Pyke LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Pyke is a versatile, aggressive assassin League of Legends champion that can deal massive AoE damage and excel in both 1v1 dueling and teamfights. Pyke has the potential to both surprise and harass his opponents, using his crowd control and mobility to his advantage.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Pyke, his skills, and how to build and play him both effectively and competitively.

Overview of Pyke

Pyke is an assassin champion capable of dealing extremely high area of effect damage from unexpected angles. He is similar to a mix between Fizz and Kha’Zix when it comes to playstyle, but with a much more aggressive approach.

The mysterious creature is one part pirate, one part ghost, and all parts assassin; his skills revolve around setting up tough situations for his enemies that lead to easy picks and swift executions. With Pyke on the Rift, you will have to stay vigilant; he can come out of nowhere and execute incredibly fast with huge bursts of damage in just a few seconds.

Pyke specializes in dealing skirmish duels and multiple-target assassinations which makes him an ideal pick when your team has strong crowd control abilities. His ultimate ability creates a zone that marks enemies afflicted by any form of CC (stuns, slows) for easy cleanup – devastating for teamfights. Pyke also comes with some great mobility abilities – allowing him to quickly maneuver around the map and roam from lane-to-lane easily looking for kills or objectives.

Pyke’s Abilities

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Rowdy, is a unique champion from League of Legends (LoL). He is a support-oriented assassin that combines potent abilities with mobility. All of Pyke’s abilities cater to his singular goal: to corral enemies and kill them in a single deadly burst of damage.

Passive: Gift of the Drowned Ones
Pyke’s passive gives him bonus health after taking down an enemy champion or objective. Additionally, whenever Pyke grants an ally health regeneration or shielding, the shield value is increased by 20% and the amount healed is doubled.

Q: Bone Skewer
Pyke throws out a harpoon-style projectile which impales any enemy units caught in its path. Those damaged by it have their movement speed slowed for a brief moment as well as being damaged over time.

W: Ghostwater Dive
Pyke dashes forward while entering camouflage. This ability makes it difficult to see him while underwater and provides stealth until he leaves the water again or activates one of his other abilities. It can also be used to jump across walls and large bodies of water for surprise attacks or crafty escapes.

E: Phantom Undertow
Pyke hooks onto an enemy champion within range and pulls them back towards him slightly beyond where he initially casted this ability from. This nullifies any dashes that enemy might have used during this window of time sending them hurtling backwards instead, potentially setting up kills for either himself or his allies nearby if followed up with appropriate damage spells.

R: Death from Below
Pyke quickly teleports behind targeted enemies before picking them off using a devastating combo attack in close-quarters combat while also stunning any enemies that attempt to intervene in the process with their own CC effects. After his combo is complete Pyke returns back to safety where he has come from before disappearing under the surface again ready for another bloodied encounter shortly afterwords.


Pyke is a champion in the game League of Legends, and he has a unique set of skills and abilities that make him a powerful champion. His strengths lie in his ability to burst damage and quickly assassinate enemies, as well as his high mobility and survivability. With his dark and mysterious kit, he can outplay his opponents and surprise them in unexpected ways.

Let’s look in detail at the strengths of Pyke:

Pyke’s Damage Output

Pyke is an assassin champion that excels in short engagements and bursts of high damage. Pyke is particularly adept at outplaying enemies due to his various damage-enhancing and crowd control abilities.

Pyke’s passive, Gift of the Drowned Ones, provides bonus physical damage for basic attacks and heals Pyke for 10/15/20% of the damage dealt. This extra burst of healing can be incredibly effective in outplaying enemies who cannot match Pyke’s base damages output.

Pyke’s Q, Bone Skewer, grants him bonus attack speed as well as deal a burst of magic damage when the ability is toggled off. This helps ensure minimum possible downtime between Pyke’s basic attacks while providing a strong burst of damage.

Pyke’s W, Ghostwater Dive, allows him to dash through terrain while stunning nearby enemies and gaining health regeneration benefits while he’s with water affinity. This allows Pyke to set plays around objectives or gank channels with some surprise mobility.

Pyke’s E, Death From Below, renders him untargetable if he stuns at least one enemy inside his dedicated area of effect which not only makes it hard for enemies to counterplay his engage but also provides extra survivability if the situation turns sour for him mid-action.

Finally, Pyke’s ultimate ability, Phantom Undertow, allows him to pull targeted foes towards him from the given range before executing them based on how much health they missing from their last encounter further enchants his bursty nature in shorter teamfights or two-man skirmishes!

Pyke’s Crowd Control

Pyke has a variety of crowd control abilities that make him well suited for teamfights. His Q, Bone Skewer, can be used to initiate a fight or knock an enemy back in the heat of battle. His W, Ghostwater Dive, is especially useful for ganking the enemy and allowing Pyke to land devastating surprise attacks.

Additionally, Pyke’s E, Phantom Undertow, and R abilities provide plenty of crowd control potential – either immobilizing or stunning enemies to prevent them from easily fleeing from a fight. These combined tools make Pyke an ideal choice for creative team compositions that heavily rely on crowd control.

Pyke’s Mobility

Pyke is a champion that excels in mobility. He has some of the highest mobility in the game, allowing him to move quickly around the map and stick to his target. Pyke’s kit allows him to dash through walls with Bone Skewer and also provides a speed boost from Ghostwater Dive.

With Phantom Undertow, he can dash across large distances, making it easier for him to catch opponents off guard. He also has two other dashes- Vault and Death from Below– which allow him to reposition and make quick escapes from enemies.

Overall, Pyke’s mobility makes him an exceptionally slippery and elusive assassin who can quickly reposition around fights with ease.


Just like any champion, Pyke has his weaknesses. He is relatively weak in early game and does not have much crowd control abilities. He also has no escapes if he gets caught, so he is susceptible to being ganked by the enemy team. Pyke is also reliant on his teammates for success, and is prone to being countered by champions with crowd control abilities.

Let’s delve a little deeper into Pyke’s weaknesses:

Pyke’s Vulnerability

Pyke is a very powerful and mobile champion, however, he is also quite vulnerable in certain situations. In order for Pyke to be successful, you must ensure that he has sufficient protection and support from his team.

The main weaknesses of Pyke involve his lack of defensive abilities and crowd control. With no natural armor penetration in his kit, he relies heavily on his allies or items to do damage. He also lacks the innate crowd control that other champions have, meaning that he relies on skills such as Flay or allies to slow or stun enemies. This can leave him vulnerable if needed CC isn’t available when engaging with enemies.

Due to their physical nature, Assassins are typically vulnerable to crowd control effects like stuns and slows as they have no natural way of escaping such effects quickly. This means they are more likely to be targets of any form of hard cc when engaging with a team fight and can cause Pyke to be significantly weaker than other champions if caught in the wrong situation without CC backup from allies.

Finally, Pyke’s skillshot nature can cause him to risk over-extending due the positioning needed in order for most of his abilities to land successfully. If not careful this can end up causing him more harm than good by placing himself directly into harms way without proper ammounts of support from teammates or wards placed down for vision before engaging a fight.

Pyke’s Limited Range

Pyke’s kit is powerful, but he is limited in one extremely important way – range. His basic abilities have relatively short ranges, meaning he has to get in very close to be effective. This also limits his ability to roam and apply early pressure on multiple lanes in the game.

Even Pyke’s ultimate, Death from Below, requires him to get up close and personal with enemies. This ultimate does a massive amount of damage if it lands correctly and catches enemies by surprise, but Pyke will often have to sacrifice himself for it as an exchange for kills. Furthermore, Flash isn’t always enough to save Pyke from tricky situations due to his limited range.

In addition to this mobility aspect, Pyke’s range also makes it difficult for him to hit champions that are at the very edge of a fight or tucked away safely behind minions or tanks. Because of this limitation, engaging on higher-ranged champions can be especially challenging for Pyke players.

Pyke’s Low Durability

Pyke, the champion released for League of Legends Season 8, has a low durability compared to other champions. A defining theme of Pyke’s gameplay is his high burst damage output and lethal combos but, unfortunately, he also suffers from a less than stellar kit when it comes to his self-sustain.

With an armor stat of 21 at level 1 and an health point regeneration per level of 0.55 per second, Pyke’s survivability comes down to proper positioning and careful decisions in team fights. Sadly, these compositions do not make up for his durability issues and can oftentimes leave him vulnerable against champions like Renekton or Jax who have similar damage outputs along with far more health and armor points.

Additionally, if Pyke is caught out in the jungle alone or away from a team fight then he often has significant challenges escaping as most crowd control abilities will be able to shut him down easily due to his naturally lower resistances.


Pyke is a combatant marksman champion of League of Legends. As a marksman, he is specially designed to deal with large amounts of physical damage from a distance. In order to get the most out of Pyke, it is important to understand his strategies effectively.

This section will look at the various strategies associated with playing Pyke in League of Legends:


Positioning is one of the most important aspects of playing Pyke. As a powerful assassination-oriented support, Pyke’s success is heavily reliant on his ability to get in the right positions at the right times. When playing as Pyke, make sure to identify when and where you should be on map.

Here are a few key points:

  • In lane phase, try to position yourself between your ADC and potential threats such as ganks or dives while also staying aware of how vulnerable your allies are. If there’s an opportunity, you can use your ultimate “Death from Below” to engage enemy laners from afar with the use of Tempered Fate or Blade’s Reach.
  • In mid-game team fights, prioritize targets that are alone or out of position for easier pick offs with your combo and revel in their demise with Ghostwater Dive. If enemies group up together you may have difficulty jumping on someone so it’s important to stay back and remain defensive around teammates until a good opportunity presents itself.
  • During late game fights, try to focus on more vulnerable targets that won’t likely be able to escape with Ghostwater Dive if things go wrong. Whenever available, use Blade’s Reach and Tempered Fate near major objectives such as turrets and inhibitor spawns – doing so prompts easy executions upon reaching those positions due to their decreased rotational times.

Lane Matchups

When it comes to playing Pyke in the lane, the most important thing is to understand which matchups are favorable and which ones will be more difficult. This can involve assessing the champion abilities of both Pyke and his lane opponent as well as understanding different strategies for each matchup. When evaluating your opponent, consider their relative strength in farming and harassing, as well as their ability to set up ganks or teamfights.

When playing against a farming-based champion like Sona or Karma, focus on last hitting your minions and making sure you don’t push your wave into enemy territory. These champions often have weaker early game laning so take advantage of the situation by zoning them off of experience or getting an early kill with the help of your jungler. However, when facing champions who are better at harassing and trading damage like Vayne or Lucian, it is important to position safely and play defensively until you reach level 6 when you unlock 1 point in your ultimate ability (Death from Below). Once you hit level 6 feel free to play aggressively since you have access to your full array of defensive tools.

Against assassins like Zed or LeBlanc it is important that you use your kit reactively, rather than proactively. Play cautiously while attempting not to overextend away from safety while walking around your lane. If they manage to get close enough be prepared with Ghostwater Dive (E) and Bone Skewer (Q) so that they can’t easily weave in an escape after landing in a burst combo on Pyke. Remember that Pyke’s ultimate (Death From Below) also gives him a large window of invincibility after casting it—use this unique capability to turn the tide on burst assassins who try to go all-in on Pyke when he gets low health!


Teamfighting is an important strategic tool for Pyke players to master. When playing Pyke, timing is the key to success in teamfights. As a support, Pyke should use his unique combination of crowd control and mobility to secure kills for his team and disrupt the enemy’s backline.

When engaging in a fight, look for openings created by your teammates and set up flanks with your Ghostwater Dive Ultimate. Use your Bone Skewer Punch skillshot to disable enemy champions in front of you while avoiding damage from their skills or attack speed effects. Then, follow up with Death From Below Ultimate which engages enemies in a wide radius allowing you to create chaos during fights or change positioning quickly if needed. Finally, use Phantom Undertow as a zoning tool or to pull enemies closer if they’re out of range – this will allow your team to secure easy kills as well as turn around ugly engagements with sheer force.

Overall, Pyke excels during intense teamfight scenarios due his powerful crowd control abilities, mobility options and ultimate potential which can swing games in your favour very quickly! Ultimately, it is important for the player controlling Pyke to have good map awareness and mechanical execution of skills so that he can take advantage of any opening created by his teammates on summoner’s rift!


In conclusion, Pyke is a powerful pick in the League of Legends meta. He has great crowd control abilities and can make comebacks with his ultimate. However, he is a hard champion to play as he requires a lot of practice and experience to utilize his abilities correctly.

While it may be hard to master, it is definitely worth the effort. Pyke can be a game changer in the right hands and it’s important to understand his strengths and weaknesses:

  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:


Pyke is a unique champion that combines elements of an assassin, battlemage and support. His kit offers a diverse set of tools that can be used in many different ways, making him well suited for a variety of team compositions and playstyles. In the right hands, Pyke can surprise enemies with aggressive plays while providing support to his teammates.

Pyke has a relatively low HP pool, so he must be careful to not overcommit during team fights. His two primary damage dealing abilities require planning and positioning in order to best utilize them. He also has access to several crowd control abilities that can be used to set up kills or prevent enemies from escaping.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to know about this unique champion. Whether you’re playing Pyke as an assassin, a battlemage or support, remember that his kit provides great flexibility – use it wisely!

Tips and Advice

Pyke’s kit rewards a player who can choose the right fights. Great decision-making is key to maximizing Pyke’s resources and making clever use of abilities like his ultimate. Knowing when to start a fight and when to disengage is essential, as Death from Below requires daring maneuvering in order to maximize its damage output.

However, the most important tips for mastering Pyke are all about positioning. Your unique kit has an impressive range, but you must be mindful of where you are placing yourself on the battlefield – playing too aggressively can leave you vulnerable to get caught out and punished for overextending. Perfectly timing your ultimates and abilities as well as making sure your allies stay close enough to benefit from them will increase your success with Pyke.

Finally, never forget that while Death from Below is invaluable in teamfights, it won’t save you if you have already overextended or have been ambushed by an enemy jungler or laner. Keep in mind that Pyke doesn’t need kills carry games; his kit allows him to trade incredibly well with the enemy while helping secure vision control around objectives like dragons and turrets by taking advantage of timely opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Pyke unique?

A: Pyke is a unique champion in League of Legends because of his ability to make unexpected plays. He has a kit that allows him to quickly move around the map, set up ambushes, and make quick escapes. He also has a powerful ultimate that can help him secure kills or turn the tide of a fight.

Q: What are Pyke’s strengths?

A: Pyke is a very versatile champion, and his strengths depend on how you build and play him. He is strong in both the early and late game, and is great at setting up ganks and ambushes. He is also great at split pushing and harassing enemies and is a great duelist.

Q: What kind of team comps work well with Pyke?

A: Pyke works well in team comps that can take advantage of his unique kit. He excels in comps with champions that can set up kills and ganks, such as Leona and Thresh. He also works well with champions that can follow up on his ultimate and lock down enemies, such as Yasuo and Riven.