Lux LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Lux is an incredibly versatile and powerful champion in the popular game League of Legends. She’s a powerful mage that excels in team fights and can provide a huge boost to any team. Her abilities make her a great pick when it comes to team composition.

In this article we’ll explore all the great aspects of Lux and how she can be played effectively in all match-ups.

Background of Lux

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a mage-like champion from League of Legends. Lux hails from the realm of Demacia, where she uses her magical abilities for good and to protect her home. She’s known for her powerful beam and shield spells, as well as her crowd control abilities that allow her to catch out enemies and lock them down. Lux has become one of the most popular champions in League of Legends due to her strength in team fights and ability to ace enemies with ease.

Lux first saw light in patch 2.20, when she rose from the shadows with a legendary title – The Lady of Luminosity. Her original design was based on a fusion between an archer and a magician since she uses beams of light to damage enemies or shields allies while also possessing long-range attack & escape options such as Final Spark or Prismatic Barrier respectively. Lux’s unique mechanics have captivated players since day one.

Overview of Lux’s abilities

Lux is a powerful ranged mage who can both deal and absorb huge amounts of damage. She relies on her abilities to burst foes down from a distance and support her allies with shields. Her signature ability, Final Spark, is a global Ultimate that can decimate enemy teams in a single move if used correctly.

Lux provides incredible utility for team fights, allowing for creative plays across the board. Her abilities give her an immense amount of crowd control, as well as powerful bursts of damage when positioned perfectly. Here’s a breakdown of Lux’s abilities:

  • Light Binding – Lux releases a bolt of light that binds two enemy units, damaging them and stunning them both for 2 seconds.
  • Prismatic Barrier – Lux sends out her wand in a straight line that creates an opened shield – this shield reflects bullets back to enemies and stops any bullets fired into it before releasing energy outwards towards all enemies in range or near the opened prismatic shield radius.
  • Victory Spark – Lux creates bolts of light around her, moving in the direction she sets it to go. During this time all enemies will be dealt some magic damage before returning back to Lux again dealing even more damage again afterwards when she collects the original shot’s energy within its radius of power which has doubled its size upon its return journey again!
  • Final Spark – When activated by holding R (Aim) then pressing 4 (Fire), two global-ranged components are fired simultaneously at enemies dealing high amounts of AOE Magic Damage over time and blinding them for 4 seconds after detonation!


Lux is a powerful long-range mage champion in League of Legends. She has a wide array of abilities that make her a great choice for players who want to do massive amounts of damage from a distance. Her abilities have great scaling, making her a powerful late-game fighter.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages Lux can bring to the fight:


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Crowd Control

Crowd control is one of the strengths of Lux in League of Legends. She has a variety of abilities that can be used to control the enemy team. Her passive, Illumination, gives her basic attacks additional damage and applies snares and marks on enemies.

Her Q ability, Light Binding, allows her to bind two enemy champions together during its duration, separating them from their team comps and setting them up for combo plays. Her W ability, Prismatic Barrier gives her a shield that also includes an area of effect slow field during its duration making it effective for both herself and any teammates around her.

Her E ability, Lucent Singularity sets an area where enemies are slowed for a few seconds allowing her to approach or escape easily while dealing damage with auto attacks or following up with other abilities.

Finally, her ultimate ability is Final Spark which deals heavy area of effect damage while being untargetable which makes it great when diving into the enemy backline as well as when chasing down escaping enemies.

With all these tools available to Lux she has plenty of crowd control options at her disposal making it one of her biggest strengths on the Rift.


The champion Lux excels in her versatility as a mage and support role. Her Mobility is a major part of strengthing her efficiency as a character. Her passive, ‘Illumination’, enables a range of Abilities to empower Lux’s next spellcast based on the use of her previous ones.

In effect, this allows Lux to increase her mobility in the form of additional speed or teleportation when put into practice with Insight and Final Spark. This increased mobility can be used for wider field vision coming up with clever angles and even allowing Lux to escape danger by either flanking away from enemies or jumping directly behind them.

This increased perception of the battlefield combined with her high-speed damage output makes for an incredibly mobile champion that strikes unpredictably and accurately from any angle at any given time, able to pick up kills or assist teammates from miles away with her long-range shotgun spear Light Binding. Her powerful abilities helped guide her rise among solo queue players as one of the most unpredictable spellslingers in League Of Legends’ history.


Lux is a powerful champion, but like any champion, she has her weaknesses. When playing Lux it is important to keep her weaknesses in mind and focus on them to ensure you are able to capitalize on them.

In this article, we will discuss the weaknesses of Lux and how you can use them to your advantage:

Low Damage Output

Lux has low damage output compared to other mages making her a difficult champion to carry games with. She falls behind in both single-target damage and AoE damage during early and mid game, as her burst potential is lacking throughout the early-to-mid game due to mana costs and long cooldowns. Even with a completed build, she still has much lower sustained damage than many of the other burst mages, leaving her at a notable disadvantage during teamfights.

Her ult does compensate for this weakness late game however, allowing her to provide more CC for teammates allowing for massive teamfights swings in their favor.

Vulnerable to Crowd Control

Being vulnerable to crowd control is often considered one of the major weaknesses of any character. Crowd control is a term that describes the effect of certain abilities, items, and spells that cause either a slow or a stun that prevents the target from performing any action. Too much crowd control can lead to deaths since you cannot use abilities to escape and your characters has limited mobility options. Consequently, too much crowd control makes it harder to fight enemy heroes and minions effectively.

The best way to reduce this weakness is by selecting characters that have innate ways of counteracting crowd control abilities like reducing their duration or stunning their source. Items like Quicksilver Sash, Abyssal Blade and Black King Bar will also help reduce their duration. Additionally, there are defensive items like Pipe of Insight and Lotus Orb which provide protection against percent of all magical damage received while they are active.

Lastly, various non-Ultimate skills exist in the game which give you brief immunity from crowd control effects such as Omniknight’s Repel or Kunkka’s Tidebringer. With recognition about these skills and items, players can better protect themselves from getting overwhelmed by heavy crowd controlling heroes in team fights.

Low Sustainability

Lux is often considered to be a powerful mid laner due to her ability to punish misplays from her opponents. However, she also has some glaring weaknesses that can cause trouble for inexperienced or careless players.

One of Lux’s most defining flaws is her low sustainability. Her kit is geared more toward burst damage and crowd control than sustained combat, which means she can struggle in long, drawn-out teamfights. She does not have the healing, shielding or regeneration effects that allow many other mid lane champions to stay in the fight longer than Lux can, so it’s important to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Moreover, despite having powerful crowd control and shielding abilities at her disposal, Lux can have a difficult time against champions who focus on evading or countering her spells (such as Mobile Assassins). As such, it’s usually better for Lux players to look for opportunities where they can take advantage of an enemy’s mistakes rather than trying to directly engage them. This way, you can use your abilities more efficiently and get the most out of your items and runes.

Tips and Tricks

Playing Lux in League of Legends can be a formidable challenge. Knowing how to use Lux’s abilities and position yourself on the map is essential for success.

This section will provide tips, tricks and strategies on how to play Lux effectively. We will explain the best ways to utilize Lux’s abilities to gain an edge over your opponents. We’ll also provide insight on the best items to purchase and how to position yourself on the map.


Positioning is arguably the most important aspect of playing Lux efficiently. Mastering her positioning will make you unbeatable in team fights and even 2v2 or 3v3 skirmishes.

First, it’s important to remember that your primary tool for success in combat is your Light Binding (Q). This spell does significant damage when it first lands and also roots your target for a short duration. Ideally, you want to position yourself so that this spell lands on at least two targets at once. This can be done by positioning yourself between the enemy team and using your superior vision to keep an eye on their movements while they try to find a way around you.

Another key concept to remember is your Prismatic Barrier (W). This shield can be used to protect one ally or yourself from an enemy attack, making it invaluable in clutch scenarios. Try to use it early so that its additional effects are fully utilized and avail of its larger area of effect by centered on any allies near you who might also benefit from the barrier.

It’s also important to remember that Lux’s Lucent Singularity (E) reveals concealed units along its path–aggressively sending it towards the enemy team will reveal any would-be ambushers or invisible foes attempting surprise attacks against you and your teammate(s). Positioning smartly allows for better use of this tool which can instantly change the tide of battle if used correctly!


Timing is an important element for a Lux LoL player. There are many strategies that depend on proper timing, such as the ability to maximize your caster’s ultimates (like punishment, imprisonment or her macro stun). If you manage your timing skills efficiently, you’ll be able to maximize Lux LoL’s performance while keeping your enemies in line.

For starters, as Luck you should look to make use of the low cool down periods of your spells. This is especially true with Abyssal Voyage and Lucent Singularity, which have cool downs of 5 seconds and 10 seconds respectively. Knowing when to flash out of harms way while hitting an enemy with one of your spells can allow you to maintain an advantage during team fights.

Additionally, it can be difficult for buddies in team fights to know when they are safe from punishment or imprisonment. A helpful rule of thumb is that if you are within 2 auto-attack range (roughly 2 ability power) then it is best for your buddy(s) not to step in as Lux can punish them quicker than they think!

Another useful thing about punishing and imprisoning is that it re-positions Lux’s opponents into a better spot where she can ultimately hit them with her ultimate (These 4). Therefore if there are multiple players clumped up near each other or bunching up behind a turret she can usually take full advantage by looking for a spot where both punishments will land correctly on the majority of people all at once.


Combos are an essential part of every champion. Knowing and executing the right combination can often times be the difference between victory or defeat in a match.

Lux is no exception, and in order to maximize her potential, it is important to know her combos. Her two primary offensive combinations are the “E>Q” combo and the “R+E+Q” combo.

  • The former involves casting Lux’s E (Lucent Singularity) first, followed by Q: Light Binding for initiation and damage. This combo will not only initiate fights, but it will also cause a high burst of magic damage that can quickly decimate enemies caught by Light Binding’s tethers.
  • The latter combo involves Lux’s Ultimate (Final Execution), followed by her E, Lucent Singularity, then her Q: Light Binding for massive amounts of AoE damage. This is especially potent if Lux can follow up this burst with additional abilities, such as W: Prismatic Wave or R: Final Execution in quick succession after the initial burst has gone off. This will ensure maximum damage output while also providing a hefty amount of zone control throughout the fight.

It is also important to note that due to Lux’s high mobility skillset, she can use movement tactics in order to break enemy lines, get behind them for ambushes or run away from unfavorable engagements when needed. Using her E>Q combo she can quickly chip away at opponents from afar before bursting them down once they are below 50% health with subsequent abilities or combos mentioned previously in this guide.


In conclusion, Lux is an incredibly powerful champion who can be used both aggressively and defensively for devastating results. Lux’s ultimate can be a game-changer in team fights, and her kit gives her the ability to easily escape sticky situations. What’s more, her kit is versatile, allowing her to fill multiple roles such as support, mid-laner, and even jungler.

If you’re looking for a powerful champion to add to your lineup, then Lux is a great choice.

Summary of Lux’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Lux is an incredibly versatile assassin who can act as a mage, marksman, and support champion all at once. She has some of the most powerful crowd control abilities in the game and her long-range ultimate makes her incredibly dangerous if left unchecked. However, she is quite squishy with low damage output early on and has trouble farming in some matches.

Her signature spell is Light Binding which zones out enemies from the fight and leaves them vulnerable for followup damage from her allies. She is best played as an offensive support who heavily harasses enemies and provides huge amounts of utility to her team.

Finishing Thoughts on Lux

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Lux LoL?

A1: Lux LoL is a champion in the game League of Legends. She is a mage-type champion with abilities that allow her to use powerful magic to control and damage her enemies.

Q2: What are Lux LoL’s abilities?

A2: Lux LoL has a variety of abilities that allow her to manipulate and control opponents. She has a long-range light binding spell that can stun an enemy, a powerful laser beam that can damage multiple enemies, and a shield that can protect her from damage.

Q3: What role does Lux LoL play in League of Legends?

A3: Lux LoL is typically played as a mid-lane mage, meaning she is often placed in the middle lane of the map. She is a great pick for teamfights, as she is able to use her abilities to control the enemy team and damage them from a distance.