Nidalee LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Nidalee is a champion in the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends (LoL). She is a versatile champion that is able to play different roles depending on what your team needs. She is a highly mobile character with the ability to switch between human and cougar forms, allowing her to traverse the battlefield quickly and outmaneuver her opponents.

Let’s take a closer look at this champion and see how she stacks up against other LoL champions.


Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress, is a versatile Champion in League of Legends (LoL) whose abilities allow her to take on multiple roles during gameplay. The champion was developed by Riot Games and first saw competitive play in early 2009.

Nidalee hails from the Kumungu Jungle in Runeterra, where she roams deep within the wilds and survives as an apex predator with unparalleled stalking abilities. Her asiatic leopard lineage gives her a fierce nocturnal presence while also giving her great agility and agility-dependent attacks. Nidalee is known for her sharp javelins which she throws with deadly accuracy resulting in heavy damage, perfect for plunging unsuspecting enemies into death traps that turn any pushing match into sure defeat.

In addition to her Javelin Toss ability, Nidalee’s Pounce makes good use of her preternatural speed to charge at enemies while leaving a trail behind them that they can be tracked through while transformed into Cougar form later on. Primally empowered by transforming into a feral animal with increased attack speed and movement speed, Nidalee’s Primal Surge enables teammates to heal or gain attack speed or movement speed depending on who is targeted when activated.

The champion’s impressive set of abilities makes her the most common Jungler pick for many League of Legends players due to the fact that she can do well against both Melee champions and rivals alike using just the right combination of coordinated assault strategies and ambush tactics relying heavily on powerful vision control sweeps properly executed no matter what type of map players might be up against – whether they are playing Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline game mode.


Nidalee is a versatile champion in League of Legends. She can be played as a bruiser, an assassin or an ap carry, each of which will drastically change the way she is built and played. Her abilities depend heavily on either melee attacks of ranged attacks, depending on which form she’s in.

  • Javelin Toss / Takedown: Nidalee throws her spear at her target dealing magic damage over time and slowing them. This ability needs to be charged beforehand meaning you will have to wait before releasing it and it takes some time to travel.
  • Primal Surge / Swipe: When in Cougar form Nidalee charges her allies with vigor allowing them to deal extra damage and expedite their healing rate. In Cougar form the same ability deals additional damage in a cone shape area in front of Nidalee.
  • Bushwhack / Pounce: Nidalee places a ward that reveals an enemy once triggered and additionally damages, slows and applies vision-reducing on hit effects when activated by an enemy champion or monster placed by Nidalee herself. This ability has a substantial cooldown but can catch unaware enemies unprepared for a fight deal large amounts of damage especially if combined with other abilities like Swipe or Javelin Toss.
  • Aspect Of The Cougar: Nidalee turns into the cougar spirit temporarily granting access to all the other cougar based spells while disabling Javelin operating ones while transformed.


Nidalee is a versatile, high-mobility champion in League of Legends. She can choose between two different forms—human and cougar—to move around the map and deal damage. In her human form, she is adept at using her abilities to set up traps or heal and buff allies from afar. In her cougar form, she is able to jump in and out of combat to pick off unsuspecting enemies with her claws and teeth. Her versatility makes her a strong pick in almost every situation.

Let’s take a closer look at how to play Nidalee in League of Legends:

Tips and Tricks

Nidalee is a tricky champion to learn due to her wide range of abilities and versatility. Below are some tips and tricks for mastering the champion:

  • Focus on Nidalee’s passive. This will help you stay safe in lane by regening quickly after taking damage from enemy champions.
  • Be sure to use a combination of skills during an engagement. Nidalee has excellent mobility if used correctly, so land your Q or W for optimal effect. Additionally, don’t be afraid to switch forms as it can surprise an enemy team as well as provide much needed repositioning or survivability.
  • Learn when and how to best use Cougar form, due to the bonus true damage you get when attacking with this form it is extremely helpful when attempting kill trades with the enemy bot lane.
  • Always try to stay ahead on resources by clearing camps in your free time instead of just farming minions – this will give you more XP and gold that can be used more efficiently throughout the game compared to smaller farm gains picked up on minions all game.
  • Track your enemies, being aware of their movements across the map can go a long way especially while playing Nidalee because she can easily roam around objectives as well as pressure power spikes such as dragon or Baron Nashor fights where her ultimate provides massive damage buff potentials for her team depending who gets hit first by it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Nidalee is a powerful champion that excels at kiting and dealing damage over time. She can be easily played in different roles and can prove to be very deadly in any situation.


  • Range advantages due to her spears and cougar form, allowing her to target enemies from a safe distance.
  • Great mobility with pounce, allowing her to jump over walls or initiate teamfights from far away.
  • High burst potential with cougar form allowing for long range skill shots or melee damage before the enemy can retaliate.
  • Heals, traps, and damaging tornados give her valuable utility in teamfights or when dueling enemy champions.
  • Can easily clean up fights due to her chase potential using cougar form leaps and movement speed bonus on pounce.


  • Susceptible to crowd control as it hampers mobility greatly and makes Nidalee vulnerable while trying to pounce away/juke enemies.
  • Relatively frail compared to other champions meaning she needs items that give both survivability and damage if looking for an aggressive playstyle.
  • Poor wave clear compared to other ranged characters as only one ability is dedicated for clearing waves (spears).
  • Long cooldowns on certain spells meaning optimal usage requires good timing and prediction of the enemy’s moves.


When it comes to Nidalee LoL, understanding the right type of builds is essential. There are several builds to choose from, and picking the right one can mean the difference between success and failure. Different builds work better depending on the game you’re playing, which is why it’s important to have an understanding of all the various builds you can use.

In this section, we’ll explore all the different Nidalee builds and how you can use them to your advantage:

Standard Build

Standard builds are the original design plans for a product. They include all of the components, functions, and design requirements as defined by the manufacturer. Standard builds make sure that items built to a certain standard can be mass-produced in the same way with minimal effort and cost.

Standard builds often include cosmetic looks, colors, and shapes that can be easily replicated across different models or parts. Standard builds may also specify certain materials or design principles such as energy efficiency or ergonomics that are important in order to fulfill intended purpose and form of the product.

Standard builds provide an efficient way of manufacturing items en masse, but they also prevent customization or personalization of products. Therefore, companies may build in options for customization or variation on a standard build while still keeping costs low by maintaining a core set of features from the standard build.

Support Build

Nidalee is a flexible champion able to play many different roles, though her kit and playstyle make her more adept in certain ones. The support build focuses on the usage of the sustain from Pounce and Primal Surge to stay alive. With a high base damage, low cooldowns on her skills, and compared with a few items, she can prove to be a very valuable team player.

Nidalee should equip her inventory with items that aim for survivability and utility instead of raw power. Locket of the Iron Solari, Relic Shield, Zeke’s Convergence, Knight’s Vow are some of the most common items found in the support build. Such builds will be useful when attempting to control zones or defending objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor.

Through itemization Nidalee has access to multiple forms of crowd control through:

  • Liandry’s Torment unique passive in combination with Spellbinder;
  • Conqueror or Guardian build paths depending on whether bonus resistance is needed;
  • Ohmwrecker for any teamfight attempted around objectives; and
  • Redemption for an interesting source of healing throughout fights especially if no one else has it bought on your team.

Once you’ve achieved momentum with this supportive build you can attempt engage plays at crucial times during teamfights while also looking out for any possible disengage opportunities as they come up through use of Bushwhack or Tiger Stance empowered Leap onto walls or backline opponents. Using Nidalee as a Support requires lots of patience and finesse but can reward players who can make this pick work synergistically within their team composition.


Playing Nidalee in League of Legends requires the right strategy to be successful. Knowing when and where to use her various abilities will help you to execute her kit effectively. To maximize Nidalee’s potential, you must understand how to position yourself and use her various abilities efficiently.

In this section, we will discuss the important strategies to consider while playing Nidalee:

Early Game

As Nidalee, the priority throughout early game is to take control of your lane and maximize your gold income. Nidalee will often times prefer to play in the mid lane rather than any other as her mobility and relatively long range makes her a good option for roaming other lanes. Surprisingly, although she does have more magic damage output, most players would consider her hybrid capabilities make it beneficial for her to opt for an Attack Damage (AD) build. This point means that the majority of early game items should focus on weapon damage so that you can maximize your auto-attacks during the laning phase.

Nidalee has three main abilities available in this period of time which are Javelin Toss, Bushwhack and Primal Surge. All of these skills become reset when they land on enemy champions or terrain objects such as minions or wards so it is important to find suitable targets with which she can harass with relative ease.

As she develops through levels Nidalee will acquire a level 6 ability called Cougar Form – an interesting alternative to her usual kit which will further change up the effectiveness of certain moves and combos. Later on, at level 9 another ability called Swipe becomes available; this ability is not necessarily overpowered but can be quite effective when used in conjunction with either Javelin Toss or Primal Surge against enemies who don’t play carefully enough around her skillshots.

Mid Game

Mid game is arguably the strongest part of Nidalee’s kit. She has the perfect mix of skills to push turrets while destroying everything else. In this phase of the match, her role focuses around roaming different lanes and harassing enemy champions. But don’t forget; proper use of Nidalee’s Javelin Toss and Bushwhack can be just as important as attacks for dominating mid game!

When using Nidalee in mid game, it’s important to place an emphasis on farming objectives such as turrets and dragon. Her abilities are great for pushing structures down quickly with low risk. Additionally, it’s important to watch out for traps and other vision control tools in order to get maximum advantage when playing Nidalee.

Additionally, since her ultimate has a long cooldown, try to make sure you always have it ready before teamfights start or objectives are taken down. Make sure you save your Cougar Form dashes for escapes or strategic purposes, but if necessary she is also an effective duelist when played correctly – keep these things in mind when using her kit!

Late Game

In the late game, having a good strategy is often essential to achieving victory. During this time, players tend to make mistakes due to fatigue or lack of knowledge. It is important to analyze the opponent’s capabilities as well as your own prior to starting any strategy. Knowing what you need to build and how much resources you need so you don’t overspend is a key aspect of playing the late game effectively.

Every game is different, so the best way to find out which strategy works best for you is practice. Start by considering the matchup between both players, determine what kind of unit composition would be best in that situation and pick builds that are suitable for those circumstances. Depending on your race choice and preferred playstyle, there are multiple viable strategies that can be adapted from early-game tactics such as cheese builds or mid-game strategies such as timing pushes or macro games.

When it comes time for your big push against your opponent’s base, be sure to watch out for potential counterattacks and have units ready in case they do decide to attack somewhere else with their remaining forces. Map control also becomes important at this stage in order secure advantageous positions with which you can engage or deny engagements from the enemy team. Ultimately, having an effective end-game plan will increase your chance for success.


In conclusion, Nidalee is an incredibly powerful champion that can be an asset for any team composition. Her versatility, mobility, and damage make her a formidable opponent. If you’re looking for a champion that is capable of carrying a game, Nidalee is definitely worth considering.

With proper positioning and timing, you can take your games to the next level.


Nidalee is a versatile League of Legends champion that can fill multiple roles in team fights. With her high damage output and various abilities, she is a great choice for gamers of all levels. Nidalee’s most well-known ability is her Javelin Toss, which allows her to hit foes from far away. Her other abilities help keep foes in range or provide extra damage and utility when allies are nearby.

In Lane, Nidalee can excel with careful positioning or choose to play aggressively using her attack speed boosts and AoE abilities. In Teamfights, she can pick out targets with long distance poke or push the fight in the right direction with long ranged spears and tactical movement. With some practice and proper item builds, Nidalee can easily become an invaluable member of any team composition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What role does Nidalee play in League of Legends?

A1: Nidalee is a versatile champion that can play many roles. She can be played as a jungler, a top laner, or a mid laner. She is also a great assassin and an effective burst mage.

Q2: What abilities does Nidalee have?

A2: Nidalee has a variety of abilities that make her a powerful champion. Her passive, Prowl, gives her increased movement speed when she is in brush. She also has an AoE cougar form, Javelin Toss, Bushwack, Primal Surge, and Aspect of the Cougar.

Q3: How can I use Nidalee effectively in League of Legends?

A3: To use Nidalee effectively, you should focus on her mobility, burst damage, and utility. Utilize her Prowl passive to sneak around the map and surprise your opponents. Use Javelin Toss to poke at your enemies and set up kills. Lastly, use her other abilities to support your team, such as Primal Surge for healing or Bushwack for vision.