Lissandra, one of the rare dwelling “Iceborns”, has existed for more than 10,000 years.

Many consider Lissandra to be the chief Frostguard leader. She brings knowledge and healing to the Freljord tribes.

Her magic twists the facility of ice into one thing darker, doing greater than freezing her foes—she impales and crushes them. She’s often called the “The Ice Witch”

However, Lissandra, the “true” corruption of nature, plots to unleash an ice ages on the rest of the world.


Who’s Lissandra?

Lissandra and her sisters sought out the power of struggle in this dangerous, unpredictable age. Lissandra, however, was the only one to survive, and she stood toward the magic of the mortal realm.

She is the Frostguard’s quiet chief. However, her energy needs led to the beginning of Runeterra’s tip. Lissandra committed the mistake of making a pact to the Watchers.

Lissandra used every ounce of her energy to erase all historical data, including that of her sisters and Watchers. Rumours continued even though she was forced to retreat into the shadows.

Now Lissandra uses her power to transform the True Ice aspect into something darker. She entraps or impales anyone who would reveal the truth. She was not able to manage the stories about her sisters or energy.

She failed to leave their legacy and created two Iceborn that are highly effective, which now lead many tribes in the Freljord.

Lissandra watches them and seeks out any opportunity to pit them against one another, while still trying to keep the secrets and techniques she had hidden deep under her citadel.

Lissandra is an expert and has many skills

Lissandra is a good group preventing mage who can do wonders, establishing herself and her group to safe one win—after the opposite. Although she has her limits due to her short range, her incredible crowd management and value make up for them.

She is a mage champion, which groups can rely on to help win conflict fights.

This is a better look at Lissandra’s expertise and skills.

  • Subjugation Iceborn

This passive talent allows Lissandra, after an enemy champion dies, to spawn a Frozen Thrall. Frozen Thralls can be seen chasing enemy items and are non-targetable ice spirits that are invulnerable.

They also allow you to prioritize champions, slowing enemy objects by 25%, shattering after four seconds, and inflicting 120-520 bonus magic damage. Initially, the speed of the item increases as it grows in length.

  • Ice Shard

Lissandra throws an ice spear in a straight line at a goal location. This inflicts magic damage to the primary enemy unit it hits and slows them down for 1.5 seconds.

However, if the spear strikes an enemy unit, and it shatters it, it will allow Lissandra to achieve higher vary while dealing the same damage to other foes within its path, but not using the gradual.

  • Frost Ring

This talent allows Lissandra to freeze any enemy items while dealing with reasonable magic and rooting them within a specified time. It will be determined by Lissandra’s current degree. Usually, the higher it is, the longer it will last.

  • Glacial Path

Glacial Path activates and Lissandra can summon a claw made of ice to transfer in a line along the goal path. This will inflict magic damage on all enemy items that it passes for over 1.25 seconds.

After 0.5 seconds, you can recast Glacial Path. Lissandra has an “ice claw”, which is energetic. She’ll eat the claw and then blink back to the current location.

  • Frozen Tomb

Enemy Solid Lissandra will enthral the enemy goal for 1.5 seconds by casting this final to them.

Self: You can instantly entrap Lissandra by placing a solid Froze Tomb upon her. This will put her in stasis and therapeutically her for 2:5 seconds.

The amount of HP Frozen Tob Lissandra may restore can vary from 0% to 100%, depending on how well you are at the time of solid.

Additionally, in impact, black water ice will form out of your Frozen Tomb goal. This will inflict magic damage to any enemy items within the space or people who get into it. Foes who attempt to reach the goal will be slowed down by 0.25 seconds.


Lissandra is a League of Legends’ highly mobile and efficient mages. Learn how to send your foes into an icy grave. As an alternative to burst harm, she relies heavily on crowd management and kiting.

Lissandra’s unique expertise and skills make her an unlikely choice for a wandering mid- or self-sufficient baron.

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you understand Lissandra’s playstyle.

  • Lissandra may use the last by urgent key and the final word key simultaneously.
  • Cast Glacial Path to trick your enemies and work towards the opposite direction
  • Lissandra is a lesser skilled mage than other mages. To help Lissandra deal more damage and boost her defenses, Banshee’s Veil and Zhonya’s Hourglass are the best options.
  • It is the most effective talent to create a combination because Lissandra’s Ring of Frost doesn’t interrupt her motion.
  • Protected blinks can be performed by landing Lissandra’s Glacial Path. Flash will allow you to escape from enemies easily.
  • To complete a combination increase from Lissandra you should purchase Hextech objects, which is reminiscent of Protobelt and GLP.
  • If you are in the highest lane or dealing with a spot that is closed, pay attention to Ring of Frost for the final hits.
  • In the first row, select Assault Velocity. Auto assaults are crucial for Lissandra selling and buying wave management.
  • Lissandra’s second line is very simple. Adaptive is your only real possibility.
  • Armor vs. Matchups between AD and Lissandra are the best, as it could help against autoattacks.
  • Zhonya is the best option for anyone who has been targeted or caught, and you get CC’ed.
  • Lissandra’s Ice Shard is a great tool for those who are chasing down an enemy. It slows down enemies and can be used to help them.

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