Morgana, the Fallen Angel of the League of Legends, is one of the most powerful champions in the game. Her powers include a variety of crowd control abilities, such as Dark Binding, Tormented Soil, and Soul Shackles. Morgana also has a powerful ultimate ability, Soul Siphon, which can turn the tide of battle. Her versatility and utility make her an excellent choice for a mid laner or support.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this powerful champion.

Background and Lore

Morgana is a renowned mage from the Shadow Isles, well-versed in dark magics and curses. Having used her dark magic to inflict pain on others throughout her life, she now works tirelessly to atone for these sins by aiding those suffering from similar curses. Morgana can trap enemies in a nightmare prison of darkness and defeat them with powerful spell combos while offering some protection to her allies.

Morgana takes on the form of a beautiful woman with a wispy cloak that follows her around like an aura of smoke. Born as one of countless souls assigned to serve the Lord of Shadow Isles, Morgana was among those blessed with magical powers. What could have been an enviable gift instead became a rampant problem as Morgana used her power to indulge in immoral activities such as torture and centuries-long feuds against other sorcerous families.

When Morgana’s actions threatened too many innocent lives, the God of Justice intervened, cursed Morgana’s soul for eternity, and banished her from civilization. Fated never to find peace or rest until she had paid for every atrocity she has committed, Morgana now wanders the realms purging evil and abhorrent curses afflicted upon innocent souls following in line with pledged dedication set forth by The Lord of Shadow Isles himself millennia ago.


Morgana is generally best suited for the center lane in League of Legends and is one of the most powerful mid-lane champions. This is because Morgana excels at sustaining her farm through the use of her snare, Dark Binding and creating pressure with Tormented Soil. She also can out-poke anyone in the lane and can easily shut down enemies with Soul Shackles if used correctly.

When playing Morgana, her kit provides a lot of potency in team fights but requires good positioning in order to be effective. Morgana’s passive, Soul Siphon, grants an impressive amount of bonus movement speed when she hits an enemy champion or monster with a spell. This allows her to quickly reposition after locking down enemies with Dark Binding or Tormented Soil in order to land additional damage dealing spells such as Binding Radiance or Soul Shackles.

Morgana also offers strong utility from her ultimate ability, Black Shield which shields allies from crowd control effects and damage for 3 seconds. With this dynamic kit, it’s no surprise why Morgana has become one of the most popular mid-laners in professional play.


Morgana is a powerful mid-laner in League of Legends who has a great set of abilities. Her main focus is in damage dealing, crowd control, and utility.

  • Dark Binding (Q) – She can use to root enemies and inflict damage.
  • Tormented Soil (W) – Deals damage over time in an area and slows enemies.
  • Black Shield (E) – Protects allies from crowd control effects.
  • Soul Shackles (Ultimate) – Deals damage and roots enemies in an area.

Knowing how to use these abilities correctly is essential to dominating the mid lane.


Morgana’s passive ability, Soul Siphon, allows her to siphon the soul of enemies hit by her spells, restoring health for each successful hit and gradually granting additional movement speed. This passive makes Morgana a reliable bruiser who can duel multiple opponents at once.

In addition to Soul Siphon, Morgana also has three active abilities: Dark Binding (Q), Tormented Soil (W) and Black Shield (E).

  • Dark Binding is a skillshot that deals magic damage and binds the first enemy it strikes in a tether for a brief moment.
  • Tormented Soil is an area-of-effect spell that spreads across a large area and deals continuous damage over time.
  • Black Shield is an effective form of crowd control – it puts up a shield in front of the chosen ally or herself that absorbs all incoming damage and applies a movement-impairing effect on enemies who pass through it.

Q Ability

Morgana’s Q ability, dubbed Dark Binding, emits a long-range projectile that deals magic damage and binds an enemy champion in place for two seconds. While bound, affected targets are unable to move or cast spells. Successfully hitting a target enemy champion with Dark Binding refunds Morgana half of its mana cost. This makes it an excellent tool for waveclear and punishing enemies who are out of position.

However, Morgana must be careful when casting this ability due to its linear nature – scattered fight formations or champions standing behind minions can make it difficult to hit the intended target.

W Ability

Morgana’s W, Tormented Shadow, is a powerful crowd-control ability. This ability targets a location and bursts from it after a brief delay, creating an area of effect that roots up to three enemies for 1.25 seconds. Morgana is able to recast the spell after the initial cast for an additional delay of 0.45 seconds per cast.

This powerful ability can be used in many ways to set up your team’s plays. It’s great for:

  • Locking down multiple enemy champions
  • Dealing with a large group of minions or monsters
  • Creating powerful combo plays that can win team fights in the blink of an eye

Be sure to practice this ability so you get comfortable casting it at the right moments!

E Ability

Morgana’s E ability, known as ‘Tormented Soil’, is a targeted area of effect ability. The spell lays down a field of dark magic that deals magic damage over time to enemies who stand within it. The duration and damage of the soil increase by level but enemies can break the spell with either movement or their own abilities.

Additionally, the soil will slow enemies and will also reduce their magic resistance—greatly increasing Morgana’s overall magical damage output. Tormented Soil is invaluable for mid-ranged teamfights where Morgana needs to protect both herself and her team from incoming enemy spells.

R Ability

Morgana’s R, Soul Shackles, is the ultimate form of crowd control. When activated, chains erupt from beneath the ground and ensnare anyone Morgana casts it on. This ability deals damage over time and stuns enemies for two seconds, allowing Morgana to coordinate with her team for massive teamfights and positional advantages.

While Soul Shackles can be avoided by dashing away or using an ability that grants invulnerability, getting caught in this ability can set up a quick kill or disastrously turn a fight against your enemies. Make sure you assess the possibilities and use it decisively.

Tips and Tricks

Playing Morgana in League of Legends (LoL) requires great patience, planning and skill. It’s important to understand how to position this champion, how to maximize their damage, and how to use the various abilities they bring to the table to give your team an edge.

In this section, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of Morgana in each game:


In terms of combos, Morgana is a champion that can employ both short-term combos and long-term strategies. Here are a few basic tips to help you get started:

  • Short-Term Combos:
    • Q + W + E – This combo is used to quickly burst down targets, as Morgana’s Q (Tormented Soil) will do an initial burst of magic damage and then slow them, giving your allies more time to land their own follow up damage skills.
    • R + W – As her ultimate, Soul Shackles deals an initial burst of damage, this combo can be effective in killing opponents if they can’t get away. This should not be used too close to enemy champions or minions due to its large AoE range.
  • Long-Term Strategies:
    • Using W (Dark Binding) as your primary poke tool before using her spells as tools for setting up team fights. Dark Binding does a fair amount of damage but is best used when combined with one of Morgana’s other spells for maximum potential.
    • Positioning herself at the backline in order to maximize the effect of her ultimate from afar or use it in order to save allied champions from death.

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Counter Picks

Mordekaiser is a bruiser-keep champion who usually works best in the top lane. But of course, this is a game and Morderkaiser can be countered. Knowing which champions are good counters to never become critical for your success and mastering them can be the difference between winning or losing a game.

The primary counter picks for Mordekaiser are ranged AD carries, such as Sivir, Caitlyn and Vayne, who all have strong poke potential from a distance that Morgenkaiser cannot reach without taking damage in return. Assassins like Talon, Ahri, Zed and Yasuo also counter Morderkiaer well because of their burst damage potential – as Mordekaiser typically does not have enough armor to survive their all-ins.

On the flip side of this coin it’s generally easier to play with someone who can taunt or pull Mordekaiser into focus range or towards your team if he’s trying to initiate on your back line. Champions like Shyvana, Nautilus and Blitzcrank are exceptional at doing this, setting up your team for successful engage scenarios on Mordekaiser when his shield is down. This should be taken advantage of when possible as it’s one of the only ways to guarantee he won’t survive a team fight!


Morgana is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends, capable of dealing huge amounts of damage and providing immense utility to her team. She is the perfect champion for players who want to do a lot of damage or who enjoy playing support. Her skill set is versatile and powerful, making her a great champion for any role.

In conclusion, Morgana is an incredibly powerful and versatile champion that can be used in many different ways. Whether you are looking for a carry, a support, or just a champion to bully your opponents with, Morgana is an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile skillset enabling her to play multiple roles
  • Strong waveclear with the addition of Tormented Shadow
  • Viable ranged harass with Dark Binding and Eventide
  • Strong wave manipulation power through Soul Shackle and Demon Shade
  • Powerful damage mitigation with Black Shield and Dark Shield


  • Highskillcap champion
  • Needs high AP values for every skill scaling aspect except for Tormented Shadow
  • Needs to land skillshots like Dark Binding and Soul Shackle to be effective in lane
  • Squishy early on which makes her vulnerable if caught out of position


Morgana the Fallen Angel is a powerful, versatile champion in the game League of Legends. Her primary abilities include Dark Binding, which immobilizes an enemy; Tormented Soil, which deals area-of-effect magic damage; Soul Shackles, which damages enemies with a shockwave; and Black Shield, which prevents almost all forms of negative effects. Morgana can effectively use these abilities both offensively and defensively to support her team.

Overall, Morgana is a great choice for those looking for a solid support champion with the capability to single handedly win battles. Her control over her lanes coupled with her high damage make her an excellent choice for even high ranked games. With deep playstyles available to Morgana players, every game will have its own unique approach that’s sure to keep things interesting.

Whether you’re looking for an assassin or support in League of Legends, Morgana should definitely be considered due to her wide range of capabilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Morgana’s role?
A1: Morgana is a mage champion in League of Legends who specializes in crowd control, area of effect spells, and dealing heavy damage from afar.

Q2: What abilities does Morgana have?
A2: Morgana has six abilities: Dark Binding, Tormented Soil, Black Shield, Soul Shackles, Soul Siphon, and Abyssal Voyage. Each ability has its own unique effects and can be used to great effect in teamfights or to set up kills.

Q3: How should I play Morgana?
A3: Morgana is best played as a mid-lane mage, using her abilities to control fights and deal massive damage. She is also great at setting up ganks and helping her teammates secure kills. It is important to stay out of danger while playing Morgana and to always be aware of where enemy champions are.