Visit League of Legends downloadsThe Yordle, a race made up of spirits that look like tiny mammalian bipeds, are often found in a mysterious place called Bandle Metropolis. Although some Yordles have traveled to Runeterra, Kennen is one such Yordle.

Kennen, the Kinkou order’s Yordle member, performs as the enforcer Ionian steadyness. Kennen, despite his small stature is determined to face any threat with a torrent of shurikens.

Kennen is accompanied by his grasp Shen and uses his deadly electric power to confront his foes.


Who’s Kennen?

Kennen is the oldest-standing Kinkou Order member and the only Yordle within this group. He serves as The Tempest’s primary Coronary heart.

Kennen became interested in the Kinkou Order at a young age. Kennen was a creature of spirit and the materials realm. He suggested that he would be the arbiter.

The Kinkou order accepted Kennen’s knowledge. Kennen maintained the stability of Ionia for hundreds of decades by using diplomacy, drive and diplomacy.

Kennen, a member of the brand-new triumvirate handed judgment on how people may protect sacred steadiness. His friendliness as well as diplomacy kept the Kinkou together.

Kennen now aims to protect the First Lands’ concord with his shurikens, deadly electric power and other means.

Kennen’s skills and expertise

Kenne is a Specialist Mage champion who usually played on the baron-lane. He also took part in important staff fights as an initiator or manager. He is an S-tier staff struggle choice.

Kennen is an easy-to play champion, but he can be hard to grasp. He uses his talents to scale. His unique spells and abilities can change the course of any staff fight.

This is a deeper look at Kennen’s skills and abilities:

Mark of the Storm This passive talent allows Kennen to apply a stack of talents to enemy items for six seconds. It can stack up to three instances. When you use the second stack, the impact’s duration refreshes.

If you have used three stacks against an enemy unit, they are destroyed. You can stunning them for 1.25 seconds, and then restore 25 power.

Thundering Shuriken: Kennen activates the cost shuriken and inflicts magic damage to the primary foe.

Electrical Surge

Passive: This passive talent grants Kennen a stack Electrical Surge on attack, which could stack up to 4 times. Kennen will consume all Electrical Surge stacks if you have 4 stacks.

It will then apply Mark of the Storm to an opponent unit and deal bonus magic damage.

Energetic: When casting Electrical Surge, Kennen will ship out a surge of electrical energy to surrounding enemy items bothered by Mark of the Storm or Slicing Maelstrom—inflicting magic harm.

Mark of Slicing Maelstrom has both affected and harmed enemy items.

Lightning Rush: The Lightning Rush allows Kennen to rework into an electrical energy ball, disabling all his fundamental assaults while in impact. Kennen is ghosted, good points and has a 100% bonus motion velocity for 2 seconds.

Lightning Rush can be recast at any time after 0,5 second for its length. This is mechanically done after the interval.

Kennen, when he is reworked, can do magic damage to any enemy item he passes through. If he causes damage to at least one enemy, he can restore 40 power.

Recast: Kennen will finish Lightning Rush and receive bonus assault velocity of 4 seconds when he recasts it. This recast can be used even if there is no crowd management.

Slicing Maelstrom: Kennen activates Shuriken Storm. He will create a magic storm around himself for 3 seconds.

Kennen’s impact is a bonus of armor and magic resistance. He also “places” lightning bolts every 0.5 seconds on the surrounding items. Each enemy hit can be dealt magic damage by every lightning bolt.

Slicing Maelstrom causes a Mark of the Storm to impact. This maximums out at 3 units. Additionally, it can inflict 10% increased harm with each profitable strike in opposition of a foe. It could also inflict a maximum of 150% in just one strike.


Kennen is a Yordle top-laner and a hybrid harm top-laner. He can also harass top-laners because he is a ranged champion. This champion bases his damage on auto-attacks as well as spells. To get the best out of him, you’ll need to be able to comprehend each element.

These are some suggestions and ways to improve your use of this small, but deadly champion.

  • Three of Kenne’s Mark of the Storm can be used to stun enemy items
  • You may land the primary Mark of the Storm debuff on an enemy unit utilizing Thundering Shuriken—and add it with Electrical Surge for max harm.
  • Thundering Shuriken is the best way to defeat enemy minions quickly.
  • To start enemy harassment, you may need Kennen’s Electrical Surge.
  • Kennen will be “squishy”, so tactically think about what you can do before making use of charged fundamental attacks, similar to hiding behind minions or using it from the brushes.
  • When enemy items are on the second Mark, activate Electrical Surge to finalize a stun—or kill them altogether.
  • Lightning Rush is required in order to escape or interact with enemy items.
  • Slicing Maelstrom can be used to clear enemy waves. He can also move through enemy minions. Electrical Surge is the final option.
  • Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom gives three Mark of the Storm debuffs to particular enemy champions.
  • Kennen can use Slicing Maelstrom to add stun to the previous one.
  • Slicing Maelstrom must be used in staff struggle initiation. Lightning Rush should be the most preferred to allow you to pass enemy items while gaining good positioning.
  • Liandry’s Torment, which could synergize completely with Kennen’s passive, is an important product.
  • Kennen would not desire mana so be aware of harm gadgets like Doran’s Blade or Cull.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass is vital when using Slicing Maelstrom, so Keneen can live in staff fights that are higher.
  • Rabandon’s Deathcap is a fantastic rune that extends Kennen’s magic harm.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter can be used to increase well-being. It has a good AP, and a low sluggish effect.
  • Hextech Protbelt-01 may reduce Kennen’s cooldowns and allow you to sprint via fight or Banshee’s Veil.
  • Trinity Pressure may not be a popular choice, but Kennen may find it beneficial.

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