Neeko LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Neeko is a champion in the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends (LoL) that has been around since the game’s launch in 2009. Neeko is a versatile champion that fits into a variety of team compositions, making them a viable option for any team.

This article will cover all you need to know about this champion including their abilities, playstyles, and recommended items:

Overview of Neeko

Neeko is a champion in the team-based strategy game League of Legends (LoL) by Riot Games. She is a magical shapeshifter capable of assuming the form, as well as the stats and abilities, of any allied or enemy unit she encounters, making her incredibly versatile in combat. Neeko excels at manipulating the battlefield and providing her team with much-needed support, sustain and burst damage.

This guide provides an overview of Neeko’s abilities and playstyle, advice on when to pick her and equipment recommendations to take your game to the next level. It also offers an analysis of Neeko’s current standing within the ever-evolving meta and crucial tips for countering her power. With this knowledge, you should be able to make a significant contribution to your team regardless if you are playing solo or with friends.

This guide covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Neeko’s abilities and playstyle
  • When to pick Neeko
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Analysis of Neeko’s current standing within the ever-evolving meta
  • Crucial tips for countering her power

Neeko’s Abilities

Neeko is a champion in the game League of Legends, who is known for her agility, strength and ability to transform into other characters. She has a very high damage output, but can also be very difficult to play. She is a great pick for any team comp due to her adaptability and multiple situational uses.

Neeko has four abilities:

  • Pop Blossom – Neeko leaps into the air, throwing out bolts of energy that explode on contact in an area around her. Enemies in this area take magic damage and are rooted for 1 second.
  • Tangle-Barbs – Neeko throws out a ring of thorns that latch onto nearby enemies, dealing them magic damage over 4 seconds while they are slowed by 40%.
  • Shapesplitter – Neeko transforms into a replicate of any unit within her range (including enemy champions). This transformation allows her to duplicate their movement patterns and provide bonus magic resistance.
  • Chalice of Harmony – Upon activating this ability, Neeko’s next attack will trigger an explosion that deals increased magic damage based on the enemy’s missing health. Additionally, enemies hit by Chalice of Harmony will be unable to receive healing or shields for 4 seconds.

Neeko’s Strengths

Neeko is a powerful support champion in League of Legends who can utilize her abilities to provide significant boosts to her team. Her kit enables her to be a great disruptive tool and provide both offensive and defensive utility.

Let’s dive into Neeko’s strengths and discuss why she is such a powerful champion:

Neeko’s Unique Ability

Neeko is a champion in League of Legends known for her unique ability to shapeshift. This feature allows her an edge in combat as she can use this ability to aid in strategic decision making and gain an advantage over her opponents.

Neeko has the potential to transform into any other unit that she can see, friendly or enemy alike. During this shapeshifting process, Neeko retains her health and mana but gains the health, attack damage and abilities of the champion she transforms into. Additionally, there are no limits on how many times Neeko can replicate a champion or how quickly she can switch forms. This makes Neeko quite adept at outsmarting her enemies as it allows her to quickly familiarize herself with their playstyles while still allowing time to assess the situation and strategize a response.

In addition, Neeko’s transformational powers come with some powerful defensive abilities. When transformed into an enemy champion, Neeko can cloak herself in the target’s own aura and disguise herself as that champion! By altering the shape of her summoned spirit hissingpaw, Neeko also has additional defense options when dealing with ranged attackers. Lastly, if neeeded during team fights, Neeko has a powerful ability called Pop Blossom where she transforms into a giant flower that emits prickly thorns from all four sides of it!

Overall, these special powers help make Neeka one of the most unique champions in League of Legends that adds immense value for both damage-focused playstyles and defensive strategies alike.

Neeko’s Survivability

Neeko is considered a ‘glass cannon’, meaning her playstyle is at its best when she can both inflict and withstand a lot of damage. The fact that her mechanical skillset requires her to constantly move around the battlefield in order to find the correct angles in which she can do damage as well as dodge enemy efforts makes her very difficult to take down.

Neeko has an array of abilities that make her hard to pin down and bring her to safety; from chameleon-like abilities able to steal another champion’s form for a short period, or defensive shields with burst potential and invincibility frames.

Mostly used by mid skirmishers, Neeko has surprising survivability thanks to her quick escapes, crowd control setups and spellpool spanning from:

  • basic movement speed boosting in combination with DoT’s
  • single target nukes ideal for finishing off fleeing enemies.

Neeko may not be the sturdiest of characters but she is certainly resilient enough for short periods in order for players to maximize their damage output before quickly freeing themselves of danger with a simple button press.

Neeko’s Damage Output

Neeko is a powerful champion on the rift and is capable of delivering large amounts of damage over time with her basic abilities. Neeko’s abilities focus heavily around dealing magic damage and providing utility to the team with single target stuns and a passive movement speed buff. Her dreaded combo of Shapeshift, followed by an empowered Tangle-Barbs can decimate enemies caught in her path.

Additionally, her ultimate Pop Blossom provides immense amounts of area of effect damage which can help turn skirmishes or major team fights around. Lastly, her passive Innate Glamour allows Neeko to choose an allied champion for them to copy for a short duration, allowing Neeko to take on their appearance and skillset for sneaking up on enemies or initiating team fights from unusual angles.

Together, these abilities allow Neeko to easily keep up with any ADC or mage while still providing high amounts of utility and area of effect damage that many champions lack.

Neeko’s Weaknesses

Neeko is a powerful champion in the League of Legends universe, but like all champions, she has her own set of weaknesses and risks associated with playing her. In this article, we will take a look into Neeko’s weaknesses and how to counter and play around them. Knowing Neeko’s shortcomings will go a long way in helping you master this champion on the rift.

Neeko’s Lack of Mobility

Neeko, who is a champion in the game League of Legends, is a ranged mage noted for their great control potential with tools such as Rootcaller and Inherent Glamour. While they have great controlling abilities, one of Neeko’s biggest weaknesses is the lack of mobility they possess. This can be detrimental to teamfights and gank setups when Neeko has to move around quickly. Neeko is also vulnerable to being focused down in big fights due to their squishiness and lack of escape abilities.

In order to minimize these weak points, it’s important for players who main Neeko to focus on position themselves properly in team fights, taking advantage of terrain and objects on the map like brush and walls for safety. It’s also important for players running Neeko to always be aware of how their positioning could compromise them if an enemy engages them from an unexpected direction or invades them from Fog of War. Additionally, Neeko players should take note that certain items such as Quicksilver Sash can offer additional protection against crowd control effects when utilized correctly.

Finally, mastering disengage tools such as Flash or Stranglethorns could prove extremely valuable during team fights where enemies are focusing hard on you.

Neeko’s Limited Range

Neeko is a powerful champion who can change her shape and deceive her enemies. She has access to a wide range of area-of-effect (AOE) damage and crowd control effects, as well as potent single target nukes and defensive utility. In spite of all of these strengths, Neeko is far from perfect. One of the major areas where she is weak is her very limited range.

Although some of her abilities have decent range, such as her Tangle Barbs ability and Chomp (both with 600 units range) they are still significantly shorter than those found on many other champions. Neeko has no long-range offensive options when compared to the likes of Ezreal or Sivir, making it difficult for her to harass enemy champions at a distance or secure kills without help from an ally. Similarly, her ultimate Void Burst only has a 1100 unit range which can make it difficult to hit multiple targets at once!

Outside of dueling potential, Neeko’s short range also limits how effectively she can respond in team fights where an enemy may appear from seemingly out of nowhere, or quickly retreat out of harm’s way, before Neeko can make much use out of her kit. To top it all off, champions who excel at poking like Lux and Corki are able to easily harass Neeko from afar due to her lack of a real long-range option outside of poking with Tangle Barbs or Chomp for short durations before either one loses its reliability due to the short cooldowns associated with both abilities.

Neeko’s Weak Early Game

Neeko, a mage-like champion from League of Legends, is unique in the sense that she has some of the strongest early game in the game. Although Neeko has an overall great early game, she does have weaknesses that need to be accounted for.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Neeko’s early game is her mana pool. With an average of 240-280 mana at level 1, Neeko will have a hard time casting her spells and utilizing her passive ability effectively. This can easily lead to slips in pushing or playing against champions with better mana pools such as Lissandra or Malzahar. To counter this weakness, it is important to manage Neeko’s mana and plan ahead when pushing against lane opponents.

Another weakness Neeko has is her lack of wave clear: although she has a semi-decent wave clear with her Q, Illusion spamming during laning phase can deplete enormous amounts of mana. To avoid running out too quickly and leaving yourself vulnerable in lane, it’s important to rely on your auto-attacks as much as possible for wave control and reserve your tools for clutch escaping scenarios or taking advantage over opportunities presented by enemies.

Lastly, as a champion with no dashes or blinks, Neeko’s mobility relies heavily on Zhonya’s Hourglass activation (R) which leaves her very vulnerable if executed incorrectly – not only does she lose all damage potential but its also most likely used for fleeing away from fights which will leave you dangerously out of position at times if misused. Players should take extra caution when using this tool and must always know when its safe to use it or retreat instead so they don’t get caught while trying to escape.

Neeko’s Role in Teamfights

Neeko is an incredibly strong and versatile champion in League of Legends and she excels in teamfights. Her kit provides a lot of utility which makes her a great pick for any team composition. Her versatility allows her to fit both into the backline and frontline to disrupt enemies and protect her teammates.

In this section, we will dive into Neeko’s role in teamfights and how she can be effective in this role.

Neeko’s Role as a Support

Neeko is a character in League of Legends who is often played as a support. She utilizes her abilities to protect allies or find opponents with her ultimate ability. Her special abilities include her ability to clone an ally, which can be used for distraction and crowd control, activating shields for herself and nearby allies, slowing others with AoE root, and stealthing an ally or herself.

In teamfights, Neeko’s priority should not be to dive into the fray. Instead of diving into combat she should be providing support in other ways such as shielding herself or teammates from danger or using her Ultimate “Pop Bloom” to locate opponents from a distance and prevent them from escaping. She should also using her slow on the opposing frontline to give plenty of time for the rest of your team to get in position. Using her clone creatively can help make this happen.

Neeko also has great utility when playing in a 5-man group due to one of her passives that stacks up each time she casts an Ability (up to five times). When playing with five people at once, these stacks increase the damage dealt by all abilities depending on type; all of Neeko’s basic attacks will now apply a rooting slow on hit so don’t forget about this bonus!

Not only can she provide powerful shielding/ rooting potential for your team in long drawn out fights but she’s also incredible at zonal control and taking objectives quickly with her split pushing potential due to being able to clone herself. All these aspects make Neeko an invaluable member of any team composition and when used correctly you should see great success with this champion!

Neeko’s Role as an Initiator

Team fights are the chaotic, high-stakes battles in League of Legends. If your team are going for a decisive push, Neeko’s can be a great initiator. Her ultimate, Pop Blossom, allows her to jump into the middle of the enemy team and use her crowd control abilities to disrupt their formation and deal damage.

Neeko’s passive ability – Inherent Glamour – allows her to turn invisible for a few seconds after she uses an ability or an item. This can be incredibly useful in initiating a fight as it gives you time to position yourself without being seen by the enemy team. Her Tangle-barbs ability has long cast range and low cooldown, making it perfect for snaring enemies who have strayed away from their formation. You can then follow up with Shapesplitter which deals damage and stuns nearby foes when activated. Your ultimate is best used when all five members of the enemy team are within its range because of its wide coverage and long stun duration.

With good positioning and timing, Neeko’s can be a major contributor to her team’s success during team fights – whether she’s initiating or providing crowd control for allies initiations. When playing Neeko’s try to get used to recognizing ideal moments when you should take initiative but also be aware of how your helps would fare if the fight went wrong so you know when back off!

Neeko’s Role as a Disruptor

Neeko is regarded as one of the game’s top disruptors. Not only can she devastate a target with her ultimate, but she has a number of abilities and techniques at her disposal to make sure they’re left vulnerable and their team is off-balance.

Neeko’s Passive ability allows her to gain movement speed when passing near an enemy. This helps put some pressure on the enemy in order for Neeko or her allies to pick up kills. Her Q, Blooming Burst, is a long range skill shot that can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the situation. The range and damage make it great for taking down retreated enemies who have separated from their team or disrupting groups trying to push turrets or objectives by avoiding their cc tools in the process. Her W, Shapesplitter, allows her to split into two forms (the other form dealing reduced damage) which makes it an excellent tool for chasing enemies who are attempting to repositioning themselves out of danger whilst damaging them in the process – this idea of two forms also provides some escape options should Neeko find herself low health/disengaging from dangerous situations. Neeko’s E is Tangle-Barbs; this gives an actual physical wall between hero and target so you can use this ability as either a shield or a means of separating targets close together during fights. Finally we come to Neekophenes’s Ultimate, Pop Blossom; this is probably one of Neekos most recogniseable abilities due to its extremely powerful burst potential if used correctly coupled with its extended knock-up effect making it not only devastating but also disorientating (which could lead into further exploits).

In summation, Neeko is an incredibly reliable disruptor who offers immense utility through crowd control as well as high impact damage – good positioning and knowing when/where/how to use each individual ability (and more importantly when not too) will maximise your success in loL Teamfights.

Neeko’s Itemization

When playing Neeko in League of Legends, itemization is key for optimal performance. To maximize her potential, it’s important to choose the right items for Neeko. This can be tricky since there are many items that can be effective for her, but it helps to understand Neeko’s abilities and how they synergize with certain items.

Let’s take a look at some of the best item choices for Neeko:

Neeko’s Core Items

Neeko is a flexible champion in League of Legends. She can be built as either an AP Champion or an AD Champion. However, regardless of the path you decide to take, there are some key items that should be important in any build.

As Neeko AP:

  • Starters should include Duskblade of Draktharr followed by Liandry’s Torment and Rabadon’s Deathcap, as these three items provide tremendous amounts of both Ability Power and Magic Penetration.
  • You can then pick up Void Staff and finish the build off with Rylai’s Crystal Scepter or Luden’s Echo.

As Neeko AD:

  • The top priority is Trinity Force, which provides Neeko with Attack Damage, Movement Speed and Ability Power for further damage boosts with her abilities.
  • This should generally be followed by either Infinity Edge for more critical strike chance or Essence Reaver for cooldown reduction and attack speed.
  • Next come items from penetration categories (Last Whisper or Youmuu’s Ghostblade)before finishing off the build with Guardian Angel for added defense.

Neeko’s Situational Items

Choosing the correct situational items for Neeko, League of Legends champion, is essential to ensure her success in a match. Depending on the situation and opponents, selecting situational items can either give Neeko a significant advantage or be totally useless. Understanding which item will give the best benefits according to Team Comp and Map Objectives is an important skill that can determine victory or defeat.

When selecting situational items for Neeko, it is important to consider whether they are combat-oriented or utility-oriented. Combat oriented items increase aspects such as Offense (AP/AD) , Defense (Armor/Mres), and Utility (Shielding). Utility-oriented items are more focused on mobility (Movement speed) and Areas of Influence!(AOE Spells). Knowing when and how to use these two types of Items will increase your chance of success in team fights with Neeko.

Combat-Oriented Items:

  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Lich Bane
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Abyssal Mask

Utility-Oriented Items:

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Morellonomicon
  • Athenes Unholy Grail
  • Frost Queen Claimant
  • Prototype: Omnistone
  • Twin Shadows

Neeko’s Synergistic Items

Neeko can take advantage of a variety of powerful item combinations that synergize with her kit. Below are some of the best purchases for this champion:

  • Rod of Ages: Neeko’s burst-damage kit will be greatly enhanced by the Rod of Ages’ health, mana, and ability power stats. This item also has a passive aged experience which means Neeko will gain health, mana, and ability power when the timer runs out.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: Rylai’s increases Neeko’s magic damage dealt and ability power stat and it also gives Neeko a passive which slows down enemies hit by her abilities. This makes it easier for her to stack her ult combo to strong effect or escape adverse situations.
  • Luden’s Echo: One core item on any caster, Luden’s Echo is key on Neeko due to its high burst damage potential and waveclear capability that allows you to control the lanes easily with your abilities. Its unique feature adds extra damage on your next ability after every basic attack or spell you cast giving you more kill potential in teamfights or skirmishes.
  • Morellonomicon: An AMAZING buy when paired with Neeko since it reduces healing effects done on enemies while amplifying your own Magic Damage dealt with AP and bonus true damage based on ability casts over time from Gwendolyn Charm (Neekos Passive). It also has great waveclear capabilities combined with its burning passive hitting nearby enemies reducing their healing effects 90%, making killing wounded units significantly easier for us in team fights or ganks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Neeko in League of Legends?

A1: Neeko is a champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. She is a magical shapeshifter who can transform into a copy of any ally or enemy champion on the battlefield.

Q2: What roles can Neeko play in League of Legends?

A2: Neeko is typically played as an AP mid-laner, but she has also seen success in the jungle and support roles. Her shapeshifting abilities can be used to great effect in all three roles.

Q3: What are Neeko’s strongest abilities?

A3: Neeko’s strongest abilities are her passive, Inherent Glamour, which allows her to transform into any champion near her, and her ultimate, Pop Blossom, which deals massive damage and knocks up enemies. Her other abilities also deal significant damage and can be used to control the battlefield.