Lucian is a member of the Sentinel of Gentle. It’s a group of people who defend Runeterra from beings of Shadow Isles.

He is a hunter for spirits from the Black Mist. He pursues them relentlessly and eliminates them using his relic pistols. Lucian set himself on the trail alone after Thresh, the phantom known as Thresh, murdered Senna.

Even though Senna is back to life, Lucian’s fury and need for revenge remain alive.

Lucian, a single-minded and ruthless man, will never stop trying to protect Runeterra from the evils of the Black Mist.


Who’s Lucian?

Lucian, since the time he was a child, wanted nothing more than to be like Urias, his father. He was a member of The Sentinels of Gentle and defended Runeterra against the eternal spirits of Black Mist.

The Blessed Isles was the initial site for the creation of this order. They passed down their traditions to Runeterra.

Lucian reached a certain age in his maturity and received his father’s relic gun from Senna. Senna was a member the order and his father’s pupil. Senna allowed him, in honor of Urias, to go with her to keep watch over misplaced Sentinels.

Lucian and Senna’s bond finally blossomed into love—the place they quickly tied the knot. However, Senna’s curse grew worse over time, so Lucian set out to find the cure.

They reached the end of Thresh’s wraith, also known as Thresh and later murdered Sena, in one of their expeditions. Lucian, his father’s pistol, and Senna his gun, went on a hunt for Thresh to exact revenge on his deceased spouse. Senna was not hurt when Lucian smashed Thresh’s lantern. Reemerge.

Lucian decides to take revenge on Thresh even though Senna is back, and he’s assured that the Chain Warden has only begun.

Lucian’s Talents and Abilities

Lucian is a cellular and ranged champion, preventing his foes with historic weapons handed down from the Sentinel of Gentle—unleashing a barrage of bullets to ship opponents to their graves.

Lucian can defeat an enemy champion in duels or in-lane trades by strategic use of his talents.

This is a deeper dive into Lucian’s skills and talents.

  • Gentle Slinger

This passive talent allows Lucian to use a capability after 0.25 seconds. The bonus shot is within 3.5 seconds. It deals 50% to 60% bodily injury depending on your stage.

Important strike modifiers can often affect the second shot. It applies to both on-hit or on-attack results. Lucian shoots another enemy unit near Lucian in case your major goal enemy dies earlier than the second shot.

  • Piercing Gentlemen

Lucian activates by lighting a laser in the target course of enemy items. This will cause bodily harm to all other enemies along the line.

  • Ardent Blaze

This energy talent allows Lucian fireplace to take a shot at a goal location. It explodes in a cross sample upon influencing enemy items or reaching its top. It can deal magic damage to enemy objects hit and grant sight of the realm for one second.

  • A relentless pursuit

Passive: Each Lightslinger shot that you land reduces Relentless Pursuit’s cooldown by 1 second. When it hits enemy champions, the quantity doubles to 2 seconds.

Lively: Lucian will run in a course that is set by a goal, which resets Lucian’s major assault times. Relentless Pursuit will be solid, while The Culling and other skills will be in impact.

The Culling

Lucian will quickly take photographs of a goal area when casting The Culling. Lucian can channel as little as three seconds while casting The Culling. Each shot from The Culling causes bodily harm to any primary enemy unit.

You can recast The Culling within 0,75 seconds of the channel’s course. It also mechanically recasts itself once Lucian’s channel is over.

Lucian will channel his energy into the casted course, whereas ghosted will fire the photos from his current place.


Lucian is a constant marksman in League of Legends. His behavior of firing at all levels of his potential makes him a formidable player. His greatest strength is his ability to use his passive talent frequently, which reduces the cooldown for Relentless Pursuit.

You can do a lot more damage if you play Lucian’s combos correctly than other sharpshooters in the sport.

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you master this unique style of spell-slinger play.

  • Lightslinger is a great tool for bursting enemy towers and camps, as it is less expensive.
  • Lucian’s Piercing Gentle goes beyond its normal focusing on range, making it an excellent way to harass enemies while farming minions.
  • Ardent Blaze is a great way to increase your speed during fights. You can also use this talent to help your friends.
  • If you are attacked or caught, keep your wits about you.
  • You can’t retaliate against an enemy who has a Culling unit off Lightslinger.
  • It is easier to keep up with their actions if you aim at a goal below the Arden Blaze mark.
  • Photographs should be taken in straight lines instead of diagonally. It will be easier to aim for the goal.
  • The Culling is an unlikely solution to scare away enemy items trying to escape from a choke-point.
  • Lucian’s The Culling can be used to clear minion waves while your turret is being attacked. It will then allow it to focus on enemy champs.
  • You can simply activate Press the Assault using Lucian’s Lightslinger capability.
  • Use Legend: Alacrity for framing and reducing the timing of Lightslinger.
  • Legend: Bloodline is a great way to get more sustains during a fight using Lucian.
  • Champions who want to gain more expertise can use dominance to their advantage.
  • If the gadgets you use have a max cooldown discount, Transcendence will not be needed. Transcendence is recommended if you need fast cooldown speed discount.
  • Lucian is an aggressive champion and you may need to maintain your merchandise in order for him to live longer.
  • The Black Cleaver is a great tool to enhance Lucian’s general damage, CDR, or give him an edge on stickiness.
  • Lucian can use Essence Reaver to keep his mana supply, allowing him to continue to inflict unending assaults.

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