Master Yi


League of Legends is an incredibly popular online MOBA game. It has a vast selection of champions and one of the more popular ones is Master Yi. This champion is a powerful assassin who can be played in multiple roles. If you’re looking to get started playing this character, then this guide is for you. Let’s take a look at all the information you’ll need to know about Master Yi:

Overview of Master Yi

Master Yi is a versatile League of Legends champion whose specialized kit ensures that he can fit into a wide variety of team compositions. He excels at taking down single targets quickly, while also providing utility and mobility to his teammates with Aegis Protection and Wuju Style. His Alpha Strike allows him to dodge incoming attacks and get out of tricky situations or chase down fleeing champions. His ultimate, Highlander, provides him with extreme movement speed and attack speed as well as a few seconds of invulnerability.

Master Yi’s abilities provide great team utility in the heated moments of battle, allowing him to roam quickly between fights and deliver lethal strikes from unexpected angles. His passive, Double Strike, adds additional burst potential from his autoattacks after he has successfully landed two consecutive autoattacks on an enemy champion. His Meditate ability allows him to restore health during combat or retreat when needed for an immediate heal boost. Additionally, his Wuju Style increases damage output for extended autoattacks which can turn the tide in any fight. Finally, the Active portion of Highlander helps Master Yi stick close to targets while dealing high sustained damage with his combo attacks maximizing points earned in a fight situation making Master Yi one of the most reliable champions available in League Of Legends!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Master Yi is a champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends who uses highly advanced martial arts techniques to defeat his opponents. He is known for being one of the strongest melee fighters in the game. Master Yi has two main strengths: high damage output and mobility.

His primary ability, Alpha Strike, allows him to quickly move in and out of fights while dealing AoE damage over a small area, which can make him very difficult to counter effectively in teamfights. He also has a powerful attack speed steroid which increases his overall damage output significantly.

On the downside, Master Yi has some weaknesses that need to be considered when playing him:

  • He lacks hard-CC abilities, making it difficult for him to lockdown specific enemies or control their movement on the battlefield.
  • He also lacks an early defensive tool such as a shield or protect-spell to help survive teamfights longer.
  • Lastly, he is susceptible to kiting and crowd-control effects as well as being easily focused due to his low health pool relative to other champions at higher levels of play.


Master Yi is a League of Legends champion who is known for being an incredibly agile and mobile fighter. His core abilities are focused around dealing damage and being a nuisance to the enemy team. He also has some powerful features that can help him outlast enemies in fights.

Let’s delve deeper into his abilities and learn more about what he can do:

Alpha Strike

Alpha Strike is one of Master Yi’s powerful abilities that can bring devastation to enemies. By activating it, Master Yi strikes up to 4 nearby enemies with successive strikes over 3 seconds in a target direction, dealing 75 physical damage per hit and applying on-hit effects. If Alpha Strike strikes an enemy champion, it will deal 75 bonus magic damage and pause briefly in the air. In addition, Master Yi is immune to all slowing effects for the duration of Alpha Strike but can be interrupted by hard crowd control effects.

Alpha Strike can be used as an initiation or escape tool because you are briefly untargetable when casting this ability; it also gives you the opportunity to jump over walls if you’re able to accurately targer your opponents on the other side. This ability provides bonus physical damage and attack speed during its duration which synergizes well with your offensive items such as The Bloodthirster or Blade of The Ruined King. When paired with other offensive summoner spells like Flash or Ignite having Alpha Strike will give you an advantage during fights where multiple enemies must be taken down in succession.


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Wuju Style

Wuju Style is a passive ability belonging to Master Yi, a champion in League of Legends (LoL). This ability gives Master Yi bonus attack damage whenever it is not on cooldown. When activated, Wuju Style grants bonus true damage to basic attack on-hit as well as 5% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. With this ability, Master Yi deals extra physical damage based on his level and Proficiency stacks even before he purchases any items or upgrade his skills.

On activation, this passive gains 10 stacks of Proficiency if attacked while Wuju-Style is off cooldown, with each stack granting 5 points of Attack Damage or 2.5 points of Ability Power and reducing the cooldown duration by 4%. Stacks last for 6 seconds and consume immediately upon activation of Wuju Style at maximum stacks. Not only does this empower Master Yi offensively but it makes him extremely versatile and difficult to counter when combined with additional game mechanics such as Ghostblade and Trinity Force.


Highlander abilities refer to supernatural powers granted by magical instruments like swords, daggers and other mysterious artifacts. The original Highlander movie involved an ancient Scotsman named Connor who was born with the ability to never age, leading him on an immortal quest to claim the Prize – a powerful force that could grant him even greater strength and power.

The Highlander’s abilities vary depending on the object they possess. All Highlanders possess the power of Quickening, which is an electrical force that allows them to absorb and channel the abilities of their defeated opponents into themselves. They also wield darker powers such as Throw, which allows them to manipulate gravity and Command, which enables Highlanders to control any living creature or person as long as they have a piece of their clothing or a personal item.

Highlanders can also unlock advanced techniques known as discipline powers when equipped with special items such as an Immortal Sword or Artifacts such as The Kurgan’s Dagger. These allow more powerful Highlanders such as Methos and Duncan MacLeod to access new abilities like Healing (restoring health), Voice Control (controlling body functions by voice) and Dream Walking (traveling through dreaming).

Other notable Highlander abilities include:

  • Teleportation: allowing instantaneous travel from one place to another without moving;
  • Chrono Sight: providing insight into past and future events;
  • Knowledge Transfer: transferring knowledge from one person to another;
  • Dimensional Shift: walking between alternate dimensions; and
  • Photokinesis: manipulating light energy for various purposes.


Master Yi is a classic champion in League of Legends, beloved for his impressive mobility and strong damage output. Master Yi is a truly versatile champion that can fit into any number of roles depending on the situation. With proper understanding of his abilities and playstyle, Master Yi can be an unstoppable force in the Rift.

Let’s go over the core aspects of his gameplay:

Early Game

As Master Yi, your goal in the early game should be to focus on farming. Work towards getting your core items such as Recurve Bow and Sheen or Trinity Force. Try to stay away from taking unnecessary trades as your auto-attacks don’t do much damage and you may end up losing health from them. Try to look for poke opportunities if the enemies are out of position but be mindful as Master Yi is fairly squishy and can be easily bursted down.

Once you have your core build, you can start to look for team fights or gank opportunities. Start by looking for over-extended enemy players who could easily be taken out of the fight by targeted spells like Alpha Strike and Wuju Style. Make sure you always use Highlander when it is available so that you can benefit from its movement speed bonus and cooldown reduction during team fights or while chasing enemies down. It is also important that you position yourself correctly so that you can make efficient use of alpha strike while not taking too much damage at the same time.

Mid Game

Playing a game can be broken down into three different stages of game play; the opening, the mid game and the end game. The mid game is the transition stage between the initial moves in the opening and the final maneuvers of an end-game. This phase focuses on making strategical moves around both offense and defense based on knowledge of Greco-Roman tactics. It requires both players to display skill at anticipating their opponent’s next move, as well as being able to respond quickly with a effective countermove.

The goals of a mid-game are to increase one’s advantage while limiting their opponent’s options. This is done by creating weaknesses in your opponent that can be exploited later in the game or by limiting their ability to retaliate against you in key areas such as defending groups or reducing territory ownership.

Common tactics during this phase include:

  • Attacking weak groups where your stone has more liberties than your opponents (using ladders and nets)
  • Forming jungsui (buried live stones below enemy territory)
  • Building indirect defense/counterattack lines
  • Launching sneaky invasions into weakly defended areas
  • Creating shapes which maximize potential territory while also granting flexibility for future moves.

Late Game

As Master Yi reaches late game, it’s important to note that his survivability is not as high, due to his lack of crowd control. However, he still has a lot of offensive potential and it’s vital to play aggressively and look for opportunities to deal high damage even if you can’t clean up the fight.

Due to his ability to quickly clear objectives with Alpha Strike, Master Yi should be trying to secure drakes and taking towers or inhibitors with two or three items. Look out for flanks while farming in the mid lane, as good vision control is critical in late game team fights. Furthermore, building some items with an armor or magic resistance component when ahead is necessary in order for him to survive team fights against coordinated enemy teams who have more CC than you.

Try using Highlander correctly, looking for fights where you will be able to clean up quickly before your cooldown is over – that way, you can use Highlander again soon afterwards and keep the momentum going. Finally don’t forget about your summoner spells – Ignite and Flash always have great synergy with Master Yi’s kit!

Item Builds

Choosing the right items for Master Yi can be tricky as there are lots of viable item builds. The right item build will depend on the game situation – whether you’re trying to be more tanky, more damage-focused, or a combination of the two. We’ll go over the main items to consider for each of these scenarios.

Core Items

Core items are the most important pieces of equipment in an item build and typically consist of items such as swords, armor, and potions that can enhace a hero’s strength. These items are often used to give heroes more health, mana, attack speed, critical strike chance, movement speed or magic resistance. Core Items are often the first few items purchased in each game, providing a hero with the base stats needed to engage and survive fights.

Core Items can also be divided into offensive core items that add to a hero’s attack speed or damage output as well as defensive core items which add health or resistances. The best core item builds vary but usually involve mixing offensive and defensive stats while keeping consistency with either physical or magical damage output.

The most popular core item builds include:

  • Blade of Marmora for physical damage output.
  • Guardian Greaves for magical tanks.
  • Shield of Regrowth for sustain capabilities in lanes.
  • Aether Wing for movement speed and survivability in team fights.

Optional Items

Optional items, also referred to as situational items, are purchased based on the strengths and weaknesses of your character, as well as the composition of the enemy team. If you are playing a tanky character, for example, you might want to invest in items that provide health, armor and regeneration. On the other hand, if playing a damage-dealing champion with little natural tankiness or crowd control abilities, there may be alternative options like attack speed or spell vamp that can help your performance.

Whether an item should be bought depends on how it can be used in conjunction with your champion’s own abilities and skills. In many cases you won’t need to purchase every single item on this list – there is usually only one or two specific builds for any given champion. However even players who stick to just one build must be aware of different options available in order to effectively counter their opponents’ actions.

Optional Items:

  • Attack Speed: These items provide bonuses such as increased attack speed and lifesteal stats that can help champions deal more damage over time and sustain themselves through tougher fights. Examples include: Bami’s Cinder, Wraith Band and Recurve Bow
  • Damage: Damage-oriented items that increase a champion’s physical or magical damage output are useful for bursting down targets quickly or finishing off opponents during team fights. Examples include: Blade of the Ruined King, Rabadon’s Deathcap & Lich Bane
  • Defense & Magic Resistance: Defensive options such as armor/magic resistance increases a champion’s survivability so they are able to stay alive longer with less need for healing/regeneration effects Examples include: Thornmail , Sunfire Cape & Banshee’s Veil
  • Utility: Utility items provide various passive benefits such as movement speed boosts or vision control which give champions an edge over their opponents in lane or skirmishes Examples include: Ionian Boots of Lucidity , Zeke’s Convergence & Vision Ward

Tips and Tricks

Master Yi is a powerful champion in League of Legends (LOL). He is flexible and can be used in various situations such as team fights or 1v1. But he is challenging to play and requires careful thinking and skill.

In this section, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that will help you master this amazing champion:


Positioning is an essential aspect of playing any champion in League of Legends, but it is especially important for Master Yi. His mobility allows him to move quickly around the map and take advantage of matchups that would be more difficult for other champions. When playing Master Yi, it’s important to keep two things in mind: safety and vision control.

Safety means avoiding overextending into enemy territory, taking too much damage from minions and monsters, or getting caught out of position by enemy champions. By staying in safe positions and not wasting your energy on unnecessary fights, you can stay alive longer and deal more damage over the course of the match.

Vision control is another key concept when playing with Master Yi since his ultimate gives him significantly greater area control in team fights if he has vision on the enemy team. It’s important to place deep vision on likely paths that enemies could take while they are trying to gank or escape, as well as placing deep wards around objectives such as Baron Nashor or Dragon so you can spot enemies that might be coming to contest them. By having a better awareness of where your opponents are located at all times, you can make more informed decisions about when and where to start a fight or break off from one.


A skilled Master Yi player will always look to find the right timing and season his attacks at the right moment. Preparation and timing is an integral part of playing Master Yi effectively in LoL. Knowing how often your abilities come off cooldown and learning when to use your ultimate ability are important elements for mastering this champion.

To make the best use of your skills, you should pay attention to where you are at in the fight, its pacing and changes, as well as keeping track of your mana bar if possible. When entering a battle, it’s important to understand when timing is key to secure kills or clear waves successfully without overextending yourself. By doing this you can make sure that every move counts towards achieving an objective or goal on Summoner’s Rift.

When trying to push a lane or roam around after taking an enemy turret down, timing also makes a difference. You should try not to reload on too much health items at once because they can be costly if wasted after buying them late into a fight that’s already turning against you – so think through possible outcomes before going deep into something like Baron fights!

Map Awareness

Learning the map layout of a game like Overwatch is one of the most important aspects of becoming an effective player. Map awareness is your ability to recognize key locations and react quickly to threats in the environment. Developing this skill can help you stay alive and make better decisions, leading to better performance and greater success for you and your team.

Map awareness begins with familiarizing yourself with all parts of the map, such as choke points or high-traffic areas. Knowing which flanks are vulnerable or which areas are dominated by enemy forces can give you a huge edge in any engagement. It’s also important to be aware of your team’s positions, allowing you to coordinate better with them. Lastly, paying attention to sound cues and other indicators will give you clues about enemy presence or intentions before they make themselves known.

Developing good map awareness takes practice, but it’s well worth the effort when it comes to competition play. You should:

  • actively look at the mini-map during each match as much as possible.
  • always be weary of your surroundings – evaluate angles and identify visual cues that will provide an edge for your team in upcoming engagements.
  • make sure you practice these techniques regularly, so that they become ingrained in your muscle memory over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the primary role of Master Yi?
A: Master Yi is a melee assassin champion, meaning he is best suited to dealing large amounts of damage quickly in short bursts.

Q: What abilities does Master Yi have?
A: Master Yi has several abilities including Alpha Strike, Meditate, Wuju Style, Highlander, and Highlander’s Mastery. Alpha Strike allows Master Yi to jump to a nearby enemy, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through. Meditate allows Master Yi to heal himself and gain bonus armor and MR. Wuju Style grants him extra damage on his auto attacks. Highlander grants him increased movement speed and attack speed, while Highlander’s Mastery gives him even more attack speed and life steal.

Q: What kind of items should I buy for Master Yi?
A: Master Yi is a very item dependent champion. Generally you want to build him with items that increase his attack speed and physical damage. Popular items include Berserker’s Greaves, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Guardian Angel.