Kennen is a highly mobile champion in the popular multiplayer game League of Legends (LoL). He is a Yordle ninja with the ability to manipulate electricity and stun his opponents. If played correctly, Kennen can be a powerful force in your team and can be very effective in controlling the battlefield.

This article will provide an in-depth overview of Kennen’s abilities and how to play him successfully:

Overview of Kennen

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Discussion of Kennen’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Kennen is a powerful and versatile Champion in League of Legends that can work equally well as an Assassin, a Mage, or even as a Support Champion depending on how you choose to build him. He has some quite unique strengths and weaknesses.

One of Kennen’s major strengths is his high mobility. His lightning dashes make him hard to target, making it difficult for opponents to hit their skill shots or corner him in an unfavorable situation. With the right items, he can quickly move around the battlefield, both closing false distances or widening them when needed.

Another one of his greatest strengths is his crowd control abilities. His ultimate ability Stun Marker both slows down and stuns any enemies caught in its area of effect while Lightning Rush allows Kennen to dash through nearby enemy Champions every few seconds stunning anyone in his path as well as providing bonus movement speed for more frequent escapes.

However such supreme power comes with some weaknesses too; Kennen has no natural defenses and most of his damage comes from getting close enough that makes a target vulnerable to counterattack if you miss your skill shots or fail to back away fast enough after using your abilities. The range on nearly all of his abilities also leaves much room for improvement which could be used by foes against Kennen if they are able to ignore them once they reach the maximum distance away from him while still remaining close enough that he cannot do anything about it either way.

Update: This post has been updated with the latest balance changes in Patch 10.2


Kennen is a popular champion in League of Legends, and has a unique set of abilities to help him out in battle. His abilities can be used to damage enemies and to protect himself from harm. His passive ability, Mark of the Storm, is a powerful ability that can stun enemies, while his other core abilities Storm Dash, electroweb, thundering shuriken and lightning rush can be used to both damage and protect him.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Kennen’s abilities:

Mark of the Storm

Mark of the Storm is one of the most unique and powerful abilities available in video games, offering a wide range of purposes for characters to utilize. The ability was first featured in Blizzard Entertainment’s popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

In this game, players use Mark of the Storm to weaken their foes, slow and eventually remove an enemy’s spellcasting abilities, prevent a target from moving away or closing distance and even summon a damaging storm.

Unlike other abilities, Mark of the Storm has many different applications as it can be used in both offense and defensive situations. Players may find themselves using this ability offensively to slow down enemies while weakening them with multi-target attacks or defensively to ensure that they remain safe from incoming damage. Each application offers different advantages depending on what type of situation is presented before you making it an incredibly versatile and useful asset for any champion or hero character.

Moreover, some champions can have different effects on their foes when using their version of such an ability. Whether it’s adding status effects such as chilled or stunned upon hitting with an attack or procuring 30% armor reduction for 15 seconds every time they use their version of the spell, no two champions’ version will be exactly the same allowing for highly varied strategies out on the battlefield between heroes who possess this capability. Coming from something very small such as being able to stun enemies from one basic attack all the way up to removing enemies’ movement capabilities each use depending on how creative players are willing to get truly make Mark Of The Storm a powerful tool any hero would be fortunate enough to obtain control over.

Thundering Shuriken

Kennen’s unrestricted ranged ability, “Thundering Shuriken“, deals magic damage to an enemy unit on a long cooldown. It can hit multiple enemies when used in combination with Kennen’s other abilities. The missile has an initial cost of 55 mana, with a cooldown of 8 seconds. When the missile lands on its target, it will deal magic damage equal to a maximum of 40 + (50% AP).

The shuriken is unique in that the amount of damage dealt will increase the further it gets from Kennen upon release. With each successful hit on its primary target, the shuriken will bounce to nearby targets dealing reduced magic damage and slowing their movement and attack speed by 15%. This makes Thundering Shuriken an excellent disruption tool as it can slow and weaken enemies who are attempting to gank teammates or wave clear at turrets.

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of Thundering Shuriken is understanding how it interacts with other abilities. Lightning Rush gives Kennen a shield which prevents him from taking 30% less physical damage from auto-attacks during the duration of his active movement speed boost. Combining Lightning Rush before releasing his remote controlled shurikens allows him to safely position himself closer towards opponents after lightning striking in for initiation and then fire off 2 or even 3 waves of remote controlled elements for maximum burst potential.

Electrical Surge

Kennen’s Electrical Surge is a powerful poke and DPS tool which deals magic damage while also marking the target. The mark, or ‘surge’, will deal bonus magical damage every time Kennen hits it again with another attack or spell. This ability can be used to wear down enemies over time and help Kennen get an advantage in fights. It has a low cooldown but only lasts for a short period of time so use it often and wisely.

Kennen’s Electrical Surge procs the Mark of the Storm passive, giving Kennen extra bonuses in duels, skirmishes, and team fights:

  • Every third mark from this ability will stun and deal additional magic damage.
  • This additional bonus makes it rewarding for Kennen to stay in combat for prolonged periods as he accumulates more Marks of Storm onto his opponents.
  • The bonus burst damage caused by this ability is further enhanced when other abilities are used in conjunction with it.
  • This ability also has strong synergy with his Lightning Rush Ultimate as activating Lightning Rush applies two testmark stacks immediately, allowing Kennen to proc the third mark much faster.

Lightning Rush

Kennen’s Lightning Rush (E) is a dash that increases in speed each time he passes through enemies. This ability applies an Electrocute stun upon every third enemy champion hit, dealing bonus damage previously stored in his passive. Additionally, Lightning Rush also marks Kennen with a lightning icon and affords him bonus movement speed for 4 seconds.

Lightning Rush is the keystone ability of Kennen’s kit, with many of his other abilities benefiting from it. Its inherent bonus movement speed allows for gap-closing and puts him in ideal position to cast his ultimate or land follow-up crowd control. When using this movement ability, always keep track of your charges as not to miss out on additional electrocute stuns & dashes; your last charge should almost always be used for damage rather than just mobility, so make sure you don’t underestimate its potential!


Playing Kennen in League of Legends requires you to know some important combos. Combos are essential to deal more damage and to maximize your chances of success in the game.

In this section, we will be discussing the different combos you can use when playing Kennen. We will look into different variations of the same combos and how you can use them to your advantage:

Basic Combo

If you’re playing Kennen, it’s important to maximize your combo potential and know all the different forms of combos. Using basic combos is the best way to get started with this champion. A basic combo allows you to deal a good amount of damage and debuffs your opponents while punishing any mistakes they may make.

A basic Kennen combo and an essential part of Kennen’s kit starts off by charging his Lightning Rush passive and then pressing your Q+W+E+rAuto attack and lightning strike in a single rotation as quickly as possible. By doing this, you are able to quickly lock down your opponent with a electrocute procs from lightning rush, Thunderlord’s decree procs from lightning strike, Q damage flash-frozen by mark of electric shock from W, root expire duration frozen with E – electrical surge when hit up close. This allows for a big chunk of damage or possible all-in if execute correctly!

Advanced Combo

Advanced Combos are typically combos used by advanced level players in League of Legends. These combos involve timing and predicting your opponents actions in order to create an advantage for yourself. It takes practice and experience to understand exactly when, how, and why these combos should be used.

Starting with the basics, a basic combo requires at least three skills plus an auto attack from Kennen. However, advanced combos will usually require the use of his ultimate (Slicing Maelstrom), slowing effect from Electrical Surge (E), and Mark of the Storm (Q) to stun enemies. This can create a devastating combination for opponents that can even win team fights if played correctly.

Kennen’s standard combo without his ultimate should involve electrical surge first applying a slow which increases the chances he will land his Q ability followed by W ability as this will reduce cooldowns on E/Q so then follow up with a auto attack and finally another Q to stun. If playing properly any enemy champ being marked should be dead or close to it by this point.

To take it up a notch add in Slicing Maelstrom into the equation right after Electical Surge as this will deal massive area of effect damage and stack many marks of storm thus increasing the chance of stunning multiple people at once- ideal for team fights or flee rotations. Lastly don’t forget that whenever possible you should use lighting rush (R) as an escape tool as it not only gives you a lot of speed if successful but refreshes your cooldowns if your Shyvana target becomes rooted/slowed at some point during rotation.

This is just one example there are more complex strategies possible depending on Kennens itemization, what champions he’s playing against etc etc but hopefully this gives you an idea about more complex Kennen combos that are available!

Tips and Tricks

Kennen is an incredibly versatile champion in the popular game League of Legends. He has a wide variety of skills that can be used in many different situations, making him an effective pick in the game.

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks when using Kennen. We will look at how to maximize his abilities and how to use his skills to put yourself in advantageous positions.


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Harassing your lane opponent in League of Legends can be an effective way to shut them down. If a Kennen player is effective in harassing the enemy, they will be able to dominate the lane and take control of it. When harassing, keep in mind the following skillset:

  • Auto attack – This is the most basic form of harassment and should always be used when possible.
  • Q (Thundering Shuriken) – This skill has considerable range and should be used when possible.
  • E (Lightning Rush) – This is a great way to get close enough to harass with auto attacks or Q. It also grants brief invulnerability and can allow Kennen to escape from hostile situations.
  • W (Electrical Surge) – This skill passively grants extra damage on auto attacks, meaning it’s great for harassment as well as trading blows with your lane opponent.

When Harassing, try not use all of your abilities at once so you can always have one for potential enemies when they’re coming in for ganks or key objectives like dragon/tower dives or baron/rift herald grabs. Be sure to stay aware at all times and use minions to your advantage when needed!


Teamfighting is an essential part of League of Legends and playing Kennen effectively greatly helps your team’s odds. When it comes to Kennen’s ability to assist in the fight, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Kennen’s best bet is to stay at the backline of a team fight and use his range to harass any enemies that come too close try. Use his Q and Ulti E combination when they get close enough or in order to peel off Assassins like Zed or Talon. Keeping himself alive while dealing immense amounts of damage is key as that’s what will help your team win the fight.

It is also important to note that Kennen can be played as both an assassin and an ap bruiser since he can build both AD or AP focused. As a bruiser, you will want to stay on one enemy using your stun before rotating targets when mine moves aside. When you build AP, play more patiently waiting for opportunities from the backline instead, using lightning rush (Q) for mobility and Roaming ult (R).

Overall if you have mastered Kennen playstyle you should have learned how valuable he is in team fights as he has a wide variety of abilities that can be used very effectively to help turn around any teamfight if used well!


Kennen is a champion with a lot of potential, so it’s not surprising that many League of Legends players look for ways to build the best possible Kennen strategy. While everyone’s preferences for this champion will vary, there are some general tips and tricks that can help players maximize their performance with Kennen.

In this article, we have gone over all the important aspects of playing this champion correctly, from builds, to runes, to in-game decisions. Ultimately, with enough practice and dedication, any player can become a great Kennen player.

Summary of Kennen’s Strengths and Weaknesses

In conclusion, Kennen the Heart of the Tempest is an all-around great champion with a variety of strengths. He has a powerful burst rotation, strong poke damage, and excellent crowd control capabilities that can be used to manipulate enemy movement. Additionally, his ultimate allows him to obtain map-wide vision – handy for scouting out objectives and warding placement. His kit provides both offensive and defensive utility which allows him to survive in solo lanes or as part of an organized team composition.

On the other hand, Kennen does have some weaknesses that must be considered when weighing up his overall strength. For starters, he is highly vulnerable to being shut down by an early gank or poke composition since his mobility is quite weak unless he has access to electrical surge procs from basic attacks and abilities within a short window of time. Additionally, because he relies so heavily on auto attacks for damage and crowd control alike, losing his passive’s proc rate can significantly reduce overall damage output even if you have access to another source of mana regeneration such as Runic Echoes or The Hextech Transmitter trinket upgrade active. Finally, Kennen also lacks any kind of hard crowd control abilities outside of his ultimate which can often make it difficult for him to successfully secure kills outside of 1v1 scenarios if he’s not packing AP items like Liandry’s Torment or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter in the build path.

All these factors added together make Kennen a challenge but ultimately rewarding champion choice when mastering proper matchups, engaging strategies and warding activity.

Advice for Using Kennen Effectively

By far the most important factor to consider when playing Kennen is how to properly use his abilities. His abilities have a wide range of uses and can be used to great effect when combined correctly. To make the most out of Kennen’s kit, it’s important to understand each of his abilities, what situations are best suited for them, and how they work together in different scenarios.

Kennen’s kit elements are split into three parts: an aggressive burst combo, an area-of-effect teamfight utility ability, and an escape tool.

  • Lightning Rush (Q) – Kennen can charge towards enemies and use Electrical Surge (W) to stun nearby enemies along the way.
  • Slicing Maelstrom (R) – allows him to deal AOE damage and stun all enemies caught within the radius at once – which can turn a fight around when used properly.
  • Mark of the Storm (passive) – marks his enemy target with three stacks; once all three stacks are applied he can use Thundering Shuriken (E) to deal significant damage along with additional slows if he hits multiple targets at once.

When using these abilities effectively in combination with each other is key for success as a Kennen player – understanding how your opponents will react as well as predicting their next course of action will help dramatically increase your win rate with this champion. When playing him, remember that aggressiveness is often rewarded – because of his utility as well as burst potential he performs exceptionally well in skirmishes and teamfights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Kennen’s role in League of Legends?
A1: Kennen is a champion in the game League of Legends who is typically played as a mid-lane mage/assassin. He is known for his high burst damage and mobility.

Q2: What abilities does Kennen have?
A2: Kennen has four abilities: Thundering Shuriken, Electrical Surge, Lightning Rush and Slicing Maelstrom. Thundering Shuriken is a long-range skillshot that damages and slows enemies, Electrical Surge is a passive ability that applies a mark to enemies that have been damaged by Kennen’s abilities, Lightning Rush is an active ability that allows Kennen to dash to a location and Slicing Maelstrom is an ultimate ability that stuns all enemies within its radius.

Q3: What items are best for Kennen?
A3: Generally, the best items for Kennen are ones that provide Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction and Movement Speed. Examples of these items include Luden’s Echo, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Void Staff.