Runeterra is home of valiant champions but very few are as determined and determined as Poppy. Poppy carries a hammer twice as big as her top. She spent a lot of time trying to find the Hero of Demacia, a legendary warrior believed to be the legit bearer of her weapon.

This legend states that this hero can unlock the power of the hammer to lead Demacia into victory. Poppy tried to find this amazing fighter in every corner of the Kingdom, but it was not found. Every time Poppy tried to give the hammer to another hero, the results were always disastrous and led to the warrior’s death. While most would have quit the duty back then, not all people should have the determination and strength of this legendary heroine.

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Who’s Poppy?

Poppy was once thought to be a totally new yordle. She had been searching for a function as far as she could remember. The chaotic whimsy of many yordles made her feel completely different. She decided to seek stability and construction where she could find it. She was astonished to see caravans traversing the countryside in countless files because of this urge. Although some people seemed tired and tattered, others were still seeking a temporary higher life.

However, an entirely new type of caravan was eventually passed. They seemed to be moving with purpose, not like other vacationers. The sound of a watchman’s alarm woke them up each morning. They ate together their meals on a daily basis at the same time, and it took them only a few minutes to finish. They were very efficient in setting up and taking down their camp.

Yordles are known for using their natural magic to solve unusual problems. Similar bewildering feats were achieved by these individuals through their coordination skills and self-discipline. They moved in perfect synchronization, shifting as if they were cogs on a wheel, and became something bigger than any one person could ever be. Poppy found this more remarkable than any magic.

Poppy was hiding in the shadows, but she watched the camp. The armor that rose from the tent was what caught her attention. The commanding officer was carrying a brigandine with shining metal plates. They were overlapping and each one was an integral component of the complete. He was identified as Orlon, and his presence had an impact on every member of the troupe.

Poppy approached Poppy for a more detailed look. It was as if destiny had led her to the handsome commander. Poppy watched Orlon lead his troopers through coaching routines. Orlon was not a big man but he had a tremendous swing with his huge hammer. Poppy listened intently to the conversation between Orlon and the elders. She heard them talk about their plans to pull up stakes and travel west to build an everlasting village.

She felt the mention to Orlon and her thoughts were crammed full of questions about the place he was visiting, where he came from, how did they create this group of meticulous vacationers and if there was a place for yordle, at that moment she decided to reveal herself to a human. She had as many questions for Orlon as she did for him. However, they became inseparable over time. He became her mentor and she, or he, became a devotee of his trigger. She was an excellent sparring partner and was not afraid to strike him on the coaching grounds. She wasn’t slavish, but she was not a slave. She asked him questions about his choices as if she were a little child. She didn’t realize she needed to obey orders. They arrived at the new settlement website, which will be known as Demacia. Everyone was welcome on this nation, regardless of station or background, as long as they contribute to the greater good of the group.

Orlon made the beloved one his all throughout the Kingdom. He always carried with him his hammer, which became a revered symbol for the fledgling country. It was believed to be capable of destroying mountains and tearing the earth apart.

On his deathbed Orlon gave the hammer and his hopes of supporting the Kingdom to Poppy. He advised Poppy that the weapon wasn’t meant for him. He said that the hammer was intended to go to the Hero Demica, the one who would keep the nation whole. Poppy gave him his last breath. He promised that he would find the hero, and take the weapon to his hand. Poppy did not realize that Poppy might be the Orlon-described hero.

Poppy’s Skills and Expertise


Iron Ambassador. Poppy’s buckler bounces off the goal when she throws it. It increases her bonus range and provides bonus magic injury. She will make a quick defense and decide. Poppy who kills her goal together with her buckler will instantly be shielded.


Hammer Shock. Poppy’s Hammer Shock.


Steadfast Presence. Poppy positive attributes Magic Resist and Armor. When Poppy is low in well-being, this bonus magic will increase. Steadfast Presence will activate to create motion velocity around Poppy and an aura to prevent her enemy coming back. The enemy will be grounded if he or she stops a splash.


Heroic cost. Poppy sprints to the target location and inflicts bodily injury on the enemy by pushing it back. The enemy will be stunned if you push them right into a wall.


Keeper’s Verdict. Poppy shows a hammer striking that can knock out enemies far away. The shockwave travels in the direction of the enemy, until it collides. Inflicted enemies by the shockwave of the hammer are subject to severe injury and are knocked back a considerable distance in the direction of their fountain.


The Iron Ambassador tells you to enjoy as Poppy; make sure to take advantage of this with Heroic cost in order to inflict injury on the enemy. To hold your enemy straight up, you can also receive the Keeper’s Verdict immediately. This is a great opportunity to enjoy duels.

Ideas and Methods

  • Poppy works best on tanks that are likely to take some punishment. However Poppy can be helpful for inflicting early injury on more fragile champions on the opposing staff.
  • Poppy’s Harpoon capability and excessive motion velocity allow Poppy to arrange kills and other damage-oriented actions for her allies. Poppy is also a great initiator with Poppys Heroic Cost.
  • Poppy’s Heroic Cost is a way for Poppy to destroy entire squads and hammer them with her hammer sooner than they have time to react. Poppys Poppy Ultimates bounce is paired with Poppys Heroesic Cost to make Poppy a formidable ganker/staff fighter.
  • Poppy is a unique Champion as she isn’t focused on one aspect to win the battle.
  • Poppy’s Paragon in Demacia, Poppy helps Poppy survive battle and allows Popy to help her allies too!