Maokai was once a calm spirit but is now a furious treant. He fights against the horrors of Shadow Isles.

Maokai is the first ever nature spirit from the Blessed Isles and carries the burden. However, Maokai was driven to vengeance after his home was destroyed and his territory invaded.

Maokai survived death because of the Waters of Life infused into his heartwood. Now, he dedicates his efforts to extinguish the curse of unlife and bring his residence back to life.


Who’s Maokai?

Maokai is a nature spirit. His tall body is covered in bark and his long limbs resemble tree branches.

After many years of wandering, Maoki discovered a hilly island full of unending power radiating from Earth itself.

He made the grassy space his residence, plunging roots downward till reaching a spring of magical and life-giving water—bringing his saplings to life.

However, people began to search for his home, and it fell into ruin. Maokai survived only by keeping the center of the island inside him.

The peaceable spirit soon became angry, and he devoted himself to the fight for his former residence’s soul. This brought the Shadow Isles back to its original joyous state.

Maokai’s expertise and talents

Maokai is a formidable tank in the sport. He is a favorite among those who primary on “tanky” champions, due to his strong itemization.

He is able to provide point-and click CC and strong crew prevention capabilities. This makes him almost unkillable in the sport.

This is a deeper look at Maokai’s talents and distinctive abilities.

  • Sap Magic

This passive ability allows Maokai’s next fundamental attack to reach a noncancelable windup, and he is then able to heal him for five to 65 items.

Sap Magic’s cooldown is likely to be reduced by 4 seconds every time Maokai casts any one of his talents, or gets struck by an enemy champion. This ability will not activate if Maokai is below 95% of his health.

  • Bramble Smash

When activated, Maokai will launch an arcane shockwave travelling in a line, inflicting magic harm to all enemy items it goes by means of—slowing them down by 99% for 0.25 seconds.

Additionally, foes within a 0.5 second radius of Maokai are likely to be stunned and knocked back as many as 300 items depending on their proximity to him.

  • Twisted Advance

Maokai can sprint to a target path, inflicting magical harm and rooting them for only a few seconds.

  • Sapling Toss

Maokai can cast Sapling Toss to allow a sapling sight. The sapling will remain stationary for half an hour after touchdown or until they are in touch with their primary enemy unit.

For two.5 seconds, the sapling will chase down the enemy unit. It will explode when it collides with an enemy unit, or when time runs out.

Sapling Toss’s damage to enemies minions and monsters is limited to 300. They slow them down by 35% for 2 seconds.

In the meantime, if you place saplings on a brush it will do double its damage to enemy objects hit over three situations, revealing them for 3 second.

Sapling Toss’s first injury is instantaneous, while the subsequent ones take 0.75 seconds.

  • Nature’s Grasp

Maokai activates and summons a wall of thorny brambles. They’ll move steadily along the goal path, but not too fast. Once they come into contact with an enemy champion, each will stop.

Every bramble can inflict magical harm on the target enemy unit if it is caught and rooted for 0.8-2.6 seconds depending on its journey distance.


Maokai is an excellent assist champion, providing great crowd management and stopping enemy items from persisting by locking them down. He is a champion who can absorb all of the damage, while staying sustained.

Maokai is the ideal champion if you enjoy aggressive gameplay.

These are some suggestions and methods that can help you grasp Maokai’s playstyle with his Voidlings.

  • Maokai’s passive abilities allow him to grow stronger from focus hearth spells. However, you can still use his “fundamental attacks” and push on.
  • To ensure a direct hit, you must look for flanking options.
  • Sap Magic’s cooldown is reduced every time enemy items spam their abilities. To speed it up, try to get close to enemies.
  • Bramble Smash is the best way to use Twisted Advance in battle. This will push your enemies towards your allies.
  • Bramble Smash and Protobelt have a perfect synergy, which could lead to Maokai’s launch.
  • To capture enemy items, you will need to use Maokai’s Twisted Advance
  • Twisted Advance travels slowly. Be prepared.
  • Brambles from Nature’s Grasp are slow and easy to avoid. You should only use this if you feel certain that you have reached the enemy.
  • Sapling Toss releases tiny saplings that are empowered by being thrown in a brush. This makes clearing Jungle and camps easy.
  • Sapling Toss is a way to make bushes more imaginative and prescient. It’s a great tool for Jungling.
  • Brambles will usually stop on the primary enemy champion they hit, so make sure you place correctly to root as many enemies possible.
  • An Abyssal Masks for Maokai can be constructed if your crew is made up of magic harm champions. This will allow you to maintain your strength and make your crew stronger.
  • Rod of Ages is a useful merchandise for Maokai as it grants him more mana and well-being.
  • Mercury’s Treads build up Maokai’s resistance, while decreasing crowd management.
  • Maokai’s use of Useless Man’s Plate allows him to chase down enemy objects while simultaneously slowing down their progress with his passive.
  • Hextech Protobelt-01 for Maokai is a fantastic merchandise because it allows him to close off enemy items damaged by Bramble Smash’s knockback.
  • Font of Life, a rune that Maokai likes, can be used to heal allies when your talents land upon enemy items or your teammates attack them.
  • Maokai will also appreciate Conditioning, which increases his resistance by 10% after just 10 minutes.
  • Because it increases his passive ability to heal, Revitalize is likely to be one of the most powerful runes.

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