Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a League of Legends champion marksman-mage, serving as an ADC character and range-attack harm carrier (ADC). She has a strong final and exaggerated burst.

Miss Fortune, a pirate bilgewater Captain, is well-known for her gorgeous looks but is also feared for her brutality. Actually, Sarah Fortune is her real title. She stands out among the many criminals living in this port city.

Those that underestimate Miss Fortune will face a beguiling and unpredictable foe—and obtain a bullet or two of their intestine.


Who is Miss Fortune?

Sarah Fortune, also known as Miss Fortune, is a well-known celebrity who has a lot of blood on her hands, much like the people who rise to fame in the port city of Bilgewater.

Miss Fortune learned her skills from Abigale Fortune (famous for her gunsmithing expertise).

Gangplank, a notorious pirate from the same metropolis raided Miss Fortune’s home and set it ablaze, with the intent of destroying the Fortune legacy from Runeterra.

Miss Fortune was the one survivor, the place she then devoted her life to defeating Gangplank, which she did—with the assistance of her small however loyal cadre of allies.

She quickly earned the nickname Miss Fortune, which was given to her by those in bilgewater. However, there is no such thing as a permanent solution in the port city. Miss Fortune now has to impose her order on every prison she encounters.

Despite all this, the real battle for bilgewater is only just beginning.

Miss Fortune’s Talents and Abilities

Miss Fortune is a notorious pirate bilgewater Captain, known for her fierceness and attractiveness. Plus, she’s one of many strongest marksmen in League of Legends—when performed proper.

Let’s look at Miss Fortune’s unique set skills and expertise.

  • Love Faucet

Miss Fortune has a passive talent that allows her to inflict 50%-100% AD bonus bodily damage on enemies not the target of her final assault. The amount is also halved for enemy minions.

  • Double up

Miss Fortune can cast Double Up to fire a shot at a goal enemy unit, inflicting bodily injury upon influence. The shot then bounces back to another foe.

Double Up’s shot creates “on hit results” at maximum effectiveness for each enemy item hit, and “on attack results” for the first enemy hit.

This talent’s bounce effect will make it easier to prioritize enemy items that are not directly related to your main goal. This bounce can be affected by essential strike modifiers. If it kills your main objective, it will likely be an essential strike.

The shot will bounce to enemy objects regardless of whether you have seen them.

  • Strut

Innate: Miss Fortune gets 25 bonus motion pace from Strut’s passive type if she does not take persistent harm from enemy objects within the last 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds of no harm, the bonus amount will increase.

Lively: Casting Strut, Miss Fortune benefits bonus assault pace for four seconds to increase its passive effect.

Marking new targets with Love Faucet will reduce Strut’s cooldown by two seconds.

  • Make it rain

Miss Fortune, when activated, will shoot a lot of bullets at a target area for two seconds. It provides short-term view of the situation and inflicts magic damage to all enemies items throughout the circle every 0.25 second.

Additionally, Make it Rain can slow down any enemy items in the casting house.

  • Bullet Time

Miss Fortune will channel up to 3 seconds when casting Miss Fortune’s final. She’ll fire a series of bullets in waves in a course that has a set number of projectiles.

Bullet Time’s waves offer 75% AD bodily damage to enemies. Each wave can also critically strike enemy objects, inflicting additional bodily injury.


Miss Fortune is a unique marksman in League of Legends. She may destroy entire enemy groups with her final.

However, this is a rare situation. Instead, focus on inflicting damage using her auto-attacks, Double As Much as possible to construct as much Bullet Time, and you will end your enemies.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you deal Miss Fortune’s long-ranged gameplay.

  • Miss Fortune’s pace may increase if she doesn’t take current harm. So, don’t get hit to maneuver too fast.
  • To maximize its availability, use Love Faucet while Strut’s is on cooldown.
  • Because of the increased harm on hit, Love Faucet makes Miss Fortune’s assaults easier. It’s also good for harassing enemies.
  • Watch the cone between the goal line and something behind it before you choose your goal items for Double-Up. This will ensure that you get a second hit.
  • Double Up will add damage to the second goal if an enemy unit dies in the Double Up’s initial shot.
  • Miss Fortune’s passive type of Strut increases Miss Fortune’s speed, which can be helpful in fighting so long as you haven’t done any harm.
  • Use Strut to make Miss Fortune’s passive motion full of energy and interaction to ensure you escape fights and have safe escapes.
  • Strut’s energetic type pushes minion waves, turrets and more.
  • You can save expertise and get away if you set your goal to “Make it Rain” right. It can also be used to lure enemies items who are trying to flee.
  • Make it Rain grants you imaginative and prescient abilities within its area of impact. This helps you to find enemy items hidden in partitions or bushes.
  • Bullet Time should only be used after allies champions have done heavy crowd management to insure maximum damage.
  • Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain talent is an excellent one to use in stopping enemy items from fleeing Bullet Time’s area of impact.
  • Bullet Time can be levelled up to increase its output. You can use it to take part in workforce battles.
  • Remember that Miss Fortune can become weak when she channels Bullet Time, especially when she is dealing with enemy champions who are adept at crowd management. Place her carefully.
  • Miss Fortune can get Style of Blood to give her more support while she fights.
  • Eyeball Assortment can be a great alternative if you’re looking to increase Miss Fortune’s harm.
  • Miss Fortune will be able to use Final Hunter more often.
  • Miss Fortune can use Bullet Time in her designated lane more often with the rune Presence of Thoughts without worrying about it being used in workforce fights.
  • Coup de grace is a fantastic rune for Miss Fortune as it will increase her harm and permit her to combine her forces better.

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