League of Legends assists are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly within your team, as well as facilitating imaginative and prescient leadership and protecting the ADC. Leona is one of the most respected assist champions in the game.

Leona, the Radiant Daybreak from Solari, is a holy warrior who has been imbued by the blazes and the sun. Her Protect for Dawn and Zenith Blade protect Mount Targon.

Clad in gold armor and breaking the burden of historical information, Leona will deliver enlightenment to some—and demise to others.


Who’s Leona?

One of many Rakkor Tribes living in Mount Targon is the Solari, who are worshippers of the sun. Leona is among the youngster generation that was raised to honor and shed blood for it.

Leona discovered solace in the Solari religion when she was naturally drawn to it. Many believed that she would be an effective leader because of her extraordinary abilities and devotion to the Solari. Ra’Horak It is likely that holy warriors will appear sooner than later.

Over the years, Leona grew into a holy warrior. Through each of her adventures with Diana, Leona received a golden glow from the heavens that enveloped her.

Leona discovered how to manage her new energy and was transformed into the Solar’s facet. Leona now dedicates her time to protecting Solari in the future, to honor the new powers she was bestowed.

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Leona’s talents and expertise

Leona, the legendary Radiant Daybreak of Solari champion, is without doubt one of League of Legends’ finest tank and assistance champions. Her strong crowd management skills make her one of the best candidates for crew fight prep.

Leona is easy to use, which makes her an excellent choice for different crew compositions. Although she is a difficult champion to understand, once you are familiar with her playstyle, you can win in almost every sport.

Let’s have a closer look at Leona’s talents and unique abilities.

Daylight: This passive talent allows Leona’s skills to mark enemy objects hit with Daylight. It lasts 1.5 seconds. Then, the Daylight functions refresh the item’s length.

Allies champions can inflict damage on marked enemy items, dealing 25-144 bonus magic harm.

Protect the Dawn Protect of Dawn gives Leona the ability to lighten her “defend” and allows her to make a fundamental assault within six seconds. She can also achieve 50 bonus ranges, stun her goal for one second, inflict more magic harm, and have a forged speed of 0.25 seconds.

Protect of Dawn can reset Leona’s major assault timer.

Eclipse: Leaona can emit a photovoltaic shadow around herself for 3 seconds when activated. She will also gain bonus armor and magic resistance and reduce pre-mitigation damage. These are applicable to all types of harm.

Leona’s Eclipse will then explode after the set time, inflicting magical harm on all enemies within it. If she hits an enemy unit, this will grant her harm discount and bonus resistance for 3 seconds.

Zenith Blade Leona has the ability to create a photovoltaic image of her sword on a target route. This will cause magic harm to any enemy items in the area.

Leona will sprint 225 Items behind the last enemy champion within 3000 range, rooting them for 0.5 seconds, if you do.

Consider that Leona can become motionless, while Zenith Blade becomes impact.

Photo voltaic Flare: Leona will use Photo voltaic Flare to cast a beam of photovoltaic vitality. The beam will be directed at the goal area after 0.6 seconds. It will grant 3 seconds of sight to the world when it reaches impact.

Bonus magic harm will be applied to items found in the goal area by enemies. The epicenter will surprise you for the same time if it hits enemies. Enemies that are hit will likely be slowed down by at least 80% for 1.5 second.


Leona, when used properly, is undoubtedly one of the best assist champions in League of Legends. Her passive gives her significant damage, and her package allows for crowd management.

Here are some ideas and techniques to enhance your Leona play.

  • Photo voltaic flare’s low cooldown means that you should make sure to use it whenever possible. This includes selecting off, chasing and combating enemy objects.
  • Leona’s Daylight allows you to lead the cost and mark enemy objects earlier than allies have interaction.
  • Mix Protect of Dawn with Zenith Blade to inflict an excessive amount of damage.
  • Leona can inflict a lot of damage using her Eclipse, but you’ll need to be close to your enemies to get the bonus length.
  • Maxing Eclipse offers Leona extra strength and the greatest burst harm.
  • Protect of Dawn should be maxed out if you plan on being a tank. This stuns enemies often and will increase your DPS.
  • After enemies sprint or blink, save Leona’s Zenith Blade.
  • To get the best out of Leona’s Daylight, it is a good idea to visit your enemy champions.
  • Participating in a crew battle? Check to see if you would need Photo voltaic Flare for a gaggle or backline.
  • When you mix Zenith Blade + Protect of Dawn, you can make sure that you get assured kills while ganking.
  • Remember that Leona’s Photo Voltaic Flare powers her subsequent attacks, so it is important to attack enemy objects when one of your allies strikes.
  • It is better not to activate Eclipse before engaging. This will increase the likelihood of inflicting injury.
  • Titanic Hydra, which is the most effective when used towards tanks, offers Leona an additional weapon that can cause a significant amount of damage.
  • Aftershock is Leona’s favorite product. It works well with her package because she is an amazing initiator.
  • Leona is particularly useful in the prime lane. Use Corrupting Potion for effective commerce with your adversaries.
  • The Lifeless Man’s Plate, a useful merchandise, will increase Leona’s ability to stay away from enemy items. It makes it easier to meet up with them.
  • Relic Protect is the ultimate melee aid when Leona is used as an assist.
  • Righteous Glory is an effective way to get into fights. It also allows you to keep Zenith Blade’s escapees from being caught.
  • Leona’s Frozen Coronary Heart works best when you are going through enemy items and relying on them. Randuin’s Omen is recommended if you reach the cooldown discount limit.
  • Knight’s Vow, which can be used to heal, help, and reduce harm, is the best merchandise for those who plan to support their crew during the struggle.

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