Kayn LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Kayn is one of the most popular and powerful League of Legends champions. His unique playstyle and options make him capable of finding success in almost any team composition and situation.

In this article, we will discuss the abilities and strategies you can use to become a master of this champion. With the right knowledge, you can become the Kayn main you’ve always wanted to be!

Overview of Kayn

Kayn is a champion in the highly popular game, League of Legends (LoL). Kayn has two different forms that provide versatile options during a match. He can either be an agile assassin who hunts down his enemies or he can be a ruthless warrior who charges into enemy lines. Due to his split form and unique abilities, Kayn can easily change the tides of battle.

Kayn’s passive ability allows him to evolve throughout the match depending on how well he is doing. This means that no two match ups with Kayn will ever be the same as he has two drastically different ways to play depending on what form he chooses and how well you perform in game. It also gives players new ways to explore their opportunities with this champion as every time they play Kayn it will be new and exciting for them as no game will ever be like the one before it!


Kayn is a shadow assassin and a member of the bi-shard species Kinkou. He was born on the Shuriman continent, where he grew up among the Kinkou Order. His newfound shadow powers were immediately seen as a blessing and a curse, leading many of his peers in the Order to believe that he was a chosen champion.

The lore behind Kayn is a complex one, and it is worth looking into for deeper understanding of the character.

Story and Background

Lore is a champion found in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL). Lore is a hybrid fighter and assassin. Lore was born as an ancient warrior, but running away from her own people during a civil war, she eventually and reluctantly joined the forces of the Shadow Isles.

Eventually, she learned to control her inner darkness and use it to fight for what she believes in. The result was Kayn, her Shadow Assassin form.

Kayn wields an ancient weapon known as Rhaast – an evil blade that can manipulate the shadows around it to create powerful attacks with great agility. In this form, he hunts down his enemies with lightning reflexes and razor-sharp blades – an unstoppable force of nature that deals swift death from any angle. While in human form, Kayn’s instinctive ferocity is still present though much weaker than before; when provoked he can transform into his true form on cue for maximum power and capabilities.

Kayn’s saga continues throughout lore as he strides through enemies gaining in strength and defeating foes before finally claiming victory over those who oppose him in the League. He is not only focused on getting stronger physically but mastering the control of his own darkness which makes him even more powerful than ever before.


Kayn is a complex champion that can be played in multiple ways. He has several abilities that can be used in different combinations to gain an edge in the game. His kit consists of two main abilities and two passives.

  • Q abilityReaping Slash – a damage and mobility tool.
  • W abilityShadow Step – used for crowd control.
  • Passive – alters his abilities based on the type of enemy champion he is fighting.
  • Ultimate – a combo of all his other abilities.

Let’s take a look at each ability.

Passive – The Darkin Scythe

Kayn’s Passive ability is ‘The Darkin Scythe’. This unique passive allows Kayn to choose a weapon between Shadow and Blade form which gives him vastly different playstyles.

When using his Shadow Form, Kayn gains bonus attack speed and movement speed when moving towards enemy champions, while in Blade Form he deals extra damage on basic attacks and bonus attack range based on the target’s missing health. Both forms grant bonus armor penetration as well as other benefits when fully charged by collecting souls from nearby minions or neutral monsters. When charging to full strength, Kayn emits a shockwave that knocks away nearby enemies.

This passive encourages Kayn players to adapt their playstyles to whatever matchup comes their way, allowing them the versatility that can help secure victory in any given game of League of Legends. Furthermore, the boost given from charging The Darkin Scythe can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the situation at hand for more strategic plays and maneuvers!

Q – Reaping Slash

Q – Reaping Slash is the signature ability of Scythe Master Amenhotep in the Ancient Egypt-themed VRMMORPG “Sands of Time“. It is a high-tier craftable ability that allows players to slash enemies in a wide arc with a scythe. The attack deals heavy damage and has an increased hitstun effect, allowing for follow-up attacks at a higher rate than other abilities.

When successfully crafted, it can be used in battle up to three times consecutively, dealing more damage each time it’s triggered and vastly increasing the potential damage output of Amenhotep’s combo chain. Additionally, when used in combination with other abilities, Reaping Slash grants bonus effects such as increased reach or decreased cooldown time.

W – Blade’s Reach

Blade’s Reach is a special ability that characters with the “W” (or Warrior) class gain when their intelligence reaches level 10. This ability gives Warriors a one-square melee line attack that increases with each level until it can reach up to five squares away. In addition, this attack has a higher hit chance for critical hits as well as piercing damage, which ignores most shield and armor protection.

Blade’s Reach makes Warriors especially effective at fending off hordes of enemies attacking from within their range while also providing them with an offensive edge in most cases, even against well-armored opposing characters. Additionally, it allows them to cover large distances in combat and move swiftly through narrow corridors or around potential obstacles in order to outmaneuver the opposition.

E – Shadow Step

E – Shadow Step is a powerful League of Legends ability which allows the user to step through a shadow and reappear in a new location, making it a great evasion tactic. The ability can be used to travel between different platforms, initiate surprise attacks on enemies or elude them quickly to safety.

Upon activation, the user will be instantly transported forward and any enemies standing in its path will temporarily become untargetable and lose vision of their target for up to 2.5 seconds. Additionally, if utilized within 4 seconds after casting another champion’s dash or jump abilities (such as Flash or Valkyrie), Shadow Step will grant an additional speed boost that increases with distance traveled.

Although this added bonus can be utilized to effectively surprise your opponents, care should always be taken when engaging in such tactics as doing so puts the user at risk of being caught by enemy champions in pursuit.

R – Umbral Trespass

R – Umbral Trespass is one of Kayn’s signature ultimate abilities. Upon activation, Kayn enters an ethereal form that allows him to phase through terrain and pass a short distance, ignoring all unit collision. He then gains bonus attack range and stickiness based on his path, along with bonus attack speed until he leaves this form or is interrupted by taking damage.

The effect of this ability is dependent on which stance Kayn chooses – Shadow or Darkin. Upon choosing the Shadow stance, he will deal bonus physical damage based on the active target’s maximum health while gaining movement speed when moving towards nearby enemies. On the other hand, if he chooses the Darkin stance, he will gain more damage from his next basic ability at each rank and become more difficult to target with enemy crowd control abilities for a duration after leaving Umbral Trespass form.

Regardless of which stance he chooses, Umbral Trespass has a global cooldown of 140/125/110 seconds at all three ranks; however its bonuses are only activated at rank 3 and onwards (which require 100 AP). This means equipping an item like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter can be beneficial in order to gain more AP early game as it increases spell power.

Best Items

When playing Kayn in LoL, it’s important to equip yourself with the best items to maximize your effectiveness in the game. Depending on your playstyle, the best items will vary but there are some choices that are universally recommended.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the various items that go best with Kayn and what effects they can have on your in-game performance:

Core Items

Choosing the right item builds for Kayn is key to ensuring success in League of Legends. The selection of items that a Kayn player should buy depends on their early-game performance and their matchup, but some strong core items exist that provide great stats and effects both defensively and offensively.

If you’re winning your lane, look to finish your core item as early as possible while building toward a strong mid- to late-game build. Some examples of these core items are:

  • Trinity Force – A very powerful all-rounder that provides great damage, attack speed and movement speed bonuses. Can easily be turned into the Death’s Dance or Stormrazor later in the game.
  • Sterak’s Gage – Great health boost and even more damage from your autoattacks due to its Lifeline passive.
  • Spirit Visage – Boost in both health regeneration and magic resist which help protect against burst mages or sustained magic damage from other champions.
  • Randuin’s Omen – The active slow makes it an ideal item for engaging on an enemy champion, plus it provides a good armor bonus and health regen increase as well.
  • Maw of Malmortius – Great pick if you’re up against lots of mages since it protects against magical attacks while also granting bonus attack damage.

These are just some examples of core items Kayn players can start building toward depending on their match ups or playstyle preferences; however, there is plenty more out there that can be used to suit different builds with different results! Experimentation with item builds is encouraged as part of understanding this versatile champion better!

Situational Items

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  • Personal first aid kit: Cut down on worries by packing a personal first aid kit with bandages, ointment, antihistamines and more; just in case of accidents or medical emergencies.
  • Flashlight/headlamp: Have peace of mind knowing that even if the power goes out during your stay; you won’t be stuck fumbling around in the dark!

Tips and Tricks

Kayn is a formidable champion in the game of League of Legends. For those who want to make the most of this champion, understanding some tips and tricks can be helpful. In this section, we will discuss some of the most useful strategies for playing Kayn effectively. This will help you to gain the upper hand in battles and reach your full potential when playing as Kayn.


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Teamfighting is an essential part of playing Kayn in League of Legends and is one of the main reasons that this champion is so strong. When teamfighting with Kayn, players should focus on positioning, timing their ultimates, and maximizing their damage.

Ideally, players should always position themselves away from the enemy frontline and behind their own front line or other teammates with crowd control abilities. This not only allows players to pick off targets without risking being focused themselves but also lets them capitalize on openings that might be created by teammates.

Kayn’s ultimates are powerful abilities in teamfights and can make or break fights if misused. For example, Kayn’s Rhaast ultimate creates a cage of terrain around him which temporarily rewards players with triple damage when hitting enemies inside its area of effect. When using Rhaast’s ultimate, it’s important to time its activation so it will hit as many champions as possible and maximize its damage potential. Similarly, the Shadow Assassin form capitalizes on surprise for outplay potential when used correctly in teamfights. To ensure maximum effectiveness against enemy teams,Shadow Assassin can be used to quickly pick off opponents who have stalled on objectives or are trying to avoid fighting while they are caught out at low health bars.

Kayn is known as an assassin because he has the ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage very quickly in teamfights if he gets close enough to his targets. Players should try to position themselves well so they are able to get close enough without being focused by enemy champions then use their spells efficiently for maximum return in damage output.

When to go for engages

Kayn is a champion designed to be a front line diver and initiator. When you play as Kayn, you need to think like one and ensure that when the opportunity arises, you go for it. When it comes to engaging, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your engage plays.

Firstly, look for areas where your enemies are in single file formation or scattered apart. This is the ideal window for Kayn to dive in with his ultimate or Blade’s Reach (R). Additionally, when going for engages be aware of Kayn’s Shadow Assassin form where engaging in this form gives Kayn more damage potential than if he were in Rhaast form.

Furthermore, be sure to check when important cooldowns such as Blade’s Reach (R), Duskbringer (W), Reaping Slash (E) are down on both enemies and allies. It might be tempting to engage when your cooldowns are up too but waiting until enemy cooldowns are down is the smart play here since it will give you better overall results. Additionally, doing some simple calculations before diving into a fight can help ensure an overall successful engage; knowing how much damage you need to deal and how much health you need to survive through the fight can help make sure that your team always has an upper hand in every engagement they make with their opponent’s team.

Finally, another thing worth keeping an eye on would be killing minions or monsters near objectives such as Beastfinger Rift Herald which will grant bonus gold from Blitz Beats buff which once stacked 3 times provides massive amounts of gold per kill which could then turn into gold earned from objective kills instead of kills itself – something very important in competitive games! Taking these into account as well as understanding each member of your team should grant a higher chance of success during engages by ensuring certain advantages each time through careful thought process before going into combat situations.


In conclusion, Kayn is an exceptional champion who fills the role of both a jungler and an assassin. He can be played aggressively or defensively depending on the situation. His ultimate gives him a great deal of control over the field and can help in securing objectives. His passive allows him to take risks without sacrificing too much health or resources, while his Shadow Step gives him options for mobility and quick map rotations.

With all these tools at his disposal he’s a powerful threat to any team composition if used properly. If you’re looking for a champion with high mobility and strong burst damage then Kayn might just be your go-to champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Kayn’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Kayn is a jungle assassin champion in League of Legends. He is able to initiate fights, pick off targets, and escape with ease.

Q2: What abilities does Kayn have?

A2: Kayn has a variety of abilities that allow him to be a versatile champion. His abilities include Shadow Step, Reaping Slash, Umbral Trespass, and Blade’s Reach.

Q3: What are some good items to buy on Kayn?

A3: Some good items to buy on Kayn are Duskblade of Draktharr, Death’s Dance, Ninja Tabi, and Infinity Edge.