Lissandra LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lissandra is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and as such a lot of players wish to master her. She can be a difficult champion to play, but with the right strategy, she can be a powerful asset to any team.

In this article, we’ll explore the abilities, playstyle, and strengths of the champion Lissandra:

History of the Champion

Lissandra, the Ice Witch, is a Mage champion in League of Legends. She was originally released in late February 2013. Lissandra originates from the Freljord region in Valoran and has lived for thousands of years. In this time, she has shaped the course of history in her own unique way and developed a vast array of powerful ice magic to help her do so.

Before joining the Institute of War, Lissandra was a mage living among several tribes scattered throughout the icy Freljord region. She gained favor amongst many of these tribes because she provided them with cold rains that brought much-needed food and water to their lands when they suffered long droughts or went through periods when resources were scarce or difficult to find.

Lissandra’s powers were feared by many however, as they threatened entire tribes with freezing temperatures and snowstorms if they refused her requests or annoyed her in any way. As such, not all enjoyed being under Lissandra’s rule. This led to a number of attempts made by other tribes and forces to remove Lissandra as a leader but none were successful due to her skill at manipulating ice and her powerful magic abilities.

Eventually, Lissandra made contact with representatives from the Institute of War who sought out members for its own ranks; she joined shortly after and became one of their more esteemed champions over time before eventually fading into obscurity until recently resurfacing once again on Summoner’s Rift as one the game’s premier mages.

Lore and Personality

Lissandra is an Icathian magical inhabitant of icy Freljord. She controls ancient, enchanted ice magic which she has harnessed to protect the survival of her tribe. By using her powers, Lissandra can manipulate her surroundings and even create frozen pathways.

Lissandra’s personality is characterized by a tranquil yet powerful serenity which comes from a deep understanding of the magical power that she wields. Lissandra’s voice carries an icy calmness and confidence; an assertion that all is right in the world as she knows it. However, when pushed she can be fiercely competitive and determined to achieve victory against all odds.

Her magical abilities are key to her personality: she uses them to assert dominance when threatened, openly expressing her displeasure with those who challenge her power or authority.


Lissandra is an ice witch champion in the game League of Legends, a popular MOBA game. Her character has a wide variety of abilities that make her effective in a number of situations. Her abilities are split into two categories: ice magic and summoning familiars.

In this section, we’ll discuss her various abilities, how they work and how they can be used in game:

Passive – Glacial Path

Lissandra’s passive is known as Glacial Path and provides her with a boost to her mobility in combat. When she casts an ability, it creates a trail on the ground for five seconds. Lissandra can recast Glacial Path to instantly transport her along the trail to the target location. This allows her to reposition quickly and initiate or escape from dangerous situations with ease.

Additionally, it lowers the cooldown of any of her spell cast afterwards by 25%, making Lissandra one of the fastest champions in League of Legends when used correctly. Her passive also gives her added utility in teamfights, as she can flicker around crowd control effects and dart straight into enemies for close-quarters combat.

Q – Ice Shard

Lissandra’s Q – Ice Shard ability is a skill shot that deals magic damage, slows, and marks the target. The shard collides with the first enemy it hits before coming to rest where it landed, dealing magic damage to all enemies around the point of impact. The shard also applies a slow to all enemies hit, as well as marking them with Frostbite. After a delay, Frostbitten targets take bonus magic damage and are Rooted in place for 1.5 seconds.

Ice Shard has a relatively low cooldown and excellent utility in both team fights and individual duels. It gives Lissandra excellent zone control tools – she can slow multiple enemies at once while ensuring that single targets are Rooted in place during critical moments of combat. As Frostbite can be applied by any damaging Lissandra ability, it gives her some reliable crowd control when allies are available to follow up on her mark application.

W – Ring of Frost

The W – Ring of Frost ability is a magical attack spell found in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It summons an icy ring that lasts up to 1 minute and damages any creature within it. The ring deals 1d6 cold damage per level, up to a maximum of 5d6 at 5th level. This damage increases by 1d6 for every 2 additional levels, up to a maximum of 9d6 at 17th level.

This area-of-effect spell requires verbal and somatic components as well as material components (a loop of silver wire). Once cast, enemies can not enter or exit the ring until the spell has expired and must remain inside until it does, or take full damage from the spell without any savings throws. This makes it an incredibly effective crowd control tool if used properly. Other beneficial effects may be available depending on current Dungeons & Dragons edition being used for gameplay.

E – Frozen Tomb

Lissandra’s E – Frozen Tomb ability is one of her most powerful tools. It requires forward planning and careful timing, as enemies are capable of dodging it or blocking the stun with their own tools.

When casted, this ability becomes an ice wall that immobilizes any enemy it touches for 1.5 seconds, with a 0.75-second delay between the cast and activation of the immobilize effect. The diameter of the wall is 675 units and its cooldown is 10/9/8/7/6 seconds topping off at Level 5.

The wall also doubles as a giant line of sight blocker making it ideal for both defensive plays in teamfights as well as for catching your opponents off guard during ganks in the jungle or even during solo laning phases. This can be used to:

  • Protect allies from pursuing enemies
  • Block vision on objectives like Baron or Dragon
  • Ultimately give her team an advantage when properly utilized

R – Glacial Storm

R – Glacial Storm is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It is an area-of-effect ability that freezes all enemies within a large radius, stunning them and dealing large amounts of damage. The power of this ability increases with every nearby enemy affected by the storm, meaning it can quickly and easily clear out entire groups of enemies. This ability has no cooldown but does require a certain amount of energy to cast, so it should be used wisely during battle. The effects of this ability can be further enhanced with certain items and equipment, allowing players to maximize its potential even further.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Lissandra is a powerful mage champion in League of Legends that has considerable strengths and weaknesses. She has abilities that can be used for both offense and defense, making her a versatile choice for a variety of team compositions. Let’s take a closer look at Lissandra’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:


Lissandra, the Ice Witch is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. She has a great suite of abilities that allow her to control the battlefield, with crowd control and heavy damage embedded into her kit.

One of Lissandra’s biggest strengths is her huge area-of-effect crowd control. Her Glacial Path (Q) can stun multiple enemies at a time if they’re all standing in a line. This can be especially powerful when combined with Frozen Tomb (R), which freezes an enemy champion in place while dealing significant damage. She also has Ring of Frost (W) which is an AoE slow field, and Ice Shard (E), which travels through enemies to deal increased damage when it hits two or more targets.

Furthermore, Lissandra has some of the highest burst damage in the game if she uses her combo correctly. She can close out fights quickly with 4-5 successful abilities and deal enough damage to kill most targets in mere seconds. Her combos are incredibly simple to master due to their similarity, making player errors less common than other champions’ combos requiring more skilled players to pull off correctly.

In addition, due to her low cooldowns on some of these abilities, she can often engage or disengage from situations quickly as needed or poke from a distance while safely farming minions. Lastly, Lissandra’s passive makes it much harder for enemies to catch up with her as they take additional magic damage everytime they attempt to chase her down.


When assessing one’s weaknesses, it is important to remember that strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin, each swaying the balance in different directions. Understanding and embracing one’s weaknesses allows us to determine where we need more help or guidance, and how to develop the skills we possess in order to excel.

Generally speaking, weaknesses can be classified into three distinct categories: skill related, environment related and behavior related.

  • Skill-related weaknesses are gaps in knowledge or abilities that can be improved through training or further education. These may include areas of technical knowledge such as language proficiency or computer programming.
  • Environment-related weaknesses refer to external circumstances that influence an individual’s performance—such as their physical environment (e.g., noisy office atmosphere) and social atmosphere (e.g., working with a disruptive co-worker).
  • Behaviour-related weaknesses are typically self-imposed, habits that lead to distraction such as procrastination or untidiness.

By recognizing these categories of weakness within one’s self, individuals can work towards becoming stronger in those skills which they find weak and use their strengths to compensate for any deficiencies they experience in other areas. Identifying both our virtues as well as our drawbacks allows us to fully understand our potential for growth and success.

Tips and Tricks

Lissandra is one of the most powerful champions in the League of Legends game. She has powerful abilities that can be utilized if played properly. In this section, we will go over some tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of Lissandra on the battlefield.

We will look into the best strategies and combos to take down enemies as well as defensive methods to ensure that you are always in a good position. Let’s get started!

Use Ice Shard to Harass Opponents

Ice Shard is one of Lissandra’s most important abilities due to its versatile use. First and foremost, Ice Shard can be used for safe harassment. Most champions are afraid of pursuing an enemy marked with a shard floating from their direction, as it will slow them down while dealing some damage in the process.

Because this ability has a shorter cooldown than her other skills, it is possible to stack up several Ice Shards on the same target during teamfights or skirmishes, provided that they don’t have enough mana to spend on disengaging. Moreover, because the cooldown is reduced when Lissandra kills an enemy minion or champion with it, it is also possible to harass as much as you want in lane while keeping all your teamfight tools available.

Not only that but this ability also provides vision of the area where it lands because of its icy explosion, which helps Lissandra prevent ganks or track down opponents if necessary. Depending on how creative you get with it and your timing, Ice Shard can be used for:

  • Unexpected snipes
  • Setting up her ultimate ability!

Use Frozen Tomb to Stun Opponents

Frozen Tomb is a powerful spell in Wizard101 that can be used to stun opponents, including enemy wizards and creatures. To use it, you simply need to cast the spell on an opponent two or three times and it will lock them in a cage of ice for 5 seconds, leaving them unable to move or use spells. This gives you time to run away, set up traps or summon more minions – whatever best allows you to survive.

This spell is especially effective when used against stronger opponents such as bosses and their henchmen. But be warned – after casting the spell multiple times, they may become immune, so be sure to switch strategies if needed.

Frozen Tomb isn’t just useful in battle – it can also be used during daily tasks such as fishing or gardening if mobs are getting in your way. It’s a very versatile tool that all wizards should have at their disposal. Keep in mind that using Frozen Tomb too frequently may result in negative consequences for your wizard, so make sure you use discretion when employing this powerful spell!

Use Glacial Storm to Control Teamfights

Glacial Storm is Lissandra’s ultimate ability. It creates an icy vortex around her which slows down and damages enemies that stand in it. This can be used to great effect in team fights, controlling the fight by forcing your opponents to stay away or suffer the consequences. You can also use Glacial Storm to zone out enemies that are attempting to flee, making sure they don’t get away too easily.

When using Glacial Storm, you should make sure you are close enough to your teammates, as the kill will count towards both your ultimate cooldown and your summoner spell cooldowns. In addition, make sure you have a plan for after using Glacial Storm:

  • If there is a minion wave nearby, use Frozen Tomb then follow it up with a Winter’s Bite for extra crowd control;
  • If not, you should consider chasing down your opponents with Ring of Frost or Ice Shard.

By using Glacial Storm alongside other damage and crowd control abilities such as Ice Shard and Ring of Frost, Lissandra can take control of any team fight easily. Being aware of her surroundings is essential for success when using Lissandra – understanding how enemies can flee from Glacial storm is key when trying to lock down on enemies during teamfights.


Lissandra is a powerful champion in League of Legends. She has strong crowd control capabilities, powerful damage and scaling, and effective mobility. Lissandra is also very versatile, being able to fulfill many different roles in a team composition. Whether you are looking to carry games or just stay alive to support your team, Lissandra can do it all.

Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of this champion.

Lissandra is a Versatile Champion

A highly versatile champion, Lissandra is a formidable enemy on the battlefield, able to fill a variety of roles in any team composition. With an array of magical abilities, she can control and manipulate enemies from afar as a mage or assassin, lay down area-of-effect damage as an area-of-effect controller, or disrupt groups of enemies with crowd control.

  • Ice Shard allows her to freeze her opponents in place and launch powerful glacial spikes in their direction.
  • Ring of Frost spell allows her to trap enemies in a field of frost that slows down those who dare enter it.
  • Finally, Lissandra’s ultimate ability Glacial Path allows her to summon a path of ice that can be used either offensively or defensively, depending on how she chooses to use it.

Thanks to these abilities and more than simply having an offensive edge over her opponents – Lissandra has the potential to turn the tide of battle quickly if used correctly.

Lissandra is Vulnerable to Crowd Control

Lissandra is a mobile mage champion in the video game League of Legends. Her primary attribute is utility and she excels with poke damage and using her crowd control abilities to control fights. Despite having high damage potential, Lissandra is vulnerable to crowd control effects herself.

When caught out of position, she can be easily rooted or stunned by opposing players, putting her in a precarious position as she lacks any form of immunity against these effects and thus preventing her from disengaging or pushing forward. This can turn an otherwise well-coordinated fight into one that drags on for an eternity due to her lack of mobility and options to retreat or engage.

In order to better play Lissandra, it is important to recognize where she stands in terms of vulnerability and make sure she doesn’t overextend when playing aggressively as this can cause heavy losses in the event that opposing champions are able to focus her with crowd control abilities like Roots, Taunts and Silences. When engaging in teamfights, be sure to build up a defensive toolkit such as defensive items or masteries that provide increased survivability against crowd control; this will allow for you to better utilize your champion’s flashy abilities without having them constantly interrupted by enemy champions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Lissandra’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Lissandra is a mage champion in the game League of Legends. Her role is to provide crowd control and burst damage to her team by using her spells.

Q2: What abilities does Lissandra have?

A2: Lissandra has several abilities that she can use to control the battlefield and deal damage to enemies. Her abilities include Ice Shard, Glacial Path, Ring of Frost, and Frozen Tomb.

Q3: How strong is Lissandra in the current meta?

A3: Lissandra is a strong mage champion in the current meta. She is capable of providing great crowd control and burst damage, making her a valuable addition to any team composition.