Lucian LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lucian is one of the most popular and powerful League of Legends champions. Lucian is an ADC character that is often played in the bot lane, but he has a lot of utility and is a great pick for a variety of roles.

Let’s delve into everything there is to know about Lucian, including his skills, builds, and matchups.

Overview of Lucian

Lucian is a marksman champion in the highly popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL). Lucian is a fast-moving and adroit champion with a good set of damage abilities. His kit consists mainly of high single target damage, making him an invaluable asset to many teams. Lucian is often played as an aggressive carry who can burst down enemies and provide heavy AoE pressure. He is also essential in teamfights, able to move quickly from one fight to the next, applying pressure and dealing huge amounts of damage.

Lucian’s passive ability allows him to gain attack speed when attacking multiple enemies or when moving around the map aggressively. This passive gives him plenty of options for changing up his playstyle, from aggressive poking to relentless teamfight assaults. He also has access to an array of powerful spells including:

  • A dash that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes
  • An area-of-effect burst attack
  • An ultimate that inflicts bonus damage on marked targets

Lucian’s kit makes it easy for him to outplay his opponents in lane and take over teamfights alike.


Lucian is one of the most popular and versatile champions in League of Legends. His abilities allow him to be a deadly combination of attack and defense. As one of the few champions with escapes, Lucian is often used in bot lane as an attacker with strong presence in the early to mid game.

Let’s take a look at each of Lucian’s abilities and what they can do for you:

Passive Ability: Lightslinger

Lucian’s passive ability, Lightslinger, allows him to attack twice with any auto-attack when hitting an enemy, though the second attack does not stack on-hit effects. The second shot of the attack does decreased damage but gains increased on-hit effect damage, making it ideal to use early in fights. This also activates from Lucian’s basic abilities. Additionally, all of Lucian’s shots can critically strike, dealing extra physical damage and applying Double Line to any target hit by both projectiles (the extra projectiles from Lightslinger only count for one charge).

Double Line gives Lucian a slight movement speed and attack speed boost for 2 seconds after hitting his opponent twice with a basic attack or an activated ability. This makes him particularly strong when paired with items which have lifesteal so he can keep fighting in extended engagements.

Q Ability: Piercing Light

Lucian’s Q Ability is Piercing Light. It is a long-range skill shot that he can cast to deal physical damage to a single target. Lucian dashes and then fires off a shot with his gun, dealing damage to the target in front of him along the path traveled by the shot.

If Lucian hits an enemy champion with this ability, he will be refunded a portion of mana and it will go on cooldown much more quickly than when hitting minions or neutral monsters. Piercing Light has critical strike chance, though scaling up Critical Strike does not improve this ability because it is based off Lucian’s Auto Attack damage.

When cast space from low health or an enemy turret Piercing Light deals increased damage than when fired from full health from further away from the turret. Aside from increasing its damage when cast at a lower health threshold, it has no additional effects on hit enemies or environment units such as scented creatures or turrets.

W Ability: Ardent Blaze

Lucian’s W Ability, Ardent Blaze, is an area of effect fire attack that allows Lucian to quickly clear large waves of minions. When casted at max level, Lucian fires a stream of energy that cuts a swath through enemies in front of him, dealing physical damage and leaving behind a line of fire. Enemies caught in the blaze will take additional damage over time. Ardent Blaze also grants Lucian bonus attack speed for the duration.

The cooldown for this ability is relatively short and its powerful area-of-effect makes it ideal for:

  • Quickly clearing minion waves
  • Surprise ambushes from enemy junglers

E Ability: Relentless Pursuit

Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit is his most controversial and “high-risk, high-reward” ability. Upon activation of the ability, Lucian dashes with a fixed distance in the direction of the cursor. The dash grants movement speed and, if an enemy unit is hit, Lucian also gains a stack of Relentless Pursuit active for 1.5 seconds. Each successive stack increases the dash speed and also reduces its cooldown by 1 second upon activating it again.

Relentless Pursuit is one of the most important abilities for Lucian and it increases his mobility immensely when taken advantage of correctly. This gives Lucian more survivability during team fights and makes him viable in different competitive game modes where mobility is key to success. His ability has high risk associated with over-extending or mis-positioning so players need to be mindful of these factors when using this powerful tool against opponents.

R Ability: The Culling

Lucian’s R ability, The Culling, is an incredibly powerful ability. It has multiple components: it can be used to suppress enemies, shield allies, or deal extremely high damage. Opponents caught in the inner circle of the Culling will be suppressed for a maximum of 2.5 seconds as well as being dealt 200/300/400 (+1.75AP) magic damage per wave; each wave lasts .25 seconds and can be fired off up to 10 times within the duration of the ability (max duration 5 seconds).

This ability also synergizes well with Lucian’s passive; while active it grants allies and Lucian himself a shield equal to 30% of their max health for 8 seconds. Further more if able to give itself three stacks of its passive Lightslinger within its duration twice as much damage is done by on auto attack once out of cooldown allowing even greater pushing power in lane or during an engagement.

As with any other ultimate finding smart strategic ways to make use of this powerful tool will drastically increase team success and increase Lucian’s solo vote rating in game!


Playing Lucian in League of Legends requires a sophisticated strategy. Lucian is well-known for his quick mobility and powerful burst damage which makes him a great choice in the right situations. To maximize your effectiveness when playing Lucian, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this champion and how to capitalize on them.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the best way to play Lucian and how to use his abilities and kit in different situations:

Early Game

The early game is all about setting yourself up for success in the later stages of the match. During this phase, you’ll be looking to build up your resources, create a powerful army and develop a solid strategy to help you secure victory.

Building a good economy is essential- make sure you’re collecting income from all available sources, such as mineral patches and vespene geysers. You’ll want to manage your workers efficiently, making sure they’re constantly gathering resources.

Your military forces should be built around what works best for your race and playing style—air units are better for harassing opponents while ground units are better for defending bases. Also remember to upgrade your structures and units when possible – extra armor or damage can give you an edge in battle. Depending on the map, strategic positioning can also be important – use terrain advantages or chokepoints to your advantage while positioning your troops.

Lastly, scouting is key during the early game as it allows you to find out what kind of strategy and technology tree your opponent is working towards—this knowledge will give you an advantage in prepping for any surprise attacks that may come during late-game engagements!

Mid Game

As the game progresses, Lucian quickly surpasses most other champions in terms of damage output. While in mid game, Lucian should focus on items that increase his attack speed and Critical Strike Chance so he can dish out the biggest burst of attacks quickly. The increased damage output from these items will also let Lucian get out of sticky situations much more quickly than Attack Damage focused items.

Though an Attack Damage build is essential for getting kills early game, when it’s time for teamfights and objectives, Lucian should rush Cooldown Reduction to decrease the time between his Dark Harvest empowered auto-attacks. Quickly followed by Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and options like Phantom Dancer or Runaan’s Hurricane to increase the lethality of his auto-attacks greatly.

Lucian’s ultimate, The Culling allows him to reorder a fight depending on where he is positioned giving him a great window of opportunity to slay enemies with quick successions of auto-attacks while they are preoccupied with other team members. When using The Culling be sure to take full advantage of its range – there are few champions able to handle a barrage of bursts coming from such a long range!

Late Game

Late Game Strategy focuses on end-game goals, such as eliminating the opposition and controlling major points or structures. This can include using reinforcements and tactical tactics to outmaneuver your opponent, setting up defensive lines that are difficult to break through and exploiting weaknesses in the opposition’s strategy.

During the late game, it is important to make sure that you have adequate resources available to neutralize any threats in order to win.

Late game strategy can be used both offensively and defensively. When used offensively, players may benefit from aggressive tactics like flanking maneuvers or strikes on vulnerable units or objectives. Defensively, players may deploy troops at choke points, surrounding key locations with walls or turrets, or setup defensive perimeters around strategic points. In addition, late game strategy involves making decisions on when and where to deploy troops in order to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

Lastly, it is important for players to consider the psychological aspects of playing an intense end game scenario. Players must ensure they remain focused and alert during the closing stages of a match; often times the difference between victory and defeat rests upon one simple decision or a single miscalculation.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to playing Lucian, there is a lot of strategy involved. Learning the basics and experimenting with different playstyles can help you master this champion. Here, we will discuss all the tips, tricks and strategies you can use to dominate the Rift with Lucian.

We’ll go over how to maximize your damage output, how to play aggressively and defensively, as well as some powerful combos. Let us begin:

Use your E ability to escape

Lucian’s E, Relentless Pursuit, is one of his most powerful abilities. It provides an invaluable boost to his movement speed and can help him quickly and easily evade incoming danger. Make sure that you use this ability before other summoner spells such as Flash or Ghost if you are trying to escape a gank or dangerous situation. However, due to its low base value, it can have fairly limited potential in some teamfights so be sure to get the most out of your points spent in upgrading your E ability by always positioning properly and anticipating how its damage can vary depending on the battlefield situation.

It has a great synergy with Lucian’s W (Ardent Blaze) for example, since the latter increases the damage dealt by Relentless Pursuit when it hits an enemy champion. Ultimately, mastering your ability usage relies a great deal on understanding the current battlefield situation and always being mindful of how your moves will directly affect what occurs afterwards.

Use your R ability to clear waves

Using Lucian’s ultimate, the The Culling (R), is an effective way to clear waves quickly and safely. It has a relatively low cooldown of 90 seconds at all levels. Additionally, it has massive range that covers most of the length of a lane in a single cast. When it comes to wave clear, this ability is most useful in the early laning phase because it can easily clear an entire minion wave with one cast, regenerating some health for Lucian in the process.

When used correctly, The Culling not only clears out minion waves quickly with minimal risk but can also be used as an effective poke tool against enemy champions from a safe distance. However, due to its long casting time and gradual projectile speed, it can be difficult to land during chaotic teamfights or when enemies are on the move. In these scenarios, Lucian’s Piercing Light (Q) or Ardent Blaze (E) are better options.

Position yourself carefully

Using Lucian’s high damage output and mobility to your advantage when it comes to positioning is one of the key aspects for success in playing this champion. Of course, being aware of enemy champions and their abilities is also necessary for determining the most advantageous position during a team fight.

When team fights break out, try to stay as far away from the enemies as you can while still being able to cause damage effectively with your abilities and autoattacks. Being too close to the enemies can be deadly due to Lucian’s paper-thin defenses – make sure you are positioned where you have an escape plan if needed!

Also, Lucian’s passive provides him with bonus attack speed after hitting three consecutive autoattacks within two seconds – so try using that extra burst of speed when taking down objectives or chasing down targets, while keeping in mind that he has quite a few dash and flash escapes available as well!

Remember that awareness of your surroundings and proper positioning leads to great success with this champion.


In conclusion, Lucian is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends with an impressive kit. His ability to escape dangerous situations and set up devastatingly powerful surprise attacks make him an invaluable asset in any lineup. Although a bit fragile compared to some other champions, Lucian’s ultimate allows him to move quickly and unleash burst damage from surprising angles – making him a feared enemy for any foe.

With a little practice, fine-tuning your build can bring you victory in many longer engagements or pick off unsuspecting opponents. Thanks to his unique range and mobility, discovering the secrets of this LoL champion could give you the advantage needed to win almost any fight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Lucian in League of Legends?

A1: Lucian is a marksman champion in the MOBA game League of Legends. He is a versatile character that specializes in ranged combat, enabling him to deal high burst damage from afar.

Q2: What abilities does Lucian have?

A2: Lucian has a variety of abilities that all focus on his damage output. His Passive, Lightslinger, allows him to shoot twice at his target. His Q, Piercing Light, fires a shot that passes through all enemies in a line. His W, Ardent Blaze, is an area of effect burst of damage. His E, Relentless Pursuit, grants him a burst of movement speed and allows him to pass through units. Finally, his ultimate, The Culling, is a channeled barrage of shots that can quickly take down enemies.

Q3: How can Lucian be effective in League of Legends?

A3: Lucian is an incredibly effective champion in League of Legends. He specializes in being able to deal burst damage from a safe distance, allowing him to be a very effective pick in most team compositions. He is also a very mobile champion, allowing him to quickly reposition and get out of danger.