Nasus LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Nasus is a powerful and versatile character in the popular multiplayer game League of Legends (LoL). He is an Ionian champion that is a part of the game’s “Pulsefire” collection, released back in 2019. He is a melee fighter and has a strong presence in the early laning phase, while also having a great team-fighting presence.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the champion Nasus:

Nasus’ Lore

Nasus is a mysterious, venerated elder and philosopher-warrior of Shurima, who has wandered through the deserts for centuries seeking divine wisdom. A mummified god, he was entombed beneath the Great Sands, but has recently awakened by unknown circumstances. Nasus is typically presented in game as a stoic, powerful figure wielding his coveted cane-scythe and adorned with antiquity armor.

He seeks greater understanding of Shurima’s ancient power sources, and will relentlessly pursue the answers to his burning inquiries about the cosmos by any means necessary. To this end he granted menagery to Azir – allowing him access to forgotten technologies from ages long past. As long as Azir seeks knowledge without hesitation or restraint from Nasus himself becomes bound by loyalty unwavering.

Nasus’ mission transcends mortality: he searches for eternal truths in his quest for spiritual ascension – something only a being of extraordinary strength could endure with no solution or reward in sight for eons on end other than what lies beyond life itself.

Nasus’ Abilities

Nasus is a champion in League of Legends (LoL) with two main attributes – Strength and Ability power. Nasus’ abilities are divided into four categories: basic attack, Q-Skill, W-Skill, E-Skill, and ultimate.

  • Basic Attack – Nasus’ basic attack is characterized by its physical damage output. As Nasus levels up and acquires more items, the damage from his basic attacks increases significantly. This makes him one of the best late-game champions who is able to easily burst down enemies he comes into contact with.
  • Q-Skill – The Q-skill is Siphoning Strike which allows Nasus to increase his attack damage permanently when he successfully lands it on an enemy champion or objective such as minions or turrets. Q also deals a damaging area splash once the target has been slain.
  • W-Skill: Wither gives Nasus a movement speed Decrease while slowing and damaging enemies with every second it remains active, as well as providing some lifesteal and additional armor/magic resistance on top of it depending on how long it stays active on an enemy champion or minions/monsters in the jungle respectively. The skill provides strong crowd control since Enemies affected by Wither cannot dodge any attacks or escape during their duration under the influence of this ability.
  • E-Skill: Spirit Fire drops an area AOE spell at selected location that applies both damage over time and crippling Armor reduction effects through its duration of 6 seconds active burning time once dissipated from enemies’ feet alike all other AOEs. Spirit Fire can be used offensively for chasing enemies but also defensively for protecting certain chokepoints by lowering their overall armor against incoming threats as well as mitigating damage sources from both minion/monster waves near towers for defense or reducing enemy opponents’ health marks when initiating engage scenarios for offense instead.
  • Ultimate: Fury of Wind is Nasus’ great ultimate ability that rockets him forward in a direction pushing back those who stand against him while sending out a powerful wave after arriving to final destination that deals AoE magic Damage to all targets hit making them vulnerable targets especially at low health bars being almost sure destruction upon contact once familiar with proper use chains according this skill will become unstoppable force inside of team fights due its AoE effect scaling massively up through additional points invested in Leveling process elsewhere similarly other abilities also described earlier even without proper knowledge since every Leveled Up Point adds unconditional amount value towards nasus performance inside teamfight scenarios regardless current opponent forces met during particular fight lasting easy victory even under multiple outnumbered opponents before his foes understand what just happened by then it’s too late foe retreat hence leaving those unfortunate souls unprotected exposed destruction section now this skill functions like silencer loaded gun coming your way ready striking moment one dealt different stories reason why maximum potential demanded deadly consequence results after times.


When playing as Nasus, the key is to control the early game and play a strong late game. You have to focus on gaining stacks and forcing opponents out of lane. You need to play smart and practice good wave management. Additionally, it is important to consider the enemy team and their champions before formulating your strategies.

Let’s take a deeper look at the strategies used when playing Nasus:

Early Game

During early game, Nasus tries to farm and push minion waves. A Nasus player looks to maximize their last hits, which will usually give them an advantage in creep score over their opponents. All minions killed by Nasus will be added to his permanent stacks of “Soul Eater”.

Stacking up these soul eater stacks correctly throughout the early game is essential for a successful Nasus, as these stacks can be used later on during mid and late game to help him assassinate a squishy target or take objectives such as towers with ease.

Nasus also looks for skirmishes during the early stage and tries to win trades by using ranged auto attacks mixed with his E- Spirit Fire or Q- Siphoning Strike. Flash, Ignite or Exhaust are great spells for early game Nasus and should be used if available. Additionally, if the game is close enough, he can look for objectives such as towers or dragons.

During the mid game, a good strategy for Nasus players is split pushing – pushing one lane while team fights happen in other lanes. By this time, Nasus should have most of his core items and will be able to outscale his opponents when left alone in any part of the map due to his passive Wither effect that reduces enemy speed by 35%.

Mid Game

The mid game of a strategy game is the most important part of the entire match. It’s when players have to make significant decisions about what kind of strategies, offensive and defensive, are going to win the match for them. During this phase, it is important for players to be aware of their opponent’s strategies and to be able to adapt your strategy in order to counter accordingly.

When assessing an opponent’s strategies during the mid game, it is important for players to take into account factors such as resources, objectives, terrain landscape and unit composition. Through analyzing these factors players can give themselves an edge by predicting their opponent’s possible moves and taking actions accordingly. For example, a player managing resources effectively by investing in tech trees or assembling units depending on the terrain can gain an advantage over opponents who neglect resource management or fail to recognize different combat advantages based on terrain.

It is also critical during this phase that each player builds a system that will help them survive their opponents attack while still achieving their goals. An effective system should include elements such as:

  • Aggressive macro tactics that involve expanding territory, capturing key strategic points and production facilities;
  • Micro tactics like maneuvering army units efficiently to outmaneuver opponents;
  • Timing attacks based on enemy weak spots;
  • Being flexible enough to adapt quickly when plans are thwarted;
  • Having strong scouting skills so that surprise attacks can be avoided; and
  • Teamplay through communication with allies when necessary.

Late Game

Nasus is powerful during the late game due to his ability to clear waves quickly and push structures down easily. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, allows him to become an unstoppable force when combined with lifesteal and tank items. He can take advantage of weakened enemies and essentially one-shot many opponents with a well-placed Spirit Fire or Siphoning Strike.

However, Nasus needs to make sure he gets enough farm before late game, or he’ll struggle against monsters like Rumble, who can deny farm from him.

In teamfights, Nasus can use his Wither ability to slow enemies down and disrupt their movement. His Spirit Fire can be used in a similar fashion; it has great area of effect damage while simultaneously impairing further enemy movement within its radius. Moreover, thanks both to Fury of the Sands and his own sustain options build up on lifesteal items such as Ravenous Hydra or Blade of the Ruined King, Nasus is an enduring foe even in drawn out team fights so long as they don’t overrun him too quickly with burst damage—healing up both himself and nearby allies in lane all while giving invaluable pressure on top of it.

Tips and Tricks

Playing as Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, can be a rewarding experience. He can be a strong laner, and his late game potential is huge due to his passive, Soul Eater. He can also tank and deal plenty of damage with his ultimate, Fury of the Sands.

Let’s go through some key tips and tricks to get the most out of Nasus in League of Legends:

How to best use Nasus’ ultimate

Nasus’ ultimate, ‘Fury of the Sands’, increases his size and he gains bonus health. When used in combination with other abilities and items it can be very powerful. Below are some tips and tricks on how to best utilize Nasus’ ultimate:

  • Be sure to use Nasus’ ultimate when you are already in a fight – this way you can maximize the duration of the bonus health increasing your survivability.
  • Try to time your ultimate so that it is used just after any opponents have taken damage from another source as this will further increase its effectiveness.
  • The increased size also has a positive effect on Nasus’ auto attacks. Use the extra range to auto enemies from afar before engaging them too far into a fight.
  • Investing in HP items while Nasus is ultimated makes use of the health bonus as well as overall HP boosting items, further increasing strength and survivability.

How to farm with Nasus

Farming in League of Legends is one of the most important aspects of the game. Nasus, being an extremely strong split pusher, is no exception. The key to success when farming with Nasus lies in how effectively you can use his range and clear minion waves.

The best way to maximize your farming potential with Nasus is to take advantage of his long range attack. His basic attack has the third highest range in the game (only behind Caitlyn and Tristana) and works wonders on clearing minion waves and taking down outer turrets. Additionally, Nasus’ Q – Siphoning Strike adds an extra bit of damage on top of your auto attacks to help you clear out minions quickly and safely.

When farming with Nasus it is important to position yourself so that you can keep out of range from enemy turrets and champions while still being able to secure as much farm as possible. Some recommended tips for farming with Nasus include:

  • Position yourself so that enemy champions cannot target you while still staying close enough to farm all the minions.
  • Look for opportunities force a turret trade by pushing waves without engaging in fights.
  • Prioritize taking down epic monsters such as Dragon or Baron Nashor over regular minion waves whenever possible for increased gold income.
  • Start split pushing or freezing lanes if necessary/possible since this will allow Nasus’s Siphoning Strike stacks and gold income to increase.

By following these tips you should be able to farm effectively across any map with your champion! Keep these tips in mind next time you play League of Legends with Nasus!

How to use Nasus’ Wither

Nasus is a tanky melee champion in League of Legends who excels in sustained combat and teamfights. His Ultimate, Fury of the Sands grants him bonus health, attack damage and area of effect damage, allowing him to deal significant amounts of damage while taking it in return. His Wither ability grants allies bonus attack speed and movement speed while simultaneously slowing enemies, making it a powerful tool for chasing enemies down or escaping ganks.

When used correctly, Nasus’ Wither allows allies to catch up to or escape from any fight with ease.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of Nasus’ Wither, one must first understand when it is best used to support an allied play. An early use of the ability (level 1-4) should be for an efficient engage onto an enemy champion, as the long duration (5 seconds at max rank) provides a window for your teammates to follow up with their abilities and secure a kill. Mid game (level 5-13), Wither can be used to turn advantageous battles into definitive victories by allowing your team free access onto any exposed enemy champions. Late game (level 14-18), Wither should be used in choke points and team fights where multiple allied champions are attempting to catch fleeing enemies or protect a single allied target from diving enemies attempting to reach them.


When playing as or against Nasus, understanding his counters is key. Nasus has different counters depending on the situation you are in. He has counters that are strong in lane to help you against poke, he has strong all-in counters, and counters that focus on his ultimate’s scaling. Knowing how to use these counters to your (or your opponents) advantage is essential to playing the champion.

Let’s learn more about Nasus’s counters:

Best champions to counter Nasus

Nasus is a strong champion in League of Legends. His ability to clear minion waves with ease makes him an excellent pick for top lane. He also has great crowd control tools and can snowball the game if given the chance. Thankfully, there are some champions that can reliably counter Nasus if you know what to look for. Here are some of the best champions to keep Nasus in check:

  • Jayce: Jayce a highly mobile and versatile champion who excels at both ranged and melee combat, allowing him to quickly close the gap between himself and Nasus. Additionally, Jayce’s E allows him to redirect Nasus’ ult into a harmless direction.
  • Vladimir: Vladimir is one of the best counters against Nasus due to his long range abilities and ultimate which deal true damage on impact. Vladimir’s heal also allows him to outlast Nasus in prolonged fights, eventually forcing Vasus back or taking an easy win when he overextends too far.
  • Renekton: With Renektons ultimate he can dash away with ease after every successful trade against Nasus, allowing Renekton to prevent any follow up damage from Nasus or minions pushing forward too much as well as escaping tower dives from J3ger or any other jungler coming in for a gank.
  • Fiora: Fiora’s parry ability is one of her most powerful tools against enemies such as nasus as it will block anything targeted on her while doing good burst damage while active below this enemy depending on their armor stat at the time being useful by safely reducing Nasues threat potential even further making items such as thornmail more viable against this enemy overall this ability keeps nerfs uneffected by reducing their strength even more so.

Best items to counter Nasus

If you’re looking for the best items to counter Nasus, these are the ones that you should consider. Remember that when facing Nasus, it is important to have a well-rounded build consisting not only of defense stats but also offense and survivability items.

  • Armor: You will need some form of armor against Nasus in order to reduce the incoming damage from his auto-attacks. Items such as Thornmail, Randuin’s Omen and Frozen Heart are effective in reducing the damage coming from his physical attacks.
  • Magic Resistance: Magic resistance will protect you against Nasus’ Q and W abilities, both of which deal heavy magic damage. Investing in items like Banshee’s Veil and Spirit Visage will help you survive more of his spells.
  • Attack Damage & Life Steal: Investing in items such as Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster can counter Nasus as they allow you to trade back auto attacks with him while recovering health. The life steal from these items can be key if you get hit by his Q or E ability (which both slow). Additional attack damage can also help bring his health down faster.
  • Other Items: Other items such as Guardian Angel, Mercurial Scimitar or Maw Of Malmortius can be used in certain situations if need be as well although they typically aren’t necessary on most matchups against Nasus unless specific conditions call for them. They can provide additional layers of protection if your team lacks enough CC or impactful burst damage elsewhere which could be used to stop him before he gets too powerful in fights with high DPS rat tails locked down onto a single target (such as yourself).

Best strategies to counter Nasus

Nasus is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends (LoL). He is able to wreak havoc on opposing teams if left unchecked. His kit offers strong crowd control and utility, making him a potent threat. For this reason it’s important to know how to properly counter this champion when playing against him.

The following strategies detail what opponents should do in order to effectively counter Nasus:

  • Be aware of where his ultimate ability Frenzy can be used. Knowing when and where he can use it will help opponents position safely so they don’t get caught out of position or under its effect.
  • Keep track of where Nasus is farming in the lane, as his passive ability gives him bonus attack damage for every minion he kills and he can quickly become very strong if not dealt with accordingly.
  • Buy armor to help mitigate some of the damage from his Wither ability, since Nasus builds attack speed items it makes him particularly deadly against squishier targets.
  • Have crowd control effects such as stuns or knockups available on an allied team can be invaluable when fighting against Nasus, as these will prevent him from using his ultimate ability for an extended period and possibly stop post-ultimate combos that would otherwise land easily on vulnerable enemy champions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nasus’ primary role in League of Legends?

A: Nasus is a champion in League of Legends that is classified as a fighter. He is best known for his ability to quickly and easily farm minions and jungle camps for gold and experience, and he is able to become a powerful tank-like character late in the game.

Q: What are Nasus’ abilities in League of Legends?

A: Nasus has five unique abilities in League of Legends. His passive ability is Soul Eater, which grants him bonus damage on his basic attacks. His Q ability is Siphoning Strike, which increases his damage on his next basic attack. His W ability is Wither, which slows down his target’s movement speed and attack speed. His E ability is Spirit Fire, which deals area-of-effect damage and reduces enemy armor. Finally, his ultimate ability is Fury of the Sands, which grants him bonus attack speed and health.

Q: What are some tips for playing Nasus effectively?

A: A few tips for playing Nasus effectively include focusing on farming minions to make him stronger, using Wither to slow down targets and make them easier to catch, and combining Spirit Fire and Siphoning Strike for extra damage. Additionally, make sure to use Fury of the Sands to improve your survivability and increase your damage output in team fights.