Lillia LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, is a new champion for the League of Legends universe. She is an unpredictable and ever-changing champion that can be both powerful and complex to play.

In this article, we will explore the details about Lillia and learn how to make the most out of this new champion. We will cover Lillia’s abilities, how to play her, and how to counter her in the game.

Overview of Lillia’s Abilities

The champion Lillia is a versatile character, able to fill a number of roles for her team depending on the situation. She is a fighter, mage and support all rolled into one. Her unique skillset comes from a blend of natural ability and magical talent.

Lillia’s main source of damage is her Foxfire (Q) skill, which deals physical damage over time to a single target or to multiple enemies in an area-of-effect around her. Her Blooming Blows (W) ability gives her bonus physical damage and increased base attack speed when activated, while Dream Dust Dance (E) grants her bonus magical damage and some crowd control effects with its sleepy arrows.

Her ultimate ability is Lilting Lullaby (R), which inflicts additional magical damage in an area around her while also providing defensive boosts by silencing all enemies in its range.

Lillia has several more passive talents as well, including:

  • Nature’s Grasp (Passive) which grants bonus effects when she damages enemy champions with basic attacks or abilities;
  • Summer Bloom (Passive), which enhances the duration of her crowd control abilities; and
  • Fairy Enchantment (Trait), which gives allies that are nearby Lillia bonus movement speed.

With so many dynamic abilities at Lillia’s disposal, it can be difficult to manage all these tools properly during battle! Understanding how these pieces fit together will lead to better teamfights and higher win rates for teams featuring Lillia as their champion of choice.

Lillia’s Role in the Game

In Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Lillia is a champion who belongs to the Origin trait, which focuses on empowering herself and increasing power in the late game. Her skill set is based upon her personality as a playful, care-free spirit that loves nature and animals. The abilities she brings to a team are those of a buffer – she can buff allies’ stats, reduce the cooldowns of allied spells, disable enemies, increase spell damage taken among other support like capabilities.

Lillia’s ultimate ability Wildfire makes her an ideal pick for players who fancy themselves as late-game powerhouses. Wildfire allows her to transform into a ferocious creature that boasts incredibly high resistances and destruction against enemies; when activated it restores 48% of missing health and increases attack speed by 100%. As if that doesn’t make her powerful enough, this transformation also gives Lillia 20% incoming damage reduction while transforming any turret near her location into a resting state. In addition to this powerful skill, she can also increase allied spell damage taken by 20%, giving your team that extra edge in battle.

From buffing allies’ stats across rounds to providing invaluable restorative abilities later on in the game – Lillia brings support capabilities to any TFT team. With these skills combined with her Origin trait she becomes a terrifyingly headstrong force for your final push to victory lane.


Lillia is a champion in the popular game League of Legends. Her abilities make her a powerful mage who excels in controlling the battlefield and dealing crowd control effects.

There are five abilities that define her play style and give her an edge over other champions. Let’s explore these abilities and get to know why she is so powerful in the game:

Blooming Blows

The term ‘blooming blows’ is used to describe a process of cultivating, unlocking and manifesting abilities. It is a practice of discovering, then accessing long-dormant talents, gifts and strengths. People who are looking to unlock their own internal power can take advantage of it by engaging in activities that provide valuable insights into discovering the multifaceted aspects of their inner essence.

The blooming blows process begins with a period of introspection and reflection. During this time, individual explores their thoughts and emotions in order to gain greater understanding and clarity regarding their own personal power. This can also include delving into past experiences to uncover longstanding patterns or influences that have impacted current behaviors or responses. Additionally, self-awareness practices such as journaling, meditating or other forms of mindfulness can be used as an effective means of gaining insight into what lies within the depths of one’s unique personality and character.

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Watch Out!

When playing Lillia in LoL, opponents should watch out for her as her abilities can be quite deadly. Her primary source of damage is Dream-Laden Bough, a skill shot that delays its explosion when it passes over terrain or walls. Hitting at least 3 enemies with the full range of the bough will inflict maximum damage. While not her most powerful ability, Bloomsprout release a series of plants from Lillia’s side to slow enemy movement, allowing the player to land follow-up attacks with greater ease.

Her ultimate ability, Nature’s Maiestuoso is one of her more devastating attacks since it charges up a massive attack which has huge area coverage that can take out entire waves of enemy champions with ease. It also possesses a long duration and slow that allows for generous window for escape or landing follow up damage if required.

When fully leveled up, Lillia’s Whisper’s Overgrowth provides significant area coverage and enough sustain to keep Lillia healthy in fights longer than any other champion in game. This ability also grants important CC immunity while its active so make sure to time this ability right!

Soaring Slam

Soaring Slam is one of Lillia’s two abilities in League of Legends. This ability consists of an area-of-effect ability that launches Lillia into the air and slams down at her destination, dealing magic damage equal to the initial cast plus bonus damage for the jump. Additionally, a number of dream flowers will spawn around her and stay there until someone walks into them, at which point they will explode, dealing bonus magic damage.

Soaring Slam has an impressive base damage and cooldown reduction on its initial cast but also provides extra utility from the spawned dream flowers. These flowers have a limited area of effect, so smart positioning can help you maximize their damage – but be careful not to get surrounded! As with most area-of-effect abilities in League of Legends, landing Soaring Slam can be tricky due to its long cast time and slow travel speed, so consider using other mobility abilities to help you land it more accurately or bait out enemy counter plays.


Daisy! is Lillia’s signature companion, and she packs a powerful punch. During Lillia’s basic attacks, Daisy will autonomously charge towards the target with a strong lunge attack. Daisy can also be commanded to dash forward in a straight line upon activation of Brushmaker, dealing additional physical damage to enemies in her path.

Furthermore, Daisy can be further empowered with Dream-Laden Bough: After charging up for 1.5 seconds each use, she gains bonus Health and deals increased damage for its duration. With this ability at her command Lillia becomes a truly formidable foe on the battlefield.


When playing as Lillia in League of Legends, you will want to focus on using her abilities to your advantage. Her passive ability grants her access to an area-of-effect sleep, allowing her to stun enemies. Her ultimate ability will create an area of effect root, stunning enemies and allowing her to set up for a combo. With the right strategies, Lillia can be a formidable champion to deal with.

Early Game

Lillia is an incredibly powerful champion during the early game. Her passive, Dream-Laden Bough, gives her bonus movement speed when moving towards enemies and makes her ideal for chasing down enemies during skirmishes. Her Q ability, Blooming Blows, empowers her basic attacks with bonus magic damage over 2 seconds. This allows her to push against enemy champions without exposing herself to too much risk.

Her other abilities give Lillia great crowd control and assassination potential: Ravage Dash slows enemies hit by its outer blade, which can be used to create openings in team fights or peel away fleeing opponents from your allies; Oceans Tribute increases Lillia’s attack range and allows her to slow targets with a basic attack; and Swirlseed Blast creates a blast of energy that damages and stuns enemies within its radius.

In the laning phase, Lillia should focus on farming with light aggression against enemy champions. While she has the potential to get ahead of most champions through short skirmishes, she should prioritize safety if an advantageous opportunity isn’t presented naturally by opponents. Additionally, using Ravage Dash to catch out isolated targets while in the jungle can provide greater returns than overextending in lane or pushing too hard on aggressing targets in lane – depending on the situation at hand.

Mid Game

During mid-game, Lillia is best served roaming between the lanes and utilizing her powerful crowd control. Her ultimate makes her a valuable team member when pushing objectives as she can quickly take down towers or turrets. With a few well placed auto-attacks and normal abilities, she can stay on top of the enemy and easily help lead her team to victory.

In addition to this roaming capability, Lillia has other tools at her disposal during the mid game phase. Her passive causes enemies around her to fall asleep, allowing for easy ganks or picking off enemies in team fights with low health. Her Q ability, Blooming Blows, is also great for harassing opponents and locking down targets in team fights by binding them temporarily if they are hit by enough of its blades. Defensively, Lillia has an increased movement speed buff from using Dream-Laden Bough which allows her to reposition quickly and escape tight situations.

Overall, Lillia’s kit gives her immense control over enemy movements both in the lane and during ganking scenarios. Furthermore, she can use multiple crowd control abilities combined with aggressive auto attacks to secure kills or begin taking down objectives from afar – especially towers! With proper timing and anticipation of enemy movements, a good Lillia player will be able to utilize mid game strategies that make their team more successful during objective fights or sieges against towers/inhibitors.

Late Game

During the late game, Lillia is a powerful force in team fights due to her ability to use both offensive and defensive strategies. In team fights, Lillia’s primary goal should be to provide crowd control by using her ultimate Love Taps to secure kills for her team, or to disrupt the opposing team’s formation.

Even when she’s not using her ultimate, Lillia can still provide substantial support for her team by using other abilities such as Wind Chimes and Zephyr, which can slow opponents’ movement or reduce their damage output. She can also use Blooming Blows on targets that are clustered together to deal good sustained damage.

Above all, Lillia should stay relatively close to her teammates during a fight and focus on disrupting the enemy back line whenever possible.

Tips and Tricks

Lillia is a versatile champion in the virtual game League of Legends and can be used in many different ways that can give an advantage to your team. Whether it is in the jungle, mid-lane, or top-lane, Lillia can be a very powerful addition to your team. With the right tips and tricks, you can become a true master of this champion and dominate the fields of justice.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Lillia:


Positioning is arguably one of the most important parts of playing Lillia. Employing proper positioning techniques will help you get the most out of your damage output and quickly assert your dominance in a match. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when playing Lillia:

  • Always stay behind your team. By standing at the back, you will be better able to see where enemies are headed and set up engaging plays or escape if necessary.
  • Look for opportunities to group with allies and push towers or objectives. Coordinating your attacks with teammates can be particularly effective when attempting to take down turrets or snatch away enemy territory.
  • Keep an eye out for small windows of opportunity to engage on enemies who might be overextended or vulnerable. Being attentive to enemy movements can give you great openings to seize a victory before heading into a more complicated team fight situation.
  • Take advantage of Lillia’s passive ability—Dream Dust—to find vision and uncover opponents who might have gone invisible using their stealth powers. This can provide valuable tactical insights and help reveal hidden threats lurking in the shadows!


Timing is key when playing Lillia. Knowing when to engage in fights and trade, using her ultimate or knowing when to split-push, can be the difference between a victory or defeat. Use this general guide to get an overview of suggested timing for gameplay with Lillia:

Early Game (1-10)
At the start of the game, level up your Twin Bite and Blooming Blows abilities. This will give you a good amount of damage early in skirmishes and team-fights. Lillia’s passive ability comes in handy so try and weave it in whenever possible. When engaging in a fight, by Level 6 you should have your ultimate ready. If an enemy is missing HP/has no summoner spells up/is overextended, then use it as soon as possible during midgame to secure kills or objectives like Dragon and Baron. However, don’t rush it – if you can save it for a longer skirmish or team fight then do so – but keep safety into consideration first!

Mid Game (10-18)
Look to take turret plates where possible by clearing waves during mid game while keeping an eye on enemy movements on the map. If they are grouping up elsewhere then apply pressure with turrets elsewhere or look for objectives like Rift Herald/ Dragon that can help get your team ahead on gold/map control. Keep poking enemies where possible with Blooming Blows to help win fights and skirmishes alongside your teammates further down lanes or near objectives. Make sure your ultimate is available for when these fights occur! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have success trading immediately; even though you have good damage early due too Twin Bite, don’t force anything before the rest of your team is able to follow up with similar pressure!

Late Game (18- End)
As games reach late game scaling can become an issue; if there are threats on opposing teams that are becoming too hard too handle head on always consider disengaging until additional members arrive rather than attempting to fight them solo in 1v1 trades. During late game look out for split push opportunities that can be utilized while other members group up elsewhere around a specific objective such as Baron/Dragon etc., however use caution if doing this remember Turret Plating if done incorrectly can be easily punished! In late game scenarios constantly watch the mini map along with pinging teammates when needed, staying one step ahead literally saves lives!!


When it comes to player vs. player combat in League of Legends, one of the most important skills you need is the ability to chain together effective combos. Combos involve using a combination of abilities and auto attacks that deal large amounts of damage quickly. As with any champion in League of Legends, Lillia is no different – mastering her combos can significantly improve your chances of winning games.

There are many possible combos you can use with Lillia, but here are some examples that experienced players recommend:

  • Swirl (Q), dodge (E) and finish with Blast (R): This combo allows you to do good damage while avoiding the enemy’s attacks; perfect if they are trying to kite or back away from you.
  • Gust (W) > Swirl (Q): This combo deals good burst damage and can be used as a gap closer if your opponent is running away from you.
  • Blast (R) > auto attack > Swirl (Q): This combo does decent burst damage and can be used when engaging your opponent or finishing them off when they’re low health.
  • Whimsy (E) > Swirl/Blast/Gust: This combo allows you to close the gap between yourself and your target so you can increase your chances of landing a hit; a useful trick for an assassin like Lillia who relies heavily on mobility for rotating around fights.

By practicing these combos in game, you’ll begin to understand how Lillia’s abilities interact with each other and how best to use them optimally during gameplay.


In conclusion, Lillia is an amazing champion to play in the game of League of Legends. She has a unique and powerful set of abilities that can provide great advantages to a team when used correctly.

Lillia is a versatile champion, capable of playing multiple roles in the game. Her mobiltiy and mobility-oriented kit make her one of the most versatile champions in the game. With that in mind, players should definitely give her a try if they are looking for a new champion to spice up their games.

Final Thoughts

Lillia is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. Not only does she have an extensive set of abilities that can be used for a variety of different playstyles, she also has enough sustainability and damage output to thrive in the rift.

Lillia may take some time to get used to and master, but with practice, there’s no doubt that she can be an extremely viable champion in competitive play. Her unique kit facilitates team fighting and skirmishing alike, making her an intimidating presence both late game and early on. Be sure to practice every one of her abilities and combo them together for maximum effect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Lillia?

A: Lillia is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends. She is a magical creature who uses her powers to fight enemies and protect her allies.

Q: What are Lillia’s abilities?

A: Lillia has a variety of abilities, including the ability to summon magical blooms, enchant her allies with a shield of thorns, and create a fog of sleep. She also has a passive ability that allows her to move quickly and stealthily.

Q: How can I play as Lillia?

A: Lillia is available to play in the game, and you can purchase her from the League of Legends in-game store. She is also available in a variety of game modes, such as Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss, and ARAM.