Malphite is a powerful champion in League of Legends (LoL), the popular online multiplayer game. He is a tank that can soak up damage and provide some utility for his team. Malphite is one of the oldest champions in the game, and he has seen a lot of changes over the years, but he is still a powerful champion.

In this article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Malphite from his abilities to his best items and strategies:

Overview of Malphite

Malphite is a resilient tank champion who excels in disruptive crowd control. His natural tank characteristics, very low cooldowns and good mobility allow him to be an effective member of any team composition. As Malphite, your primary goal is to protect allies and disrupt the enemy team by providing heavy crowd control on multiple targets.

In combat, Malphite can use his combo of abilities to easily displace multiple enemies at once, either setting them up for easy kills or allowing his team to get away from diving opponents. His passive, Granite Shield gives him extra armor when low on health and provides some extra battle sustain against aggressive enemies.

Malphite has two main abilities that provide him with immense crowd control power:

  • Ground Slam (Q), which stuns nearby enemies and reduces their attack speed; and
  • Unstoppable Force (R), which knocks up all enemies in a terminal area of effect.

By utilizing Ground Slam in the beginning of the fight, followed by Unstoppable Force during critical moments such as teamfights or during crucial objectives like Baron or Dragon, you can dictate the course of the match.

By understanding Malphite’s kit completely you’ll be able to easily disrupt multiple opponents while protecting your allies with ease. Get ready to rumble as one of League’s most imposing champions!

Malphite’s Role in Team Composition

Malphite can fill a variety of roles within any given team composition, depending on the item build and strategies his team wishes to employ. Commonly, Malphite can be used as a tank or initiator in order to disrupt the enemy team’s formation and create advantageous openings. He is ideal for initiating fights due to his high mobility, crowd-control abilities and sturdy health pool.

As a tank, he’s proficient in absorbing damage for his team while being able to quickly soak up damage dealt by enemy champions dealing physical damage. Additionally, Malphite has a viable option as an AP offtank due to the defensive strengths of both Seismic Shard and Ground Slam offering multiple defensive capabilities from damage reduction to crowd control and more.

When it comes to supportive duties for a team composition, Malphite offers several useful qualities such as aura-based buffs inherent with Unstoppable Force that can add indirect strength for an allied front line or broadcast wide-reaching benefits like armor debuffs from its ultimates splash radius. As such, Malphite boasts considerable utility through combinations of offensive power mixed with resilient durability that can help propel any team ahead in competitive play – making him one of the most versatile tanks currently playable on the Fields of Justice.


Malphite is known for his strong resilience and abilities, so let’s take a look at what he has to offer. From his passive, Granite Shield, to his ultimate Unstoppable Force, Malphite is a formidable champion. His passive provides him with bonus armor and damage which can be cruicial in team fights and duels.

Let’s dive into his abilities to discover what he can do in League of Legends:

Seismic Shard

Seismic Shard is one of Malphite’s most versatile abilities, allowing him to both damage and slow targets. By casting Seismic Shard on a nearby enemy unit, he deals magic damage and slows his target for four seconds.

This ability is incredibly important for catching out an enemy and thanks to its range, it can be used even from a safe distance. This helps Malphite stay out of trouble while still dealing damage or setting up successful ganks. Seismic Shard’s cooldown is relatively low at 9 seconds, so feel free to spam this ability in teamfights to gain maximum value out of it.

When fighting high mobility champions like Ezreal and Vayne, try your best to hit them with Seismic Shard in order to win the fight by continually slowing them down.

Ground Slam

Ground Slam is a basic ability of Malphite in League of Legends and one of his main crowd control abilities. This ability causes Malphite to slam the ground with such force that enemies in proximity take magic damage as well as having their attack speed reduced. The scale of this effect on enemies increases depending on his attack damage and armor level.

The range for this ability is limited, meaning you will have to be up close and personal to your opponents to hit them with the Ground Slam. Additionally, Ground Slam will not work on structures but it will still reduce the attack speed around these objects for some time, allowing Malphite’s team to gain an upper hand in battle.


Thunderclap is Malphite’s Q ability. It is a targeted ability that deals magic damage and slows down all enemies in the area. This ability has a low cooldown and can be used to great effect when combined with his other abilities.

At Rank 1, Thunderclap deals 55/90/125/175 (+0.6 AP) magic damage to enemies in an area with a width of 300, while slowing them by 20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds. As one progresses further into the game and reaches the highest level (18), Thunderclap will deal 160/200/240 (+1.2 AP) magic damage and slow enemies by 40%.

Moreover, Thunderclap synergizes very well with Unstoppable Force because it covers a larger area than usual thus allowing you to stun more enemies with Unstoppable Force at once. The maximum slow effect from Thunderclap also helps ensure that your opponents will stay in the range of Unstoppable Force for as long as possible after its cast time.

Unstoppable Force

Malphite is one of the most durable champions in League of Legends. His Unstoppable Force ultimate ability grants him bonus armor and magic resistance for 8 seconds. During this time, Malphite becomes immune to crowd control, bypassing all other forms of control as well. This makes Malphite extremely hard to kill and allows him to initiate team fights or escape from dangerous situations with ease.

He can also use Unstoppable Force to charge across the map at incredible speeds, using it to quickly reach objectives or quickly gank an enemy team when the opportunity presents itself.

Runes and Items

Runes and items play a huge role in the success or failure of any champion in League of Legends. When it comes to Malphite, there are certain runes and items that should be considered. There are many possible build paths for Malphite, but depending on the situation, some may be better than others. Let’s explore the runes and items that make Malphite a powerful champion.


Runes in League of Legends (LoL) are special sigils players attach to their Champions – like Malphite – that act as points with which players purchase powerful bonuses and effects. While each type of rune has similar benefits, there are variations within each type that offer unique stat bonuses or power ups. LoL runes divide into two categories–Primary and Secondary–that let players customize their champions for just about any kind of task.

Primary Runes: These runes have a wide range of options, offering more direct damage potential than secondary runes. Primary Runes provide players with the ability to customize their champion’s abilities to better suit their play style, while still keeping things balanced by preferring some stats over others.

  • Precision Tree -This tree focuses on increasing damage output through critical strikes and attacks speed boosts.
  • Domination Tree -Focusing on getting an edge in fights, this tree offers improved affects from abilities by increasing various stats like damage over time and available crowd control effects.
  • Sorcery Tree -These runes are all about boosting your casting powers by improving various spell stats such as total burst damage, sustain effects, and reducing cooldown times for spells.

Secondary Runes: While primary runes increase a Champion’s effectiveness in combat or duels directly, secondary runes serve to make life easier by granting subtle buffs like health regeneration or allowing lane minions to take additional spell damage when you attack them.

  • Inspiration Tree -Aimed at providing superior utility powers during gameplay through increased movement speed and large gold bonuses per kills or assists on enemy champs after every game block.
  • Resolve Tree -Defensive power up trees focusing primarily on increasing health regeneration and reduce the amount of crowd control will be used against Malphite while also offering an armor bonus to help protect against physical attacks during his laning phase.


Items are a core component of any role-playing game and can significantly enhance your experience. Items are items of power that you acquire through either unlocking chests or specific events, through buying or trading with merchants, and by hunting down unique bosses who drop them. Some items may also be found at random, dropped from monsters or NPCs.

An item’s enchantment can impart powerful bonuses to your character when applied. The strength of the enchantment depends on the rarity and type of item, in general more rare items will have stronger enchantments than common items. There are also multiple tiers of enchantments depending on the item’s rarity level, ranging from base (common) to best (very rare).

Different items have various categories and known effects; some common examples include weapons that imbue powerful offensive damage effects while armor might boost resistances or attribute bonuses to defense.

Enchantment Runes add even more power to your item, allowing you to apply an additional layer of effectiveness. There are five now known higher tiered runes: heroic runes, mythical runes, legendary runes, enigma runes and divine runes – each bringing added benefits over the one before it up until divine which is the highest tiered rune out there . Items may require certain combinations of Runes before they can gain power from its associated Rune Enchantment depending on its level; for example most Epic items only require two Heroic Runes in order for them to be enchanted by it.

Tips and Strategies

Malphite is one of the most popular League of Legends champions. He is a tanky champion with a lot of crowd control abilities and crowd control ultimates.

Now that we know more about this tanky champion, let’s get into some tips and strategies. This section will cover the optimal build paths, match up strategies and teamfight strategies to help you dominate lanes and win games with Malphite.

Early Game

Malphite is an incredibly resilient tank champion that can also be played as a fighter. Not only does he have great base stats, but he also has lots of utility in his kit.

In the early game, it is important to remember that your main objective is to help out your team and provide front line support. As such, you should focus on farming and applying pressure when the opportunity arises.

  • It is beneficial in the early game to take advantage of your passive shield on basic attacks, as well as using Seismic Shard (Q) to secure early kills or secure objectives. When using Seismic Shard, try and aim it at highly mobile champions; this will prevent them from being able to dodge it successfully and also make them easier targets to hit with follow-up damage from other abilities like Ground Slam (E).
  • You should also try and position aggressively when going for kills or fights because Malphite’s kit has strong wave clearing capabilities along with crowd control options like Unstoppable Force (R).

In order to increase your survivability throughout the early game you should build towards items that offer health, armor, magic resist and cooldown reduction; this will improve both your offensive potential and overall sustainability in fights. Additionally, you can pick up stacks of Kleptomancy runes in order to slowly increase your gold income which will allow you to purchase additional defensive items if needed.

Mid Game

Mid game is an important stage for Malphite and can make or break the outcome of a match. During the mid game, he should prioritize farming minions and harassing the enemy champions whenever possible. This will give him the gold to stay ahead of his opponents in terms of itemization and allows him to gain an advantage in level progression. Taking control of defensive objectives such as towers and dragon can also be beneficial towards increasing Malphite’s overall presence in a match.

It is important to keep track of enemy movement while playing as Malphite, as his ultimate allows him to set up team fights by initiating or disengaging depending on the situation. Utilizing crowd control effects such as his ultimate or his E ability, Thunderclap, is integral towards crippling opponents and allowing Malphite’s team mates to follow up with damaging abilities while they are stunned or slowed. When engaging enemies in team fights, Malphite should always focus down priority targets such as carries or squishy targets so that they can be eliminated quickly before they have a chance to burst down allies. Proper placement near walls also gives him additional opportunities for successful initiation skirmishes if timed correctly.

Late Game

In the late game, Malphite becomes a powerful tank that soaks up damage and peels for his team. Aim to always be within arm’s reach of your backline and ensure they are safe from dives or ganks. Malphite loves having the proper positioning to follow up with a powerful initiation. If your team ever struggles to find an opening in the enemy’s positioning, then he can use his ultimate to split the enemy apart and set his teammates up for a fight.

Malphite is great at defending objectives such as towers, inhibitors, and Baron as he has enough damage reduction from Unstoppable Force to be able to withstand most attacks from these objectives along with an ample amount of crowd control effects like Seismic Shard and Thunderclap which can easily protect himself or his team mates if needed. Additionally, whenever you see multiple enemies grouped together after pushing your backline, it is a great opportunity for you to use Unstoppable Force in order to pick up some kills and help your team turn around any unfavorable engagements.


In conclusion, Malphite is a versatile and powerful League of Legends champion who excels in both lane and team fights. His passive is an incredible source of both lane pressure and team fighting utility, meaning he can play a number of different roles in any given game. By utilizing his various abilities, Malphite can win most matchups by zoning opponents out or zoning them in.

However, Malphite is not without his weaknesses. He is very susceptible to poke damage from ranged champions and has low base movement speed which makes him vulnerable to ganks. Additionally, he lacks reliable waveclear which can put him at a disadvantage against some opponents. Lastly, the majority of his kit requires close proximity to enemies which makes it difficult for him to make plays from afar.

Despite these weaknesses, Malphite remains one of the most potent tanks in the game with incredible burst potential when built correctly. Whether you’re looking for pressure in top lane or initiations during teamfights; if Malphite suits your playstyle then you’ll be sure to have some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Malphite’s role in League of Legends?
A: Malphite is a tank champion in League of Legends. He is a durable fighter that specializes in crowd control and area of effect damage.

Q: What abilities does Malphite have in League of Legends?
A: Malphite has a variety of abilities, including Seismic Shard, Ground Slam, Unstoppable Force, and Brutal Strikes.

Q: What kind of playstyle is best for Malphite in League of Legends?
A: Malphite is best played as a tank, which means you should focus on being the front line for your team and protecting your allies from harm. You can also use your abilities to crowd control enemies and deal area of effect damage.