and understanding of the game. This guide will provide some useful tips and tricks to help you play Kayle more effectively.

You’ll learn how best to use Kayle’s ultimate ability and how to position yourself in team fights. We’ll also discuss how to itemize and which runes to use. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to dominate the battlefield and carry your team to victory.

Early Game

During the early game, Kayle can be a powerful tool on the battlefield. It is important to note that her basic attacks do not scale with attack speed or attack damage items, so building her to focus more on straight ability power is better in most cases. Start the game by focusing farm on minions and a mix of weaker champions in order to maximize your farm rate early game. It can also be beneficial to pick up an early health potion if you are headed into an aggressive situation.

When it comes down to laning, try and keep your opponent away but still letting them come to you when they switch targets mid-lane, making sure that at least someone of your team gets some easy last-hits in minion under tower.

When it comes down to team fights, try not to overextend and play around Vision control as well as summoner spell usage from both sides – keeping track of the timing cooldowns for flash etcetera from both teams will help safeguard you against reckless dives and trades. Make sure that your positioning within a fight is adequate or good so you don’t get hit by area of effect abilities too hard and make sure that when available you try and coordinate with teammates for successful ultimate combos.

Mid Game

Mid game is the time for decisive decisions to move a step towards victory and win the game. At this point, you have opened up your item tree and your ultimate has been unlocked, so now would be a great time to start grouping with your allies and looking for objectives.

With Kayle, mid-game will usually consist of team fights and skirmishes. As Kayle’s ultimate gives her some much-needed mobility, it is always wise to utilize this attacking or as an escape tool in mid-game combat scenarios. While fighting keep in mind that while Divine Blessing grants movement speed, it won’t make you go any faster than your current running speed so try to keep Keystones like Comet on if you are chasing opponents or running away.

When it comes to setting up fights with your allies, try to make sure that the location you pick both gives them the advantage of having more map control as well as safety when trying to engage enemies who are far away from their closest turret. Also, be sure that they don’t overextend during these fights!

In team fights, timing is important; Try to join late into skirmishes or teamfights then quickly jump back out once all cooldowns are exhausted for maximum effect – this tactic is applicable not only for you but also extends unto providing openings for other players on your team should they lack burst damage or patience early on in a fight scenario.

Try best not become overly aggressive during mid game because often times it sets off counter reactions from enemy teams that could potentially end up in unfavorable trades for both sides of the combat scenario – instead aim to create ambushes where possible; utilize terrain such as walls or height of map towards your advantage in order to close off enemy pathways rather than rush right into their camp unless coordinated with teammates (Dragon push or Baron Push etc).

Late Game

Late game is a crucial part of the match and how well you can perform in the late game could decide whether you are able to win or not. Kayle’s unique kit allows her to be incredibly advantageous in team fights and here is some advice for helping you ensure that Kayle ends every team fight with an advantage.

Picking Your Targets In Team Fights: Firstly, it’s important to understand when and whom to target in teamfights with Kayle. Since she is an marksman-style ADC, it is generally wise to aim for squishy champions first. This means that immobilizing champions such as Xin Zhao, Katarina, or Yasuo should be your primary focuses, as they are more likely to be eliminated quickly. However, if there are any tanks on the enemy side that need eliminating before they become too tanky, then they should also be targeted first.

Positioning: It’s best for Kayle to stand at a longer range while laning or while pushing targets down during team fights. This will minimize her exposure to damage while allowing her ample time to wind up her spell cooldowns – especially Reckoning and Divine Blessing. If needed, this provides your team with a great opportunity to engage by unleashing your ultimate with maximum effect since most teams won’t expect it from such a far distance away.
Once battle has been initiated, try and remain as far back as possible so long as you’re reasonably close enough for your projectiles or spells hit their targets without being blocked by minions from either side.

Understanding Dragon Timers: Finally understanding when dragon spawns can give you an invaluable edge during late game skirmishes so try and keep tabs on when dragon timers are active – even if it’s just short quick glances every now and then between other actions on the map – it could prove very useful since getting dragon buffs can mean all the difference in certain matches where teams have evenly matched statistics otherwise.. If you manage your aggro correctly once dragon spawned then gaining control of its buff will provide long lasting benefits for your entire team throughout the remainder of the match .

Recommended Builds for Kayle

When playing with Kayle in League of Legends, it is important to have the correct build for this champion. Your build determines your playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses in the game. It is important to understand the roles of your items and runes so you can use them to your advantage.

In this section, we will discuss the recommended builds for Kayle in the League of Legends:

Damage Build

For Kayle, a damage build provides the highest amount of damage output and is usually the best build for many team fights. This build will give Kayle an overwhelming amount of damage and an efficient way to take down enemies, especially tanks.

In this type of build, Kayle should aim to purchase items such as Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu’s Ghostblade for armor penetration, as well as Lunatic Caulcrab and Dead Man’s Plate for additional attack damage. Other recommended items include Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Last Whisper. These items provide not only sufficient raw stats but also enhance every basic attack through their active effects, allowing Kayle to become a formidable foe on any battlefield.

Tank Build

Tank builds are generally a viable way to play Kayle as they allow her to remain relatively safe while doing consistent damage to multiple enemies from a distance. This type of build focuses on items such as Randuin’s Omen, Sunfire Cape, and Dead Man’s Plate which will help you stay alive and provide armor for additional survivability.

You should also consider supportive items such as Locket of the Iron Solari and Knight’s Vow to further increase your durability while dealing out consistent burst damage with basic attacks. This tank build will provide you with a nice mix of damage, sustainability, and crowd control that will allow Kayle to thrive in the chaotic battlefields of the Summoner’s Rift.

Support Build

As a support, Kayle can be more aggressive, relying on her crowd control abilities and healing to keep allies healthy. Kayle excels as a disengager thanks to her ultimate allowing her to swiftly move away from danger, as well as peel for priority targets with ease. Early levels of Righteous Fury are key, allowing her increased range and lower cooldowns for more consistent damage output. Redemption is also a great purchase for support Kayle, improving her initial sustain and heals.

Kiting away from the fray is the safest way to play Support Kayle in teamfights. Righteous Fury allows you to pick off enemies one-by-one at a safe distance while keeping track of ally health with Redemption or Divine Blessing as needed. When engaging, keep you Eye of Justice ready so you can interrupt enemy spellcasts or mobility options when necessary. When Peeling pick strategic ultimates such as Chronoshift or Get Excited! if your tank needs extra survival help or Dive! if an assassin threatens your allies’ safety in the backline.

Lastly remember – it’s always a good idea to stay safe with Kayle so use Last Stand defensively and only go all-in when your team’s follows up your lead successfully!

Countering Kayle

Kayle is a unique champion in the game of League of Legends in that she is a highly mobile champion with utility and crowd control abilities. Kayle can be a powerful early game champion and is often seen as a lane bully.

In order to counter and beat a Kayle, it is essential to understand and identify the strengths and weaknesses of this champion. Understanding the range of her abilities, her escape mechanisms and her scaling in the late game are all important when learning how to counter and beat a Kayle player.

Her Strengths and Weaknesses

Kayle is one of the more difficult champions to master in League of Legends. She is an iconic character, and she has been part of the game since its launch in 2009. As a champion, her extreme mobility and multiple abilities makes her a force to be reckoned with. However, Kayle also comes with some potential weaknesses when being played against. It is important to know what these are so that you can counter them and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


The greatest strength possessed by Kayle is her versatility. Her ultimate ability, Intervention, grants invulnerability for a short period to an allied target or herself which can be used to systematically turn an engagement into your favor. In addition, she possesses long-range poke damage with her Q ability, Starfire Spellblade and high waveclear with her E ability Celestial Blessing. Her W Ability Divine Blessing gives Kayle a speedbuff which can be used both while chasing down opponents or as an escape tool while being kited by enemies. All-in-all Kayle can fit in multiple team compositions due to her well rounded kit making it hard to predict what job she will have on any given engagement.


While featuring great damage overall, there are some aspects of Kayle’s kit that give adversaries the chance of mitigating her damage output if they play their cards right:

  • After using Divine Blessing on herself there is a 4 second cooldown allowing rival assassins or ranged carries more than enough time for getting some free damage off before she has any chance at retaliating;
  • Her ult also has a rather slow cast pressure (1 second) during which enemies have enough time for dodging it if they predict correctly;
  • Finally losing waveclear advantage early on may prevent later ganks or teamfights from happening due to pressure not being applied properly across the map.

Knowing these faults will allow your team (and yourself!) set up defenses against this powerful champion in order for you become victorious over your enemies!

Recommended Champions to Counter Kayle

Countering Kayle in League of Legends (LoL) is tricky since her abilities range from excellent waveclear to great burst. She can be difficult to take down on the Rift and unless your team has someone with the right champion setup, she can create situations where an engager must be sent in earlier than expected. If a team composition lacks the right tools to punish her, it can leave opponents at a major disadvantage.

However, while Kayle is an incredibly powerful Champion, there are some Champions that can be used to counter her effectively. Here are some of the most recommended options:

  • Garen: Great counter and has a very powerful Silence ability that is easily able to disrupt Kayle’s ultimate or any other spell frames she might try to use.
  • Aatrox: Monstrous damage potential and has excellent waveclear to quickly answer Kayles clear.
  • Kled: This champion grants bonus attack speed with every auto attack and should be used in close proximity with Kayle for maximum effectiveness as Kled excels when fighting within melee range.
  • Nasus: His ultimate gives stacks of bonus damage which usually increases his attack damage significantly and makes it easier for him to duel with her throughout the game.
  • Camille: Her engage potential combined with heavy CC makes it easy for Camille to shut down any attempt at an extended fight by Kayle.
  • Jax: His E ability allows Jax quickly dodge out of most engagements attempted by Kayle and then he can go back in for a counter punch with additional bonus stats granted by his E ability itself making it easy for Jax to duel against Kayle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Kayle in League of Legends?

A: Kayle is a champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. She is a ranged fighter who specializes in dealing magical damage to her foes. She is a powerful late-game carry, capable of shredding enemy teams with her powerful spells.

Q: What is Kayle’s playstyle?

A: Kayle is a versatile champion who can both play aggressively and defensively. She is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage to both single targets and multiple enemies. Her ultimate ability, Intervention, gives her a huge advantage in team fights, allowing her to protect her allies or herself from harm.

Q: What are some tips for playing Kayle?

A: Kayle is most powerful when played aggressively. Try to get in close to your opponents and hit them with your basic attack and spells. Make sure to use your ultimate ability to protect your allies or yourself. Additionally, try to focus on farming and late-game objectives to make sure you have an edge over your opponents.