Nunu Willump is a champion from the popular gaming title League of Legends, and he is a popular pick for players due to his versatile utility and ability to roam the map. He has the ability to use his Snowball Barrage to gain advantages over enemy champions, and his Ultimate Ability, Absolute Zero, allows him to stun and slow down his opponents.

Let’s explore more of this champion and what strategies players can use when they play as him.

Introduction to Nunu

Nunu is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends. He is considered to be one of the most iconic champions in the game and has remained relevant since his introduction in 2009. He is a fighter-support hybrid who can help his team make plays with his impressive crowd control and ability to heal and shield allies.

Nunu’s kit revolves around his ability to slow, stun, heal and even provide shields for allies. His ultimate allows him to summon an avalanche that damages enemies while healing teammates, making him an attractive pick in team compositions requiring strong area-of-effect control.

In lane, Nunu excels as a support champion who can protect their ADC while slowly pressuring the enemy laner with abilities like Ice Blast and Consume. Off of lane, Nunu is a powerful roamer due to his monstering capabilities with Consume, sporadic crowd-control granting abilities, and extremely powerful pushing capability when paired with Blood Boil alongside Ice Blast or Consume. In teamfights Nunu’s utility shines above all by being able to provide strong disruption for enemy carries through slowing them or stunning them with Absolute Zero coupled with long-lasting healing effects from Blood Boil and even Death’s Dance if needed. With this kind of kit Nunu has become one of the most reliable champions for providing relief pressure or stalling out games by prolonging fights so that your team has more time to win the game.

History of Nunu

The story of Nunu begins deep in the jungles of Shurima, a country long past its heyday, whose magnificent structures were now all but desolate and fading into ash. It was here that a young boy named Nunu journeyed through the crawling brush, stepping over vines and ducking under ancient tree arches; searching for something that was just beyond his reach.

On this particular day, he had heard stories of an emperor who had been cursed by a powerful spell and had died on the night of a great blizzard. With luck in hand, Nunu set out to discover what this long-lost ruler had left behind.

Little did he know that this expedition would take him much farther than he ever imagined – eventually leading him to find nothing other than valuable insight on how an entire kingdom can be destroyed overnight by a single act of cruelty. Yet as tears rolled down his cheek at the thought of such tragedy, something supernatural happened – not far away in the distant sky, he saw a figure like no other emerge from the clouds – Its eyes lit up with knowledge and its hands were strong like two iron Cyclopes!

The magical being directed Nunu to go check out an old ruin nearby – as if it were calling upon him for assistance… From that moment forward, Nunu’s life changed forever as he quickly gained knowledge about lost civilizations and their powerful magic – eventually enabling him to unlock many secrets from those ancient times!


Nunu Willump is a powerful champion in League of Legends. He has a set of abilities which work together to make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. His primary ability is the Glacial Charge, an area of effect that slows and deals burst damage. He can also cast Absolute Zero to slow and damage his opponents.

Nunu’s passive, Visionary, grants him bonus mana regeneration and attack speed. Let’s take a closer look at these abilities and how they can help Nunu Willump in combat.

Overview of Nunu’s Abilities

Nunu is a champion belonging to the Player vs Player (PvP) online multiplayer game, League of Legends. This champion has a large array of abilities that players can use to give themselves an advantage in battle.

His Passive ability is “Visionary”, granting an additional 10 magic damage to every basic attack or Nunu’s abilities. His first and primary ability is “Ice Blast”, dealing damage and slowing enemies in an area of effect (AOE). Nunu gain access to his second ability at level 1, “Consume”, which deals a set amount of health and scaling magic damage, healing Nunu for half the amount consumed, while also granting bonus movement speed if fully consumed.

At level 4 Nunu will gain access to his third active ability “Biggest Snowball Ever!” which deals high area of effect magic damage at the point target with distance traveled scaling magically with targets hit by the projectile. At level 7 he gains access to his fourth active named skill shot “Absolute Zero” which rapidly deals magical area damage while slowing enemies inside the radius exponentially over two seconds until they are eventually frozen in place unable to take action during two seconds by their own right.

Finally we have Nunu’s ultimate active called “Call of the Freljord” granting bonus attack speed and 50% movement speed aura on allied champions around Nunu for 6 seconds plus increased health recover over 6 seconds after being activated. While it’s activation its health recovery rate exceeded by nearby allies allowing them a chance for a better survivability throughout team fights or battles beforehand.


Nunu’s Consume is a single-target ability that does damage and heals him. Nunu can use it to trade with champions and minions alike, making it excellent for both laning and jungle farming in addition to the other uses the champion has for it. It does AoE damage around Nunu as well, so it can be valuable for clearing minion waves with ease.

The heal increases with levels, so it’s particularly effective once Nunu has some items behind him. This heal makes him one of the more durable champions in League of Legends, and one that’s capable of surviving against most champions while he farms up gold. Additionally, the Consume can be used to break through thinner walls which make it useful for certain objectives on Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline depending on what your team needs.

Blood Boil

Blood Boil is a great ability that gives Nunu and Willump the chance to get out of tough situations, as well as helping their team with helpful utility. By using Blood Boil, Nunu will give targets – including himself – increased movement speed and attack speed. These boosts can be incredibly handy when trying to run away from danger, or when chasing down enemies.

Using Blood Boil on minion waves is also an incredibly useful tactic. Not only does it reduce their health quickly, but it also gives Willump extra experience, allowing him to level up faster than his opponents.

Finally, Blood Boil can be used in teamfights to great effect. As few champions have similar abilities, using Blood Boil allows the team’s damage dealers to:

  • Deal more damage
  • Move around faster – something that can turn fights into your favour quickly.

Ice Blast

Ice Blast is Nunu’s main form of crowd control. It is a long-range skill shot that deals damage and slows affected targets. Drawing from the magical ice powers of his Yeti companion Willump, Nunu launches a huge chunk of ice that deals magical damage and slows all enemies in its path.

Each successful hit with Ice Blast reduces the target’s magic resistance for 5 seconds allowing for easier follow up from Nunu or his allies during a team fight. Ice Blast can also be used to zone out enemies and prevent them from entering team fights long enough for allies to get into position or disengage. Additionally, Ice Blast can be used to stop an enemy’s retreat by slowing them down so friendly champions can catch up.

When combined with Consume, Nunu and Willump quickly become an unstoppable force on the battlefield!

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is an offensive ability that grants Nunu & Willump a powerful crowd control ability. Nunu & Willump stand still for a short duration of one second and initiate a massive wave of coldness, chilling all surrounding enemies in a certain range around them.

Any enemy champions hit by the wave are slowed while minions and monsters are knocked back slightly and their movement speed is reduced. All affected enemies take damage proportional to the amount of time the wave was in effect. Enemies close to the center of the wave take more damage than those at its edges.

Additionally, Nunu & Willump gain additional armor and magic resistance for several seconds if they remain stationary during the ability’s duration.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Nunu Willump is a tanky support champion in League of Legends that can provide a lot of utility and sustain in the bot lane. His kit is quite versatile and he can initiate, provide waveclear, and control areas with his crowd control abilities.

Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of Nunu Willump, so you can decide if he is the right choice for you:

Strengths of Nunu

Nunu is an incredibly powerful, yet understated monster slayer in League of Legends. With a special damage AoE, frozen power, and area control abilities, this champion can be a great asset to any team.

Strengths of Nunu:

  • Damage Output: Nunu excels at dishing out massive damage in small bursts. Its basic attack is significantly stronger than the average champion, and its two primary skills – Consume and Ice Blast – allow it to deal extra damage to creep camps and enemy champions alike.
  • Versatility: Nunu’s ability to switch between being an aggressive attacker or a defensive wall makes this champion especially versatile. In addition, its CC immunity ability allows it to engage in fights without being interrupted or stunned by crowd control effects from the enemy team.
  • Utility: Nunu has an impressive arsenal of supportive abilities that provide additional utility for their team including the Blood Boil passive which increases movement speed for allies and slows enemies; and Absolute Zero which deals massive area damage if used correctly. Moreover, Nunu’s ultimate – Absolute Zero – can be used as an offensive tool or defensive wall against enemies attempting to escape after a fight.

Weaknesses of Nunu

Nunu is considered one of the weakest champions in League of Legends due to his lack of crowd control capabilities, mobility, and damage output.

Nunu has limited crowd control abilities and can only slow an enemy’s movement speed. He also has no Disable or Stun abilties that are commonly essential for an effective crowd control lineup. Furthermore, his mobility is also lacking, with only his [Consume] being able to give him a small dash window to other minions or monsters – it is not enough for escaping dangerous situations on the Rift.

Lastly, Nunu’s damage output is quite low compared to other champions in the game due to his design as a support/utility champion; this often means that most fights will go either in favor of our team or the enemy team depending on which one can burst down their opponents faster from a fight initiation standpoint.


Nunu is a champion most known for his ability to roam and support his team with the help of his ultimate. He can also provide a lot of crowd control and utility through his other abilities.

This section will cover some of the strategies you can use when playing Nunu, both in the early and late game. We’ll also look at a few different item builds, team setups and tactics that can help you win with Nunu.

Early Game Strategies

The early game of a gaming session is important since it sets the stage for the rest of the game. It’s essential to have a good strategy in place to ensure that your team develops an early advantage that can be carried throughout the rest of the game. Some common strategies used in the early game include:

  1. Gaining map or resource control: Controlling resources on the map, such as gold mines and strategic points, can provide a big advantage over your opponent. This means taking ground and keeping it controlled long enough to reap its benefits.
  2. Developing an economy: Allocating resources correctly can give you an edge over your opponent by allowing you to upgrade faster, get better units and give you more options in how you move forward.
  3. Harassment or distraction tactics: The use of smaller groups or lighter units allow for harassment and distraction tactics that can slow down your enemy’s advance or open up opportunities for risky plays.
  4. Scouting: Getting information on your enemy’s movement is crucial to making sound decisions when developing strategies and deploying troops accordingly while they move around the map. Keeping track of enemy scouting efforts prevents them from sneaking up on you with unexpected attacks as well as giving insight into their overall strategy direction so you can counter accordingly.

Mid Game Strategies

During the mid game, Nunu & Willump are extremely valuable against enemy champions. As one of the two most powerful ranged team fighters, it’s important to stay on the side lines and pick off enemies with your ultimate, Ice Blast. You can easily keep enemies at bay by cycling between your basic attacks and Ice Blast.

Furthermore, you can use your move speed-enhancing skill W – Biggest Snowball Ever to engage in team fights or quickly get away from an enemy gank.

It is also very effective to station Nunu & Willump behind his allies while using his ultimate, Ice Blast. Doing this will both protect the duo while simultaneously damaging enemies in the area of effect (AOE). Additionally when engaging in a team fight, try to target their squishy back line champions along with eating them with Consume if they’re out of range.

Utilizing your empowering duo passive is a great way to boost both yourself and an allied champion during fights or sieges. For example; attacking Baron Nashor or an enemy Inhibitor Turret or Tower would be good times for applying this ability due to its AOE damage buff.

Late Game Strategies

In the late game, Nunu & Willump are a great asset to your team if you can make the right plays. Now that you have your full kit completed, it’s time to take advantage of Nunu’s power spikes. As a tanky support fighter, Nunu will still be able to dish out some damage while also providing effective crowd control and incredible amounts of utility.

When playing in the late game as Nunu & Willump, you should look to join in on fights around objectives. When taking part in objective fights remember that your number one priority is always keeping your team alive. If a fight seems too risky for you and your team members, stay out of it and focus on protecting towers or dragon/baron pits.

During large scale fights like these, look for enemies who are exposed and vulnerable in order to quickly pick them off with your Ice Blast/Absolute Zero combo. Before initiating with Absolute Zero, be sure to inform your team so they can properly follow up on the area of effect damage that the ultimate does and get some quick kills!

Lastly use vision control when playing Nunu & Willump late game; having vision permits teammates safer plays at objectives and diminishes enemy surprise attacks. Use both Sightstone upgrades available plus regular wards placed strategically around key locations like baron/dragon pits – this will help create advantageous conditions for allies as well as advantageous trades while avoiding unnecessary risks and losses throughout important points of a match or match-ups!

Tips and Tricks

Nunu & Willump is a powerful League of Legends (LoL) champion that can easily impact the game. With the right strategies, you can make great plays and help your team to victory. However, making the most of this champion takes practice, so let’s dive into some tips and tricks on how to use Nunu & Willump to your advantage:

  • Tip 1
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  • Tip 5

Tips for Playing Nunu

Nunu is an incredibly versatile champion in League of Legends. He can serve as a jungler, support or even off-tank depending on the team comp and personal playstyle preference. To use him effectively, it’s important to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these details can easily make or break a game for a Nunu player. Here are some tips for playing this unique champion:

  1. Make use of his long range auto-attack – Nunu’s ranged attacks combined with the movement speed boost from his Q can help him quickly clear jungle camps and apply pressure both in lanes and during fights due to his massive area of effect damage.
  2. Use your ultimate wisely – Nunu’s ultimate, Absolute Zero, has an incredibly long cooldown and should be used as a finisher rather than initiated when possible. It can also be used to freeze opponents at early stages of a fight before being finally released as a finishing move.
  3. Know how to itemize correctly – Depending on what role you’re playing as Nunu, your itemization may differ significantly from that of your teammates or opposition team comps. When jungling, make sure to select defensive items that grant bonus health regeneration and armor penetration that help increase clear time between camps so you have more time for ganking lanes or engaging team fights for gold advantage when the opportunity arises during mid game onwards. If playing as support or off-tank then go with items like Redemption and Ardent Censer which provide significant crowd control abilities with cool down reduction perks which benefit your allies during hectic team battles towards late game stages.
  4. Utilize movement speed effectively – One of the best parts about playing Nunu is his natural ability to move around quickly given the boots upgrade he always starts with along with his Q ability which gives movement speed boosts on demand (short cooling period). This added mobility allows him to jump around more easily than other champions in rotations between lanes or controlling objectives like Dragon/Baron Nashor by taking separate routes through jungle pathways thus making it harder for opposing teams to react quickly enough before its too late!

Tricks for Playing Nunu

Nunu is a powerful jungler who can apply both crowd control and damage to fights. As a snowball-throwing Yeti, his strength allows him to take objectives quickly and effectively. Nunu’s unique kit is quite diverse, making him a formidable champion in any League of Legends game.

When playing Nunu, there are several tips that can help you maximize your performance. Here are some of the best tricks for playing this powerful champion:

  • Maximize utility – Nunu is a champion that relies heavily on utility to be successful. Make sure you make use of abilities like Ice Blast and Absolute Zero to bring crowd control and damage to fights, enabling your team to win objectives effectively.
  • Utilize the snowball – The snowball thrown by Nunu can provide a lot of utility if used correctly. Throw it at champions or monsters that your team wants to focus down and use it often enough so that it’s ready when you engage on an enemy team in teamfights.
  • Keep track of enemy cooldowns – Not only should you keep track of your own abilities’ cooldown but also those of your opponents’ as well. This will give you an idea as to when their burst potential is lower or when they have their ultimate ready for use in a fight, preparing yourself for such scenarios beforehand with proper team composition or positionings at the right time.
  • Know the ability order – When fighting an enemy, it can be beneficial if you know which ability does more damage or provides more crowd control when needed early on in the fight; prioritize these accordingly with proper timing for maximum effectivness against opponents in duels or during skirmishes/teamfights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Nunu’s role in LoL?

A1: Nunu is a tanky jungler in League of Legends. He excels at clearing camps quickly, setting up ganks, and sticking to enemies with his ultimate, Absolute Zero.

Q2: What are Nunu’s main strengths?

A2: Nunu’s main strengths are his tankiness, his crowd control, and his ability to setup ganks for his team. He also has decent waveclear and can be very disruptive in teamfights.

Q3: What are Nunu’s weaknesses?

A3: Nunu’s main weaknesses are his lack of mobility and his reliance on his ultimate, Absolute Zero. He can also be kited and lacks the damage to be a true threat in teamfights.