Malzahar is a powerful League of Legends Champion and is a mage who utilizes the void magic. He is considered one of the strongest champions in the game and is often seen in the mid lane as a powerful damage dealer and crowd control character.

Malzahar has a unique playstyle that involves many different strategies and tactics. In this article, we will take a look at Malzahar’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as some strategies and tips for playing him:

  • Abilities
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Strategies and Tips

Champion’s abilities

Malzahar is a legendary League of Legends champion who has a unique playstyle, impressive mobility, and strong teamfighting potential. This guide will cover the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of this powerful champion.

Malzahar’s Abilities

  • Null Zone (Passive): When Malzahar casts any of his spells for 6 seconds, an area at the target location becomes affected by Null Zone. Enemies within the zone will take magic damage over time, with increased damage for each spell proved in that zone.
  • Call of the Void (Q): Malzahar projects a void blast on a small area dealing magic damage to all enemies in range and silences them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Void Swarm (W): Malzahar summons an emancipated Voidling at the target location which moves towards nearby enemies attacking them each 2s dealing magic damage up to 3 units. Each level increases the number of Voidlings summoned through this ability up to 4 Voidlings max.
  • Malefic Visions (E): Malefic Visions deals magic damage to the target enemy over 4 seconds and returns 50% of its mana back if it dies while under its effects. Furthermore, Malefic Visions spreads onto nearby enemy champions once it has finished dealing its damage.
  • Nether Grasp (R): Malzahar suppresses an enemy champion for 2 seconds using dark energy and deals true damage depending on how much mana he accumulated over time with his other spells during that channel duration plus extra true damage if he got assists/kills with Nether Grasp before it ends up being activated again after 75 seconds cooldown duration time. In addition to being able to shout down an enemy champion, Nether Grasp prevents him from casting any abilities or moving from that spot during its effect duration.

Champion’s strengths and weaknesses

Malzahar is a powerful mage and an excellent pick in the middle lane of League of Legends. He has strong wave clear, long range damage, area-of-effect crowd control, and his ultimate can turn teamfights around if used correctly. Malzahar’s biggest strength is his ability to insert himself into fights and dominate. Additionally, Malzahar can become a hard to kill late game threat due to his spell shield that protects him from a single spell every 10 seconds.

On the other hand, Malzahar is extremely vulnerable early on in the game due to his lack of mobility. His ultimate has a very long cooldown and he must be very careful when using it in order to maximize its impact. Lastly, Malzahar relies heavily on spells for damage and if he runs out of mana during a fight he can become useless.

Overall, Malzahar is an excellent champion that requires patience and skillful decision making while playing him. He will be especially useful in longer games where teamfights are bound to happen often. If you are looking for the perfect champion to set up your team’s carries or help protect them in extended skirmishes then you should look no further than Malzahar!


Malzahar is a champion that is all about waveclear, pressure, and burst damage. He is able to push his lane and control the wave quickly with his Void Swarm, an ability that summons Voidlings to swarm the target location. His other abilities, Call of the Void and Nether Grasp, provide him with AoE and single target burst damage to take out enemies quickly. Malzahar is a champion that can be both powerful and oppressive in the right hands.

Let’s talk about his gameplay:


Itemization is an important factor when playing any champion in League of Legends. Malzahar’s item build is focused on high AP, but he can also benefit from items that grant armor and magic penetration. The best items for Malzahar to focus on are ones that grant him Ability Power (AP), Magic Penetration and Cooldown Reduction (CDR). The core item choices should be Luden’s Echo, Liandry’s Torment, Abyssal Mask and Morellonomicon.

Luden’s Echo is essential for Malzahar as it grants him Ability Power, Movement Speed and Spell Vamp. Liandry’s Torment gives him additional Ability Power, Health and Magic Penetration which will increase the damage of your spells significantly. Abyssal Mask is a great defensive item that provides Health, Cooldown Reduction along with Magic Resistance shredding for opponents near you. And finally Morellonomicon provides extra Ability Power along with mana regeneration to help stay in lane longer.

Additional recommended items are:

  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter for health and slow effects;
  • Void Staff to enhance magic penetration;
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass to gain invulnerability during teamfights;
  • Banshee’s Veil if you need some magic resistance;
  • Lich Bane if you want more burst potential by increasing your auto attack damage after casting abilities.

It will depend on what your team needs and who you are up against in order to decide which items are best suited for the situation at hand.


Malzahar synergizes best with teammates who can protect him, racking up kills and reducing his time spent fighting in the front lines. He is especially powerful when paired with competent lockdown champions like Leona, Morgana, and Sona, since these champions are able to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time as well as providing crowd control. His ultimate ability gives him access to an AoE suppression that can buy enough time for his carries to finish off an enemy team.

Malzahar’s lane partner should be someone like a mobile ranged AD carry to take advantage of the ability power he provides. For teamfights, Malzahar works best from the back lines since he will be unable to tank many hits before becoming vulnerable.

While playing solo queue it is important to keep in mind that your allies may not always understand how Malzahar’s abilities work or how best support him – it is therefore essential that you communicate clearly during games and set aside some extra time before each fight for advice regarding Malzahar strategy.

Lane matchups

Lane matchups are a vital part of the game of League of Legends. When drafting heroes and assigning them to the lanes, it’s important to think critically about which heroes best counter the opponent’s composition. If a team has an imbalance in their lanes, it can cause an early game loss. It is essential to learn the correct lane matchups for your heroes and understand how they interact with those in the enemy’s line-up.

Each hero can be effective depending on who they are going against, but likely have advantages or disadvantages depending on who they face off against. For example, if a tanky hero is placed in the top lane against an assassin, they may have difficulty in dealing with the quick bursts of damage on priority targets. On the other hand, if they face off against another tanky type of hero like a bruiser with no gap closer then it will allow them to survive and outlast their opponent due to higher health regeneration or receive additional benefits from items that reduce damage dealt by auto-attacks such as Randuin’s Omen or Frozen Heart.

It’s important that you study the matchup charts for each hero and understand how playing one type of hero over another affects your team’s gameplay overall.


Playing Malzahar in the game League of Legends (LoL) requires a specific strategy that focuses on his crowd control, skill power, and exceptional burst damage. He can be a great addition to any team composition, but proper awareness and planning is required to make the most of his kit.

For starters, Malzahar is based on spell-casting, meaning it’s important to maximize the use of his abilities. Let’s dive into more strategy tips for Malzahar:

Early game

The early game is the most important part of playing Malzahar since once you get some of your levels and items, he can be devastatingly powerful. During the laning phase, you should focus on farming and poking with your abilities.

Malzahar’s Q, “Call of the Void,” can easily pick off unsuspecting enemies in lane or trade heavily if used correctly, so use it to your advantage. His W, “Void Swarm“, is a great zoning tool that can be used to pressure enemies out of lane and farm safely. Once his ultimate, “Nether Grasp,” is unlocked at level 6 it can take care of almost any 1v1 fight if timed correctly as it suppresses the target enemy champion for 2 seconds. On top of that, it also gives Malzahar a large chunk of mana which helps him stay in lane longer.

During team fights, it’s important to remember the power in Malzahar’s ult as it can change an entire fight if used on a major threat such as an ADC or an assassin type champion. You should also focus on using his Q and W abilities as often as possible since they both deal a lot of damage to multiple targets at once. The best way to play Malzahar is by watching for any openings you can exploit with his incredible skillset – so keep your eyes open!

Mid game

During the middle stages of the game, Malzahar commands a powerful presence. While he is not as impactful as during the laning phase, due to his multitude of strong abilities, Malzahar still has plenty of opportunities to contribute. The most important thing at this stage is to push your lane and place yourself in a position where you can use your ultimate on multiple targets or at least disrupt multiple enemies with its damage. Additionally, if you’re playing Malzahar in mid lane or in a side lane, look for opportunities to roam into the enemy jungle and gank other lanes with your ultimate. Malzahar has great crowd control that can help set up kills for him and his teammates if executed correctly. With practice and experience, you will learn when it’s safe for you to leave your lane in order to make an impact elsewhere on the map with your Void ability.

In team fights it is important for Malzahar to be able to successfully lock down multiple enemies with a Dark Sphere + Nexus combo or Call of Void + Nether Grasp while simultaneously keeping himself safe by using Summoner Spell Flash or Nether Grasp (to teleport away). Max arcane comet on first back and aim it at enemy carries that are potentially out of position after they have already committed their crowd control abilities on your team just before initiating. This can be game-changing as it provides two potential sources of heavy AoE damage that can often result in quick kills if placed correctly.

Late game

Late game strategies in a competitive setting can be divided into two primary phases: stabilizing and expanding.

During the stabilization phase, players need to ensure that they maintain their own momentum and limit the capabilities of their opponent. This can include building defensive structures such as walls or power cores, developing an economy by creating resources and spending, defending key strategic points (such as lanes or objectives) with units, or engaging in skirmishes with the enemy team.

During the expansion phase, teams should focus on accumulating resources and pushing into new territory by taking objectives and opening up new lanes for their army to travel on. Resources should be used to create powerful units that can threaten enemy positions or hold key locations on the map. Additionally, items should be purchased to buff individual heroes/units so that your team has a greater advantage against enemies during fights/skirmishes.

Ultimately, late game strategy revolves around controlling objectives and managing resources in order to outplay opponents in both stabilizing and expansion phases.

Tips and Tricks

As a master of the void, Malzahar is a powerful champion in the game of League of Legends. In order to make the most out of this champ, you’ll need to know some tips and tricks.

In this section, we will discuss all the tips and tricks you need to know to master this champion. From combos to optimal item builds, this section will cover it all:

How to use Malzahar’s spells

Malzahar is a powerful mage, wreathed in immense magical power. He can cast powerful spells to destroy his opponents and summon minions to aid him in battle. Malzahar’s spells must be used strategically – with the right timing, they can inflict devastating blows on the enemy team.

  • Calls of the Void: Malzahar channels a wave of dark energy in a line towards his enemies, dealing magic damage and silencing them for a few seconds. This is Malzahar’s main spell for waveclear and teamfight engagement. It has a long range, so it is best used from a safe distance to maximize its effectiveness. It can also be used as an initiation tool to open up the fight on your terms.
  • Null Zone: Malzahar summons an area of void energy that deals magic damage over time to anyone caught within it. Null Zone is ideally used as an area denial tool or against enemies who are stacking together in teamfights, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage while keeping yourself safe at range.
  • Malefic Visions: This passive spell causes every third attack by Malzahar’s minions or Voidlings to infect targets with infection damage over time. When combined with Call of the Void and Null Zone, this gives Malzahar massive waveclear potential as well as lockdown potential on single targets during teamfights if he chooses his moment astutely.
  • Nether Grasp: Malzahar unleashes a wave of void energy that Grips related enemies for three seconds at once and deals heavy magic damage over that period before becoming immune for seven seconds afterwards – making this one-time spell very difficult to escape from beyond those three seconds if properly timed yet well punishing should the target manage an escape before duration completion given its high mana cost per cast and long cooldown period between casts – prevent its use should you not foresee any worthy target amongs afflicted enemies beforehand!

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How to use Malzahar’s ultimate

Malzahar’s ultimate is a powerful tool that has the potential to swing team fights in his favor. It is one of his most important skills and understanding how to use it correctly can really boost your performance with this champion.

The skill is called “Void Swarm” and allows Malzahar to summon an uncontrollable swarm of voidlings at target location. The voidlings, once summoned, will aggressively move around and automatically attack enemy units, dealing damage and applying a stack of Malefic Visions, which can be detonated for extra damage by casting any other spell on the target.

In order for Void Swarm to be used efficiently there are several things to consider:

  • Timing of the cast,
  • Positioning relative to enemies,
  • Number of enemies in the area,
  • Type of enemies that they target.

Timing should always be an issue since Malzahar will not know how close his opponents are nor how fast they may approach the frozen ground where the swarm appears. Positioning is also critical as having allies nearby can help in quickly building up stacks on multiple targets as well as securing kills with ease while also avoiding being focused down himself while attempting to cast Void Swarm. Finally number and type of enemies should be factored accordingly since Void Swarm damage scales on number of targets hit as well as certain types being more susceptible than others, especially tanks who may have higher HP or damage reduction from armor/magic resist stats.

By mastering these considerations when using Void Swarm you’ll be able to achieve greater success when playing this champion understanding when, where and how to use this powerful ability without fail!


Malzahar is a powerful League of Legends champion that can be used for various strategies. His void abilities provide a great source of crowd control and damage, which can make or break teamfights. He also has a great ultimate that can be used to turn the tides of battle. With the right itemization and skill order, Malzahar can easily take down his enemies.

This concludes our guide to Malzahar, we hope you have a better understanding of this champion now.

Summary of Malzahar’s strengths and weaknesses

Malzahar, the prophet of the Void, is a powerful mage-assassin who excels at utilizing his large array of crowd control. He has powerful waveclear, allowing him to quickly tear down enemy objectives or structures. His ultimate, Nether Grasp, is a potent tool which allows him to single out and disable important targets long enough for his allies to capitalize on their newfound advantage.

However, Malzahar is quite immobile and lacks an effective escape ability. This makes it difficult for him to reliably stay in the fight without getting focused down by enemies. Additionally, he can struggle against self-sustainable champions who are able to survive large amounts of poke damage before Malzahar’s Nether Grasp comes back off cooldown. With careful positioning and careful target selection however, Malzahar can be an incredible addition to any team composition.

Final thoughts on Malzahar’s playstyle

Due to the variety of spells in Malzahar’s kit, his playstyle can be adjusted and customized depending on the situation. His Void Swarm ultimate is a great tool for zoning targets and pressuring them out of lane or away from objectives. His combination of spells gives him a good amount of crowd control, damage, and wave clear allowing him to easily change up his routine during the game.

Malzahar is an incredibly powerful champion with the potential to scale incredibly well into late game teamfights. Although due to his lack of mobility he is somewhat limited in what he can do in short skirmishes. His incredible area denial with his ultimate, Call of the Void, is often one of Malzahar’s greatest assets – but it isn’t always enough. With proper positioning and teamplay Malzahar players will be able to show off their skills and knock enemies down with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Malzahar’s primary role in League of Legends?

A1: Malzahar is primarily a mid-lane mage champion in League of Legends. He is a burst mage who excels at dealing high amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Q2: What is Malzahar’s kit?

A2: Malzahar’s kit consists of a passive which grants him spell vamp when he casts spells, an area of effect silence, a channeled voidling spawn, a damage over time spell, a long-range stun and an ultimate which can suppress an enemy champion.

Q3: What is Malzahar’s playstyle?

A3: Malzahar’s playstyle is best described as a burst mage. He is reliant on landing his spells in order to deal the most damage, and he excels at assassination and waveclear. He should be played as an aggressive mid-laner who looks to get ahead in the early game and snowball his advantage.