Lulu LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lulu is a unique champion in League of Legends (LoL). She is a powerful support mage offering a multitude of buffs and debuffs to her allies and enemies respectively. Her spells can be used to make her own allies tankier and more powerful, as well as weaken enemies. Knowing how to make the most of her spells in different situations is key to maximizing her potential.

Now, let’s dive into the details of Lulu’s toolkit!


Lulu is a support champion in League of Legends with a kit tailored to disruption and crowd control. She operates best in the bottom lane with an AD carry, focusing on utility and attacking enemies with disruptive spells instead of her basic attacks. Lulu is great at protecting her allies, shielding them from enemy damage and disorienting foes with powerful crowd control effects.

Lulu’s passive grants bonus movement speed to nearby allies while they are moving away from enemy champions; this bonus can be amplified by using Lulu’s supportive abilities. Her Q ability is an area-of-effect (AOE) slow, allowing her to disrupt multiple opponents at once, keeping them away from friendly players and objectives. Her W ability allows her to shield allies or enhance their abilities for a short time, improving their performance in fights; and finally, Lulu’s ultimate provides an unstoppable area of knockup for allied players, allowing them to burst down opponents quickly or safely disengage from a losing battle.

These versatile tools help Lulu become an irreplaceable team asset—great mobility and zoning potential enable her to help create massive leads for her team in the moments of early fights that often decide the outcome of games. Additionally, many aspects of Lulu’s kit can be used offensively—additional movement speed when chasing down enemies or providing bonuses to allied basic attacks so that they can pick off wounded opponents quickly add utility as well as safety when picking up kills in teamfights. With these unique characteristics, Lulu lives up the title “The Fae Sorceress”—providing powerful magical boosts to both herself and her teammates alike.


One of Lulu’s biggest strengths lies in her ability to provide both powerful offensive and defensive utility. She is an extremely versatile champion due to her crowd control abilities and powerful toolkit.

Her ultimate, Wild Growth, can be an instant game changer if used correctly as it can immediately impact a teamfight or turn a gank around. Her Glitterlance is capable of providing immense damage, bonus movement speed and even further crowd control with its slow when maxed out first. Help, Pix! grants mobility for the whole team if combined with Move Quick and allows for great positioning. Lastly, Whimsy brings potent slows which make it very useful in long ranged poke battles or quickly stopping enemies from fleeing with its polymorph effect when needed.


Lulu, The Fae Sorceress is a versatile support champion with strong crowd-control abilities and the potential for high amounts of utility in teamfights. She fares best during the laning phase when she can make use of her long-range engage and disengage tools, but can be outmatched in duels by opponents who know how to outplay her abilities.

Lulu’s main weaknesses are her low base damage, lack of mobility and easily punishable Champion kit. With low base damage on all of her spells, it can be difficult to pressure enemies in lane without relying solely on allies for damage. This is compounded with her lack of mobility which requires proper positioning and target prioritization to remain effective throughout the laning phase and teamfights. Her reliance on skillshots also means that enemies can dodge or outmaneuver Lulu’s spells which often leaves her vulnerable when using them. Lastly, her ultimate ability which acts as an engage tool and additional CC can be severely punished if misused or used at the wrong time allowing enemies to quickly capitalize against Lulu players who fail to use it effectively.


Lulu is a powerful support champion that excels in crowd control and spell damage. She has a variety of abilities that can be used to bring about powerful effects, including Polymorph and Glitterlance. Her ultimate ability, Wild Growth, can provide a huge shield to an ally in need.

Let’s take a look at each of her abilities and how they can be used in battle:


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W – Whimsy: Lulu’s W grants movement speed and polymorph to an ally champion or herself. Once cast, the target becomes a cute critter with increased size, losing the ability to attack or use abilities for a brief period of time. It does, however, grant bonus armor and magic resistance for the duration. It’s great for setting up plays or peeling away enemies to stay safe.


E – Whimsy: This ability gives Lulu a brief burst of movement speed and temporarily makes her crowd control-immune. It is useful for initiating fights, escaping or chasing enemy champions or rotating around the map quickly. It is also helpful in certain skirmish and team fight situations for making plays or catching an opponent off guard. As an added bonus, it also significantly increases the range of her Q Hextech Rocketblade for a few seconds, allowing her to harass from further away than usual.


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Lulu the Fae Sorceress is a powerful champion in League of Legends that can bring a lot of utility to the game. Her ability to control the battlefield with her crowd control, shields and magic damage make her an excellent team fighter. Knowing the right strategies for Lulu will help you make the most out of her abilities and help your team to victory.

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks for playing Lulu in the best way:

Early Game

In terms of strategy, the early game is all about taking advantage of all available resources in order to create a strong base for later rounds. Players should focus on gathering resources quickly. This includes setting up efficient production chains using workers, placing and monitoring defenses, building structures for expansion and attacking enemy structures to gain an edge in the game.

It’s important to keep track of changes in the environment around you during an early battle, as this can yield a competitive edge. Be aware of any changes in your opponents’ strategies and modify yours accordingly. For example, if your opponent has already taken control of a particular resource field or has erected strong defenses in one area, aim to expand elsewhere or adjust your strategy accordingly. Additionally, pay attention to natural resources that exist on the map such as gold mines or lumber mills and make sure they are taken advantage of by your troops strategically.

If you can remain adaptable and take control of available resources before your opponent does so then you should find yourself in a more advantageous position going into the mid-game stages.

Mid Game

As the mid-game approach, it is important to have a well thought out strategy. At this point in the game, players should focus on developing a strong and versatile army. The types of units most suitable will depend upon a range of environmental factors such as terrain and opposing forces. Different units may also excel in different roles. Therefore, it is important to consider asset allocation options such as land, air or sea in order to get the most out of your troops’ capabilities.

There should also be an emphasis on acquiring resources while striking a balance between offensive and defensive strategies. Players may need to prepare for surprise attacks from their opponents whilst at the same time taking steps to reduce the possibility of retaliatory actions. In addition, attention should be paid towards scouting for dangerous opponents who may disrupt plans unexpectedly if not identified quickly enough.

In summary, proper planning and allocation during the mid-game phase is essential if you are looking to gain an edge over your opponents by increasing strength or seizing opportunities before they arise. It is wise to be prepared for any eventuality so that you can remain one step ahead throughout this stage of the game:

  • Develop a strong and versatile army.
  • Consider asset allocation options such as land, air or sea.
  • Strike a balance between offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Prepare for surprise attacks.
  • Scout for dangerous opponents.
  • Be prepared for any eventuality.

Late Game

The late game is where Lulu really starts to shine. Her kit offers the perfect mix of damage and support, allowing her to stack a ton of crowd control and protection onto her allies. Lulu’s ultimate, Wild Growth, can be used to set up teamfights by providing a buff increases the size and health of an ally champion. This makes it easier for your team to surround and target enemies. Later on in the game Lulu can play aggressive with Glitterlance, allowing her to harass enemies from range or set up kills with skill-shots on unsuspecting enemy champions. With all that combined with her ultimate being CDR friendly, Lulu is one of the strongest utility carries late game making her a valuable asset for any team composition.

Lulu can offer both offensive and defensive utility for her team late game, granting protecton for squishy targets as well as buffing their damage output. During the mid-late game portion champions have usually gotten items such as Rabadan’s Deathcap making them threatening while also having tanky stats due to varied items depending on their lane matchups such as bramble vest or frozen heart. This makes them prime targets for Lulus Wild Growth giving increased survivability which makes them harder to take down in fights.

Her more offensive capabilities come into play with Glitterlance during pickoff scenarios granting reliable damage that aids in pressuring objectives such as Baron or Dragon later in the game more effectively due to its CC potential granting ample time for teammates to catch up while also offering crowd control immunity after casting shields on target allies preventing Flay or hooks from champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh respectively thus aiding in securing objectives safely afterwards.

Item Build

When playing Lulu as a champion, it is important to consider the item build, since this will determine your success in staying alive and dealing damage. Knowing the right items to get can make all the difference in the game.

This section will provide an overview of the items that are commonly used when playing as Lulu:

Core Items

Lulu is best played as a supportive AP mage. To maximize your potential at this role, you should focus on building items that give you the utility and survivability needed to stay alive and protect your team. Here are the most common Lulu item builds:

Core Items: These core items will help provide you with the protection and Utility needed to be a true team player in the lane and across fights.

  • Frostfang: A low cost item that gives you potency in your damage spells while also providing mana regeneration.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: This mid-game item boosts your Health, Ability Power and provides powerful crowd control through its passive slow effect.
  • Frozen Heart: A defensive item that provides both armor and cooldown reduction, giving you more uptime for protecting teammates with shielding, healing or general utility spells.
  • Morellonomicon: An offensive item that provides a variety of bonuses such as spell vamp, ability power and magic penetration. This will help boost your damage output and give you a more consistent presence in battles across the map.

Optional Items

In a competitive game of League of Legends, your item build will be determined by the situation you find yourself in. While there is a “standard build” which most pros and guides recommend, there are many optional items that you can use to customize your Lulu experience. The list below provides some possible items to help customize your builds.

Core Items
Many players suggest that Rod of Ages and Luden’s Echo are essential to achieving victory with Lulu. These two items offer large amounts of Ability Power (AP), along with other stats that give you the edge in battle.

Optional Offensive Items
If you find yourself far enough ahead to justify building additional offensive items, Hextech Gunblade could be your go-to option due to its damage and sustain from life steal. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter will boost damage from Lulu’s spells as well as giving them extra crowd control, so it can be considered for Utility purposes too. Another offensive item worth considering is Athene’s Unholy Grail for its mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and magic resistance shredding effects!

Optional Defensive Items
Guardian Angel is one of the most popular defensive choices on Lulu since it provides her considerable armor and magic resist along with extra life whenever she dies in combat. Zhonya’s Hourglass could also work on Lulu if facing an AP heavy team composition as its additional armor stats and active ability can be game changing in hectic situations! Banshee’s Veil rounds out this category nicely by offering much needed magic resistance while providing quite a bit more health than many other alternatives in its class.


Match-ups are an important part of playing any Champion in League of Legends. Not only do they guide your playstyle, they also provide an insight into how to best counter the opponent’s strategy. With Lulu, it is important to understand her match-ups before jumping into a ranked game or tournament.

In this section, we’ll explore the different match-ups that Lulu can have and discuss the pros and cons of each matchup.

Who Lulu Counters

Lulu is a powerful ranged mage champion in League of Legends. She has an array of crowd control and protective spells that make her incredibly potent as a support or teamfight disruptor. Her ultimate, Wild Growth, grants area-wide allies with bonus health and can also be used to guard structures or disengage enemies.

Her versatility, along with crowd control spells like Glitterlance and Whimsy, makes Lulu an incredibly potent counter to squishy champions who lack mobility. Some of the best matchups for her are listed below:

  • ADC’s: Kog’Maw, Graves, Twitch
  • Midlaners: Akali, Swain, Xerath
  • Tanks/Bruisers: Nautilus, Olaf, Maokai

Who Counters Lulu

Lulu is has a unique strength in being able to aid her allies through skillful placement of her spells. Her Ultimate can turn the tide of a team fight when well placed. Despite this, she does have notable counters due to her relatively low burst damage and lack of mobility compared to many other mages. Here is a list of champions that counter Lulu well:

  • Aatrox: Aatrox takes reduced magic damage, which reduces the potency of Lulu’s spells. He also deals high burst damage, which can give Lulu trouble if she doesn’t manage to dodge it or catch him off guard with her ultimate.
  • Talon: Talon’s mobility and short cooldowns allow him to pressure lane well against a stationary Lulu, eating away at her hp pool each time he leaps in and out of battle.
  • Gangplank: Gangplank’s passive greatly reduces the effectiveness of crowd control when it procs, negating much of what makes Lulu effective in teamfights. Gangplank also has relatively quick attack animations that can out trade lulus sustained poke poke from range.
  • Kassadin: Kassadin is one of the few potential lane bullies who can successfully shutdown most mages in the game on his own. His ability to remain mobile while dealing consistent burst damage makes him very threatening against squishy champions types like lulu who lack kill pressure or wave clear early on in their builds without items.

Tips & Tricks

Lulu is a very special champion in the world of League of Legends. With her unique abilities, she can become the center of attention in a team composition. If you want to learn how to play her, here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your Lulu experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran player, these tips will help you maximize your impact on the game:


Positioning is an important factor to consider when playing with or against Lulu. Knowing this champion’s strengths and weaknesses as well as staying aware of the situation can make her a force to be reckoned with.

When playing Lulu, it is great to try to get high ground advantages. Since Lulu’s abilities allow her to jump over walls and control the area, being able to put some distance between enemies is key for her survival. Also, using terrain factors can give vision control; if you manage your positioning wisely, you may put yourself in a better position for vision control for your team or deny vision for your opponents.

In team fights, she is best played in the back line assisting allies from afar with shielding from incoming damage and controlling the battlefield with slows or stuns. She has no burst damage so should not be at the front of a fight trading blows with enemies head-on. Instead, aim to get behind your allies and help keep them alive while utilizing her AoE crowd control effect on enemies through the use of Polymorph or Whimsy combos.

Positioning will require trial and error until you get comfortable enough on that champion—so practice makes perfect! In summary, try to find ways where elevation and terrain could give you an edge over enemies during fights and utilize creativity when finding new positions that could turn out useful depending on map layout or situation at hand.

Team Fighting

Team fighting is one of the most important aspects of playing Lulu, as she is great at supporting her team in chaotic and unpredictable situations. When it comes to team fights, Lulu’s main purpose is to shield and protect allies or provide an AoE presence with Wild Growth. Although she has no hard crowd control abilities like stuns or knock-ups, her ability to slow enemies and push them away can be invaluable in the heat of battle.

When engaging in a team fight, Lulu’s priority should be to protect her squishier teammates such as mages or marksmen. Her Whimsy is an amazing tool for protecting these allies as it can disable an enemy while also granting increased attack speed or movement speed to your teammate. If you have the chance, make sure you take advantage of this by shielding your teammates before they engage in a fight, as this will help immensely throughout team fights.

Lulu also has access to both Glitterlance and Wild Growth which allow her to easily set up CC combos on enemies by constantly juggling them back and forth. Her Glitterlance can also be used against multiple targets if aimed properly so make sure you are positioning yourself accordingly for maximum effect. Additionally, make sure that you are always quick on your feet when casting Wild Growth; if timed correctly it can knock-up enemies in an AoE manner which could turn tides towards your favor dramatically. Finally, it’s important that you are positioning yourself carefully when engaging in a team fight; placing too far forward can leave you vulnerable while being too far back might decrease the amount of utility that you could provide for your teammates.

Lane Control

Lane control is an important skill for all bowlers to learn. It requires concentration and control, as well as an understanding of ball speed and release. To have lane control, you must have good hand-eye coordination. This means that your body must be balanced and your hands must be steady when you go to release the ball. Your aim should also be precise – you need to know exactly where you want the ball to go when it leaves your hand.

When releasing the ball, make sure that it is not thrown too hard or too soft – it should be in between with medium strength. You should also make sure that you are not pushing or pulling the ball away at an angle, as this will affect its direction down the lane. Try to keep something level in your line of vision such as a pattern on the floor or a centre dot on target board so your eyes remain aligned with your arm at all times. Keeping track of how much back spin and front spin you give your ball will also help keep them from tilting too sharply on their way down the lane.

In order to perfect lane control, practice each aspect individually until they become second nature together:

  • Watching your aiming point
  • Understanding how much speed or spin needs to be applied for different throws
  • Getting comfortable with weight transfers and adjustments
  • Controlling shot strength
  • Rolling off or striking each pin precisely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lulu LoL?

A: Lulu LoL is a champion in the online game League of Legends. She is an enchantress that specializes in crowd control, healing and providing utility to her teammates.

Q: What are Lulu’s abilities?

A: Lulu’s abilities include Glitterlance, which is a long range poke with a slow and blind, Whimsy, which gives her teammates bonus movement speed and polymorphs enemies, Help, Pix!, which grants a shield to an ally and Pix! Attacks, which gives her auto-attacks bonus damage.

Q: What role does Lulu play in League of Legends?

A: Lulu typically plays the role of a support champion in League of Legends. She excels at crowd control, healing, and providing utility to her teammates.