Master Yi

Grasp Yi

GraspYi is a mix of a fast killer and a clever fighter in League of Legends. He has trained his mind to quickly take down his foes.

Although Grasp Yi may choose to resort to violence, his blade’s speed and grace guarantee that he will not be forced into it. lethal.

He is one of the few remaining Wuju practitioners. GraspYi dedicated his entire life to continuing the legacy of this Ionian historical martial art.

Together with Kong, a Vastaya-like monkey, they travel the First Lands in search of the legacy of their misplaced home, helping him to embody the “grasp”.


Who is Grasp Yi

Grasp Yan was a prodigy with swordsmanship. However, he did not resort to violence after Noxian invaded his home.

The Noxian commanders deemed GraspY’s use of Wuju a danger and destroyed his home village with its inhabitants and traditional.

After escaping from struggle, GraspY, slain in body, became the assault’s final casualty. Grasp Yi saw that there were no other Wuju practitioners around and realized that the title “grasp” was his to bear.

GraspYi met Kong, a Vastaya-like monkey, years after their struggle. This was the moment the 2 were reunited and GraspYi felt the spirit Wuju for the first time in many years.

Grasp Yi now wants to share the Wuju methods after realizing his goal. Now, alongside Kong, they journey the First Lands to honor Grasp Yi’s house’s legacy, sharing the wonders of Wuju as soon as once more to the world.

Grasp Yi’s Abilities & Skills

GraspYi is a killer and fighter who can dominate solo and jungle lane. He has heavy-hitting nukes, retained DPS and reflex-driven defences. He is a tough and powerful champion.

Grasp Yi excels in quick, brutal ganks. He also dives into staff fights and assassinates targets.

Let’s look more deeply at GraspY’s talents and abilities.

  • Double Strike

This passive talent allows Grasp Yi to stack Double Strike stacks on-hit for four seconds. The stacking stacks as high as thrice, with the length refreshing between assaults.

GraspY’s next fundamental assault on hit will eat the stacks to strike twice after reaching three stacks. The second will cause 50% AD bodily injury.

The second strike applies on-hit or on-attack and boasts a 100% effectiveness. You may also find essential strike modifiers that can affect it.

Grasp Yi can also assault another enemy unit within 300 yards if your primary goal is to be killed before the second strike.

  • Alpha Strike

GraspYi will vanish after casting Alpha Strike. He’ll mark the enemy goal and transfer the mark to the nearest unmarked foe. This process is repeated thrice.

GraspY will reappear as a targetable enemy model when the marking has been completed.

Alpha Strike injures monsters. Grasp Yi will reappear at the solid location if the target enemy is killed or runs away during the delay.

If Grasp Yi does not have a variety of un-market enemies models, he will strike the same foe as the previous assault and inflict 25% injury immediately.

  • Meditate

GraspY will channel for four seconds when you cast Meditate. GraspY heals himself in impact.

Channeling does not offer injury discount. GraspY will get it. The injury discount effect against turrets will be halved. GraspYi positive factors give a stack double strike for every second of channeling Meditate.

After channeling, Grasp Yi can reduce incoming injury he’ll obtain for an additional 0.35 seconds.

  • Wuju Fashion

GraspY activates and gives him the ability to strengthen his basic attacks, inflicting “true” injuries on-hit for five seconds.

  • Highlander

Passive: Grasp Yi will reduce the current cooldown by 70% when it defeats enemy champions.

Lively: Grasp Yi will cleanse himself from all antagonistic results, together with slows and cripples—whereas gaining elevated assault and motion velocity and ghosting for 7 seconds.

Highlander’s impact is lower than Highlander’s, but if you defeat an enemy champion, it will extend Grasp Yi’s Highlander length for 7 seconds.


GraspYi is a deadly combination of a killer and fighter champion from League of Legends. He acts as a melee drive with extreme assault velocity and injury, mobility and supreme.

Below are some tips and tricks that will help to understand GraspY’s unique and deadly playstyle.

  • To acquire ranges quicker and stay in lane longer when passing through ranged champions, increase your “Meditate” degree.
  • Double Strike cannot be stopped, so you can use one more talent while it is in effect.
  • Alpha Strike is best used on champions in front of enemy models to keep you safe at the end of the flexibility.
  • Wuju Fashion is the best choice for final hit enemy minions and when your turret is below it.
  • Jungling is different. You need to use Alpha Strike following your first fundamental assault to avoid being attacked by the jungle camp and avoid knockback.
  • If you do not need to, you should not use Grasp Yi’s Alpha Strike right away. It should be put aside when enemies try to escape or dodge.
  • Tower diving requires that you have allies minions to use Alpha Strike to get rid of the Turret’s aggro.
  • After attacking an enemy unit and making a fundamental attack, tapping meditate immediately resets Grasp Yi’s “fundamental assault” timer.
  • Clearing Jungle early sport requires that Wuju Fashion be activated slowly. It has a long cooldown. It can be used during combat.
  • If you can’t kill an enemy goal in the active interval, activate Wuju Fashion sooner than your Double Strike is max injury.
  • Wuju Fashion should be used when the camp is 70% or less.
  • Highlander’s passive 50% reduces the cooldown by 70%. This truth can protect you from potentially dangerous engagements.
  • Keep an eye on your mana pool as Grasp Yi’s Highlander can consume a variety. So make sure to check the mana before you start participating.

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