Because the Void grows and adapts—none of its spawnlings are extra obvious and potent than Kha’zix, the Voidreaver.

Kha’zix is a product of evolution, born to adapt and outlive. Kha’zix can’t seem to get to his prey and he finds new, more friendly ways to defeat them.

Kha’zix started out as a stupid beast. His intelligence has improved as much as his species.

Kha’zix now plans out his hunts, and makes the most of the visceral terror that he causes in his victims.


Who’s Kha’zix?

Kha’zix, a Void predator that infiltrated Valoran and ate its most precious and promising creatures, is deadly. Kha’zix gets points for every kill. This allows him to grow and become more powerful.

Kha’zix is most hungry to eat and beat the places he visits.

When Kha’Zix crossed over into the “actual” world, he was fragile and ravenous—and solely hunted smaller and weaker prey. He is now determined to feed his hunger by focusing his starvation on the most deadly creatures and risking his life in order to do so.

Kha’Zix was quick to hunt with unrestrained aggression. He was convinced he was unstoppable until Rengar, a vain trophy hunter.

After getting into a deadlock, Kha’zix became excited at the prospect of eating the Void’s powerful entity. Kha’zix is now resolute in his search for the powerful prey he found.

One day, he will eat Rengar.

Kha’zix’s talents and expertise

Kha’zix is a harmful void predator repeatedly looking for energy by feasting on his foes—and evolving. He absorbs the power of the creatures he consumes, and reworks them into something even more destructive.

Let’s look more deeply at Kha’zix’s talents and expertise.

Unseen Risk:

This passive ability causes Kha’zix’s next fundamental attack against enemy champions to cause an additional 14-116 magic harm, and slows them down 25% for two second.

Kha’zix will gain the Unseen Risk Talent every time an enemy loses sight of him, or whenever Void Assault hits impact.

Style Your Concern:

Passive: This passive potential allows Kha’zix to routinely take into consideration any enemy that doesn’t have as many allies.

Lively: Kha’zix can cast Style Their Concern to slash a goal enemy and inflict bodily harm. This is increased up to 110% for remote goal models.

Advanced Reaper Claws This passive talent allows Kha’zix to earn 50 bonus ranges on his auto-attacks as well as Style Their Concern. Remote targets can take additional damage from Style Their Concern.

Advanced Reaper Claws that hit distant enemy models will likely reduce its cooldown by around 45%.

Void Spike Kha’zix ignites a group of spikes that are directed in a straight line to the location. It explodes upon striking enemy models. It causes bodily harm to those who are within the space.

Kha’zix can heal his self when he is in the explosion radius.

Spike Racks Advanced: Kha’zix will fireplace three clusters, slowing enemy champions by 60% and revealing them for a couple of seconds.

Be aware that several explosions are not likely to cause more damage to the enemy, nor do they provide therapeutic relief for the champion.


Kha’zix, when activated, will fly to the destination and inflict bodily harm on all enemies who make contact.

Style Your Concern throughout Leap.

Advanced Wings Kha’zix can evolve Leap to “advanced wings” while you are evolving it. These wings allow Leap to reach 200 elevated vary and reset its cooldown for enemy champion takedowns.

Void Assault:

Passive: Kha’zix can develop his potential by acquiring all ranks of Void Assault, which gives him more impact and makes it stronger.

Choosing a capability to improve or evolve initiates a 2-second forged time, throughout which Kha’zix advances his kind—finishing the evolution after the period.

Lively: Kha’zix becomes invisible when Void Assault is in effect, and can achieve 40% bonus motion velocity while in stealth mode.

You can re-forge Void Assault after you have left his invisibility state for 2 seconds and the 10 subsequent seconds.

Kha’zix will imitate the results of the preliminary forged while you recast Void Assault.

Advanced Adaptive Cloaking Kha’zix will be able to see for an additional 2 seconds when Void Assault is upgraded.

This talent could be developed as many as three times.


Kha’zix ranks among the top Jungle Picks in League of Legends. Read MoreYou will find him a challenging but rewarding champion to play. The Voidrevear’s methods are the key to success in the recreation.

Below are some suggestions and techniques that will help you understand Kha’zix’s complex gameplay.

  • If they don’t have close allies, enemy models are considered remoted. Their Concern is elevated against them.
  • Kha’zix’s Unseen Risk activates when an enemy group can’t see him. You can reactivate the Unseen Risk by using brush or Void Assault.
  • As these ensure hits, remember to use Unseen Risk by attacking enemy champions auto-attacking.
  • Kha’zix may allow you to Q sooner than E talent lands. This allows you to use harm earlier and gives you the chance to forge a second Q spell.
  • Kha’zix’s final location will place you in “invisible”, making it difficult to be revealed completely or hit by focused spells.
  • Your W can use Kha’zix’s passive to weave out and in imaginative and prescient, and firing the spell allows for more poke harm.
  • Kha’zix’s Q can be used to reset auto-attacks. It is best to use it in conjunction with his auto-attacks for heavy burst damage.
  • Krugs can be remoted. However, their smaller variants float in the air during their spawns. Kha’zix’s K do more harm.
  • Kha’zix, one of the few champions, is already strong within the early recreation. To move your group forward, you should skirmishes and ganks as many enemy models as possible.
  • Kha’zix may be able to reapply the passive and release Duskblade Draktharr’s harm from his unseen state.
  • Kha’zix is an excellent 1v1 duelist who can take down most distant targets. It is best to take out the enemy Jungler as soon as possible and leave them behind.
  • You can develop your talents by reaching the ranges 6, 11 and 16 as Kha’zix. It is better to improve his Q first.

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