Orianna LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Orianna is a powerful champion in the wildly popular MOBA game League of Legends. Brought to the scene in 2011, Orianna brings a unique set of skills to the Rift. Her skill set allows her not only to deal out tons of damage but also to provide support to her allies.

Let’s explore Orianna’s abilities and strengths and determine if she would be a good fit for your team:

Overview of Orianna

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Strengths and Weaknesses

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Orianna is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. Her unique set of abilities provide a great mix of damage, crowd control, and mobility. Her passive allows her to rush in and out of fights, while her powerful ultimate can turn the tides of a teamfight.

Let’s get into the details of her abilities and see how they affect her playstyle:

Passive – Clockwork Windup

Clockwork Windup is a passive ability found in many heroes of the game. This ability grants a portion of bonus attack speed after a hero’s abilities have been used. This can be very useful in helping your hero to deal more damage quickly, as well as allowing their abilities to recharge more quickly to allow them to use their abilities again.

Clockwork Windup increases its bonus attack speed the more attacks or abilities that are used. It also scales up with level, giving additional attack speed at higher levels. This effect can be maximized by obtaining items that increase the user’s attack speed, such as a Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer. With these items and this ability, you will be able to take down enemies with lightning fast attacks that greatly increase your DPS and maximize your impact on fights.

Q – Command: Attack

Q-Command: Attack is an attack ability used in battle to target one or more enemies. It requires the player to press a button sequence during the action phase of battle. Once the correct sequence has been input, the targeted enemy(ies) will take damage proportional to the character’s strength value in battle. The single-target version does more damage than the multi-target version, and some characters may have variants of this command for their attacks (for example, a magic user might have different spells that count as separate attacks).

W – Command: Dissonance

The W – Command: Dissonance ability is a strategic tool used in tactical combat. It is classified as an “active” ability and concerns itself with manipulating enemy formations and abilities through soundwaves. When activated, this ability creates a powerful sonic shockwave that interrupts the networks of enemy robots, disabling their abilities for a period of time. Depending on the strength of the enemy, this could range from briefly to permanently.

This ability can be used in either offensive or defensive situations to give players an edge in battle. For example, using this ability can prevent enemies from using their own abilities for a few turns, giving players an advantage to attack or protect themselves against incoming attacks. Additionally, it can be used tactically by exploiting weaknesses in formations; forcing enemies into unfavorable positions while preventing them from attacking or defending themselves properly.

E – Command: Protect

The e-command “Protect” is highly sought after in the world of trading cards, as it has an incredible ability to defend from powerful attacks. It gives the user a shield that prevents any damage from being inflicted, unless the card specifically states otherwise. With this command in hand, no matter what kind of destructive power your opponent throws out at you, you can remain unscathed.

The “Protect” command also allows you to keep your resources safe from harm – even if they are under attack by powerful monsters and spells. This makes it an invaluable ability in strategic card battles where you have to decide when to use your resources or protect them at all cost, depending on the situation.

Players who have mastered “Protect” are able to stay ahead of their opponents thanks to its defensive nature and prevent themselves from any unwanted damage and resource loss.

R – Command: Shockwave

R-Command: Shockwave is a powerful ability used by heroes and villains across the Marvel Universe. Though different characters may have varying levels of control over this power, the core function of the technique is always the same: Shockwave creates powerful, concussive blasts of energy that erupt from its user’s hands and travel in a straight line. These energy blasts can be incredibly destructive as they rip through objects and people alike, leaving nothing but rubble in their wake.

Though it may appear simple on the surface, controlling Shockwave requires exceptional skill and concentration. Its force comes from the manipulation of kinetic energy – meaning its user must determine how much force should be put into each shockwave in order to give it just enough oomph to inflict damage without overwhelming and destroying everything else in its path. Properly harnessing this devastating power requires a calm mind, focus, and finesse that not everyone possesses.

Shockwave is one of many abilities within R-Command, an advanced combat system developed by Ultron that combines electricity with psychokinesis to create powerful offensive techniques such as concussive stun blasts (shockwaves). Used by both heroes and villains alike, R-Command has proven itself time and time again in battles throughout the Marvel Universe; however usage of this combat system requires caution since improperly wielding it can prove detrimental for both the assailant and their foes.

Tips and Tricks

Anyone looking to master the champion Orianna in League of Legends should be familiar with some tips and tricks designed for this character. While most champions in the game have some basic skills that apply to any situation, Orianna is unique in that some creative thinking can give the player an edge in battle. By utilizing specific tips and tricks, you can get the most out of playing Orianna in League of Legends.


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Timing is incredibly important when playing as Orianna. Her spells have a variety of uses such as setting up kills, protecting allies, zoning enemies and dealing damage. Learning the best time to use her abilities can be the difference between success and failure in a team fight.

Her passive ability, Clockwork Windup, gives bonus magic damage on every fourth attack until timed correctly for maximum damage. The additional attack speed at higher levels allows Orianna to dish out significant damage with this passive ability.

Her Q ability, Command: Attack, is the most powerful tool in her arsenal when it comes to dealing damage. When combined with items like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Liandry’s Torment it can burst down single targets or groups of enemies quickly and efficiently if used correctly.

Her W ability, Command: Dissonance creates an AoE field that slows nearby enemies or speeds up allies meaning it can also be used both offensively or defensively as well as providing crowd control and zone control. The timing of the spell can be key – especially when combined with other skills like Orianna’s ult or allied spells like Zilean’s time bomb or Janna’s ult which all have synergy when used at the right time.

Her E ability, Command: Protect links two targets together for a few seconds giving increased movement speed when near each other as well as providing extra shield protection for both targets making it ideal for saving an ally from impending danger or using it offensively to help secure kills on enemies being chased by allies with higher attack speed since both will benefit from the extra move speed granted by command protect.

Finally her ultimate is Command: Shockwave which sends out a shockwave dealing magic damage to all affected according to how close they are their location relative to that of Command Protect’s ball position making timing very important for maximum impact not only on enemy champions but also structures such creep waves in lane allowing you great waveclear or siege on towers if used correctly thereby ensuring success against experienced opponents.

Using Abilities

One of the most interesting aspects of some video games is their ability system, which allows players to customize their in-game characters. While some gamers only use them for convenience, these abilities can provide extra strategic options during battle. Knowing how to properly use the abilities can give you an edge over your opponents.

  • First and foremost, it’s important to understand your enemy’s attack patterns and weaknesses. By using the appropriate attacks, you can counter the enemy’s strategy and exploit its weaknesses. Even if a particular attack isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be, it could still expose an unpredicted vulnerability that could prove handy later on.
  • Second, choose abilities that deal with multiple enemies or cover a wide area if possible. This will allow you to end fights quickly and efficiently by eliminating multiple enemies in a single move. If timed correctly, this can save time and energy while providing the benefit of preventing teammates from getting hurt or killed in battle.
  • Thirdly, leverage your special abilities if they provide an advantage over other characters’ skillsets. Many special abilities have effects that apply specifically to certain types of characters or enemies, so think about which ones might be Super Effective against certain foes – just like in Pokemon! Utilizing such moves will also help conserve team energy for tough battles further on.
  • Finally, remember that not all battles are foolproof when using special abilities – timing is key! Being too aggressive may be dangerous if stalling time would otherwise have worked better; conversely being too passive will likely result in wasted turns when every second counts! Finding the balance and deciding when is best to make use of special abilities requires quick decisions and strategic thinking so practice makes perfect!


Knowing who counters Orianna can be one of the most important strategies when playing League of Legends. When playing the Orianna, you should be aware of who can easily counter her and what strategies they will likely use.

In this section, we will discuss in detail which champions are the best counters for Orianna, as well as their unique playstyle and strategies:


Champions are the most unique and powerful characters in the game. A player’s Champions level plays a major role in determining their overall power level. Champions can be leveled up by spending Shards – a special currency acquired from winning matches – and other in-game rewards. Gaining levels for your champions opens up powerful skills, bonuses, and synergies.

Each Champion has an individualized set of characteristics which influence how they interact with spells, items, and enemies. Some Champions focus on dealing physical damage while others specialize in magical damage or even provide support to the team with defensive buffs or helpful spells. Additionally, some Champions can summon minions to aid them on their way to victory.

Players must choose their Champion carefully; each one excels at certain roles while lacking in others, so it is important to thoroughly investigate each one before making a selection during battle preparation. Your choice of Champion will determine your overall strategy for the match, so it’s essential that you not only understand your own champion but also how they interact with potential opponents!


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Overall, Orianna is a unique and powerful League of Legends champion. Her laning spotlighted by her high damage output and support capabilities offer a lot of benefits to any team. She can also be played in almost every role due to her adaptability and quick learning curve, making her a top choice for both casual and competitive play. Although she may struggle against champions with hard CC, her ultimate and sustained damage, coupled with plenty of protective spells, make up for this shortcoming.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Clockwork Lady today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of champion is Orianna?

A1. Orianna is an AP carry champion in League of Legends.

Q2. What are Orianna’s abilities?

A2. Orianna’s abilities are Command: Attack, Command: Dissonance, Command: Protect, Command: Shockwave and Clockwork Windup.

Q3. What are Orianna’s strengths?

A3. Orianna’s strengths are her long range abilities, high burst damage, great wave clear and utility.