Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion

Overview of Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter is a ranged AD Carry champion in League of Legends. She is a fast-paced champion with great burst damage that allows her to take down enemies quickly. Miss Fortune has great mobility and excellent wave clear which makes her a great pick in the ADC role.

In this guide, we will look at all the ins and outs of Miss Fortune, her abilities, and her potential builds:


Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter, has a tumultuous history. A former soldier born, Sarah Fortune lost her family to the Noxian occupation of Bandle City. This experience gave Sarah a profound hatred of the empire that led to a single-minded pursuit of vengeance—to die upon the edge of her sword in combat with powerful warriors from Noxus.

Having become one of the most feared bounty hunters in all Runeterra, she now travels the land looking for bounties that match her exorbitant fee—provided it presents an exciting enough challenge for her mission. Alongside her blaster “Killer” and mechanical owls “Estimat” and “Eventide”, Miss Fortune makes sure her mark does not escape alive if they can be matched with one post or another. No matter who stands against them, she will always get what it is that she’s after.


Miss Fortune is a powerful hunter from the jungles of Kumungu. She is known for her deadly accuracy with a pistol, and when it comes to taking down her enemies, she never misses.

Miss Fortune’s abilities in League of Legends are designed to be tailored to her gunslinging playstyle.

  • Passive: Love Tap – Miss Fortune landing 3 consecutive auto attacks on the same target will deal bonus damage.
  • Q: Double Up – Miss Fortune fires two shots at the target enemy unit, dealing bonus physical damage and bouncing onto a nearby enemy.
  • W: Strut – Miss Fortune increases her movement speed for a few seconds after casting. This bonus does not require line of sight and lasts until she takes damage from an opponent or is crowd controlled by an enemy champion or monster.
  • E: Make It Rain – Miss Fortune throws a barrage of bullets into the air which shower over an area dealing physical damage over several seconds. The bullets can also slow enemies hit by them during their duration.
  • R: Bullet Time – Miss Fortune channels a barrage of gunshots in a cone in front of her that deals physical damage to all enemies caught along its length up to 4 times based on how long its channeled for per cast level up to max damage after 2s channel time but stops channeling early if its fired is interrupted before then or until max range it reached.


Miss Fortune is a ranged damage carry and an ADC who excels in bursting down enemies with her basic attacks and abilities. Her kit includes a passive double up, which increases her total damage output, an area of effect attack that reduces enemy armor and magic resist, a powerful long-range turret dive ultimate ability and a bonus speed in addition to other abilities. Miss Fortune’s base stats are quite rounded and she shines in team fights as well as laning phase.

  • Health: 550 (+87 / per level)
  • Mana: 325 (+37 / per level)
  • Armor: 25 (+3.2 / per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30 (+ 1.25/ per level)
  • Health Regen﴾per 5 secs ﴿: 6.5 (+0.65 / per level )
  • Mana Regen ﴾per 5 secs ﴿: 8 (+0.7 /per level )
  • Attack Damage: 53 (+ 2/ per level )
  • Attack Speed ﴾% Attack Speed ﴿: 0.656 (+ 3%_ Attack Speed_/ per Level )
  • Range: 525

How to Play Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a strong champion in League of Legends who can be played in a variety of ways. She is a versatile and powerful ADC who can dish out damage while staying relatively safe.

To make the most of her abilities, you must understand her strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle. Let’s dive into all of these to help you understand how to play Miss Fortune better.


When playing Miss Fortune, it is important to follow common ADC itemization pathways. In terms of early game items, it is best to start with a simple Doran’s Blade and then upgrade to B.F sword as soon as possible. This will give you the Attack Damage you need while still keeping you relatively safe until you are ready to purchase your core items.

As with most champions in League of Legends, Miss Fortune should focus on building a combination of Attack Damage, Lethality/Critical Strike Chance, and Mobility/Attack Speed.

  • For damage, core items such as Infinity Edge, Rageblade and Duskblade are excellent choices for Miss Fortune.
  • For Mobility/Attack Speed items, an upgrade from Berserker’s Greaves or a Phantom Dancer can be quite good for her playstyle; allowing her to quickly close in on enemies and move more freely around the map when teamfights break out.
  • To increase survivability and tankiness for teamfights; Guardian Angel or Sterak’s Gage offer decent amounts of Armor and Magic Resistance which can prove helpful during long drawn-out fights over objectives or Baron buffs etc
  • Finally; when facing enemy teams with heavy burst damage output or crowd control effects (CC), an Adaptive Helm can be a great supplement to help hem protect herself against these kinds of threats.

Skill Order

Miss Fortune’s skill order is fairly simple and straightforward. You want to max Make it Rain first as this is your main source of wave clear and damage in team fights. After that, max Double Up as your damage ability, then Bullet Time for the area of effect stun, and Impure Shots last. Your main priority should be on Make it Rain for wave clear, but if you are against a single focus composition or looking to go in early Impure Shots can be useful at lower levels.

Apart from individual skill orders, you should also remember to pick up Strut whenever available since it provides a great passive movement speed buff. This will help you in chasing enemy targets or running away if needed. As a rule of thumb, prioritize your ultimate as soon as possible and build accordingly afterwards.

Lane Strategy

In the lane, Miss Fortune is most effective when she is pushed up to the front lines and using her travel speed to outmaneuver incoming enemies. Her Double Up ability allows her to ricochet bullets off of any enemy units in front of her, dealing bonus damage for each unit hit up to two. Players should look for opportunities to throw down their Make it Rain ability as often as possible in lane, since this will give them both additional gold and crowd control over advancing enemies.

Miss Fortune can use Impure Shots when attacking minions, granting every hit bonus attack damage and armor penetration which will ensure she exits the lane with maximum gold efficiency. It’s also important to bear in mind that Strut gives Miss Fortune an additional speed boost if enemies do approach too closely; players can time their activation perfectly each time they back themselves away from aggressive champions who rush in with close range abilities.

Tips and Tricks

Miss Fortune isn’t the most difficult League of Legends champion to play, but she does require a few tips and tricks to play to her fullest potential. Knowing the right builds, her strengths and weaknesses, and how to play her in team comps are key to unlock Miss Fortune’s true potential.

With this in mind, let’s look at some tips and tricks you can use to become a pro Miss Fortune player:


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In conclusion, Miss Fortune is a powerful and versatile champion who, with the right strategy, can become a formidable opponent in League of Legends. However, her kit is quite complex and requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge in order to use it properly. She is best suited for players who want to play a more aggressive, aggressive-oriented marksman.

As long as you’re able to get the hang of her kit, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to take down your enemies with Miss Fortune.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What abilities does Miss Fortune possess?

A1. Miss Fortune has five abilities – Double Up, Impure Shots, Make It Rain, Bullet Time, and Strut. Double Up fires a shot at an enemy target, bouncing to a nearby enemy for additional damage. Impure Shots increases Miss Fortune’s attack speed and damage for a few seconds. Make It Rain causes a shower of bullets to rain down over a wide area, slowing and damaging enemies. Bullet Time is a cone-shaped ultimate ability that fires a barrage of bullets at enemies in its path. Strut passively increases Miss Fortune’s movement speed when out of combat.

Q2. What is Miss Fortune’s playstyle?

A2. Miss Fortune is a ranged marksman who specializes in dealing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. She excels at taking out groups of enemies with her ultimate ability and make it rain, while her passive ability allows her to quickly reposition around the map. She’s best played in the bottom lane, where she can take advantage of her abilities to harass and outplay her opponents.

Q3. What are some strategies for playing Miss Fortune?

A3. Miss Fortune is best played in the bottom lane, where she can use her abilities to harass her opponents and gain an advantage. When playing Miss Fortune, try to stay out of the front line and focus on taking out enemy champions from a distance. It’s important to use her ultimate ability, Bullet Time, to take out clusters of enemies and set up your team for a fight. Finally, try to take advantage of her passive ability, Strut, to quickly reposition and outplay your opponents.