KhaZix LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


KhaZix is an insectoid-themed Jungler character that players can control in League of Legends. This champion is known for its burst damage and assassination potential, as well as its ability to move through walls. KhaZix is a high-risk, high-reward champion that rewards the player who can utilize their skills to the fullest.

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about KhaZix from his abilities, his playstyle, and what counters him in-game:

Introduction to KhaZix

KhaZix is a powerful jungler and one of the most popular champions in the League of Legends. With its invisible ability (Void Spike) and high burst damage, KhaZix quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its flexibility and versatility.

KhaZix is a Melee assassin that excels in both 1v1 duels as well as teamfights. Provided he has been well-farmed, KhaZix can easily be one of the strongest carries in any given game. His kit consists of mostly gap closers together with some utility spells to help him maneuver around the map with ease.

In terms of playstyle, KhaZix embraces the role of “the assassin” by quickly jumping onto his victims to take them out with his Void Spike and Taste their Fear abilities before they can take appropriate countermeasures. He needs ample mobility to traverse between targets while relying on high burst damage to secure kills during fights.

History of KhaZix

KhaZix is a champion from the game League of Legends (LoL) and was released in 2012. He is a Predator type champion with the ability to jump across walls and morph into different forms. He is identified as a Voidreaver, a large creature of immense power with the capacity to fly across large distances at high speed. KhaZix was once part of their species, but he chose to leave it after learning that his kind were bound by constraints too weak for him to accept. His unique powers allowed him to quickly study and master every form of combat he encountered on his journey, eventually deciding to become an assassin and take out targets from afar with accuracy and precision.

Since KhaZix’s release in LoL, he has become a highly sought-after champion by players seeking powerful champions capable of high mobility, tankiness and durability. Players have commented on his fluctuating levels of power based on whether or not enemy teams have vision on him which makes him extremely unpredictable in battle situations. With the addition of adaptive stats that scale up depending on certain situations, KhaZix has even more potential when it comes to devising strategies against opponents as well as providing an element of surprise.


KhaZix is a powerful champion in the League of Legends game. His unique abilities make him a versatile pick in many situations. In this article, we’ll explore the three main abilities of KhaZix: the Taste Their Fear ability, Void Spike ability, and the Leap ability. These abilities allow KhaZix to deal massive amounts of damage, create walls for protection, and even jump over walls to surprise his opponents. Let’s take a closer look at each ability:

  • Taste Their Fear ability.
  • Void Spike ability.
  • Leap ability.

Unseen Threat

Kha’Zix is a fearsome champion in League of Legends who strikes fear and dread into the hearts of enemy champions with his Unseen Threat ability. This ability allows Kha’Zix to become invisible for a period of time, allowing him to gain an upper hand in combat. When invisible, Kha’Zix is not revealed by trinkets, wards or other forms of detection. While Unseen Threat is active, Kha’Zix gains bonus movement speed and attack damage for a short duration. This unique ability allows Kha’Zix to take advantage of certain key moments during battle.

In addition to being invisible when this ability is used, Kha’Zix becomes immune to crowd control (CC) effects for up to 3 seconds depending on the level it has been upgraded. During the period that Unseen Threat is active, nearby enemies will receive vision debuffs and will be oblivious to where Kha’Zix might be lurking since they are unable to see him while he’s invisible. This “invisibility cloak” provides an opportunity for Kha’Zix players to surprise their opponents mid-fight and set up advantageous situations as they swiftly move around the map undetected.

Unseen Threat makes it hard for enemies (especially melee ranged attackers) to target Kha’Zix since his positioning becomes essentially unpredictable, especially during chaotic team fights where multiple players are going in different directions while trying their best not be taken down by enemy champions who have unknowingly come face-to-face with death himself – the Void King – KHA’ZIXX!

Taste Their Fear

One of KhaZix’s most iconic abilities is Taste Their Fear, a single-target melee attack that deals physical damage.This ability is unique among KhaZix’s offensive options because it can isolate targets from surrounding enemies. Not only does this make the isolated target more vulnerable to attacks, but it also provides KhaZix with a substantial damage boost making Taste Their Fear an invaluable part of the bounty hunter’s killing spree.

When facing multiple enemies, isolating one specific target can provide significant safety and damage benefits for KhaZix compared to engaging all enemies head on. When executed correctly, Taste Their Fear can provide KhaZix with enough leeway to focus on killing a single enemy while staying safe from other assailants.

The power of Taste Their Fear is determined by its rank or ‘level’ which is increased as KhaZix acquires experience points through champion kills, assists and minion kills in matches. As the rank increases so does both the damage it does and range at which it can isolate targets. When maximized, Taste Their Fear becomes a terrifying AoE (Area of Effect) tool capable of isolating large groups of assailants at once and dealing considerable damage to anyone caught within its range regardless if they are isolated or not.

For those looking to play as the deadly void predator KhaZix, mastering the ability Taste Their Fear should be priority number one when piecing together successful strategies against opponents in game scenarios.

Void Spike

Void Spike is a fundamental ability in the game that allows players to fire certain projectiles from themselves. It is an instantaneous attack and players can apply it to almost any situation. When used, it fires a projectile that deals damage and applies different types of effects based on its type:

  • Basic Void Spike – a basic projectile that deals moderate damage when used.
  • Void Snare – an enhanced version of Void Spike which deals additional damage and can be used to slow enemies.
  • Void Shell – a powerful shotshell which amplifies damage and gives the user access to more powerful abilities.
  • Void Burst – an advanced ability that gives the user access to special area of effect void powers which deal AOE damage or powerful crowd control effects such as stun, fear, knockback or life steal.

It is important for players to practice with Void Spike so they can get better at using their abilities effectively and efficiently in any situation they encounter while playing the game. Training with Void Spike will help them become familiar with its various uses, enabling them to use it strategically according to the situation at hand.


Leap is Kha’Zix’s primary mobility skill and one of the most powerful abilities in his kit. This ability allows Kha’Zix to jump around the battlefield quickly and efficiently, closing down enemies or getting out of sticky situations.

Kha’Zix’s Leap can be triggered by targeting an enemy unit with it, which will cause him to jump over them in a straight line. Alternatively, it can also be used to traverse terrain by targeting an empty piece of ground. This gives him great flexibility in moving around the map and ensures he has a good amount of mobility throughout all stages of the game.

The bonus damage on his resolute claws skill adds bonus magic damage whenever Kha’Zix uses Leap (or any other mobility spell) on an enemy champion or monster. Additionally, leveling up this skill increases its range and bonus damage so it becomes even more potent as the game progresses. Finally, it increases Kha’Zix’s Attack Speed while leaping onto an enemy champion making him hit harder and faster every time he leaps onto his target.

Void Assault

Void Assault is a rare ability among the Protoss species, allowing for manipulation and utilization of Void energy. Void Assaults are capable of temporarily shifting objects and structures out of the normal reality, using the energies inherent in their own bodies. These shifts can cause great destruction to those incapable of withstanding the flux and can be incredibly powerful in the hands of an experienced master.

When performing a Void Assault, a Protoss user draws upon Void energy from within their own body, amplifying it with their psionic power to shift objects into or out of existence. This action generally must be done while standing in close vicinity to whatever they wish to manipulate. From here, certain techniques can be used by those skilled enough to control even greater power. Although most Protoss possess this knowledge, very few have developed it further beyond basic understanding. However, skilled practitioners can utilize both mass shootings and precision strikes; manipulating multiple enemies at once or just a single target depending on their needs.

Void Assaults require high levels of focus and concentration from users; an unfocused attempt could cause chaos beyond reasonable control. Therefore, any unit with access to this powerful ability should use caution when testing its limits wherever possible. With proper training and diligent practice however comes immense potential; opening up new possibilities to make use of such powerful energies within combat scenarios throughout the universe.


KhaZix is a powerful champion in League of Legends and has a unique set of abilities that make him one of the toughest opponents in the game. To be successful with KhaZix, you need to have a good strategy in place. Knowing when to use his abilities, when to attack, and when to retreat can make all the difference in winning or losing a game.

In this article, we’ll go over various strategies and tips to help you get the most out of playing KhaZix:

Early Game

During the early stages of a game, Kha’Zix’s main aspects involve Farming and Scouting. Farming can last up until the mid-game, and involves taking down minions in order to accumulate gold. The minions are located in groups in each lane of the map that Kha’Zix is in, and their death will progress your team towards victory. Scouting is important to maximize your awareness of the opposing teams’ position on the map, as well as decide when it would be best to engage them or avoid them temporarily.

To maximize Kha’Zix’s farming potential in the early game, make sure to take advantage of his passive Unseen Threat which gives bonus damage for outnumbering an enemy minion or champion. Unleash his Q ability Taste Their Fear after jumping on an isolated minion to quickly secure a kill. Consider taking Ignite as a summoner spell to give you extra damage for securing farm.

Lastly consider building according to your lanes needs; items such as

  • Doran’s Shield
  • Tear of Goddess

help Kha’Zix survive and farm efficiently throughout lane phases.

Mid Game

Mid game is typically when Kha’Zix can begin to become a terror on the Rift if the player has executed their early game strategy correctly. During this period of the game, Kha’Zix will be looking to both farm and scout out opportunities to ambush unsuspecting foes who straggle away form their team. With the right items, Kha’Zix can dominate in a solo mid lane or help in devastating ganks with his powerful burst and crowd control abilities.

If an opportunity arises to pick off an enemy champion, Kha’Zix will be able to quickly capitalize using his Unseen Threat ability which gives him additional damage when attacking enemies that can’t see him. Additionally, in mid-game situations where enemies are grouped up, Kha’Zix still has plenty of damage potential with his W – Taste Their Fear allowing him to mark and jump target opponents dealing a massive amount of damage but at the cost of some of his own health as a consequence for aggressive fighting.

Overall, playing Kha’Zix during mid-game should focus on:

  • Keeping tabs on enemy movements
  • Picking off weakened targets
  • Taking gank opportunities when they present themselves during team fights or skirmishes

As an assassin playstyle character it’s important for Kha’Zix players to know when it’s safe to engage and how long they need to wait before jumping into another fight seamlessly into their next objective.

Late Game

Late game strategies are typically employed by players who have already invested in a considerable amount of time into the game. At this point, players may have a considerable edge over their opponents as they will likely understand the game’s dynamics and mechanics better.

Late game strategies focus on leveraging this advantage to maximize their investments and become more powerful. Effective strategies include:

  • Playing defensively.
  • Attacking weak points.
  • Expanding territory and economy.
  • Building up military forces.
  • Accelerating research development.

These strategies should be tailored to the unique features of each individual situation for maximal benefit.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to mastering the League of Legends champion KhaZix, there are many tips and tricks to take advantage of. This guide will provide an in-depth look at KhaZix, from his abilities to his most effective strategies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player there’s something here for everyone.

Let’s jump into our discussion of the tips and tricks for KhaZix:

How to Use KhaZix’s Abilities

Kha’Zix is a powerful champion capable of dealing large amounts of damage while remaining tanky enough to withstand enemy counterattacks. In order to make the most out of Kha’Zix, it is essential to understand how each of his abilities works.

Kha’Zix’s signature ability, Unseen Threat, gives him bonus movement speed after he assassinates an enemy champion or a neutral minion or monster. This bonus movement speed can quickly close the gap between Kha’Zix and any fleeing enemies, allowing Kha’Zix to set up powerful assassinations or escapes from ganks.

Kha’Zix’s Void Spike is a cone-shaped skillshot that deals physical damage and significantly slows enemies that it hits. After firing, the spikes can be reactivated for a larger explosion which does additional magic damage and further slows enemies caught in its blast radius. This ability can be used in both offensive and defensive purposes, either initiating team fights or escaping lethal situations.

Taste Their Fear is Kha’Zix’s short-ranged auto-attack modifier that allows him to deal bonus physical damage proportional to the amount of health his target has missing. This ability often allows Kha’zix to finish off fleeing targets who have been reduced below 30% health after being attacked with his other abilities or auto-attacks.

Leap is possibly Kha’zix’s strongest tool for assassination by allowing him quickly gain positioning on a single enemy target as well as doing burst physical damage on top of already weakened targets. Additionally, Leap causes vision disruption in its area of effect which provides great advantage during team fights when attempting to remove key players from their position before engaging in combat with their team mates.

Finally, Evolved Enlarged Claws provides Khat’zix enhanced burst potential by increasing the range at which Leap can target enemies as well as boosting the bonus physical damage dealt via Taste Their Fear by 50%. For this reason Evolved Enlarged Claws should almost always be selected as one of two Devolution Points put into Khat’zik’s Evolution Point system.

How to Counter KhaZix

KhaZix is one of the most feared champions in League of Legends and can be especially difficult to counter. Fortunately, there are some basic strategies that you can use to counter him before you have enough items or levels to out-damage him. Here are a few tips that might come in handy when facing KhaZix:

  • Stay close to your turret – If KhaZix jumps on you, he will be within range of your turret so you can use it for additional protection. Keeping distance from him also means he won’t be able to jump and escape easily as well.
  • Crowd control is key – If your team focuses on crowd control abilities such as slows, stuns and silences, it will make it more difficult for KhaZix to reach his target and clear out the lane quickly.
  • Create vision with wards – Creating vision with wards makes it easier for your team to keep track of KhaZix’s movements and react accordingly when he tries to get away or jump onto somebody unexpected.
  • Play defensive – The key here is not getting out-traded by KhaZix in fights so try not to take unnecessary risks that could cost you the game in the end. Focus on surviving this skirmish instead of chasing kills aggressively.
  • Buy items suited to counter him – Get items that are tailored towards countering KhaZix such as Frozen Heart, Abyssal Mask, Randuinʹs Omen etc., which can help make fighting him easier by reducing attack speed/damage taken etc..


In conclusion, Khazix is a versatile and powerful champion in League of Legends. He is great for aggressive and defensive plays, doing very well in both roles with his ability to jump over walls and stay hidden in bushes.

Khazix is extremely effective in solo lanes, either top or mid lane, and can make a huge impact against the enemy team if used strategically. Although he can be difficult to master, with some practice, Khazix can become a formidable champion, and perhaps a go-to pick for your team.

Summary of KhaZix

KhaZix is one of the most powerful Champions in League of Legends. He offers excellent mobility, great damage and strong team-fighting capabilities that make him a great all-around champion. His passive ability allows him to become invisible and gain increased attack speed, enhancing his already high burst damage potential. His utility in team fights comes mostly from his ability to jump onto priority targets quickly with Leap and deal heavy damage with Taste Their Fear and Void Spike abilities. When played correctly, KhaZix can easily take control of most fights and overwhelm opponents with his immense power.

KhaZix’s excellent mobility makes him capable of making plays all over the map, whether it be taking out objectives or roaming around the ally jungle to create problems for enemies come late game. Since KhaZix does rely on isolated targets for the majority of his damage, it is important for KhaZix players to have smart positioning in fights in order to get off as many successive bursts as possible on unsuspecting victims. With good teamwork combined with smart play from a KhaZix player, this champion can shine at any stage of the game regardless of where he is placed or what team composition he is playing against.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is KhaZix’s role in League of Legends?

A: KhaZix is a melee assassin champion in League of Legends. As an assassin, his main roles are to burst down enemy champions quickly and then escape safely.

Q: What are KhaZix’s special abilities?

A: KhaZix has a variety of special abilities. His passive, Unseen Threat, allows him to gain extra damage against isolated targets. His Q, Taste Their Fear, allows him to instantly execute low health targets. His W, Void Spike, allows him to surprise enemies with an area of effect damage. His E, Leap, allows him to jump over some walls and other obstacles. His R, Void Assault, allows him to become invisible and gain bonus movement speed.

Q: How can I play KhaZix effectively?

A: To play KhaZix effectively, you need to be able to position yourself well, utilize his abilities effectively, and make use of his passive, Unseen Threat. Additionally, you should focus on learning how to use his burst damage and assassination potential to secure kills and objectives, while also keeping an eye out for opportunities to escape from danger.