Named the curious chameleon by Neeko, Neeko is a shapeshifter from the long-lost Vastaya tribe. Neeko is a curious chameleon, a shapeshifter who views the world with an insatiable curiosity and vast eyes that always look forward to something new. While she may not look like a danger to the eye, Neeko should be regulated as issues can often appear more serious than they first seem.

Neeko is able to mix and match with anyone. She can even imitate the appearances of others. Although nobody knows who Neeko is or where she’s from, those who plan to hurt her will quickly see her true colours. It is possible to experience Neeko’s full power, especially her primordial spirit magic unleashed with enemies.

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Who’s Neeko?

Neeko was born on a large and distant island to the east. It is where the last Vastayan clan remained isolated from the rest of the world. They were referred to as Oovi-Kat and they hint at their era lineage to legendary Vastaya ancestors.

The Oovikat were peace-loving beings that had unrivalled potential. Their harmonious group has been blended with their non-secular realm to allow their Sho’ma, or non-secular worth, to intermingle with other beings within their proximity. They might even be able to imitate other bodily beings. There was no mystery between Oovi-Kat ancestry. However, some were as resilient, curious and energetic as the younger Neeko.

Neeko’s love of video games and her interest in hiding trinkets has increased. She is curious and has no boundaries. Her charming life was pure and innocent.

Her appeal was not permanent, however, as cataclysm was looming on the horizon.

Neeko survived the death of her homeland because of the self-sacrifice of Oovi-Kat elders and the quick consideration of Oovi-Kat elders. She became a fowl to flee the destruction and felt all of the screams from those who were fading into the gulf.

After several days of exhaustion and determination, Neeko fell into ocean, clinging to driftwood until a silhouette appeared. Neeko may hear different voices in the waves and she or he might swim towards an unusual spot.

Neeko, with her last energy, climbed aboard what turned out be a sturdy vessel destined for Harelport. She rested as she could, calling out to the realm of spirit for her misplaced tribe. Neeko felt disoriented, with lonely echoes and a picture of the towering, lifeless bushes lying somewhere over the horizon.

It was a strange and unfamiliar world when champion Neeko emerged from the ship to come to town. All her senses were stimulated. Oovi-Kat may be afraid of some creatures in this scene, but not Neeko. The society is filled with unique characters and strangers of all shapes and motives. It was a place where she had many experiences and stories, and it stayed with her until the end.

Krete, a Vastayan seaman, saw her before Neeko could. Although she couldn’t understand his words, he wanted to know her tribe. Neeko learns to communicate with her Sho’ma. Neeko imitates his face and expressions to help her understand her intentions, but Krete the Vastayan sailor did not seem to enjoy it. Neeko ran into the group and altered her form several times before she was overwhelmed by his darkening thoughts until she managed to escape.

Neeko found her way to the Harelport’s hinterlands, where she was surrounded with lush tropical greenery. Neeko couldn’t understand how someone relies on only words for communication. It limits their ability to communicate more.

Neeko tried to find solace by taking the form and running with the jungle cats she encountered in the bushes. Neeko is a quick and agile creature. The bright, eager eyes reminded Neeko of her roots until a surprising chief transformed her into a strong, dark-haired and beautiful lady, Nidalee. Nidalee accepted Neeko into her group.

Neeko was reluctant to tell Oovi-Kat’s truths to other beings. However, she felt a strong connection to Nidalee. She believed that the huntress would share the forgotten kinship of the Vastayan ancestry. Neeko and Nidalee formed a close friendship, and they spent several months in the wilds together.

The cities and the cities with all their faults reached out to Neeko. Her ancestral tribe came to her through goals and showed her the sad branches of lifeless shrubs over and over. The bushes need colours to blossom again, evidently. Neeko was positive and asked her friends to join her on the new journey. However, Nidalee could not. Neeko made her decision and went on her own.

Neeko’s old life and Oovi-Kat may also be misplaced. However, Neeko visualized an extra magical future, a larger tribe of like-minded yordles and people, Vastaya and other beings who are willing to share her goals. Neeko is not anxious about the possibility of finding a better place in her tribe. She made a promise to help the Sho-ma and seek out their souls.

Neeko’s Expertise & Skills


Neeko can copy others and appear to be an allies champion. The phantasm is broken by taking injury from enemy champions or using Tangle-Barbs and Blooming Burst. This puts the flexibility on cooldown.


Neeko is able to move a seed toward her goal. It damages enemies and flowers. If the burst kills or damages an enemy unit, it will bloom up again.


Every primary attack on the 3rd degree resonates with spiritual energy and power. This can cause magic injury which can temporarily maximize Neeko’s shifting pace. She will quickly slip out of enemy’s view and become invisible, giving her motion pace and bringing a temporary clone her traditional type to the location.


Neeko can throw a magical spiral in a certain location to temporarily root and harm enemies. Enemies that are rooted after the primary Tangle Barbs will be likely to remain rooted longer. Tangle-Barbs can root at least two enemies. This will allow it to grow in speed, measurement, length, and endurance.


Neeko starts to charge herself with non-secular and magical essence. She will then be able to jump into the air, earning her protect. Slowly, the enemies around her launch the power. They then land in a largely broken space and stun them. The enemies will not be able to see Neeko charging up when she is disguised by Inherent Glam.

Neeko: Enjoy the Neeko Experience

Neeko can be seen as a slipper, slipping into the skins of allies while bewildering enemies with non secular magic and shocking them with colourful non secular magic. You’ll be tripping over foes and will encounter Tangle Barbs. They are able to root within the saddening petals of Blooming Bloomst over-and-over. If you’re looking for an ally, it will scurry off to find one.

To keep your foes interested and to prepare for a shock, use a Shapesplitter mimic to keep them confused while you reposition and set up a surprise. If you’re ready to say it was you, you can use a prismatic pop blossom to take on the fight and leave everyone stunned.


Neeko’s methods are flexible and can be changed as her needs change. These are just a few ways you can make the most of the Inherent Glamour’s non secular shapeshifting magic.

  • One of her clever set-ups is to imitate an ally with a shorter range, especially with a Blooming Burst/Tangle-Barbs combo. You will surprise the foes that assume they are safe and secure. You can make foes play themselves and try to hide behind the creeps by working equally as an ally with hook. They will be rooted for a long time, but Tangle-Barbs is still capable of hitting them.
  • They disguise as a jungler in order to fool another foe, who will destroy their instincts. They can be easily distracted by the real threat. Neeko, in its place, can be used as a bait to lure enemies into diving and then use the Pop Blossom explosion.
  • To extend Neeko’s mimicry, you should work with the staff. To keep the enemy from questioning who is actually in the lane, you can switch to a recalling partner. To confuse the enemy staff, Shapesplitter can also be used.