Lee Sin

Lee Sin LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lee Sin is a powerful and versatile champion in League of Legends. He is a melee fighter with a high degree of mobility, allowing him to quickly enter fights, reposition himself, dodge skillshots and initiate fights. The champion is also known for his high early game damage, which makes him a great pick in the jungle as well as in the top lane.

This article is an introduction to Lee Sin and will explain his abilities and how to play him effectively.

History of Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a champion in League of Legends that has been a part of the game since its original launch. He was released on October 10, 2009 and was quickly embraced by players due to his unique back story. Lee Sin had been trained from birth as an orphan in the Kinkou Order, making him a master martial artist who could manipulate energy and summon rainmakers with his fists and feet.

The champion is also known for his ability to see through illusionary attacks with “Sonic Wave”, which allows him to first detect hidden enemies and then deal damage accordingly. Lee Sin’s skillset includes his signature burst damage, crowd control abilities, shield abilities, as well as defensive utility. His natural versatility makes him well-rounded in nearly any lane he is put into, and withstands tough matchups regardless of context.

In terms of lore, Lee Sin was a member of the Kinkou alongside Akali, Kennen and Shen; however has since left the order due to turmoil within its ranks between himself and Zed’s actions. He now travels across Valoran using his martial arts skills to restore balance wherever he goes; this has earned him respect among allies and enemies alike.

Overview of Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends (LoL). He is an incredibly versatile character who can fill any role that is needed on the team. His skillset and passive allow him to be a great jungler, assassin, or tank. His specialty lies in mobility and his ability to peel for his teammates through crowd-control effects such as stuns and knockbacks.

Lee Sin is classified as a “bruiser” due to his must-have skillset: Mobility, defense, and damage. These attributes allow him to go toe-to-toe with other champions while still being able to escape danger if needed. Lee Sin’s primary stat of choice is attack speed which increases the damage output of his abilities. His kit also includes AoE damage, crowd-control effects, resource sustain, unique shield mechanics, dash abilities that enable rapid movement when used correctly.

Lee Sin’s ultimate ability allows him to target an enemy in order to jump towards it while dealing true damage and stunning them when he lands near them on impact. He can use this ultimate in order to quickly reposition himself or an ally by using the power of his ultimate’s signature move ‘Dragon’s Rage’. Additionally Lee Sin has further spells readily available for gap Closing/Escape tactics such as ‘Sonic Wave’, ‘Resonating Strike’ & ‘Tempest’. Overall with smart positioning during team fights/objective taking/invading Lee sin can be benefit any team composition designated for ‘playmaking’ & ‘outplay potential’ scenarios whilst utilizing less resources than standard assassins thanks to Lee Sins powerful shield mechanic empower via playing Distortion (W).


Lee Sin is a versatile champion in League of Legends with a lot of tools at his disposal. He is capable of doing a variety of roles in various team compositions. Let’s look at the abilities that make Lee Sin such a unique champion.

He has four active abilities as well as an ultimate ability. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

  • Q: Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike
  • W: Safeguard/Iron Will
  • E: Tempest/Cripple
  • R: Dragon’s Rage

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike

In the world of League of Legends, Lee Sin is one of the most mobile champions and is constantly on the move. This is due to his Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike ability which allows him to dash a short distance in any direction.

The Sonic Wave shoots out towards an enemy unit, including champions and minions, dealing physical damage and slowing them for 3 seconds. Upon impacting an enemy unit or reaching its maximum range, the wave will Echo out in all directions to find other enemies hit. If a second enemy or Lee Sin himself is hit by this Echo wave it will deal additional magic damage and briefly slow them down too.

The Resonating Strike can be activated as a follow up to the Sonic Wave, allowing Lee Sin to fly directly into his enemy target. This allows him to close in quickly on enemies who are fleeing allowing him to score critical kills by catching out unsuspecting opponents with this devastating combination. Additionally, using Resonating Strike will restore some energy when used on enemy targets allowing Lee Sin more ability usage if utilized effectively.

Safeguard/Iron Will

Safeguard and Iron Will are two different abilities that both help Pokemon protect themselves from enemy attacks. Safeguard is a non-damaging Normal-type move, meaning it has no additional effects. When the user has Safeguard active, all Pokemon on their side of the field become protected from non-damaging moves for five turns.

Iron Will is a Psychic-type move that increases the user’s defense stat by two stages when used. It is also considered a priority move, so it will be performed before any other moves on the same turn as long as all involved Pokemon are using three or more stages. Iron Will gives the user an advantage against both physical and special attacks by raising its defensive stats, although this can be countered by an opponent’s stat-lowering moves such as Acid Armor or Bulk Up.


Lee Sin has two abilities that help him mitigate incoming damage and progress in fights. Tempest (Q) is a skill shot that deals a moderate amount of physical damage, knocks up enemies it passes through, and then explodes for additional magic damage when it hits its target. Cripple (W) is an AoE slow that can be applied after Tempest’s initial hit, allowing Lee Sin to slow multiple enemies if they are close together.

There are several ways to combo these two abilities together – including using Tempest first to launch an enemy into the air and then using Cripple to slow them before they hit the ground – which makes both of them incredibly versatile and lethal in teamfights. Combined with his ultimate (R), Dragon’s Rage, Lee Sin can easily juggle enemy champions in place while his team mops them up or peels away at their health bar.

Dragon’s Rage

Lee Sin’s ultimate ability, Dragon’s Rage is a powerful area of effect displacing impulse damage skill, able to launch enemies up in the air and deal significant damage in the process. This ability can be used in a variety of ways as it leaves enemies stunned when they land allowing you to follow up with basic attacks or other abilities before they can react.

Dragon’s Rage possesses an impressive range, enabling Lee Sin to initiate fights from long distances away, setting up kills for his team without having to commit himself into the fight. When hit with an enemy champion or monster at close range it provides a unique animation that can be used for various flashy plays like the classic “Insec”. Enemies must be aware of:

  • how far and wide this ultimate reaches
  • take caution to avoid being caught off guard by unexpected abilities


Lee Sin is a fierce champion in League of Legends who has great potential when played well. Learning the best strategy for this champion is key in order to get the most out of his abilities. With a good team composition and some practice, you can dominate in the Fields of Justice.

Let’s take a look at some of the best strategy tips for Lee Sin:

Early Game

The early game of strategy games is a crucial part of the overall match. It sets up the mid-game and can make-or-break your chances for victory. Early game strategies are all about gathering resources, finding and controlling key locations, positioning units to take advantage of potential openings, and establishing strategies that will maximize efficiency down the line.

Resource gathering is an essential component for success in any strategy game. Most wins come from having an abundance of resources and knowing how to use them efficiently. Resource gathering tips include:

  • Collecting resources quickly
  • Utilizing advanced technology efficiently
  • Strategizing efficient trade networks with allies or neutral parties
  • Scouting vulnerable targets in enemy territory
  • Taking note of important points such as chokepoints or bonus locations that may provide a strategic edge later in the match.

Finding strategic locations with high utility can lead to immense gains in productivity and control over one’s own map space. Strategic locations often contain important chokepoints which if taken will give tremendous access to resources or weak links between enemy forces that can be exploited later on in the match. Team composition also plays into this equation, as certain unit types may have special abilities or buffs which enable them to excel against certain opposing forces under certain circumstances; researching this beforehand can pay off big time later on in the game.

By understanding these elements and applying them correctly it is possible to develop an unstoppable early game tempo that can allow you to gain advantages further down into the mid-game or even late-game depending on one’s choices!

Mid Game

Mid Game with Lee Sin is all about looking for opportunities to teamfight. Team fighting is a great way to secure objectives, turn fights, and throw the enemy off guard. You want to be the initiator of these fights, and you should always look for any opening to do so.

Lee Sin is naturally a frontline brawler, which means that he is great at initiating these teamfights by jumping directly into the fray and being an unstoppable force of destruction in the frontlines. His attack speed boost from his Q allows him to quickly dash into enemies while dealing tons of physical damage due to his base attack damage scaling as well as his passive. His W also helps him survive in fights by providing more shields from physical attacks as well as armor shreds from enemies that stand close together. He should also use his ultimate Dragon’s Rage before engaging in a fight so he can knock up multiple enemies at once for easy pickings for his teammates.

Finally, remember that Lee Sin does not have any form of escape built into him; instead he relies on other forms of kiting or disengage for when things don’t go according to plan (flash rallies, deny vision using ward hopping). Therefore it’s important that you always make sure you are safe when team fighting and keep your teammates safe too!

Late Game

Late game strategy refers to the actions taken by players toward the end of a video or board game, when the stakes are usually higher and the outcomes become more uncertain. It requires players to think about their next move more carefully, as one wrong decision can lead to disaster.

During late game play, it is essential to have a plan that maximizes the likelihood of success while minimizing risk. When approaching late game strategy, it is important to consider the current state of play, past decisions that may have contributed to this state and potential future movements. Players must be mindful of their opponent’s activities and arm themselves with knowledge so they can adapt quickly if needed.

Late game strategies often involve exploiting weak spots created by opponents earlier in play. This includes using resources such as troops, weapons or assets strategically instead of randomly scrambling for something that could be used against you.

In terms of defending during end-game strategy, players should:

  • Cover their weak points
  • Anticipate enemy movement
  • Create areas where an opponent’s moves can be heavily restricted or counteracted by ally forces on both sides at once
  • Minimize damage from attacks
  • Push back hard on aggressive predictions made by opponents about how a match will go down later on in playtime.


Choosing the right items to purchase in the game of League of Legends can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Lee Sin. There are a variety of items that can help enhance Lee Sin’s ability to dominate the battlefield, but it can be tricky to know which ones are the best.

In this section, we’ll discuss all the items that are beneficial for Lee Sin, including the different stats they provide and how they can help him gain an advantage during the game:

Core Items

Core items are products that make up the bulk of a store’s inventory. These items are typically those with the highest sales and turnover rate. Core items are essential components of a store’s inventory mix, as they lay the foundation for the assortment and variety of products offered in the shop.

Core items generally include essential household goods, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, food and beverages, pet food, paper goods and more.

Core products can also include everyday basics such as apparel for men, women and children; cosmetics; health care supplies; tools and hardware; toys and games; books; electronics; sports equipment and ancillary products related to core merchandise offerings.

Selecting core items is an important part of product promotion strategy for retailers. It is important to have items that customers will recognize whenever they visit a store to help build customer loyalty for the business.

Situational Items

Lee Sin is a flexible champion who can build various situational items to counter specific enemies. There are many different items available to enhance his power, but some of the best situational items depend on what you’re up against in each match.

To maximize Lee Sin’s effectiveness, he should build defensive and offensive items that are tailored for specific matchups, rather than always relying on the same generic all-purpose items. Some of the most effective situational items include:

  • Mercury’s Treads: These provide significant protection against magic damage, especially in matchups with enemy AP carries such as Annie or Ziggs.
  • Ninja Tabi/Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These boots provide a good boost of speed and cooldown reduction on basic abilities. They are recommended if your team doesn’t have many CC abilities (like against champions like Tryndamere or Vayne).
  • Frozen Heart/Randuin’s Omen: If you’re up against heavy attack damage teams (including champions like Master Yi and Jax), these defensive armor pieces will greatly boost your survivability.
  • Spirit Visage/Sunfire Cape: These will help reduce incoming damage from all sources while also increasing your Regrowth heal. They can be especially helpful when you risk getting focused by enemy lineups with multiple AD champions.
  • Blade of the Ruined King/Ravenous Hydra: Both of these weapons provide needed attack speed for Lee Sin as well as a hefty amount of health and lifesteal to keep him healthy in battle.
  • Thornmail/Banshee’s Veil: Both these add extra defensive boosts against physical or magical attacks respectively – but only if you need it for certain matchup strategies!

Counter Items

It is important to understand that some items in League of Legends offer better protection against Lee Sin than others. Knowing which type of items provide the most counter-play against Lee Sin is integral to success.

Counter-oriented items such as Dead Man’s Plate, Mercury’s Treads, and Adaptive Helm are highly advantageous due to their disruptive nature. Additionally, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter can slow down Lee Sin’s movements and Queen’s Sacrifice or Maw of Malmortius can help absorb his burst damage.

On the other hand, tankier items like Zenith Blade and Iceborn Gauntlet are perfect for reducing the efficacy of Lee Sins’ abilities; whereas defensive items such as Spectral Waltz or Randuin’s Omen provide extra survivability against his auto attacks. Finally, Guardian Angel can prevent certain death from a single spell cast by him.

Overall, the key is to choose counter-oriented or defensive options that will help you survive long enough to outplay Lee Sin by:

  • Sticking close in order to avoid linear skills
  • Poke with range spells if needed!

Tips and Tricks

Lee Sin is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends and for a good reason. He’s an incredibly versatile hero with the potential to be a dominant force on the battlefield. If you’re looking to improve your game with Lee Sin, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get the edge over your opponents.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips and tricks to use when playing as Lee Sin:


Positioning is an extremely important factor when playing a champion in League of Legends, and Lee Sin is no exception. Because of his extensive mobility, it’s always important to maintain a good position relative to the enemy team. When playing in the jungle, it’s important to remember that you are also responsible for vision control and being able to act as a second line of defense in case the enemy team attempts to flank or surprise your team.

When playing on lanes, it’s always important for Lee Sin to keep his distance from enemies who have strong crowd control abilities or can otherwise easily lock him down. As an initiator, he should also keep himself out of direct range from the opposing team’s carries; this way he can take advantage of his mobility, hit them with skillshots such as his Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike combo, and then quickly disengage before they are able to retaliate.

In team fights, Lee Sin can be played both on the frontline as well as from behind by using his Safeguard/Iron Will combination. He should aim to either disrupt the enemy backline by engaging onto their carries or protect his own backline with Flurry or Tempest/Cripple while using Sweeping Lens to reveal any hidden enemies or protect your allies with The Dragon’s Rage knockup ability if needed. It is also important for Lee Sin players to remember that they must be able to predict their enemies’ movements in order for him to be successful in escaping or catching them off guard with Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike combo.


One of the most important elements to consider when playing as Lee Sin is the timing of the skills and abilities. Excellent execution in casting abilities at the appropriate time can mean the difference between victory or defeat in a match.

It is important for players to memorize Lee Sin’s skill cooldown as this will help them make better judgement calls with their game play. Keeping an eye on his basic attack timer is also very helpful so that you know when you are able to confidently engage and win a fight, whether that’s in lane or in teamfights. Being aware of your opponent’s cooldowns too will allow you to capitalize on opportunities and take advantage of an enemy player’s mistake or carelessness.

Good timing requires practice and experience, so keep an eye on your skills’ cooldown and skill combos that work best for your playstyle, always pay attention to the enemy’s placement, position and CD (cooldown) to maximize your effectiveness as Lee Sin. Time every ability well by practicing through regular matches, watching replays/VODs, focusing on mechanics during ranked games, taking notes from pro-level plays (try spaced repetition if it helps!), and tracking details from similar champions like Aatrox!


Warding is an important part of playing League of Legends and is especially essential when playing a champion such as Lee Sin. It provides vision on the map which can be used to spot incoming opportunities and evade any dangerous situations. Warding is especially important for Lee Sin due to his reliance on insecs and successful ganks, placing wards around key locations allow him to not only keep tabs on opponents but also prevent them from ever knowing his whereabouts.

When playing Lee Sin, it is advisable to always try and place vision around the map; especially warding the river entrance points, jungle entrances, Dragon/Baron Nashor pits and inside bushes that are likely to have enemies waiting in ambush. This helps guarantees safety while moving around the map and sets up opportunities. It also allows you to monitor your opponent’s activity which can be useful in team fights or when taking objectives such as towers or Baron Nashor. This importance of ward placement becomes even more clear when playing against certain champions who have an incredibly strong ambush potential (e.g., Shyvana or Shaco).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Lee Sin’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Lee Sin is a versatile champion in League of Legends. He can be played as a jungler, top laner, or support. He has strong waveclear, mobility, and dueling capabilities, making him a great pick in most team compositions.

Q2: What are the best items to build on Lee Sin?

A2: The best items to build on Lee Sin depend on his role in the team. Generally, he should build items such as Trinity Force, Spirit Visage, Ravenous Hydra, and Sterak’s Gage. These items provide him with the stats and abilities he needs to be successful.

Q3: What abilities does Lee Sin have?

A3: Lee Sin has a variety of abilities. His Q is Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike, his W is Safeguard/Iron Will, his E is Tempest/Cripple, and his R is Dragon’s Rage. Each of these abilities gives Lee Sin the tools he needs to dive into the enemy team and cause chaos.