Ornn LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Ornn is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and he has been an incredibly strong option in the current meta. He’s a tanky fighter with a mix of damage and utility, and he can easily fit into many different team compositions.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Ornn, his abilities, and the best ways to play him:

Overview of Ornn

Ornn is a unique champion in League of Legends. First released in 2017, Ornn has quickly become a fan-favorite amongst players due to his unique abilities and playstyle. An immovable tank, Ornn is capable of summoning powerful minions into the battlefield to assist him in combat. Even more impressive is his ability to manipulate items on the fly, allowing him to create powerful items quickly that can be used to enhance his team’s performance throughout a match.

For those who are new to playing as Ornn, however, it can be a bit confusing as there are many elements you must consider when utilizing this intriguing champion. The following guide will provide an overview of Ornn’s skills and abilities, helping you understand how best to utilize this champion within your team in ways that will maximize your success in any match you encounter:

Ornn’s Role in the Game

Ornn is a League of Legends champion released in 2017 as part of the ‘Themed Champions Update’. This champion is a tank mage, and is the first of its kind to be added to the game. Its role in the game focuses on disrupting enemies, providing crowd control and peeling for his team.

Ornn excels in both team fighting and zone control due to his primary damage being point-and-click AOE spells and his strong tank capabilities. His W, Volcanic Rupture allows him to control an area by pushing enemies off or splitting them up with knockbacks; while his E Breath of Flame provides a powerful zoning tool that damages all enemies within an area over several seconds. His ultimate ability, Call of the Forge God gives him the potential to set up powerful engages or disengages by instantly propelling him forward while stunning enemy champions in path or surrounding Ornn himself upon reaching a designated position with shockwaves.

In order for Ornn to be effective, he benefits from building tanks item build paths that still allow him to throw out damage through increasingly tanky bodies such as Trinity Force and Knight’s Vow. Since he does have some great remaining abilities even at low health pools due too scaling with max health, it sets him apart from other caster tanks as he has more utility later into games compared to heavily reliance on early game item components as well as raw stats like armor or magic resistance found commonly on other tank champions. He also has great synergy when paired with other late game frontliners due Orrn being able to soften up enemies through zoning tools leaving easy targets for heavy engage champions such as Malphite or Vi.


Ornn is a powerful champion whose abilities can be game-changing. His passive Living Forge is a unique quality that allows him to create and upgrade items on the fly. His Q ability Bellows Breath is a great tool to push enemies away and disrupt a fight. His W Call of the Forge God adds to his tankiness, while his E Searing Charge gives him great mobility. His ultimate, Molten Bite, is a powerful damage dealing tool. Let’s dive a bit deeper into these abilities.

Volcanic Rupture

Volcanic Rupture is an area-of-effect ability that is unique to Ornn. It deals magical damage and slows all enemies within its expanding area. This ability initiates a short pause duration, only allowing Ornn to move after the eruption slows all targets. With a cast range of 1,500 units and a cost of 60/65/70/75/80 mana, it is easy for Ornn or his allies to set up for this powerful ability.

The initial area size is quite small and increases in size with each eruption. Each eruption gains 1 additional radius from the previous cast up to a maximum of 4 erupt expansion levels at level 5/6 Volcanic Rupture as stated in the tooltip: “Ornn can cast up to 4 eruptions if given time.” The maximum eruption size at level 5 Volcanic Rupture extends 807 units around Ornn’s brand from where he cast it, which makes this incredibly AoE magic damage both difficult but rewarding when used correctly.

Bellows Breath

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Searing Charge

Ornn’s Searing Charge is a powerful straight-line dash that deals physical damage to enemies and knocks them back in the same direction. Unlike most dashes, this ability can go through walls and terrain, allowing Ornn to cross otherwise inaccessible areas much more easily. The total distance of the dash depends on how far Ornn charges the skill before using it, with the maximum range increasing if he holds the charge for longer. Additionally, the ability deals more damage and has a longer range for each enemy unit hit after the first.

It boasts considerable crowd control; its wide knockback makes it particularly effective against grouped enemies such as jungle monsters or minion waves. When combined with his other abilities such as Call of Forgefire or Bellows’ Breath, Searing Charge allows Ornn to deliver more damage from safely outside of an enemy team’s attack range.

Call of the Forge God

One of Ornn’s most unique abilities is his ultimate, “Call of the Forge God.” This ability allows him to summon a powerful golem at a target location that deals damage and stuns any enemies it hits. The golem also provides Ornn with additional stats like attack speed and movement speed depending on the type of upgrade he has chosen for it.

Ornn can upgrade any non-starter item he buys from the shop which upgrades the item significantly in terms of stats (for example boots +25 bonus armor). Ornn’s allies can also benefit from this passive as they can purchase upgraded items from him as well.

Ornn also has the ability to create walls out of thin air, granting him both defensive protection and offensive pressure when pushing or defending objectives. His Passive grants him bonus armor whenever he strikes his opponents with basic attacks or abilities making him an exceptionally tanky champion capable of taking immense amounts of punishment. Lastly, Ornn has two powerful crowd control abilities: one knocks back enemies, while another briefly stuns them in place before dealing damage.


Ornn is a powerful champion that excels in a variety of situations. He has great tanking and crowd control abilities, as well as strong area of effect damage. His mobility is also invaluable, allowing him to quickly get in and out of sticky situations. He can also build items on the fly which opens up even more strategic possibilities.

Let’s dive into Ornn’s strengths in more detail:

High Mobility

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High Damage Output

Ornn is a top lane champion in League of Legends known for his high damage output. With strong early laning and trading potential, Ornn has the ability to snowball and carry games with his powerful kit. His natural tankiness allows him to take extended trades with enemy laners, while his ultimate, Call of the Forge God, compliments his already powerful crowd control.

By building some items on himself, Ornn can also provide additional power to nearby allied champions as well as providing additional shielding that turns him into an impressive front line. All in all, Ornn is a great choice if you’re looking to deal lots of damage or have a durable frontline in teamfights.

Excellent Crowd Control

Ornn is a champion with excellent crowd control capabilities. He has the capability to manipulate the fights in his favor using a wide range of crowd control spells. His passive Living Forge makes it difficult for enemies to escape his knock-ups, roots and stuns.

His Q – Volcanic Ruins – grants him long-range crowd controlling capabilities by allowing him to throw multiple fire charges from a distant location. His W – Bellows Breath – boosts movement speed and also provided additional magic damage by wrapping around enemies that are located near Ornn himself. Moreover, his ultimate Searing Charge provides instant stun at an opponent while they are trying to position themselves away from Ornn. This makes it difficult for them to move out of position since most of Ornn’s abilities provide multi-targeted CC in some way or the other.

All these abilities make Ornn an excellent champion when it comes to teamfights as he can control the fight by locking down lots of targets at once, granting him more time for his allies to attack or get out alive if needed.


With any champion in League of Legends it is important to be aware of the weaknesses that each champion may have in order to be successful. Knowing the weaknesses of Ornn is no different. In this section we will look into the weaknesses that this champion comes with and how to overcome them.

Lack of Range

Ornn is certainly powerful in close range, but his overall lack of range can exhaust him quickly as a champion who often enters champions’ faces. To make matters worse, Ornn does not have any teleportation spells or anything similar to allow for some mobility and additional escape routes. This means that if he gets caught out by a longer-range enemy, it will be hard for him to recover and get back into the fight.

Moreover, while his spells are powerful at close range, they can easily be evaded or avoided if opponents know what they are doing. Lastly, due to Ornn’s close-ranged playstyle, enemies tend to gapclose on him easily and he may struggle in team fights where opponents utilize crowd control abilities more effectively.

Low Sustain

Ornn is a melee-based champion who is prone to low sustain in the early stages of the game. Many of his abilities are built with a high health cost, meaning it’s important for you to carefully maneuver around the laning phase and play defensively. His health costs will become easier to manage as he gains items and levels, but until that point he’ll have due difficulty staying alive in fights.

Additionally, Ornn doesn’t have any forms of escape or mobility, so it can be difficult for him to outplay enemy champions or handle split pushing scenarios. Overall, Ornn’s weak sustain makes him an awkward pick for solo lanes as champions like Aatrox and Darius can easily take advantage of his deficits in the laning phase.

Weak Early Game

Ornn is a powerful tank champion in League of Legends, with great scaling across the game. However, he has a fairly weak early game stage due to his lack of mobility and fragility. Ornn is susceptible to being poked down at the start of the game, and can find it difficult to properly engage with enemies due to his rather slow movement speed. As such, Ornn players should play cautiously in the early stages of a match and avoid taking too many unnecessary risks while they are level 6 and below.

Another potential weakness of Ornn in the early game stage is that he is reliant on his team providing him with farm in order for him to build items efficiently. As such, it can be beneficial for his teammates to help him out by ensuring he receives some gold income from minion kills or assists. This will help him move into our mid-game stage comfortably as well as grant him enough gold to purchase important items later on in the course of a given match.

Tips and Tricks

Ornn is an incredibly powerful and versatile champion in League of Legends, and can fit a variety of roles. Knowing how to play him correctly will greatly affect the outcome of a match.

Here, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to properly utilize Ornn’s skills in order to win your games:

Use Volcanic Rupture to Poke Enemies

Ornn is a multi-utility champion, and one of his most valuable combos is to use his W – Volcanic Rupture to poke enemies. This move has a wide area coverage, so it’s easy to make contact with an opponent. When you execute this move properly, it will cause moderate damage and slow the enemy down.

When facing a group of enemies at close range, you can use the Volcanic Rupture for even more devastating effects by damaging all targets in the area. It may also be used as an escaping ability when you’re cornered or stuck in a fight. If you connect with only one enemy, using your W will slow them down and allow you to reposition yourself behind your allies for extra protection.

It’s important to keep in mind that Volcanic Rupture takes time before detonation. You should consider the position of your enemies at all times so that the move can take effect without them being able to react too much or escape easily. On top of that, it has moderate mana cost so try not to spam it frequently; instead, use it only when necessary or when connecting it with other related abilities like Call of the Forge God (Q) or Living Forge (E).

Use Bellows Breath to Slow Enemies

Bellows Breath is one of Ornn’s unique abilities that many players can overlook. This ability has a long cooldown, however, its damage and crowd control capabilities are extremely potent when used correctly.

By using Bellows Breath, Ornn will unleash a powerful blast at an enemy target. The blast knocks up any enemies within the area of effect and also applies a slow effect to them as well. This gives your team the opportunity to easily catch up to or disengage from your opponents.

The slow effect on Bellows Breath scales with both rank and item progression, making it even more effective as Ornn gets stronger throughout the game. It is recommended to aim for critical enemies such as enemy carries or other vulnerable targets in order to maximize its potential. Furthermore, the cooldown on this ability can be reduced with gold spent on Magic Resist items so keep that in mind for your builds going forward!

Use Searing Charge to Engage/Disengage

Ornn’s ultimate ability, Searing Charge, can be used both offensively and defensively. When using it offensively, try to combo with your spells for maximum impact. When using it defensively, try to use the charge to your advantage by flying away from a fight or stun locking the enemy. It is also a great tool for escaping dangerous situations as it gives you an extra boost in speed. Additionally, the charge goes through walls and can be used as a way to reposition within fights and surprise enemies who may be hiding behind walls or obstacles.

Finally, the charge can be used as an effective initiation tool; charging into battle will give your team an immediate edge and create an opportunity for your team to gain an advantageous position in fights. Use Ornn’s Searing Charge wisely as it provides plenty of opportunities for you to gain a strategic edge.

Use Call of the Forge God to Secure Kills

Call of the Forge God is one of the most important abilities in Ornn’s kit. By using this ability, Ornn will slam the ground with a hammer and create a ring that damages and slows enemies. This ability can be incredibly powerful in team fights and can easily secure kills for you and your team.

One of the key tips for using Call of the Forge God is to make sure you aim your ultimate carefully. The size of the circle at which enemies are affected by Ornn’s ultimate increases with distance from him, so make sure you position yourself well before casting it to ensure maximum effectiveness. If you miss-aim your ultimate, you may end up losing potential kills for yourself or your team so it’s important to practice this skill regularly.

Another tip when using Call of the Forge God is to try and cast it near walls or other forms of terrain that can limit enemy movement. This will increase your chance of obtaining a successful hit because enemies won’t be able to dodge or escape as easily as they would if they were out in an open field. Try using walls or other forms of terrain wherever possible when casting Ornn’s Ultimate so that you can maximize its effectiveness in securing kills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ornn’s role in League of Legends?

A: Ornn is a tanky melee champion in League of Legends. He specializes in controlling the battlefield by taking damage for his allies and dealing crowd control effects to his enemies.

Q: What abilities does Ornn have?

A: Ornn has four abilities. His passive, Living Forge, allows him to craft items from the shop anywhere on the map. His Q, Volcanic Rupture, deals AoE damage and slows enemies. His W, Bellows Breath, deals damage and knocks back enemies. His E, Searing Charge, dashes and knocks up enemies. His ultimate ability, Call of the Forge God, summons a large ram that knocks up and damages enemies.

Q: What items should I build on Ornn?

A: Generally speaking, Ornn should build items that increase his survivability while also providing him with damage and crowd control. Items such as Thornmail, Randuin’s Omen, Sunfire Cape, and Dead Man’s Plate are all good choices. Depending on the enemy team composition, it may also be beneficial to build items such as Abyssal Mask, Spirit Visage, and Guardian Angel.